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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; wheeliebin; hide; buried; compactor; crush; escape; cons; XX

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Part 2

NB: The bin store mentioned below was inspired by videos shared on the Plaza forums by the user skwisheduk, to whom I am most indebted as they in part inspired this chapter of the story.

I was somewhat turned on after my adventure, but I pretended that I was afraid of what had happened earlier that evening. I shapeshifted my body to give the illusion I was dressed and fully clothed, but in reality I was still butt naked. I decided to leave and get some fresh air. Pretending I needed to have a think.

"But where are you going at this time of night?" Terri asked.

"Anywhere," I replied.

"But it is raining outside," said a worried Wendy, concerned that I had taken my exploits at the hands of her mother badly.

"You have missed the last train home. Why don't you stay until morning, love?" said Terri.

But I wanted to go.

Wendy and Terri lived in a block of flats, and these had a bin store. You see, being squashed in the pug mill had got my juices following. I wondered what it would be like to climb inside an 1100 litre communal rubbish bin, and have women dump their heavy black polythene bags on top of me.

But it wasn’t enough to do that fully clothed, being a shapeshifter meant that I could climb inside, and make my skin look like it was made from shiny black polythene, so I could blend in with the rest of the black bag waste. Hell, I could even lay in the bin, and hold my cock, and a passer-by would just see me as a rubbish bag!

I opened the door, to the bin store. It was late, and no one was around. I knew trash collection was always on Fridays, and today was only Monday, so I should be safe. Or so I thought. There were four 1100 litre wheelie bins inside the brick built hut. There were some waste inside one or two bins, but not much.

I climbed inside one of the bins marked "General Non Hazardous Compactable Waste" which I took to mean no battery acid, chemicals, asbestos, or sharp objects. The sort of thing you might find inside a black bag of domestic waste from people's kitchens and bathrooms. Soft and not harmful.


There were a few black bags inside, and I transformed my skin into black polythene, and blended in like I belonged there! I took hold of my cock and wanked hard and long. I was shocked to find a female janitor disturbed my fun.

She peered inside each bin, and decided that there was nothing of interest inside and merely walked away. I had wrongly assumed from this that she might be a dumpster diving freegan, looking for some trash of worth. But I was wrong. I would find out later what her true intentions were.

The janitor swept around the bins and tidied up. I was quite aroused at the fact she did not know I was there, as I pleasured myself, pretending to be just a bag of rubbish. It was quite easy for me to pretend, as that is exactly what I looked like. Indistinguishable from the other contents of the bin, that the residents had thrown away.

Soon the night janitor left, and I was left alone once more with my thoughts, and pleasures. I had decided to remain in the bin. I was safe after all. Daylight filtered into the bin store and it started to get light. Wendy and Terri had tried my mobile phone, but it was switched off. No answer. They even tried to look for me, but had not found me.

Then started today's constant procession of mainly women to visit the bin store and get rid of their trash. Some ladies simply lobbed the heavy bags inside the bin, on top of me, the weight landing with a thud. Other ladies carried their bags to me, and even gently placed their trash on top of me, like they did not wish to make too much sound.

Then I heard Wendy's and Terri's voices as the two women entered the bin store. They were carrying four large black bin bags each, and they proceed to bury me alive inside the 1100 litre bin. They chatted as they went about their business, I heard them debate where I might be. Little did they know.

As the bin I was inside was now fairly full, most of the other residents, who came to visit, decided to use one of the other three bins for their waste. All the while, I remained in the bin, as just part of its contents. I ejaculated several times, inside the bin that day, not that anyone would know or find out.

I decided to make my escape after the night janitor has made her rounds tidying up the place, in case I was discovered. Around midnight, she arrived for her nightly job of inspecting and keeping the bin store tidy.

It was then I discovered, why she had looked inside the bins, on the previous night. She was checking to see how full the bins were. You see the council only provided four bins for all the many residents, and bins often become full and risked overflowing. Behind a locked door, at one end of the bin store, was something else the council had provided. Hidden out of sight, behind a locked door, meant no one but the female janitor knew what lay behind.

I heard and felt her struggle to move the full bin, which contained me. I started to panic, but told myself not to be silly, as bin collection was not until Friday and it was still only Tuesday. I concluded that she was probably just moving my bin to sweep underneath or something. In fact, she had wheeled my bin to the locked cupboard, now unlocked, its door wide open and its contents ready for use.

I could not see anything, buried under all the black bags of waste. Had I seen what awaited me inside the cupboard, I would have shit myself in fear, so ignorance is bliss!

She positioned my bin, and then operated a lever or two. Underneath all the rubbish bags I felt a constant and steady pressure from above. At first I tried to resist, but the bags above me just squashed. Their contents cracking and breaking inside. Too late to do anything about it, I realised the cupboard contained a bin compactor; a PEL 1100 litre ram model, whose hydraulic press was easily able to flatten waste to around a third of its original size.

The ram forced its way deeper into the bin. The shiny black polythene bags hissed as the air escaped and they went from nice soft round bags to flat, firm, "pancakes" being squashed into my naked body. The bags smothered me totally, as everything was compacted onto me inside the bin. Luckily it did not last long. But it was not over yet.

The janitor decided to empty the contents of the three other bins into mine, so as to fill up one bin at a time, with compacted waste, ready for Friday's collection, when everything would be emptied into the jaws of a rear loader garbage truck, and the black bag waste sent for incineration!

I felt her drop loads more bags on top of me. I wanted to cry out "No! Not more bags! I don't think I can stand being crushed any more!" But I did not want the humiliation of being found like this. Just a piece of rubbish in a public bin. So I was forced to accept two more crushes under the ram of this powerful machine; each compaction more severe than the last, as the bin filled up with everyone's bagged waste.

By the time the janitor finished with me, I resembled a cube of flattened black polythene. It took me a few hours to figure out how to get out of there. Then I changed back into my fully clothed form, and returned to Terri's and Wendy's flat.

"Poo, you stink!" Terri said. "Did you sleep in a trash bin?"

I looked at her with a quizzical look on my face. How had she known?

"There are not many places open at the time of night, that you left, and it was raining very hard. So when Wendy and I took the rubbish out on Monday morning, we did wonder if you had found shelter in the bin store. And by the smell of you, it would seem you slept with the rubbish!"

"Well actually..." I admitted, "when you and Wendy brought your rubbish bags down, you dumped them on top of me." The two women giggled and laughed uncontrollably at this revelation.

"So did you stay there all day?" Wendy asked.

"Yes," I replied, "the first night I was there, I noticed the female janitor did her rounds, so after you buried me alive, I had to wait until the janitor had visited on the second night."

The two women looked at each other with a knowing look. Terri was the first to speak. "I know the lady janitor," said Terri, "her name is Debbie, and she lives a few doors down, at number 18. She told us all about her duties. When the bins get full, she compacts the waste inside, to make more room."

I did not answer.

Wendy added "So it looks like you went on another adventure. First mum and I trashed you. Then Debbie squashed you flat ready for collection."

How lucky can one guy get?


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