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Site Canteen

by Binboy

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Storycodes: Solo-M; bagged; gag; bond; zipties; trash; cons; X

Part 1

I worked for a large national catering company. My role I suppose was dogsbody, and I was sent to various new sites and temporary sites all the time. The latest posting was at a mobile staff canteen on-site at the construction of the areas largest new shopping centre.

The one thing that I always loved about my job was the amount of waste I would always be around. I knew that even the cleanest appearing places would never be far from the site of a large pile of glistening stuffed black garbage bags.

While most of my work was relatively small places, this on-site canteen was huge and was providing around the clock for 800 workers and open 20 hours a day. Even I who was used to seeing (seeking) large piles of rubbish, was amazed at the amount of wet waste produced on site. To deal with this, there was a somewhat novel approach.

They taken a large square container, app 7 foot by 7 foot by 6 foot, and had it specially lined dark green industrial plastic bag. This must have been the largest bag I’d ever seen, but this was only a liner to stop the smelly waste from the canteen from smelling out the container. The huge outer bag could be tied at the top to stop odours on the site. Dozens and dozens of black bags piled on each other in a surprisingly large space, each stuffed to the gills with the remnants of the 1600 hot meals served here every day.

It was soon after seeing this, I set my plan.

I was the last to leave the canteen that night, telling the others that I would lock up, and wanted to stay back to finish cleaning up. They willingly agreed and left me be. I knew that the site stopped from 2am to 6am, and went totally dead during this time. I would bide my time until then to ensure not being caught in my plan.

At almost 4am, I was confident the site was deserted, and I took up my bag of tools, and moved outside. The bin was placed beside the fuse box of the canteen, so there was a place at the same height as the mouth of the bin from which to work.

I climbed up, and began by taking from the bag a box of huge black shiny industrial garbage bags. There were in fact from the canteen, they insisted on using the strongest bags to minimize leakage. I stepped into the first bag in which I could easily sit in, with enough above me to close entirely, and made myself comfortable. Then taking a second bag and encasing the first, and again with a third. My whole lower body, kneeled in position was encased in three layers of tough plastic. I took a roll of duct tape, and began to wind it under my knees, and over my knees and around my calves and legs, binding my lower body into this shape. Finally, taking a fourth bag, I slipped my whole wrapped body into this fourth one, and pulled it as high around me as I could. This would allay any suspicion of somebody seeing a tape wrapped parcel in the bin.

Next, I take the tape again, and securely gag myself, ensuring I can still breathe through my nose. I take a further two bags, the first of which, I punch with difficulty, a hole for my head to go through. I slip the bag over me so that it slides over my whole upper body, and touches my wrapped ankles. The next bag I take, I don’t punch a hole, and instead pull tight over my body and head, so my head is in one corner. I tape around my neck to seal it in place, and rip into it a breathing hole. With breathing hole secured in place, I wrap three times more with the tape around my head.

As both bags now slip over me, leaving me able to breathe, I take the last piece of the setup out. Taking two cables ties, I make a very makeshift tie for my hands. With this design, I could put both hands in and still seal it in place so I would be immobilized. I decided to tie my hands together at the front to avoid straining my shoulders. Inching over now, totally encased, unable to make a sound, and immobilized, I went to the lip of the fuse box to where I knew the bin lay below. I knew I would have to get as close to the edge as I could and almost push myself out a couple of inches to avoid getting caught on the plastic wrapped lip of the bin.

I got ready to heave myself, when suddenly, I went anyway, and slipped, sideways into the huge pile of heavy wet garbage, Thankfully, the bags into which I slid, didn’t open, but I was amazed at how the pile swallowed me whole without notice. I thought I would rest on the top of the bags, and have some time to spend in my binds, enduring my pleasure, before getting free and getting back out at this time tomorrow.

I had given myself time to enjoy this, and booked tomorrow off work. I would spend the day here in my garbage prison, having more trash heaved on me by the young staff of the canteen, and gradually being buried.

Gradual wasn’t the word though, as the wet pile of trash eagerly made way for my wrapped person, and I instantly sank about two thirds of the way deep. Soft, but strong trash bags pressed at me from all sides, above and below, as I gradually settled into the pile. The mental image of myself like this, unable to move, encased in wet canteen waste, securely bagged and looking for all the world like the other garbage around me, made me explode with excitement. I had decided to wear nylon tracksuit trousers for this, and the inside unlined nylon became wet with my excitement.

I writhed and moaned and tried to thrash around, but gradually, became aware that movement of any type was virtually impossible. The wet, heavy bags really were pressing in from all sides now with a force that had become noticeable. These bags of trash were heavy, and with me being almost on the bottom of the bin, the full weight of them beared down on me, and from the sides. I began to try to wiggle about a bit to guage my freedom, and there was very little. Thankfully, my air holes were still intact , as my breathing was beginning to get more laboured thanks to my frenzied attempts at moving.

Though I could breathe, the air was heavy with the smells of garbage. Milk, fruit, scraps & grease, and the image again of my predicament made me explode once more. Now in my place of ecstasy, my body decided to tire into sleep. I felt very relaxed where I was now, easier to breath and to enjoy where I was. However, sleep was not a good thing considering what tomorrow held...

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