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Sealed, Bagged & Disposed Of

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2009 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; bagged; trash; dumped; compactor; cons; X

It is early morning on a Monday. Today is a special day for me, because I get to dispose of myself as trash. I am awaken by the feel of cold air on my warm skin as my BF pulls the blankets off of me.

“Good morning sweetheart” he says. “Today is your big day, are you ready for it?”

“Yes, I am ready for it” I reply.

He tells me to get undressed and to smoke as many cigarettes as I can while he gets the batch ready. The batch that he is going to use on me is made of KY Jelly and Baby Oil mixed together. Soon I will be covered in the mixture head to toe. As I sit on the edge of the bed naked, I smoke as many cigarettes as I can before I get covered in the mixture. As I am smoking, I can hear him mixing the batch together and gathering other things that he will use to ensure that I don’t escape my slippery but yet very tight bondage.

He then soon appears in the room where I am at. He tells me that I can finish my cigarette, then he will begin the procedure of covering my naked body in the mixture, and tying me up so I can't escape once I am set outside in my trash bag. I notice that he has brought a box with him and in the box are many things that he is going to use on me. Pink ball gag, some rope, ankle cuffs, handcuffs, several plastic zip ties, and 3 huge black, shiny trash bags.

He opens one of the bags and tells me to step into the bag. I do so and I am soon getting every part of my naked body covered in the mixture that he made earlier. The only parts he don’t put any of the mixture on is my hands, my face, and my hair on my head. The rest of me is covered in this slippery mixture. Right now I am starting to shake in both nervousness and excitement.

He then takes the ankle cuffs and secures them to my ankles. He then instructs me to sit down in the bag.

As I am sitting down in the huge black shiny trash bag he pulls the bag up so I fit in perfectly. The bag goes way over my head and he then tells me, that I may have one last cigarette before he continues. I accept his offer and I light up what is going to be my last Virginia Slim 100s Menthol cigarette. I try to smoke my cigarette as slow as I can knowing that it will be my last. I eventually finish my cigarette and he begins the rest of his procedure for preparing me for my own disposal as trash.

He takes the rope, and ties me up in a fetal position making sure to tie the rope to the ankle cuffs also so I can't break free. Then he leans down, kisses me on the lips and tells me to put my hands behind my back. I do this and I can feel the cold handcuffs on my wrists and I can hear the familiar sound of them clicking into place.

“We are almost done Jessica,” he says.

He then leans down again, and tells me to open my mouth wide. I do this and I can see and feel the pink ball gag being inserted in my mouth. Now, I can't move, or talk at all. I try to get myself free to see how well he has me bound up. He has me very well bound up, my ankle cuffs are secured in place by the rope he bound me in, and my handcuffs are on very tight. No matter what I do, I can't break free.

“It's no use now Jessica, you wanted to do this, so here you go honey.”

I watch him go over to the bed and get the other two huge black shiny trash bags. He opens them up and then comes over to me with the two bags and the plastic zip ties. I also notice too in his hand he had a roll of duct tape.

“The duct tape is to keep you from using your fingers to make holes in the bag Jessica.”

He tells me to make my hands into fists so he can tape them with the duct tape so I won't be able to use my hands. I make my hands into fists, and he starts to wrap the silver/gray duct tape on my hands and soon, I can't move my fingers at all. He then checks over everything that he has done to me that I told him to do to me.

“Well Jessica, everything seems to be in place.”

“You know what is next don’t you?”

I nod my head yes because there is only one thing left for him to do now. And that is to seal the bag closed with me inside. He grabs the top of the bag, and as he gets ready to close the bag up on me to keep me in forever this time, he looks into my eyes.

As we look each other in the eyes, he tells me, “I love you Jessica.”

All I do is nod my head yes and then, for as long as we can, we keep our eyes on each other.

Soon, the bag is completely closed and all I see around me is the shiny black plastic.

“Well, this is it, I am in here now and I am just trash now” I think to myself.

I can hear him and feel him on the outside as he is squeezing some of the air out of the bag that I am in. Then, I hear the unmistakable twisting of the bag closed and then it happens. I hear the sound of a plastic zip tie being pulled together so it is locking the huge, thick, shiny, black trash bag shut with me inside. I then feel him lift me up, and then I hear another trash bag. I know I am being put into another black, shiny, huge, trash bag. I hear the sound of him squeezing the air out of the next bag, then he twists the top shut, then seals it with another plastic zip tie.

He does this a third time with another trash bag. This time though, he puts me in the third black, shiny, huge trash bag, but something is different about this. He doesn’t squeeze the air out of the third bag, instead, he just places me and the two other sealed bags that I am in, into the third bag. Then, he just twists the top shut and seals it off with a zip tie. I can hear him walking around the room, but I can't see anything except the bag that I am sealed shut in.

“This is real, this isn’t a dream or a fantasy anymore” I think to myself.

I then feel him lift me up and I can tell that he is carrying me. He is going to carry me outside to the curb and that is where I will stay until the trash truck shows up. Soon I am outside, and I feel him set me on the ground and then I hear him walk away from me. I realize as I sit there and wait for the trash truck to show up, that I have been permanently sealed in three, huge, shiny, black trash bags. I have been sealed in the first trash bag for almost three minutes now, and the air is starting to get thin. I realize too, that the air is only going to get thinner and thinner until I pass out and eventually die from asphyxia and suffocation.

But it was no more than 30 seconds after I have been set outside with the other bags of trash that I hear a truck coming. It’s the trash truck coming and it is getting closer and closer. Soon, I hear the truck as if it is on top of me, I can hear the men picking up the other bags of trash and tossing them into the truck. Each bag lands with a soft thump and the rustling of the plastic bags rubbing against each other is intoxicating to me. Then it happens. I feel a light tug and next thing I know, I land with a soft thump and I can hear the sound of plastic bags rubbing each other and sinking under the weight of the other bags of trash.

“This is it Jessica,” I think to myself.

I am now in the trash truck and now I am starting to suffocate. As I hear the trucks engines roar up, I can feel the truck in motion, as they are driving away with me in the back as a bag of trash. Soon they are tossing more and more bags of trash on top of me. Then that is when it happens. They activate the compactor. And soon everything starts to get darker and darker. By this time, I am really suffocating and I am trying to break free from my bondage but to no avail.

Soon the compactor starts to push in and I can feel the bags pressing against me and I hear a hissing sound. That hissing sound is the sound of air escaping the bags that I am in. I try to hold on to what air is left in the bag, but I know that I am going to suffocate. As the compactor continues to push in on me, I feel myself start to climax, both from suffocation and from excitement. Then there is no air left in the bag as I try to get some more air that isn’t there. I feel myself have the most powerful orgasm I have ever felt and I feel myself dripping with juice.

Then, everything stops and all is silent. I can no longer hear any bags rustling, no air hissing out of any bags, nothing. I can feel my heart starting to slow down as I have not been breathing for a short while now. I can see that every thing is starting to turn fuzzy and hazy in front of me, and the silence is deafening. I try one last time to get a breath of air, but my wind pipe has swelled shut so I can no longer breathe. I am completely numb now, I am paralyzed from head to toe. My heart continues to slow down until it beats no more. I have been sealed in a trash bag, tossed into a trash truck, compacted and suffocated.

I am no longer a human being. I am just another bag of trash that needs to go to the landfill. But I went how I wanted to go. And I went and left my life as a bag of trash…….


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