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Sleeping With The Wrong Man

by DumpsterLife

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“Hey there sexy, come on in!” said Marcus.

“How long have we got?” asked Chloe as she walked through the door.

“Should have about four hours before Kirsten gets back. She’s out for the afternoon” responded Marcus, closing the door behind Chloe.

“Brilliant! I’ve missed you, you sexy thing!” said Chloe, wasting no time in wrapping her arms around Marcus.

“I’ve missed you too baby! Love my little bit of blonde on the side!” said Marcus cheekily as he whisked Chloe away to the bedroom.

After two hours of sexual activity, Marcus made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself. He was already excited at the prospect of further sex with Chloe, she was drop dead gorgeous and a great shag too. If Kirsten made more of an effort in bed I wouldn’t be doing this, it’s her fault, Marcus would tell himself when feeling guilty. He made his way back to the bedroom, noticing Chloe looking at the picture frame on his bedside. The photo in question was from his and Kirsten’s wedding day.

“You should replace this with one of me instead!” she said, giggling. Marcus laughed, and he casually took a peek out of the balcony window as he neared the bed. Only to see…


“Marcus, you okay sexy?” asked Chloe, concerned.

“Chloe, you need to go, now! Kirsten is back!” said Marcus, panicking as he reached for his underwear.

“What, already? Fuck, I can’t go out of the door, can I? I need to hide! But where?”

“She’s going to be here any minute! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Get your clothes on, now!” said Marcus, quickly pulling his shirt on.

Chloe quickly pulled her knickers up, then dressed herself up in her ripped jeans and crop top, but she still had no idea where she could hide from Kirsten.

“Anywhere, anything, come on Marcus!” pleaded Chloe.

Marcus looked over to the kitchen. There were three black trash bags lying there, waiting to be tossed into the outside dumpster shared by the residents of these luxury flats. Then he had an idea.

“Chloe, trash bag!” Marcus sped over to the cupboard where the trash bags were stored.

“What?” said Chloe, clearly confused.

“Get here, now! Hide in a trash bag!” said Marcus hurriedly, ripping a new black bin bag from the roll.

“Really?” said Chloe, less than impressed with the suggestion.

“Do you want her to find out? Get in here, now!”

The sounds of keys jingling approached the door of the flat.

Chloe looked up at Marcus, shaking her head. She swiftly climbed into the empty black trash bag. Marcus tied the trash bag up as Kirsten opened the door.

“Hey there Marcus, I’m back! Work didn’t need me in all day after all!”

“Oh, that’s, err, great!” he said, placing Chloe next to the other black trash bags. He had an unusual sweat on him, and Kirsten wondered why Marcus seemed on edge. She looked over at the black garbage bags, noticing the extra bin-bag next to the three she had placed there before leaving for work that morning.

“I’m in shock, you’ve changed the bin over? About time, you leave it to me most days!”

“Yeah, yeah, thought I’d, umm, help!” responded an unconvincing Marcus. Listening to him was painful for Chloe too, who was half expecting him to give it all up. Kirsten knew something was up. It was obvious. Married for five years, she could read Marcus like a book, especially when he was hiding something. She noticed he hadn’t done his shirt up properly.

“Shame you can’t dress yourself, you missed a button on your shirt!” said Kirsten. Marcus looked down and noticed his mistake.

“Oh shit, that was stupid of me!” said Marcus, trying to laugh it off.

“Sounds about right!” said Kirsten. Stalling further, she continued to talk to Marcus about her day, but she kept her eyes on the black bin-bags. Sure enough, as the conversation continued there was a definite movement from one of the trash bags. With Marcus sweating, on edge, the missed shirt button, and struggling to hold a proper chat, Kirsten knew exactly what was in that black trash bag - because Marcus hadn’t asked Kirsten once for sex in the past three months. He was clearly getting it elsewhere, and it was clearly from whoever was in that garbage bag. Kirsten wanted to force Marcus to open up the trash bag, to humiliate him and his sex toy, but then she thought of something else. Something more appropriate for a trashy slut.

“I can see you’re tired baby, let’s get the garbage bags out and then we can chill,” said Kirsten, offering to help.

“Oh, right now?” said Marcus, hesitating for obvious reasons.

Shock hit Chloe. She knows!

“Yes, I insist. Garbage day tomorrow, isn’t it? Don’t want to miss it!” said Kirsten, overly eager at the prospect of throwing away some garbage - or more specifically, the slut her husband was boning.

Chloe knew Kirsten was deliberately saying this out loud for a reason.

“Umm…yeah true that. Right, okay” said Marcus, defeated.

For a moment, Chloe couldn’t believe Marcus was agreeing to this. But Chloe knew that Marcus was cornered and had no way out of this.

Marcus picked up two trash bags, one containing garbage, the other containing his sexy bit on the side. Chloe couldn’t believe this was happening as she felt the walls of her trash bag close around her as Marcus lifted her up. Kirsten picked up the other two, but Marcus intervened.

“I’ll get them in a minute!” he offered.

“Right? Okay, your call!” said Kirsten. She watched out of the balcony window as Marcus took out the two bags of garbage. Marcus looked up to see his wife waving at him. He couldn’t free Chloe right now, no chance. He approached the dumpster and peered inside to see it was three quarters full of garbage. He chucked one trash bag in aimlessly. He placed Chloe’s trash bag more carefully inside, towards the front of the dumpster. Chloe felt the tension release from the top of the trash bag as Marcus let go, leaving her to settle on the garbage inside. Thankfully, being encased inside of the black trash bag, Chloe couldn’t smell much past her fresh plastic walls. Under his breath Marcus whispered to Chloe. “I’ll be back for you!”

“Fucking better be!” said an angry voice from inside the dumpster. While Marcus was making his way back from disposing of his side chick, Kirsten was quickly scouting the flat to find any hint of betrayal - they must have rushed to hide the slut when they’d realised Kirsten was home, so surely they must have slipped up somewhere. Sure enough, the bedroom provided what was needed - Chloe’s bra had been left behind. Kirsten swiftly left the room untouched. Rather than confront Marcus about the bra, Kirsten had other ideas running through her head.

Marcus made his way to collect the other two garbage bags, knowing he’d have to free Chloe later. He went back down to the dumpster and carelessly tossed the trash bags inside.

Meanwhile, Kirsten had texted her friend downstairs, Joanne. She read over the message, which said:

“He’s definitely been cheating on me babe! I found a bra! She’s tried to hide in a trash bag, and he’s just thrown her in the dumpster outside! Do me a favour and keep an eye on that dumpster, I don’t want her escaping! She needs to stay in there, where she belongs! I will decide what to do with her once I have Marcus out of the way!”

A swift “Okay!” response was all that was needed.

No sooner had Marcus started to make his way upstairs, Joanne was keeping watch from her window. As Marcus re-entered the flat, Kirsten could see he wasn’t himself. It was so obvious he was cheating on her…

“You look stressed baby. Go sit yourself in bed, I’ll make you a cuppa” offered Kirsten.

Unwilling to draw attention to himself further, Marcus nodded and headed for the bedroom. As he left Kirsten behind he quickly spotted Chloe’s bra and swept it under the bed. With Marcus out of sight, Kirsten sorted out a cup of tea for him. Marcus had barely drunk half of it by the time he had fallen asleep.

With Marcus out of the way, Kirsten headed downstairs to Joanne’s flat. She knocked on the door, and Joanne opened it up for her. She invited Kirsten in, then she began to question her.

“Right, let me get this straight. The girl who Marcus has been sleeping with is in the, erm, dumpster outside?” queried a visibly confused Joanne.

“Yep, that’s right!” said Kirsten proudly.

“And where is Marcus?” asked Joanne.

“In bed. I crushed some sleeping tablets and put them in his cup of tea. He won’t be bothering us for a while!” replied Kirsten.

“So what do we do now?” queried Joanne.

“We pay her a visit.”

“And what happens if she shouts for help?” said Joanne.

“I’ve got duct tape, don’t worry,” said Kirsten. “I’ll go get it now. Meet me by the downstairs door.”

The two friends approached the dumpster. Joanne watched as Kirsten opened up one of the lids. The girls peered inside to see plenty of trash bags, some black, some clear, white, blue, even yellow. The smell was putrid, but then the dumpster hadn’t been emptied for six days. Remembering where Marcus had softly placed Chloe’s bin-bag, Kirsten nodded silently towards it. Joanne was first to climb over and slowly place herself in the dumpster, and Kirsten followed, carefully trying to avoid touching too much of the garbage. Together they untied the black trash bag, revealing Chloe for the first time to their own eyes. They looked down to see a skinny blonde girl scrambling out of the bin-bag. The victim was finally able to take in her surroundings, not that there was much to see aside from lots of garbage. Chloe also now realised the full extent of the dumpster smell, and it wasn’t great. She looked up to see two women, one brunette, one with black hair, both looking manically at her.

“Those jeans are ripped, no use to me!” said the brunette.

“And that crop top Joanne! It’s a bit small!” said the black haired one, whom Chloe recognised as Kirsten from the wedding photo. “As for this slut” she continued, pointing at Chloe “she’s obviously been all used up! Says it all when the guy using her for sex tosses her into a dumpster, she must be terrible in bed!”

“Or past her sell-by date!” said Joanne. The two friends laughed at Chloe’s expense, quickly fuelling her temper to rise.

“Let me out of here, now!” Chloe demanded as she moved to scramble out of the dumpster.

Kirsten’s laughing smile quickly changed to disgust. “You ain’t going anywhere girl!” Kirsten replied as she tackled Chloe, sending the blonde girl head first into some garbage bags. Without warning, both Kirsten and Joanne grabbed Chloe, with the latter using her hand to cover Chloe’s mouth to stifle her screams. They began to tie her body up with the duct tape until she couldn’t move at all.

“Now, you have a choice here girl!” said Kirsten as Joanne removed her hand from Chloe’s mouth. This dumpster gets emptied tomorrow. All of this garbage that you, me and Joanne are sitting in will be collected by the garbage truck, never to be seen again. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll be making sure you will be hauled away with the rest of the trash. Do as I say, answer my questions, I might just let you go free.”

“Marcus will get me out of he…“ began Chloe.

“Marcus is asleep! He’s out of it! I crushed three sleeping tablets and spiked his tea with them! He won’t be saving you! I’m your only chance! So, answer me, why did you have sex with Marcus, knowing he was married?”

“I didn’t know!” denied Chloe.

“Liar!” screeched Kirsten. “Our photos were everywhere!”

“Well, if you were better in bed he-“ Chloe never finished the sentence, as she had just been slapped full whack across the face.

“How…dare…you!” said Kirsten, fuming. “You are a dirty, little whore and you belong in a dumpster!” Kirsten mounted Chloe’s back and immediately pushed Chloe’s face into the garbage beneath her. Joanne grabbed a nearby trash bag and pressed it onto the back of Chloe’s head, so the victim’s top half was covered by garbage. Chloe couldn’t fight the two girls off and had no choice but to accept having her head squashed into the garbage. Eventually the two girls released Chloe and Kirsten climbed off her back.

Failing to learn her lesson though, Chloe spat in Kirsten’s face. Kirsten turned around to look at Joanne, slowly wiping the spit from her face. “Jo, I think it’s time to make this filthy little slapper more at home, if you catch my drift.”

“Agreed” replied Joanne. “I have some trash to sort out ready for collection tomorrow. We’ll give the dumpster slut some extras for company!”

The two girls swiftly moved to tape over Chloe’s mouth before she could react, and stuffed her back into her black bin-bag. Then to much to Chloe’s surprise, they pulled her out of the dumpster. They carried Chloe’s trash bag back into the apartments, up into Joanne’s flat and chucked her to the floor, laughing as she skidded out of the now empty trash bag. Worry had hit Chloe though - what were they on about, regarding extras? Extra what?

It wasn’t long before Chloe would find out exactly what “extras” meant. The captors were laying a fresh black trash bag inside Joanne’s kitchen bin, and before she could so much as wriggle and argue, they had already lifted Chloe up and dumped her into the bin. Kirsten proceeded to pick up the empty trash bag lying on the floor, and stuffed it straight into the bin. Immediately Joanne began to clear out her fridge, casually tossing half eaten meals, mouldy, mushy, out of date cheese and some eggs into Chloe’s bin. Some food scrapings Joanne had sorted earlier were chucked over Chloe. The two friends ate a banana each and casually threw the skins on Chloe’s head, laughing as the skins slid down their victim’s face. Joanne disappeared from sight for a couple of minutes, and her return was most unwelcome for Chloe.

“Can smell that from here, gross! What’s in there?” asked Kirsten, disgusted.

“Bathroom garbage!” replied Joanne. “I had my period this week so there’s some pads and tampons. Four used up condoms after that guy stayed over last week-“

“Four? You naughty girl!” laughed Kirsten.

“Yeah well, he’s fit alright!” retorted Joanne, who couldn’t help but laugh alongside her friend. One person who was not laughing was Chloe, who was terrified at the prospect of having condoms thrown inside of her binbag.

“There’s also three used nappies in there from when I had my baby nephew on Tuesday, and two of those are absolutely bogged down in shit!” added Joanne. “I’ll let you do the honours Kirsten!” Joanne passed the bathroom bin over to her friend, who began to tease Chloe, pretending to pour it over her. Chloe whimpered, which just caused the girls to laugh even more. After some more teasing, laughing and whimpering, Kirsten suddenly turned the bin upside down, and the disgusting contents of Joanne’s bathroom bin rained down on Chloe. The smell was strong, especially from the used nappies as they smacked off her head. The captors looked down on Chloe, pleased with their efforts.

“The condom on her head says it all. That she’s a dirty trashy whore!” said Kirsten nastily. “I’ve got one thing left to dispose of before we take out the trash.” Kirsten left Joanne’s flat, returning a couple of minutes later with Chloe’s bra.

“That arsehole husband of mine kicked this under the bed!” said Kirsten, clearly unimpressed. “Did whatever he could to hide you away, but as always it takes a woman to do a man’s job properly! No one will find you again after today!” Kirsten casually tossed the bra into the bin, then she took one last look at the messy girl inside. Chloe looked gross, and the trash inside looked most unwelcoming. It was exactly where Chloe belonged, according to Kirsten.

“Let’s close this trash bag up, lock in the smell! Then we can return it to the dumpster!” suggested Joanne, interrupting Kirsten’s train of thought.

“Agreed!” said Kirsten approvingly. She looked back at the mess below, seeing the now tearful girl looking up at her. “You know, Chloe, originally I was going to let you free. I just wanted you to be in fear for a few hours, to punish you for sleeping with my husband. You knew he was married, you knew it would hurt another woman. Whatever Marcus may have said or claimed about me, it didn’t mean that it was a free pass for you to make me suffer. Us girls are supposed to stick together! After you openly lied to me, I wouldn’t have freed you, because you insulted me. But I would have left your trash bag with just you inside. Spitting at my face though? That’s why we’ve done this. Someone with your total lack of respect deserves this. Enjoy life as garbage Chloe, because that’s all you are now, and that’s all you’ll ever be. I will be watching when the garbage truck comes to collect you tomorrow. I might even have to pleasure myself thinking about you being inside that stinking truck, I’ve always fantasised about throwing sluts away in the garbage. Goodbye Chloe, you filthy, nasty piece of garbage!”

Chloe tried to complain, but with her mouth covered up by tape, she had no chance to argue. Kirsten pulled up the sides of the trash bag and Chloe felt the garbage inside slithering up close to her, surrounding her. Kirsten proceeded to tie the trash bag up, and darkness fell upon Chloe. All she had now was her sense of feel and smell, and both were horrific. Once carried to the dumpster, Kirsten launched the black trash bag inside, and Chloe landed heavily, smashing off the back of the dumpster before settling down amongst the rest of the garbage. She burst into tears, feeling degraded, unwanted, dirty and unloved. She had cheated with the wrong man, and his wife knew how to take out the trash. Exhausted from her suffering, and exhausted from crying as she recognised her fate as a piece of garbage, Chloe fell asleep.

Some time later, Chloe woke up. She had no idea how much time had passed. She had no idea if it was morning or night, or if it was even the same day. She gagged on the smell inside of her binbag. Suddenly Chloe heard a clatter against the dumpster and feared the worst, but relief swamped her as it was just a resident disposing of three garbage bags. That was obviously gross in itself, but Chloe was terrified at the prospect of the garbage truck arriving. However, she knew her chances of being saved would be limited, with Marcus being drugged by Kirsten. Even worse, Chloe suddenly needed something. Something normal, something everyone does, and there was no way she could hold it in. The inside of this garbage bag was disgusting enough. Unable to shift into a more comfortable position, Chloe had no choice but to do the business lying sideways. She grimaced as her urine flow draped her left thigh. But there was more to come. Chloe cried to herself as she began to defecate, and she could feel it dripping against her left bum-cheek. Even in a trash bag that stunk, her own emissions were stronger than anything else inside of here.

As more time passed Chloe heard the occasional opening of the dumpster, followed by the disposal of more trash bags. She was sweating all over, and some of the contents of the garbage bag were now sticking to Chloe like glue. She desperately wanted out of this dumpster, now. However, even if someone was to miraculously find her, they’d probably leave Chloe in there, such was the disgusting sight, state and smell of her!

Unfortunately, there was only one way out, and it wasn’t going to be a pleasant one. A few minutes later, the dreaded sound was here.

Slowly, the roar of an engine grew louder, and Chloe knew what was coming. She tried screaming, but her muffles were always going to be unheard. Screaming, panicking, thrashing about, crying, none of it mattered. The dumpster lids were closed and by the time they were open again, Chloe would be hurtling towards the next stage of her nightmare.

In the bedroom, Kirsten was ready. On one hand she should be annoyed and angry with Marcus, hating him for what he had done. But on the other hand, it had provided Kirsten with her ultimate fantasy. A slut she had disposed of was about to be dumped into a garbage truck.

Marcus stirred. Kirsten wasted no time in removing the bed covers and shoving her hand down Marcus’ boxers. Marcus opened his eyes in surprise, Kirsten hadn’t been this keen in months. She quickly gave Marcus a couple of oral strokes too, before climbing on top of him.

“Hear that outside?” Kirsten asked him.

Marcus listened. He could hear an engine. A very particular engine. The-

“Garbage truck, isn’t it?” continued Kirsten. “The perfect place for dirty little sluts!” Kirsten clambered off Marcus to look out of the window.

Marcus knew exactly what Kirsten meant. Chloe!

The forks entered the sides of the garbage dumpster. Up the dumpster went. Fear overcame Chloe as the dumpster tipped over, and her trash bag tumbled into the body of the garbage truck. Kirsten watched from her bedroom window as she saw numerous garbage bags falling into the garbage truck. She began to play with herself, knowing Chloe was where she belonged. Kirsten was horny as fuck. She watched as the garbage truck finished emptying it’s load, before reversing and pulling off. She returned to Marcus, who was speechless at this point.

“I want you to empty your trash into my truck!” said Kirsten, trying to sound sexual. Marcus was appalled, yet turned on. Kirsten had gone full length here, straightened her hair, wearing her sexiest nightdress, the one she wore on her wedding night. She hadn’t been this horny or interested in ages. It was sadistic, but Kirsten obviously knew about Chloe, and making sure his bit on the side was disposed of was clearly a massive turn on for his wife.

After much deliberation Marcus knew exactly what he wanted. “You can be my little cum dumpster!” responded Marcus. It wasn’t like he could do much about Chloe at this point anyway. Perhaps his wife was only joking to keep him in his place, and perhaps Chloe had actually escaped from the dumpster herself. She would have only had to rip open the trash bag from the inside, right? It must just be some weird fantasy of Kirsten’s that she had never mentioned before. Surely she hasn’t actually made sure Chloe had been disposed of?

Kirsten smiled. She had him where she wanted him, and this sex session was going to be brilliant.

As for Chloe, she was now inside a garbage truck, and to her belief this day could not get any worse. Except Chloe was wrong.

A terrifying noise started up, and the compactor wall began to push the garbage deep inside. Chloe again tried to scream, but it was fruitless as the tape across her mouth blocked out any escaping sound. Chloe was helpless as her trash bag was squashed towards the back of the truck. The disgusting contents of her own trash bag were being mashed into Chloe, who was now covered in all sorts of nastiness and gunk. She could hear the sound of various bits of trash breaking under the strain of the compactor. Just as it began to feel like too much, the wall retreated and Chloe breathed a sigh of relief. This was a nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. Due to the horror Chloe had just experienced with compaction, she hadn’t even realised the garbage truck had been driving towards it’s next stop. Sure enough Chloe could hear the sound of more trash landing inside the garbage truck. Thankfully though compaction didn’t follow as the garbage truck moved off again.

Chloe took a moment to gather her surroundings. She was inside a black garbage bag. She was still unable to move, taped up, arms trapped, legs trapped, mouth covered. She had other pieces of garbage in this trash bag, various bits of food waste, condoms, pads, and worst of all, soiled diapers. Plus her own faeces and urine. When she was dumped into the garbage truck everything had sloshed around her as she had been tipped upside down. The compaction had squashed all of these trashy contents right into her. She was tightly squeezed, even more stuck than before, and had all sorts clinging on to her. Her black trash bag had remained intact throughout the crushing. All of this, just because she slept with a married man.

The garbage truck unloaded another couple of dumpsters, and then the awful sound of the compactor started up again. Within seconds the nasty feeling of tightness was back as the recently dumped garbage was crushed into Chloe. Liquid seeped through her clothes. Something that smelled like a diaper was pressed into her face. The wall retreated, but came back for a second attempt as Chloe had no idea how she was going to survive this. Her own trash bag popped but it was so tight there was no space for any of the trash to escape. The pressure eased off and the compaction was done. Chloe began to cry again, unsure where she was heading.

Back at the flat, Kirsten was near orgasm. She had done the rounds on Marcus, pleasuring him in ways that she hadn’t done for a long time. The image of the garbage truck emptying that dumpster had pushed Kirsten all the way, turned on with the knowledge that Chloe was dumped in with the trash, and that she would be suffering compaction after compaction too.

“Fuck me hard, NOW!” screamed Kirsten. Not one to complain about sex, Marcus went full throttle and pounded his wife. Sure enough she let out an exclamation of joy as she hit orgasm. This was incredible. Egged on by the elation his wife had just experienced, Marcus blew his load and fired away.

Meanwhile inside the garbage truck, Chloe had suffered yet again, but things were so tight at this point there was no major change in pressure or surroundings. She had become accustomed to her fate, to her position, to the rancid nature of being inside here, and to the awful smell too. She would endure another 4 hours of dumping and compactions. She would often cry, wondering where she would end up. Buried in the landfill? Cremated in the incinerator? Found at the last moment and rescued? Considering the awful state she was in now, both in appearance and smell, would anyone actually bother to rescue her?

Chloe suddenly noticed the sound of the garbage truck opening it’s rear end. The compactor wall began to push out it’s trashy contents into the landfill site. As Chloe’s trash bag fell out of the garbage truck she had a quick moment where all pressure had eased. But as quick as it had gone, it was back again as the garbage truck emptied all of the waste on top of Chloe. She was stuck, she was buried, and she knew she wouldn’t be leaving the landfill site.

After the most incredible sex session ever, Kirsten knew she wanted this more often. Marcus needed answers though. However, before he could ask Kirsten piped up anyway.

“Look, Marcus, I know you cheated on me” she said, as Marcus’ jaw dropped. His head fell back in dismay. “But….the reason I was so horny earlier was because the little slut you did it with was collected in the garbage truck.”

Marcus had actually forgotten about Chloe ever since the sex session had began. “Wait, what?” he questioned.

“It sounds cruel, but I gave her every chance to go free. I only asked why she had slept with a married man. She insulted me and spat in my face. So we dragged her out of the dumpster, and filled her up in a trash bag with plenty of garbage. If she had answered my questions I’d have let her go. She did this to herself.”

“But still Kirsten, it’s-“

I’ve got a proposal Marcus…”

Unsure what to do or say, Marcus nodded at her.

“I will let you cheat on me every week with whatever slut you can find. It’s obvious we are married with the photos up, a decent hearted girl will refuse when she sees that. A dirty little slag will carry on. In turn, I want to be able to dispose of them and put them where they belong. If I can trash them and dump them, I will do whatever you want me to on garbage day. Watching the garbage truck collect your filthy slut was the hottest thing ever.”

“Wait, so I can have sex with…anyone? Anyone at all?” queried Marcus, intrigued.

“Only if they are a slut. A genuine, good girl will see our photos and know you’re cheating. I don’t want to trash a good girl. Only trash the ones who deserve it.”

It was sadistic, it was wrong, but Marcus saw a different side of Kirsten in bed today, and it was extremely hot. And the offer of sleeping with whoever he liked was brilliant.

“We’ll do it then!” Marcus agreed.


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