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Stacey 5: Wednesday

by Silvertape

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© Copyright 2010 - Silvertape - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; rope; tape; gag; bagged; trashcan; dumped; sex; cons/nc; XX

This story continued from a story over at Boundstories click here to read from part 1

Part 5: Wednesday

I couldn’t honestly tell you how well I slept that night. It was difficult to tell when I was dreaming and when I was just letting my mind wander in my dark prison. Despite all these thick layers of cling film and duct tape, it was when I felt Stacey’s arms around me during the night that I felt safest and most secure.

I was definitely asleep when Stacey began to cut me out of my cocoon. It proved to be a slightly trickier task than either of us expected, but we’d bought surgical type scissors that we normally had as a stand by for quick release, and they made short work of the thick layers. Stacey looked down at me smiling as she cut me loose. She stood there naked, and although I’d seen her in some sexy clothes - especially over these past few days - she’d never looked more beautiful. I went to say something as she removed my gag, but she simply put her finger on my lips and smiled, shaking her head. Without her having to say a word, she bound my hands in front of me, and led me to the bathroom, where she tied my hands up to the ceiling and washed me down.

“Thank you Mistress,” I eventually said, as Stacey finished drying me off.

“You’re welcome, baby,” Stacey said, quite cheerfully, as she untied me from the ceiling, and stood behind me as I went to the toilet. She knew just how much that embarrassed me. Once I was done, she led me back to her room.

“You’ve been a very good boy these past few days babe,” Stacey said, “So I think I’m going to give you a break today. Especially after such an intense session yesterday.” As she said this, she sat me on her bed, and tied my wrists to the bed, but with plenty of slack so I could sit up and move around. “I’m going out with some friends today, and I may be quite a while,” Stacey said, “so I’m going to leave you locked in here. After all, I can’t let you completely loose, can I pet?”

“No Mistress, you are merciful,” I grovelled. Stacey merely smiled, and let me watch as she got ready and dressed. I sat on the bed like an obedient puppy, just admiring my Mistress’s beauty and sexuality. Once she was finished, she looked fantastic. She stood and smiled at me, a much warmer and happier smile than I’d grown accustomed to over the past few days, more like she’d smile at me normally. She was wearing a bright, floral dress, yellow slip-ons and a summer hat with a wide brim.

“I’m going now, sweetie,” Stacey smiled, handing me the scissors she'd used to free me. “You can do as you please in here, and if you behave yourself while I’m gone, we can watch a film together.” She came over to me, and kissed me softly on the lips. I closed my eyes and savoured it. She pulled away and went over to the bedroom door.

“See you later, honey!” Stacey purred, grinning from ear to ear as she pulled the door shut. I heard the key turn in the lock, then the sound of her footsteps and the front door close, and she was gone. I got to work with the scissors and quickly had my wrists free. You have no idea how it felt to suddenly be able to move again. And yet I felt slightly naked and vulnerable without my bonds. I stretched out my limbs and sighed, as I wondered what to do.

* * *

I yawned. It had been a long day, and dare I say without Stacey, fairly boring. I had watched a few films, napped a little, nothing major. I had however, picked out a film for the two of us to watch later, and I was really looking forward to it. But most of all, I was just looking forward to seeing Stacey again, seeing her smile at me.

However, it was pretty clear from the moment Stacey came back that I may have had to wait a while for that smile. The front door slammed shut with such a bang, and I heard Stacey storm around downstairs. It sounded like she was very pissed off, and I knew from experience that it was not a good idea to get on the wrong side of Stacey when she was pissed off. Still, I hadn’t done anything, so I should be fine. I got up off the bed and stood in the middle of the room, listening. I heard her thumping up the stairs, and suddenly the bedroom door flew open.

“Mis.....uuurrkkk!” I tried to say, but before I could say anything meaningful, Stacey had grabbed me, one hand on my neck and thrown me against the wall. I slammed into it and was momentarily stunned, so I was still scrambling by the time Stacey walked over to me and grabbed me again, pinning me angrily against the wall. Gone was the happy, smiling Stacey that had left all those hours ago; her hat and shoes had obviously been thrown off downstairs, and her face looked like thunder. I don’t think I’d ever seen Stacey so angry, and yet it made her look remarkably beautiful.

“What’s wrong Mistress?” I gasped, as she held my neck against the wall. She was surprisingly strong.

“WHAT’S WRONG?!?!” Stacey snapped, “You know full well what’d wrong you little bitch!”

I was lost for words! “I don’t Mistress,” I pleaded, as she pressed me harder against the wall. “Please Mistress, you’re hurting me...”

“You think I give a shit, you whore?” Stacey shouted, “You know full well what I’m talking about! I spent the entire day walking round with my skirt caught up in my pants. It was so embarrassing!! People were staring and everything!! And none of my so-called friends chose to let me know! And you didn’t tell me did you? You let me leave here like it! To think, after I’d been such a wonderful Mistress to you, you let me go outside and make a damn fool of myself!”

I could have pointed out at this point that this could well have happened after she’d left, but I realised the best tact was just to grovel.

“I’m so sorry Mistress,” I begged, doing my best to plead with my eyes.

Stacey leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “Not as much as you will be, bitch!” she snarled, as she lifted her knee and aggressively crushed my cock. I tried to scream out in pain, but Stacey merely clamped her hand over my mouth and threw me on the bed. Before I could even think of moving, she was on me, stuffing one of her panties into my mouth, before tying another round my head to keep it in place..

“I think it’s time I taught you a real lesson; remind you just who I am.” She reached over and took a scarf from the bedside cabinet and used it to blindfold me. “I was planning on doing this another day when you were more relaxed, but I think you’ve lost that luxury, don’t you think slut?”

“Mmmmmppphhh!” I cried desperately through my gag, but Stacey was in no mood for mercy, as she grabbed the rope I’d cut from my hands and tightly bound my wrists behind my back, and then my ankles. She did both much tighter than she normally did and pushed me away when she was done.

“Wait here, brat,” she snapped, and I heard her pad over to her wardrobe, and start rummaging around in there. I was slightly nervous about what might happen – I’d never seen Stacey this angry before, and knowing what she could be like when she wasn’t this mad, I was worried that I might bear the full brunt of her anger.

After a few minutes, I heard a zipping sound, then again, and again, and then the distinctive clicking of heels as Stacey walked back over to me. Without saying a word, to my shock, she roughly pushed me onto the floor. I landed with a hard thump, and before I could even complain, Stacey took my legs and begun lashing them together, binding above and below my knees, and at my thighs. I was so tight, it was fairly uncomfortable, and I couldn’t help but moan into my gag.

“Shut up, you ungrateful worm!” hissed Stacey, “I’m giving you want you want!”

”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh...” I tried to reason, but that, to my surprise, brought only a sharp kick.

“Shut up,” she snapped, “I’m fed up with your whining.”

She then grabbed my arms and tightly bound my elbows behind my back, pulling them so tight I felt like they were going to pop. Then, just as I thought I could take no more, she tied it off, and then tied my arms to my body, wrapping rope round my chest and stomach. Stacey had tied me up in this way before, but never so tight! I could feel the rope biting mercilessly into my body.

“I think that’ll do,” she said, roughly flipped me over onto my back. She then untied the gag and removed her panties.

“Please Mistress, I didn’t...mmmppppphhh!” I tried to plead, but Stacey promptly stuffed her ball gag into my mouth. I moaned as she tightened it as much as possible before buckling it behind my head. She then ripped off the blindfold, and I was gob smacked. She was wearing the same tight leather jacket she had worn when she captured me on the first day, but was wearing nothing underneath it, and she had it unzipped enough to get a very generous look at her cleavage. She was also wearing her black leather gloves and her very sexy black leather boots, but that was it. Apart from that, she was completely naked. That, added to some fearsome black makeup she'd applied, and her furious looking face, meant she looked like the kind of Mistress who broke men’s spirits for fun!

“I told you to shut up,” she snarled, “but you didn’t, so I think I’ll settle for a more permanent gag.” And with that, she produced her duct tape and wrapped it round and round my head over the ball gag. With that done, she got up and slowly paced around me. Suddenly, she gave me a sharp kick with her leather boots. And then again.

“You are my bitch! You got that?” she screamed, kicking me again, “I own you! You are nothing without me! You will show me fucking respect or you’ll be so sore you won’t be able to breathe without crying!”

”Mmmmmmpphhhhhh...” I cried, but all I got for that was another kick. Stacey bent down and pressed hard on my manhood with her boot. I shouted through the gag. “I’ve had it with always making you happy. It’s time I had some fun.” she purred, grabbing my face in her hand tightly. I was starting to get really worried. This wasn’t like Stacey at all. Sure we’d been rough before, but she was never this extreme!

“Playtime’s over, bitch!” Stacey mocked, as she stood up again, and pressed my cock hard with her boot.

* * *

I had to go through a while of taunting and kicking and the like. Stacey was very different; I don’t know where this came from. Gone was the loving, playful, seductive woman, instead she was replaced by someone else. To her, I literally was only an object, a toy, only there to service her needs and barely fit to even look at her. And I must admit, it was turning me on. She was still being seductive, but with a lot more venom and evil.

Eventually, Stacey tired of kicking me, and hauled me back onto the bed, onto my back, and lay right on top of me. I couldn’t help but get very aroused as she rubbed her leather clad body against mine.

“I think it’s time I got something out of this,” she whispered in my ear. “You will make this worth my while, whore,” she whispered, as she pressed her knee hard into my groin, “or I may have to rethink what to do with you when I’m done with you.” Suddenly, I felt her position herself so my penis entered her. I didn’t want to risk seeing what she meant, so I did as I was asked. I put more effort into pleasing my Mistress then I had ever done before. Our bodies heaved as she caressed my bound body with her leather clad hands. She screamed as she orgasmed and pulled away, smiling evilly at me.

“That was very good, my toy, very good...” she purred as she got off of me. Suddenly, she flipped me over onto my back and grabbed my penis, pulling it through my legs “....but not good enough.” I cried out in pain, but all that came out was a mumble. Stacey quickly grabbed more rope and tightened it round my penis, before pulling it back as far as it would go. The pain was extreme! She then tied it securely to the ropes binding my arms. Without remorse, she then tightly pressed my legs to my thighs, wrapping rope around so it pushed my feet to my arse and my penis down even flatter. To complete the bondage, she took the scarf and reapplied my blindfold before sealing it with duct tape.

Without a word, Stacey got off me and shoved me back onto the floor. I heard her clicking heels move away as she left the room, and went downstairs. I could make out the sound of her rummaging down there, and a few minutes later she came back, accompanied by a strange rustling sound. I felt her straddle me and move in close, her chest on mine, and her hair brushing against my cheek. I moaned as she stroked my squirming body.

“Well Baby,” she said, “I’ve given this plenty of thought. You have been a useful slave, but you have been a very bad boy today, and I cannot be having someone who shows me such little respect,” – I shook my head and tried to protest frantically, but my gag was far too effective – “so now that I’ve used you for my pleasure, and I thinks it’s time to dispose of you.”

”MMMMPPPPPPHHHH!?!” I cried, but Stacey merely laughed. My blood had run cold. She was joking right?

“You have served your use,” Stacey smiled, “so I’m going to put you out with the trash. Because that’s what you are now, used up trash.” I struggled wildly as I realised what that rustling was – it was a black trash bag. “Oh, don’t struggle my pet,” Stacey giggled, “I’ve made up my mind and nothing you can do will change it”.

I struggled on, but I could barely move, and it took little effort for Stacey to get me into a trash bag. She then quickly gathered the opening, twisted it and duct taped it closed. I cried out in desperation, this was too far! I heard her grab another bag and roll me into this one too, so the opening of the previous bag was at the bottom of this one. Then she did the same thing with two more bags. By now, the air in the bag was thin and breathing was hard.

“Do you like that, baby?” Stacey purred “Can you feel the air running out? I could leave you to suffocate in there and then throw you out in the garbage so your body would never be found. Would you like that?”

I tried to scream ‘no’, but nothing audible came out. Stacey laughed, and I felt air rush in as she cut a breathing hole through the bags.

“I wouldn’t do that,” she replied, “that would be far too quick!”

She laughed and I was terrified. I felt her grab the end of the bag and start dragging me. I felt as she dragged me downstairs. Surely this was just a joke, or a game!

“You can wait there until I’m ready to take out the garbage,” Stacey snapped, leaving me on the floor somewhere. She gave me parting kick, and then I heard the TV click on and her heels recede to the other side of the room. I guessed I must have been on the other side of the room from her, in the corner just round from the TV. No doubt she had only one eye on the TV as she watched my now very frantic struggling inside my bag. Eventually I heard the TV turn off, and Stacey walk over to me, then start dragging me again. Surely she was letting me out now she’d had her little game.

Then I heard the door open. My heart stopped, and I struggled anew to try and escape, but my soft mewing from my gag either went unnoticed or reached only unsympathetic ears. I felt every pebble and stone as Stacey dragged me outside over the front garden. Then, slowly, I felt her lift up by bagged body and dump me in her wheelie bin.

“This is it, my love,” she purred, “This is where I say my goodbyes.” I struggled again. Please, surely you don’t mean this! Stacey laughed again and pushed me down hard into the bin.

“I’m going to leave you here for the garbage men tomorrow morning. Any other day and maybe I’d have cooled off before garbage day, but it looks like you picked the wrong day to mess with your Mistress! Maybe you’ll be lucky and I will cool off before they arrive, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful. I fancy a long lie in tomorrow!”

“You’re at the top of the bin, so you’ll be at the bottom of their pile. You’ll be quite unnoticed.” I was almost crying into my gag now, this was insane! “...And then you’ll be buried in the landfill down the road – bound, gagged, bagged – and helpless.” She giggled and whispered, “I’m actually getting quite hot thinking about your predicament.” She laughed and stroked my bagged body again, revelling in my captivity.

“Any last ‘mmphs’, my honey bun?” she laughed sadistically.

”MMMMPPPPPPHHHH!!” I cried, desperate to make her see sense. She can’t do this! She laughed again.

“Well sweetie, it’s been fun. Maybe we’ll meet again in the next life. And maybe I’ll get to make you my toy all over again. Goodbye, my love!” And with that, she pushed me into the wheelie bin one last time, shut and locked the lid in place, and walked away, the clicking of her hells receding into the distance before I heard the front door slam.

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