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Spoiled Meat

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2005 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; boxed; trash; dumpster; truck; compactor; dumped; buried; cons/nc; XXX

Walking out the door I saw the giant trashcan sitting out under the carport. Big black and brand new, no trash had yet gone inside of it. Thinking about it excited me. My girlfriend knew of all my fetishes surrounding bondage- but I don’t think I have ever told her of my deepest desires surrounding trash.


Today was Thanksgiving, and we were going out to meet with family. We had cooked up a storm, and all the trash has been building up in the kitchen. It seemed a little funny to me that she had not taken it out - rather she purposefully placed it to the side of the door, staging it for some reason. We packed all the food, and loaded the car to go out for a family feast at her mother’s house.


Six hours and ten pounds of food later, we arrived back at the house. All the food I could have ever imagined was there. I alone ate damn near half the turkey. She was smiling at me the whole time on the drive home. I felt very content. We decided to take a short nap, and then clean later. I hit the bed and within a cat’s breath I was out.


I awoke to find that I had been deceived. She had been very busy working on me - my feet were bound, I think. I can’t really tell… I can’t see them. There was something covering them like a cocoon. My legs are separate, about shoulders length apart, and I can feel a box or piece of cardboard below my body. Farther up, my thighs, hips and torso are also held by the unknown cocoon. I don’t know how long I have been out, but I know she was hard at work.

I start to struggle as I notice the cardboard on the top of my body. I must be boxed in! Every part of me was held tight by this box. How was a not able to move inside it? Something was in there with me. Straining my neck to see around the room, there was no sign of her. I could not believe the hold this box had on me.


“Is my little boy awake now?” she said as she strode into the room.


“How did you do this?” I demanded in a frantic curiosity.


“Oh, I not one to kiss and tell, but I felt it was time I revealed my darker secrets to you - I am going to dispose of you, in a way that I think you might like.” She brooded. “I am going to throw you away!” she exclaimed.


It was then that I noticed the trash bags in her hand. There must have been at least ten in a bundle grasped by her cold fingers. She was up to something maniacal. She walked up to my side and gave a sigh, looking at my boxed form. I was in a pickle I thought, “Would she actually throw me away?” I wondered.


“How are you going to accomplish that?” I asked.


“Oh, not to worry, I have been planning this for weeks. I have been waiting for this day for a long time.” She said making me even more worried, “I will show you a great time as you make your way to the bottom of the city dump.” She said.


“But first I must get you into the dumpster at the end of the street.” She said, and began to bag up the box from the end forward to my neck.


She taped the bags to the box, and made sure that all parts of it where covered. Lifting the box upwards, I was stood up on the floor, and she carted me outside on a dolly. In the driveway she placed a box over my head so nobody would see me. It was dark, except for the street lights. She staged me there under the carport for about an hour while she ran back and forth from the house getting all the trash she had saved up for this occasion.


Placing all the trash into the new can, she turned back to me and started to wheel me out to the street - she was hell bent on this mission to throw me away. When I reached to end of the driveway, I felt my cock growing… she was seriously going out to the dumpster! In the moonlight she rolled me along the side of the road, it must be late; there wasn’t a soul on the road. I knew that there would be no escaping. I could have yelled out- but then I felt scared to, scared more of being seen in this embarrassing predicament. Somehow she knew I would not. The bumps in the road enhanced my feeling of helplessness. I could only wait to see what was coming next.


She arrived at the intersection near the parkway outside the neighborhood. Across the parkway was a city park, with tennis courts, a nature trail and picnic tables. At the far end of the parking lot was the dumpster. She had come about halfway now. She let a car pass on the highway, and then darted out to cross. Pushing along the side of the guardrail, she made her way to the grass field of the picnic area. The bumps got bigger as she pushed faster to ease the strain on herself. I was truly turned on by this. I was like a rag doll.

Finally we arrived in the parking lot next to the dumpster. She took a long break after the haul.


“Let me explain now what is going to befall you in the next three hours,” she started, “I am going to lift your body into this dumpster, and place you on the bottom, after I take out the trash inside of it and replace it evenly so you will be cushioned on bottom and top. I'll go back to the house and pick up all the garbage I can and then dump it on top of your box, so when the garbage truck dumps you, you’ll have a softer landing. This is the truck that Aunt Jackie drives; this dumpster is on her new route. She knows you’ll be inside. She is going to save your dumpster for last. First she will go around to all the restaurants on her route and pick up as much ‘soft’ garbage as possible, so you won’t hit anything too dangerous. I don’t want you to be damaged before I know you’re in the city dump.” She spoke from a well thought out plan, every detail thought through.


“The reason you cannot move is because I have encased your body inside of a sugar block. It took about four hours for it to dry with lots of blow-drying, but I got you stuck really good. When the moisture from your body finally melts through the sugar, it will be too late. You will be buried under many tons of garbage. As you are trapped inside the pile, all the restaurant waste will no doubt add to the melting of the box and your sugar encasement. You will be buried alive inside a mound of thick composted material, the area of the dump reserved for food and composted materials. Your body will be eaten quickly by the microbes that reside in the garbage, hastened on by the sugar around you.” She gleamed with a proud look in her eyes.


I couldn’t say anything… it was positively bonkers. Why would she get rid of me? It wasn’t going to go over well with my parents…


Having rested long enough, she grunted as she tossed the contents of the dumpster out on to the parking lot. She rolled me over to the edge of the dumpster, and heaved as she flipped one end of the box up to the lip of the opening. I felt my weight shift, and I fell over the side onto a pile of evenly spaced bags, full of paper plates, old wrappers, Styrofoam cups, and stale smelling bread. She jumped into the dumpster with me and began to put a box over my head, duck taping it to the other box, forming a nice space for my head.


She continued to duct tape the box tightly, and hummed a tune to me. I wanted her to finish this… I can’t explain it, but I needed to her to finish me. I was going to be trash.


She lobed the bags over the side and as they landed on top of my box, I felt them press onto me more and more. I was sinking under the weight. “I’m going back to the house to get the other trash, I'll be back in about an hour.” She announced as she left with the dolly.


I was getting colder, it was a brisk night, and I could feel a chill in the trash pile around me. I figured it must be around 2:30, and the trash pickup would get here about 3:30 or 4:00.


She made it back in the car, fully loaded with fresh trash bags. She jumped into the dumpster, and started to poke holes into the box around me, “This will help moisture to get into the box with you.” She said.


She jumped out and began tossing the bags over the top of the dumpster. I felt them pile up as she did so. A bag hit the box over my head with a “thud!” and startled me. All the bags out, she closed the hatch on the car and drove off, not even saying goodbye.


I was all alone now. This was the longest wait of my life. It seemed forever. Slow creaks in the shifting pile would keep my attention focused. A Styrofoam cup would crack and give under me, I would drop an inch, and all the rest of the trash would settle again. The spiral of creaking and shifting continued right up to the time I heard the massive truck approaching. There was no mistaking it, it was a garbage truck. The lower gears, the hydraulic brakes, the slow sound getting closer to the dumpster, this truck represents the beginning of my end.


It stopped just in front of the dumpster, and I knew the forks were going to be lowered to pick my tomb up. The engine revved, and a high pitched whine of the hydraulics kicked in. The dumpster jolted violently with the slightest touch of the forks slamming past the glide rails on the side of the bin. The rails set all the way in, the bump at the end pushed the dumpster forward with a lurch. All stopped for a second, then two, and a third, then as I knew would happen the second operation of this monster truck occurred. The bin was lifted up with force, and began to turn, shifting all the contents around myself included. It was up halfway in less than a second, and my stomach turned as I felt everything go upside down around me. I was falling and felt weightless as I fell with all the garbage around me. I landed on my back, opposite the direction I was in the dumpster, with all the trash that was around me now atop of me. A new smell surrounded me now, foul, pungent, spoiled. There was heat too. This pile had been decaying. Moisture was abundant, and I wondered how long till the sugar dissolved. I could think about this being a salvation should she have miscalculated.


There was another roar from the engine and we began to move, she was driving the truck away. I was almost disappointed that she didn’t compact me. We reached the next stop however in five minutes, and another dumpster full of waste slammed down on me. I was knocked out of breath it was so heavy! All the weight of food and cups and half eaten hamburgers, it really adds up! Then I heard a new sound… a clank! Then the pile started to move! I was going to get compacted! I was getting harder, and could feel pressure building, and now I felt moisture in the sugar… the water and spoiled food, dripping with juices, old thrown out coffee, sodas, ketchup, was all soaking into the box with me now. I still had no way of moving, but at least I knew the sugar was moving!


The motor stopped and the trash pressed into me stayed, holding me pressed up, frozen with all the other trash. I could just flinch my fingers and wiggle my arms a little, but all the garbage around me was holding me trapped. The box on my head was flat against my head, and there was only a little air coming in.  We started to move again, and I wondered if that was the last stop.


The truck roared off, I think we might have gone onto the highway, and that meant: next stop, city dump! She weighed in the truck, and pulled off to the back of the dump. There was a roar from the engine, and all the garbage started to move out the rear of the truck. Still compacted, I felt a release of pressure as I fell out the back, then a new pressure from the trash that fell on me. I was buried under maybe four or five feet of debris, stinking warm smelly garbage. I moved into a better position as I fell, but the garbage trapped me in the box, like a skier in a avalanche. I tried to wiggle free but the garbage was too heavy.


The truck pulled off and I listened for other sounds, but nothing came but the familiar settling trash sounds. I stayed that way for close to an hour, trying to move, feeling the trash drip into my box, the heat building. Then a new truck came, and piled another load on me! The pile shifted once more- pushing my legs beside of my chest, out to each side, the box on my head was ripped off as trash thrust past me. My head and arms grabbed by bags on either side where lifted out-stretched above my head. A big bag of hamburger meat tore open as it lifted the box off my head and caved in onto my face, juices ran down my body as the liquefied heap mixed with the sugar. My cock bulged as the slimy nasty trash smoothly touched it- half a garbage bag on one side and raw hamburgers, paper plates and Styrofoam on the other. Now I had a new reason to fight: getting my air supply back. The trash was beginning to fold and compress as the air escaped to the surface. The added weight immense and the heat started to build. I felt my cock throbbing as I struggled.


The new truck pulled off and a dozer began to flatten out the pile - I knew it could crush me if I was under its weight. The dozer was pushing the pile around, grading the loads to level. The pile moved again and I felt my arms being strained to their limits, a piece of plastic got caught around both sides of my ass, the pile moving up and out as my body was caught in the box and out of the box on the other. The plastic gave me the biggest wedgy I have ever had, and some trash actually forced its way into my ass! The slimy pile was a new animal now that I was inside of it - my leg to the right was being pulled away- and I was held on the left by a ton of stuff. No escape was possible - the tide of the trash was incredible.


The last bit of air was forced out as I settled into a new position, spread out, like a rag-doll. Tingles from my left arm told me that it was being squeezed too hard, and was falling asleep. One leg on my chest and another pulled out away from me. All the trash was oozing. Wet plastic and hamburgers rested in my face, stale air and foul darkness all around me. I could feel the last breaths leaving me as the weight came down on me- settling in a slow forceful progression- I would not survive much longer. As the pile went dead, the mound around me caved in to seal my fate; I was now a part of the garbage, restful, quiet, and warm.




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