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Sorority Rush

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2015 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; FM+/f+; pledges; college; naked; tease; bond; gag; bagged; dumpster; tricked; collected; truck; disposal; oral; mast; voy; cons/reluct; X

The sorority had a problem, it was too popular. The House could only accept 25 new pledges from the freshman class and 36 girls had been accepted as pledges. Eleven of them had to go.

Simone was the head of the chapter and was having a difficult time making the cut. The House had ties to the most popular fraternity on campus, one known for accepting good looking boys with money and connections. This made the sorority very attractive to girls eager to meet and date those boys. And then there were the rumors...

It was known that the girls all wore House necklaces. That they were BDSM collars and that freshman and sophomore girls were expected to be submissives and serve as sex slaves was actually true. But it was only rumor to those outside the sorority and the fraternity.

Pledges thought that the collars and what they were made to do were just part of the pledge hazing. Many of the new girls were surprised when there were frat boys invited to inspect them naked. Few complained when ordered to let the boys touch and fondle them. After all this was part of the rumors and had itself preselected girls who were active sexually and eager for such experiences.

So now Simone and the upper class sisters had a problem. All 36 girls had great bodies, most had already shown their heated nature and willingness to please both the boys and their older sisters. In fact one early pledge event had involved having each girl, naked and blindfolded, crawl to a chair, spread the legs of the seated person and use her mouth to make the person cum. They had to please two of them, one male and one female. If a pledge refused or was not able to make the person cum, they were eliminated. Surprisingly, only four pledges had been eliminated this year.

Knowing how important it was for the sisters to stick together, and that some of them would be the future Mistresses as upper class, she needed something that would cement them through a shared choice and that would reveal who had leadership or skill as a dominant.

The event planned for this Saturday would be just the thing.

The 36 girls were taken individually to the House laundry room and told to strip and put all their clothes in the wash before being led down the hall to the cellar stairs. This hall was lined with the upper class men and women of both the sorority and the fraternity. The gauntlet of groping and fondling and stroking left the pledges quite aroused and excited.

Once they were all down in the cellar, Simone told them, "You have one hour to play with each other, make the most of it." The cellar was empty with a floor covered with easily cleaned thick exercise mats. The room was of course wired for sound and video so the rest of the girls and the guys from the frat House could watch.

It proved both entertaining and rather athletic, a bit like a twister tournament that left most of the girls only partially sated. After the hour of physical activity Simone opened the door and tossed in a box of wipes and a roll of giant heavy duty bin liner plastic bags. "Clean the mats and fill 6 bags with trash. Yell when you are done."

The pledges made sure all the mats were cleaned, but the used wipes did nothing to fill one bag, let alone six. So when they called out and Simone returned, she acted angry when they explained there was nothing to fill the trash bags. Simone said, "Nonsense, I see six bag fulls of trash down there. Only 30 pledges move on after tonight. Deal with it."

Simone returned to the lounge to watch. They would learn who was least popular, and who stepped up as a leader to suggest the 6 should be the trash.

With that, the door was closed and Simone joined the rest in the lounge in front of the big screen TV. The most assertive of the pledges, Elaine shouted, "Quiet! They want to reduce our count by 6. It's obvious isn't it? We have to stuff 6 of us into those bags."

It did not take long for the pledges to break up into 4 groups and after they whispered together the 4 leaders started to argue about how to decide who would be discarded. No one wanted to draw straws, or hairs since that was all they had. Drawing the short hair got a laugh but no one wanted to leave things to chance.

The leaders of the two biggest groups stepped aside before approaching one of the other groups. The two smaller cliques each had 6 members. It took very little time before it became clear that one group of 6 was all alone... As it turned out, the 6 were the ones with the least confidence and when it became clear they had been chosen, Tamara, their leader spoke up.

"I always knew I was just trash, this only proves it. Ok, bag me up, I might as well be thrown out like garbage." Two others nodded in agreement while the other three started to cry.

At that moment, the door opened and 6 gags and 6 binding ropes were tossed into the cellar.

"Trash should neither wiggle nor speak," said Simone.

Although three were crying, they all accepted their selection and did not resist being tied, gagged and bagged up. Most were hoping that accepting this might actually help their chances rather than end them.

They were close to being right. Simone thought the ones who accepted that they were trash would make ideal subs while the ones that cried would prove unwilling and really did not fit the sisterhood. She was also concerned by Elaine's nonchalant attitude about the bagging. That would require a special test later.

The 30 naked girls were allowed to come up and get their clean but still wet clothes from the laundry. Wet t-shirts and skin tight wet shorts proved very popular with the boys. Simone had the boys carry the 6 full bags to the back porch.

She asked Elaine what should be done with the bags of trash. When Elaine suggested they just be thrown in the dumpster, Simone realized that Elaine was too eager, and probably too cruel. Simone nodded and made a hand signal. As the boys grabbed Elaine, two senior girls pulled a gag hood over her head. They then stripped and bound her and stuffed her into her own plastic bag. After she was triple bagged like the others, she was left on the back porch.

As Simone returned to the lounge, one of the Seniors burst into the lounge. "Faculty raid in 15 minutes, Jill, the office aide just called the warning!" she shouted.

Simone took charge, "Girls, Get the empty beers and snacks into trash bags. You boys take the remaining beer and all the trash with you. And don't forget the trash out back."

Fifteen minutes later the door bell rang and Ms. Worthington was welcomed in. All the girls were changed out of the wet clothes and reading or working on homework with the upper class coaching the lower, even the pledges. Ms. Worthington inspected the entire house from top floor to cellar and found nothing suspicious.

Meanwhile, the boys had headed back to their House but cell phones rang to let them know to hurry as they too were about to be inspected.

The fraternity House president, Chad, sent half the boys ahead to get the House set up while the rest quickly tossed all the trash bags into the dumpster. They knew 7 of them held bound, gagged and naked girls, but no one questioned what they were doing as they could not bring naked girls to the House. And they could dig them out later for some fun as a consolation prize for the girls.

As had happened at the sorority, Mr. Haroldsen found nothing amiss and told the boys he was proud of the example they set. Being a rather long-winded politician at heart, he went on and on. After close to an hour of lecture about the school's values and the important contribution that the various fraternities and sororities were making to life on the campus, yada yada.. He finally left.

Simone, knowing how Mr. Haroldsen's lectures ran on and on, decided to play a prank on the boys. She and her sisters dug the seven bagged girls out of the dumpster behind the frat House and moved them to one behind the administration building. If they were found they would not only not be pledges, they would likely be kicked out of school. Totally gotten rid of.

And the boys would not know what had happened to them.

What Simone did not know was that the administration building dumpsters were emptied on Sunday when the parking lot was empty. She thought they were taken on Monday when the fraternity and sorority House ones were. That was when those were full from the weekend and students cars gone off to class.

It was 2 am on Sunday and Simone and her sisters decided to let the trash sit till Sunday night. They laughed at how the bagged ones would stink by then. And Simone added that Tamara would be kept as a pledge, a reward for her submissive behavior and courage to step forward. But when they did return after dark on Sunday evening, the administration building dumpster was empty. A large front loader had emptied the dumpster into its compactor at 9:00 am that morning. All the trash was long gone.

The boys were disappointed when they could not find the bagged girls but figured they had escaped or been rescued by the sorority. 

Simone told her sisters that no one would ever know and just to forget the ones that ended up in the garbage. If anyone asks, tell them they left early on dates and you have no idea who they were meeting.

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