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Sexy Game Gone Wrong

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; trash; bond; chain; gag; bagged; tape; death; cons; XX

“Hi Tracy, I hope dinner is ready I'm really hungry.”

“Yes, and it's your favourite.”

“What liver and onion?”

“It is, sit down and I will bring it out.”

She does and sits down on the sofa while he eats.

“I thought you liked it as well.”

“I do but I want to play trash girl tonight so I can't eat in case I spoil it and want to go to the loo at the wrong moment.”

“You are a deep one you never let on that you wanted to do it tonight.”

“I have been thinking about this for ages and as its collection day tomorrow I thought tonight would be perfect.”

“It sounds like you want to do something very extreme.”

“I do.”

William finishes eating and sits next to Tracy to read what she has printed.

“I can see that you have spent ages on this, let me read the whole thing.”

She sits quietly beside him while he reads the instructions.

“You really want to do all this? you have definitely never done anything like this before.”

“Yes I do I guess you have already worked out how dangerous this is. I will be relying on you totally to keep me safe, but you must admit it is very erotic.”

“Yes it's certainly that.”

“Ok, when you are ready.”

“Have you got all the chains padlocks and gags ready?”

“Yes, it's all in the garage.”

She knows exactly what to do so she takes all her clothes off and lays on her stomach on the bench in the garage with her arms behind her he gets on with chaining her wrist and elbows together and padlocking them.

“Are you ok, not too tight I hope?”

“You really are a swine you know you have done the chains as tight as its possible but it's fine I can cope with it.”

“You are a trooper. Ok let's get the rest of the chains on you.”

William pulls her knees up to her chest and chains her ankles together then he threads a chain behind her knees and and pulls as hard as he can so her legs are squashed up to her body then he padlocks them she does grumble when he does that.

“Sorry, but if you are going to do something like this, you need to do it right.”

“That's ok I can handle a bit of pain.”

“You are a star. Ok, it's the gag now are you ready for that?”

“Yes I'm ready.”

It's a long penis panel gag and he has to push it in very slowly before Tracy can cope with it then he does the strap up behind her head.

So she can breathe while she is in the trash bin he glues two plastic tubes into her nostrils.

“I know it's not in your instructions but I want to wrap you in black trash bags. I’m sure you will like it once you get used to it.”

Tracy is a bit troubled by that, but she can't do anything to stop it and she does trust William. He pulls the first black trash bag onto her making sure she can breath by feeding the two breathing tubes through the holes he has cut. Then he tightly wraps it on her with lots of duct tape he does that several more times now she looks just like a piece of wrapped trash. The bin is already empty and open so he lowers her in. He has to use a broom to get her right to the bottom now she is wedged in so tight she can't really move. He has already decided what to do next so he gets a large piece of thick plywood and cuts it the same shape as the inside of the bin with his electric jigsaw and drills lots of holes in it so she can breath. Then he lowers it in until it can't easily go in any more. He uses the broom again to push it right in. Now it's really tight he gets as much trash as he can and fills the bin right to the top. The lid only just closes, so he can't get any more in. He turns the garage lights off and wheels the trash bin outside, down the drive and parks it next to the other bins.

Tracy knows exactly what William has done and she loves it, now all she can do is wait till the morning.

He can see the bin amongst all the others from his bedroom window by the large painted house number. He looks at it for some time before he gets undressed and into bed. The thought of his gorgeous girlfriend chained and gagged in the trash bin is making him very horny and he has to masturbate.

He sleeps so deeply that it's only the sound of the trash lorry coming down the road that wakes him. He knows exactly what it is so he gets out of bed and looks out of the window. His bin is now in the middle of other ones, so he watches as the workers wheel each one up to the back of the lorry hook them on the lifter and lift each up and tip them into the lorry when they get to his bin he has a huge erection as its tipped into the back of the lorry he waits for the lorry to drive away before getting back into bed.

Tracy can hear the trash lorry as it gets closer now all she can do is wait for William to save her she is still confident he will do that she feels the bin being moved so she is sure its him doing that and she is very confused and shocked when she feels the bin being lifted and within seconds she has been tipped into the back of the lorry.

The lifter automatically shakes the bin to make sure it's empty then it's lowered back down and the next one is lifted up, Tracy is already buried under lots of other trash and the auto packer pushes her even deeper. It's only then that she fully realizes what has just happened. By the time the lorry is full she is buried under six feet of trash and can barely breathe. The driver takes his load to the landfill site and empties it onto the ground ready for the bulldozer to do its thing.

William needs to go to work so he showers and gets dressed. He has to make his own breakfast which he does, before he goes to work. He collects the now empty trash bin from the kerb and wheels it back up to the house.

Tracy can breathe a bit easier now as her bag is near the top of the pile and then the dozer starts pushing the piles of trash to where it’s going to finish up and she ends up at the bottom of the slope under lots of other bags and gradually as the lorries deposit their loads she gets buried even deeper, till eventually she can’t breathe anymore the last thing she remembers is having a huge orgasm before it goes very dark.

Before he goes to work William drives to the landfill site and sits in his car watching as the dozer works; pushing the trash and leveling the ground. Somewhere amongst all that is Tracy, and he rubs his penis till he comes again.


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