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Solo Trashplay

by Denise Wallace

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© Copyright 2017 - Denise Wallace - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; straps; gag; collar; cuffs; trashbags; bagged; caught; M/f; hum; rebagged; oral; climax; garbagebin; encased; denial; cons; X

Based on a favorite fantasy of mine.

Her Husband leaves for work for the day, the wife then proceeds to tie herself up using straps and also trashbags. She likes being garbage sometimes, she gets an overwhelming desire to become nothing but trash, she strips off, prepares her stuff in the kitchen, there are two identical bags of trash she'd prepared the night before waiting in the kitchen. She gets her bags ready, both rolled and opened ready for her to get into. She uses straps to hold her thighs to her body and others to hold her calves to her thigh, in a sort of frogtie position, leaving her open. She places a ring gag in her mouth, one she bought secretly and hides from her husband. She places leather cuffs on her wrists; she uses these so they don't leave tell-tale marks.

When tying herself she squats down on the two garbage bags that will contain her. Once she has her legs tied and the cuffs on but not locked, she pulls the outer bag up over her head, making sure all of her bondage gear is safely inside the second inner bag. She secures the top with a couple of zipties, now she’s in her first bag and starting to look like the rest of the garbage in the corner of the kitchen. Next she pulls the next bag up to be level with her neck, she uses a large dog collar to hold it in place around her neck and she feeds the bag through the collar from the inside. Now all she has to do to complete her bondage is apply the padlock to her leather cuffs and she'll be secured, which she does.

Now she's just another garbage bag in the corner of the kitchen, along with the other two. Then she drifts off into her fantasies. She’ll release her cuffs and bring herself off a couple of times before releasing herself from her confinement.


But her husband had been suspicious of her behaviour and thought that she may have been having an affair, so after driving off to work he stops somewhere for coffee to wait a short while before heading back home to catch her in the act. Getting near home he decides to park a block away and walk the rest, upon getting home he doesn't spot any strange vehicles outside, then he thought maybe I was wrong. Then he thought that maybe they'd had the same idea and parked somewhere else too.

So he quietly opened the front door, walked in and looked around. He entered the bedroom to find it empty, the bed made and no one in sight; he checked the spare bedrooms but again nothing. Maybe she's gone out, he thought. He finally made it into the kitchen where her saw the 3 bags of rubbish sitting there.


She had heard someone walking about the house, thinking that maybe a burglar had entered the house, she decided to keep still so not to attract attention to herself, then she heard footsteps in the kitchen and froze still, holding her breath unless she gave herself away.


He decided that she was not home but on spotting the rubbish decided to take it out to the trashcan. He picked up the first bag but it was quite heavy, strange he thought. Just then he heard a squeal from inside, there was someone inside. He ripped open the bag to find his wife stuck inside another trashbag with a collar around her neck and a gag in her mouth. He removed the gag thinking that maybe someone had done this to her.


She felt the bag being moved and screamed through her gag, this stopped whatever the person outside was doing and soon they were ripping open the bag. She saw that it was her husband, why was he here, shouldn't he be at work? She then felt embarrassed by him finding her like this, in all the times that she’d done this she had never been caught, even when she lived with her parents, though a couple of times it was close. Now her secret was out. She felt him remove her gag.

He asked, "Who did this to you?" and with her face blushing bright red she had to admit it was her; he was amazed at this and asked why. She explained that she sometimes needed to become nothing more than garbage; she liked the fact that she could bag herself up for a while and be nothing more than another bag of trash. He then ripped open the other bag to reveal that she was bound inside the next bag.

Annoyed at her because of what she'd done, he felt anger at first, he wasn't sure of what to do. She was afraid that he'd find her too weird and would leave her, she began crying. Upon seeing her tears he mellowed, and bent down to hug her, he reassured her that everything was okay, he was just a little shocked to find her this way. But if this was what she needed to do then it was okay by him, well the thought did run through his mind that this was better than finding her in the arms of another man, which was his original concern.

When she asked why he was back so early, he said that he'd forgotten some important paperwork he needed for a meeting today. But he had to admit to himself that she did look very sexy tied up like that. He decided that he would help here in her desires to be just another piece of trash.

She smiled up at him relieved that he was okay with her trashbag fetish. But to be rebagged would require new bags, so he got these from the cupboard, he placed one inside the other and reached over and lifted her from the old ones to the new ones. Once inside he pulled the first one up to her neck, he opened the collar and fed the bag through before reclosing the collar around her neck, leaving her enclosed inside the trashbag. Now he picked up the gag and remarked that he'd not seen this one before, she admitted that she'd hidden it from him but that they could use it in their bondage games in future.

She also asked before he put the gag in that she needed to reward him for his understanding and for rebagging her like this, he got the message as she licked her lips. He placed the ring gag back in her mouth and tightened the straps. Now bound, bagged and gagged she was nothing more than an object on the floor and loving it, she decided that she liked being bagged by her husband and would seek out if he'd do it again later.

Now he was unzipping himself and pulled his hardening penis out, he pushed it through the hole in the ring gag and she greedily went to work savouring the fact that she had his penis in her mouth and that he was using her for his own pleasure. She loved the fact that she was no more than an object for his pleasure and it sent delightful throbs of pleasure though her body to her sexual centre.

All too soon he spent himself in her mouth, she latched onto his member as he sprayed his cum inside her mouth and she swallowed everything she could. She kept working on him even though he'd finished and was getting softer. Soon he pulled himself out and was zipping himself up.

"So you want to be treated like garbage do you?" he asked, which she nodded her head to confirm this. "Well you're going to get your wish!"

With that he pulled the second bag up over her head and sealed it with a couple of zipties, making sure to poke some holes so she could breathe he then decided to place her in another bag and did the same with zipties and holes. Then he left her sitting there bagged up whilst he went somewhere else in the house, when he returned she felt him playing with the bags and then something enter her mouth, "Here's a breathing tube, we don't want you suffocating in there." Next tape was wrapped around my head, holding the tube in place

"That's no good" he said, "You look different now from the other bags. I know..." Then he placed her inside yet another bag, again zipties closed the top and this time the tube was fed out through a hole in the bag. "There, just another bag of trash."

He then picked her up and carried her outside, just a short distance then he placed his bagged wife on the ground and she heard him moving stuff around, then she was lifted high and then lowered inside something. Judging by the small enclosure she guessed that this was the trashcan.

"There," he said, "Trash belongs in the garbage can!" And then he started emptying the contents of the previous trash bags over the top of her bags.

Then she heard the lid closed sealing her inside, then she heard the sound of chains moving above her head, they have a problem with animals getting into the trash and to solve that they use chains and padlocks to secure the bin and that's what he was using to secure his bagged wife, just another piece of garbage inside the trashcan.

Once the chain was secured she heard his footsteps leaving and the door close, now she was nothing more than trash outside waiting for collection. She couldn't get out even if she wanted to, though at this moment she had no desire to be free, she was bound, bagged, gagged, then placed inside the trashcan and secured inside, even if she wanted to escape the keys to her cuffs were inside one of the old bags he'd found her in and the top of the garbage can was locked down tight with chains and padlocks.

So she settled in and enjoyed the feelings that were running through her, a tingling feeling was itching her now very wet pussy, but there was nothing she could do to relieve the itch as her hands were cuffed behind her. She also enjoyed the taste he'd left in her mouth when he came inside her mouth when he used her for his own pleasure. She delighted in the fact that she had got her wish and that she was now nothing more than garbage and with no way to release myself she would have to wait for her husband to free her - if he was going to free her that is!

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