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The School Janitor

by Jordan Laine

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© Copyright 2019 - Jordan Laine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; school; force; trashcan; naked; bagged; hum; insert; stuck; janitor; trick; collection; trolley; process; compactor; baler; wrap; storage; voy; mast; climax; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

As always when it comes to this sort of kinky thing… don’t try this at home (or at school, for that matter). And if there’s a sexy janitor in your life, find a way to tell him you like him without going to the sort of trouble Tina did…

This story features incredibly unrealistic and impractical forms of technology and trash disposal systems, for the sake of being that much kinkier.


After having been held back a grade, Tina was eighteen when she was in her junior year of high school. She was also short, at just a little over five feet tall. Her “friends” (so much as they could be called that) were now all a grade above her, and they didn’t really like her too much. It wasn’t “cool” to be friends with the person who was a grade behind, and her oftentimes quirky personality had started to rather grate on them over the years.

She had recently lost a bet with three of them, and they had come to collect. As usual, of course, the bet wasn’t about money. It was about humiliation, and the seniors always won… but Tina kept trying anyway.

Except, she wasn’t really trying.

See, Tina enjoyed the humiliation. Her “friends” suspected as much, but still enjoyed getting to boss her around and put her in compromising positions. It let them still have fun with her without it seeming like they were treating her as an equal to their own grade level.

It was bright and early one school morning, before most anyone else had arrived, and they told her to meet them in the second floor east corridor. So, she did.

“Alright,” Riley, arguably the boss of the group, said when Tina arrived. “It’s about time. We’ve got something special planned for you today.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“You see this trash can?” Riley tapped the big bin she was next to.

“Sure…?” Tina said, not entirely certain of what was coming next.

“You’re getting inside it. But first, strip.”

Getting put in a trash can? That was a new low, but Tina was secretly rather giddy about the idea. She had a bit of a crush on the school’s new janitor—he was in his mid-twenties and was super hot—so getting humiliated through something so closely connected to him was actually kind of a turn on. She started stripping off her clothes, and she handed them to Riley.

“And your panties,” Riley said, and the others who surrounded Tina giggled and smirked as she did as she was told.

Riley opened the lid of the can. “Get in,” she commanded.

The can was lined with a thick black garbage bag. She’d watched the janitor—Larry—empty them quite often when she stayed late after school to work on her studies. The bag’s design was particularly useful because to empty the can, all Larry had to do was pick the bag up by the four corners, tie it off, and then put it on his roller cart. The roller cart could fit three totally full bags of the school trash on it.

Tina climbed into the can. She was small, but even still, it seemed almost larger on the inside than it had looked from outside.

She felt three pairs of hands reach into the bin, and they grabbed her. The girls slapped her a bit and moved her around, positioning her so that her head was at the bottom and middle of the bin. Her back leaned up against one side of the can, with her exposed butt and pussy jutting straight up into the air. They had clearly prepared the bin ahead of time, as a bit of trash at the bottom served as padding to support Tina’s shoulders.

“Well, girls?” Riley said to the other two. “Let’s trash this bitch.” Abruptly, a pile of garbage rained down into the can. Most of it was just crumpled up papers—old homework, most likely—and scraps of food from the girls’ dinners the previous night, but Tina realized that there were also some other things like used feminine products as well. In seconds, she was buried by the trash, with only her butt still sticking out above it all.

One of the girls—Tina couldn’t tell which—took a permanent marker and wrote something across Tina’s butt cheeks, which caused Riley to laugh when she saw the words. “You got that right!”

“Huh,” the girl with the marker said. “This is almost dry. Better throw it away, too.” Tina expected the marker to get tossed in with the rest of the trash, and gave a slight squeal of surprise when she instead felt it pressing against her butthole.

“Putting garbage in the garbage, makes sense,” Riley said, as the marker got pushed deeper in. Deeper and deeper it went, and Tina gasped. When she thought it could go no further, she felt her asshole clench against itself, the marker fully inside her.

“There we go,” the other girl said.

“Alright,” said Riley. “So, Tina, here’s the deal. You are going to stay in there all day. You aren’t to move or say anything. If you do, we’ll know, and we’ll give you a far worse punishment. You can only get out when the janitor comes to empty the can after school is out for the day, and not a moment sooner. Understand?”


“I said no talking!” Riley scolded, and she slapped Tina on the butt so hard it hurt. “Now we’ll be checking in with you occasionally, so be a good piece of trash and stay in your can.”

Suddenly, everything went black. At first, Tina thought that they were closing the lid of the can, but it didn’t make the right noise for that. She realized that they were putting another garbage sack in the bin. They lifted it up so that its elastic band wrapped around the outside as usual, covering up Tina and all the trash in the can.

When the girls spoke again, Tina heard them more muffled.

“There, it looks perfectly normal,” Riley said.

“Yep!” replied one of the others. “Obviously a bit full, but nobody would ever guess what was in there.”

“Well,” said the third girl, “I guess that Larry will find out.”

“Mmmhmm,” went Riley. “I guess he might. Now, be good, trash. You don’t want us to need to make it worse.”

Actually, Tina did kind of want to provoke them further just to see what worse they could come up with. After all, this was kind of exciting. She’d never gotten up the courage to talk to Larry, but maybe—just maybe—he was the sort of person who would find a naked girl in a compromising position and be happy to give her a fuck.

She could only hope.

Then, the girls closed the lid of the can, and silence fell.


More trash got added to her bin throughout the day, but if anyone thought the can was strangely full already, they didn’t say anything.

Tina’s three tormentors stopped by every half hour or so to check on their garbage. Sometimes, they just looked in to make sure she was still there. Sometimes, they added some more trash.

During lunch break, Riley “accidentally-on-purpose” kicked the can while she was walking down the hall. Tina squeaked in surprise as her prison was suddenly moved, and Riley gave a brief shriek. “Eee! Gross! I think I heard a mouse in there!”

Her ever-thoughtful boyfriend was with her, and was quick to assuage Riley’s fears. “Well, if there is, it’s not getting out of there. But here, I’ll leave a note for the janitor. That way he’ll know it’s there and can make sure it doesn’t get loose when he’s emptying the bin. We definitely don’t want any mice running around here on the loose.”

“Oh, thank you, Johnny!” Riley squealed. She gave him a brief kiss. He wrote up his note and tacked it to the wall above the can.

“There,” he said. “That way Larry will make sure to take care of it.” They dropped the subject and walked off.

The next time one of Tina’s tormentors stopped by, she smirked as she read the note. “A mouse? Why that’s awful! Wow, I sure hope this trash gets taken straight to the incinerator, we wouldn’t want a mouse on the loose around school!”

That got Tina worried. She knew the girls were just messing with her, but she realized she didn’t actually know what happened to the trash after Larry picked it up. Not that it would matter to her; since by then she’d be free. She just had to wait for him to show up and find her.

As the day wore on, the trash in the bin kept piling up. The air in the can began to grow stale, though fortunately there was enough airflow that Tina didn’t have to worry about running out.

Several times, Riley or the other girls would stop by, drop something in the trash, and then press down on all the garbage, using their hands to press it tighter against Tina. But Tina didn’t make a sound. Not after her “mouse” squeak at lunch.

Eventually, the halls began to quiet as the school day came to a close. Tina was packed tight in the trash, not even able to move, and she drifted off to sleep, her dreams filled with thoughts of Larry.


Tina woke with a start as she heard the wheels of Larry’s trash cart roll up to her can. Her pussy was soaking wet from the dream she’d been having about just this situation. Her butt clenched tight around the marker buried in it, and her whole body felt stiff from spending a full day in such a difficult position in the can.

Larry was humming along to some song only he could hear, but when he got to the can Tina was in, he fell silent.

“‘There’s a mouse in the trash,’” he read. “Signed John. Huh. Well, that’s no good.” In the can, Tina was trying to decide when she should make herself known to him. She could try to jump out and surprise him, or maybe just say something. She decided she’d let him put her on the cart, then she’d surprise him when he got to his next stop. That seemed like it would be fun.

To her surprise, though, Larry didn’t remove the bag from the can. In fact, he didn’t even take the lid off.

With a grunt, Larry took the can by the handles on its sides, and he hefted the whole thing up onto his rolling cart. Normal policy would be to just remove and replace the bag, but if there was a mouse in the can, he didn’t want to let it escape.

“Goddamn,” he said as he put the can down. “That shit’s heavy. What are kids even throwing away these days?”

Tina heard him, and figured that would actually be her best cue. She shifted about to loosen the weight on her arms so she could try to spring out of the can and surprise him with her naked body—

But she couldn’t. There was enough trash in the bin, pressed down enough by Riley and the others, that she found she couldn’t move more than a tiny bit. Crap, she thought. “Hey, I’m in here!” She called out. Or, tried to call out. Her voice was muffled by all the garbage, and if Larry heard anything, he thought it was just his imagination. Or, perhaps, a mouse.

“Well, no matter,” he said, continuing his train of thought. “It’s all trash, whatever it is.” He resumed humming as he pushed the cart along to pick up a third bag of trash. It was tricky to balance since there was a whole can on the cart, but he made it fit.

Then, he was off again.

Tina was getting worried. She didn’t seem to be able to get Larry’s attention, and she had no idea where he went once his cart had all three bags on it. The cart rumbled to a halt, and she heard the beeping sound of elevator buttons being pressed.

Larry pressed the button for the ground floor, and as he waited he began drumming his fingers on the lid of the trash can. Inside, Tina tried to bang the sides of the can, trying to get his attention, but her restricted movement made it impossible.

The elevator dinged again, and Larry pushed the cart out and over to the nearby door to the maintenance area.

“Hey, lover,” Tina heard a voice say from somewhere nearby on the ground floor. It was Riley. “Say, do you want to grab some drinks later? I’m in a good mood today.”

“Sure thing, babe,” Larry said. “Just gotta dump these out.”

“I’ll wait. Oh, and babe,” Riley said. “Is that the can with the mouse in it?”

“Well, that’s what the sign said.”

“Good. That thing frightened the hell out of me. Say, do me a favor and just make sure that all of the trash in there gets disposed of. And film it for me, would you? I want to see for myself that that mouse stays gone! And hey, if you can do that for me… well, then I think I’ll have a special surprise for you for tonight…”

“You got it babe!” Larry said, excited. Her request seemed like an odd one, but her look said all he needed to know about what sort of surprise she had in mind.

All of this was news to Tina. Riley had a steady boyfriend. Was she also seeing Larry on the side? Tina had had no idea. That was frustrating. She’d wanted Larry for herself… but, she realized, she’d missed the boat on that by never getting the courage to ask him out.

But what was Riley saying about disposing of the trash? And filming it? This was getting a bit uncomfortable for Tina. She didn’t mind the humiliation, or even getting caught on film… that was all in the thrill of it. But she certainly didn’t want to get disposed of! What had that other girl mentioned earlier, an incinerator? What if that’s what they had down here? Tina froze in fear at the thought. By the time she came to her senses, Larry had pushed the cart full of trash through the door to the maintenance area, leaving Riley behind.

Tina tried calling out and wriggling in the can, again to no avail. Larry was humming to himself again, which covered up any noise she could make, as did the steady sound of the power converters and other such things in the maintenance area.

The cart came to its final stop. Larry got out his phone and set it up to record, so he’d have proof for Riley that he’d gotten rid of the mouse.

Fortunately for Tina, the school had nowhere near the budget necessary to have an incinerator. If it did, she likely would have taken a tumble into it and been burned to a crisp without Larry even realizing it. Less fortunately, the school did have a different sort of recent innovation in trash disposal—one which she was about to learn about quite closely.

The Trash Baler 2X was a curious machine. It consisted of two main chambers: One for loading, and one for compaction. The clear compaction chamber—which included several other strange-looking contraptions—was basically the size of a small room, and there were already six bags of garbage sitting in it from Larry’s earlier efforts. The loading chamber was attached to the compaction chamber on one side. It was a circular chrome tube, four feet long and three feet in diameter. There was a crank on the side of it which turned the tube, changing where the opening was. Garbage could be put in from the outside, then the crank could be used to turn the tube so that it rotated around and opened inside the compaction chamber, causing any garbage to fall out thanks to gravity. This was a safety feature, to make sure that the machine’s operator could see what was in the loading chamber before moving it to the compaction chamber. Once something was in the compaction chamber, after all, it had reached the point of no return.

Larry turned the crank to move the loading chamber into position, with its open side facing outwards, just three feet from the cart of trash he was about to get rid of.

First, he took the two normal bags and tossed them carelessly into the loading chamber. Then, he reached for the can which Tina was in, where she was trembling in fear. She’d heard the metal scrape of the loading chamber getting into position, and though she didn’t know what it was, the sound worried her. This was going way too far.

Larry looked toward his phone and winked. “Alright, Riley,” he said. “Operation ‘Mouse-Masher’ is a go.”

He took the lid off the can. Tina renewed her attempts to get his attention, but still, nothing worked. She was too numb and too muffled to be heard.

Larry undid the elastic which kept the trash bags tightly in place around the rim, then tied off the top of the outer bag. He noticed that it was double-bagged, which was strange, but didn’t think anything of it. “Alright, mousey, now don’t go running off. I don’t need to be cockblocked tonight, not by a mouse, not by anything.”

He tilted the can so that the top of it leaned against the open loading chamber, then he lifted it from the bottom. It was heavy, way heavier than usual, but he was determined. He lifted it far enough up that the trash bag inside tumbled out and into the loading chamber.

“Bye, bye, mousey,” he said, with another wink towards his phone. He reached for the crank to send all the trash into the main compaction chamber—

But then he did a double take. He heard a sound coming from the trash, yes, but it wasn’t the squeak of a mouse.

“Help,” came the quiet voice again, muffled by all the trash. “Help, I’m in here.”

“What the fuck?” Larry said. He looked around the room to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. Seeing nothing there, he reached for the crank again.

“Help, please,” came the voice again. “Let me out.”

That time, he was able to identify where the girl’s voice was coming from, which only made him repeat himself. “What the fuck?”

His hand dropped form the crank and he stepped next to the heavy bag of trash. “Who’s there?”

“I’m Tina. I’m in the bag.”

Larry shook his head in confusion, but reached for the bag and began to untie it. When he did, the outer bag opened up, revealing two things: The inner bag, which was not tied off… and inside that, the ass and pussy of a girl. Scrawled across her butt cheeks in black permanent maker were the words “Worthless garbage – for immediate disposal.”

“What the fuck?” he said again, bewildered by this discovery.

“I lost a bet, they put me here as punishment. I was supposed to surprise you earlier, but I couldn’t get your attention from inside the can.”

The girl in the trash bag was wriggling about, trying to squirm backwards and out of her awkward position, but she was having a tough time of it.

“Who… what… but…” Larry stammered. “So... you’re the mouse?”

“I guess,” the girl said.

Larry reached forward to help pull her out of the bag. “How long have you been in there?” he asked.

“All day. It was fine at first, but then more trash built up and I couldn’t move.”

“Do you have any idea how close you came to being crushed?”

“I was scared something like that was going on! I’m so glad you heard me. I was really starting to panic.”

“Who did this to you?”

“Riley and her friends. It’s a humiliation thing. They’ve been doing all sorts of stuff to me, this is just the weirdest.”

Larry abruptly let go of the girl when he heard Riley’s name. Everything was starting to click into place for him. The girl in the trash, Riley’s weird question… she’d always had a bit of a cruel streak. That’s part of what he liked about her; she didn’t take nonsense from anybody. But to put a girl in the trash and then ask him to film disposing of that trash? That seemed crazy, even for her.

But… then he remembered that sexy smile she’d given him. How she had mentioned a “surprise” that could only be sex. He looked at the girl in the trash. Worthless garbage – for immediate disposal.… and he made a decision.

“Well, dear,” he said to the girl who was still halfway in a trashbag. She’d said her name, but he didn’t remember it. “I’ve got good news, bad news, and worse news.”

“What’s the bad news?”

“Well, you’ve got some marker on your ass that is going to take a long time to come off.”

“Yeah. And then they went and stuck the marker inside my ass, can you believe it? What else?”

“Well, the good news is that I’m totally going to get laid tonight.”

“Hooray for you,” said the girl. “Now, could you give me a hand here? Every muscle in my body is either sore or asleep.”

“Well… that’s the worse news,” Larry said. He realized a smile was forming at the edges of his lips. “See, in order to get laid, I need to get rid of all the garbage. And the thing is… that includes you.”

Lily thought she must have misheard him, but... no, that’s what he’d said. No question about it. “Wait, WHAT!?” she just about screamed, and she started struggling more earnestly.

“Yeah. So, the thing is, I read my job description and the laws related to what I do. Legally, anything in a trash can is considered garbage, and I didn’t see any exception in there for people. Plus, I’m not supposed to go digging around in the trash. I’ve already got two warnings for that, and really can’t afford another one. So, I’m sorry, but getting you out of there just isn’t my job. What I do know, is that I want to fuck Riley’s ass tonight, she’s been teasing she might let me put it in her rear soon and I feel like today’s the day. And if she put you in there, and she told me to dispose of all the garbage… well, I feel like I kind of have to do what she says. Besides. It’s just business.”

“WHAT!? Oh come on, let me out of here! This isn’t funny anymore, let me out!”

“Look, babe, that’s not happening. You’re in the garbage. You’re legally garbage. I’m a janitor. My job is to get rid of garbage, so I’m supposed to get rid of you. And I do that by throwing you out with the rest of the garbage. It’s not my job to let you out. If you didn’t want to be garbage, you really should have thought twice about being in the garbage and letting me bring you down here. Now I have no choice but to crush you with the rest of the trash.” He reached for the crank. The girl in the trash flailed about, trying to get out, but she was still partially trapped in two layers of trash bags, not to mention coated in slick trash herself. There was no way she was getting out in time.

“Stop!” she cried. “I’ll do anything! You can fuck me! You don’t need Riley, you can fuck me all you want, anytime you want... even in my butt! Just please, let me go! Let me go!”

“Sorry, babe,” Larry said. “But Riley’s ass doesn’t say ‘Worthless garbage – for immediate disposal’. Yours does. Why would I want to fuck that? And besides, I’m just following instructions, not to mention, the law. I can’t take things out of the trash.”

He continued cranking, and ignored the girl’s further pleading. Ten seconds later, the opening had turned away from the room, and was beginning to open into the compaction chamber. The bag with the girl in it tumbled in, followed quickly by the two other bags.

Larry kept cranking until the opening of the loading chamber was back facing the main room. He didn’t want the “mouse” crawling back in there to try to escape its fate. He looked inside the compaction chamber. He could see the girl finally squirming the rest of the way out of the bags, but it was too late now. Once in the compaction chamber of the Trash Baler 2X, there was only one way out, and it was not the way she came in.

Larry grinned and looked back at his phone. The little light showed it was still recording. “Hey, babe. Well, you wanted me to film disposing of all the trash? Here goes.”

Larry pressed the small green button on the control panel of the Trash Baler 2X. Immediately, the machinery inside the compaction chamber rumbled to life. The first step of the process moved a large metal wall from the far side of the compaction chamber over to compact the trash between it and the other side. The machine was fairly slow—to help keep it from breaking—so this step of the process would take it three minutes.

He stepped to the side of the compaction chamber to get into the trash-girl’s line of sight. She was banging against the ceiling and walls of the chamber, but to no avail. He smiled in at her as she pleaded to him.

“Hey girl,” he said. “So, here’s the deal. I’ll let you out in… let’s say, ten minutes? See, if I’m going to be fucking Riley tonight, I need to drain myself a bit so that I can last for her. She doesn’t like it when I cum too quickly. So, I’m going to wank it here for ten minutes, and when I’m done, I’ll let you out.”

Of course, ten minutes was a very intentional choice amount of time. The Trash Baler 2X took almost exactly ten minutes to fully process a load of garbage.

Larry pulled up a chair and pulled down his pants. He watched the girl in the trash intently as he began stroking his cock. A minute had passed already. The girl in the trash was struggling, banging against the walls, calling for help, but he paid her struggles and cries no attention… none, at least, beyond the fact that he was feeling strangely turned on by it all. Not that he minded.

For Tina, things were about to get very tight. She hardly even noticed what Larry was doing outside; she was just trying to stay on top of the garbage. She didn’t know how far this machine compacted, but she knew she didn’t want to fall and get compacted at any less-than-ideal angles. There was still, a thought, a chance that she could get out. She just had to make it for ten minutes…

The bags around her began to wheeze and hiss as the space began to grow tight and the air was pressed out of them. Tina had wound up in the middle of them all, which was probably for the best as the machine’s motor revved up to apply the pressure needed to continue compacting.

As it neared the three-minute mark, Tina wasn’t sure if she could take any more. There just wasn’t any space left! She felt trash in the bag behind her crinkling and crunching as she got pressed into it, and she knew the same thing was about to happen to her own body…

And then it stopped.

Larry smiled. His erect cock stood at attention as he continued to stroke it. He could hardly even see the girl in the trash anymore, but he knew she was still there, and he was pretty sure she was still alive. He looked over at his phone. “Well, Riley, how about that for getting rid of your mouse issue?” he said. “Oh, don’t worry. It’s not over yet.”

As if on cue, the next phase began. This was actually just another compaction phase—but it came from the top, instead of the side. The side compactor stayed in place while another heavy metal plate began descending onto the garbage from above.

It was a Trash Baler, after all, not just a typical compactor.

Tina panicked when she saw it descending. She’d hoped that maybe she was in the clear when the first compactor had stopped, but that seemed not to be the case.

This second compactor had less distance to cover to cover than the first, since the compaction chamber was wider than it was tall. This time, Larry knew, it would only take two minutes.

The vertical compactor started down, and in an instant it had reached the trash. It began pressing it tighter… tighter, and tighter still. The bags wheezed. Larry could hear the trash inside them crumpling under the inexorable force of the compactor; nothing could withstand it. Two of the bags popped beneath the pressure, their plastic rupturing and spilling their contents all over. Just like Larry, the merciless machine didn’t care what was in the garbage. It treated it all the same; black bags, loose trash, a stray, struggling girl. Everything inside the machine was legally trash, and, legally, had to be disposed of properly. Fortunately, the Trash Baler 2X was built to do just that.

Another bag popped as the pressure increased. Larry couldn’t see the girl anymore. She’d been in the middle of the whole thing, and since the bags had popped gooey trash had exploded all over inside the compactor, making it impossible to see anything inside.

As the vertical compactor hissed to a stop, Larry was actually glad that he couldn’t see in. The girl in the trash wasn’t making any sound anymore. Most likely, she’d been crushed just like the rest of the garbage, and even if Larry could see in, all he’d get to look at would be her own popped remains, unable to withstand the pressure of it all.

“Well, Riley,” he said. “There’s all your trash compacted, just like you’d asked. That mouse has probably been squashed flat at this point. Now, it won’t ever trouble you again. Now just give it a few minutes… there’s a couple steps left in the process.”

The next step began. A valve opened beside the compacted cube of garbage, which was still held in place by the two extended compactor rams. A clear fluid, a little thicker than water, began getting pumped in. This was the fancy “baling fluid” which was new in the 2X version of the Trash Baler. It got pumped in quickly, and thirty seconds later every nook and cranny of the cube of trash was filled by the liquid. With the cube completely full, the valve closed, and Larry waited, stroking his cock, as he watched it all begin to solidify.

The process took only three minutes. The baling fluid, having spread everywhere it could, began to rapidly harden. Once solid, it was an almost unbreakable substance, and it stuck to the trash like glue. As it reached the final stage of hardening, and compactor rams withdrew, but none of the trash fell out of the cube. Between the compaction and the solid, sticky goo holding it all together, it stayed in place as a solid cube of garbage.

Then, the final step of the baling process began. Although the trash was now a solid cube, maneuvering it could be potentially hazardous since there was so much trash lining the outside surfaces of the cube.

Two metal pincer arms extended from one side of the compaction chamber, took hold of the sides of the solid cube of trash, and lifted it up, holding it in the middle of the compaction chamber. From three sides of the chamber, giant rollers of heavy-duty cling wrap extended, and the slowly turning rolls bumped up against the side of the cube of trash.

With blazing speed, the pincer arms leapt into action, spinning and rotating the cube of garbage against the rollers. In less than a minute, the whole thing had been wrapped five times with the thick, clear wrapping, and the machine paused once again. The rollers shifted aside and allowed a hot glue gun in the arm of each one to seal up the edges of the wrapping, leaving the entire cube of trash wrapped, and able to be safely moved around without any risk of contamination or other hazardous materials.

Larry was almost ready to cum when the machine placed the cube of compacted, glued, and wrapped trash back on the ground. Then the side of the compaction chamber opened up, and one of the pincer arms extended and pushed the cube of garbage forward, sending it out of the machine down a short ramp of small rollers. The Trash Baler 2X was done with its latest load, and it signaled as such with a chirping ding. Larry stood up and walked over to the freshly-baled trash. He kicked off his pants and removed his shirt, and stood beside the cube, naked. He put one hand on it, and looked back at his phone as he put on his best “serious documentary” voice.

“And here we have one fully baled load of trash. As you can see, the Trash Baler 2X is truly a wonderful machine, able to compact, solidify, and package as many as fifteen full bags of garbage in just under ten minutes. Now, I don’t know about you, but seeing it in action got me rather excited.”

He turned to face the bale as he reached for his cock again, ready to give it the few quick strokes needed for it to explode all over the compacted garbage.

…but before he could, something else caught his eye. In the middle of the garbage, he could see the thick clear wrapping looked almost foggy, a curious thing he’d never previously observed. He leaned over to get a better look, and almost jumped in surprise when he saw what the cause of it was.

The mouth and nose of the girl in the trash were pressing up against the edges of the wrapping… and she was breathing.

Not a single inch of the rest of her body was visible. She was entirely encased in the trash except for her nose, mouth, and the very tip of her chin. Even those were trapped by the thick wrapping.

Larry wasn’t sure what to do. He could try to rescue her—but that could mess up his plans with Riley, and he wasn’t willing to risk that. On the other hand, he could just ignore it. Continue as though he hadn’t seen anything, and the bale of garbage was no different from the six others already lined up at the side of the room. If he did nothing, the girl would surely suffocate; there couldn’t have been much air in there to start with, and any that there was she would have already used most of.

Then, he got a better idea.

He walked back to where he had left his pants on the floor and he got his pocketknife out of them, then returned to the bale of garbage. He took the knife and deftly cut through the bale’s wrapping right around the girl’s mouth and nostrils, exposing them. She gasped when her mouth came free.

She took several fast, heavy breaths, before she started sputtering, seemingly unsure whether to be saying “Thank you” for cutting through the bale or “Fuck you” for sending her through the baler in the first place. Larry didn’t particularly care which it was, though.

“Okay,” he said. “Can you hear me?”

“A little,” she managed amidst her confusion and babbling.

“Alright, so, I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen next. See, I’ve got a fresh load of cum here just about ready to blow, and I have no intention of getting blue-balled by a piece of garbage. So, if you want me to even consider letting you out, you’re going to let me cum in that pretty little mouth of yours, and you’re going to swallow it all down. If you don’t, then you really are just worthless trash. Got it?”

He paid no attention to her panicked response as he began stroking his cock again, bringing it back to full mast as he got ready to empty it. Less than a minute later, he was ready to burst. “Open wide,” he said, and despite her protests, she did so. If doing this was what would make him consider freeing her, she didn’t really have any other option.

Larry climbed up onto the bale of trash, balancing on his two knees and one hand as he used his other hand to guide the tip of his cock to hover right over the trash girl’s mouth. He gave it two long strokes, and then he exploded. His seed plastered her mouth, throat, and lips, and he groaned with pleasure. He climbed off the bale, and turned to inspect his work.

“Go on, swallow it all up,” he said. “I want to make sure that all my cum ends up in the trash, buried in the belly of a big, fancy condom.”

Tina was grossed out by her entire situation, but did what he asked. She was in no position to do otherwise.

“That’s good, trash,” Larry said. He walked back over to his pile of clothes on the floor, picked something up, and walked back to the bale of trash. “Now, I did tell Riley I’d get rid of you, and although you do seem nice… I’m afraid I have to keep the promise I made.”

Before the trash girl could respond, Larry stuffed his underwear—smelly and sweaty as they were from a long day of work—into her open mouth. She sputtered, and tried to spit them out, but to little effect. It would take her a few minutes to get that worked out. Minutes that he didn’t intend to give her.

He walked over to one of the drawers on the side of the room, opened it up, and pulled out a hot glue gun, some cling wrap, and a roll of electrical tape. He marched right back over to the bale of trash and set the objects on top of it.

First, he fired up the hot glue gun. When it was warmed up and ready to go, he reached towards the opening he’d made in the bale’s wrapping and pushed down on his underwear again, forcing them entirely inside the trash girl’s mouth. Then, he grabbed her lips and pulled her mouth shut. “Garbage doesn’t talk,” he said, as he brought the glue gun to her lips. He applied it quickly, and held her mouth closed as the glue set. When he let go, she tried to open her mouth again, but couldn’t. He had sealed it closed, forever, trapping his used undies inside for her to chew on.

With that taken care of, he could take a more leisurely pace for the rest. He rolled out the saranwrap and began layering it over the hole he’d made for her mouth, occasionally using the tape to press it stick it down and keep it in position. By the time he was done, it looked like just a normal patch to a hole in the wrapping. The opaque electrical tape made it impossible to see that it was covering up a person’s mouth.

All that was left exposed of the girl was her nose. Larry leaned in, and could hear air wheezing in and out of it, but it was a quiet sound. Unlikely to draw any attention unless somebody was looking for it.

“Alright, trash,” Larry said. “Here’s the deal. You’re legally garbage, and I’m going to treat you as such. That means, I’m going to move this bale of worthless trash over to the line of bales ready to be loaded into the garbage collection truck. It looks like there are six bales already in place, and we only have space for seven, so once you get added on there the trash company will be notified that we’re ready for a pickup. Tomorrow morning they’ll send out a truck to pickup all the garbage and take it to the main waste processing facility. But…”

He grinned.

“…I’m feeling a bit generous. How’s this. Tomorrow morning, I’ll save you, if I get here before the trash truck does. If I’m here first, I’ll roll this bale off the disposal conveyor and Riley and I will figure out what to do with you next. But if the trash truck gets here first, then, sorry, it’s game over. They pickup all the finished bales, and they don’t have a habit of digging around through them. I don’t know when exactly the trash truck will arrive, but it’s usually pretty early, so you’d better hope that I don’t get caught in any traffic on my way in. And that I don’t simply forget about you when Riley fucks my brains out.”

Larry walked over to the far side of the room, got the rolling forklift, and maneuvered it beneath the bundle of trash. He didn’t need to move it far, but the bales were always heavy, and this one especially so, given the oversize mouse trapped in it.

He set the bale down next to the other six, on a conveyor belt which lead to a small, square hatch to the outside. Whenever the truck came to pick up the garbage, it would open that hatch and start the conveyor, and pile all the blocks of garbage into the truck so they could be taken to the waste processing facility.

As Larry pulled the forklift away, he grinned. A small light had come on next to the conveyor indicating that its maximum capacity had been reached, and that a truck would be dispatched first thing the following morning.

“Perfect,” he said to himself. Then, louder: “Alright, trash, you just sit tight. This night will be over in no time, and then you’ll be out of here… one way or another. Sweet dreams!”

His business was done.

Larry returned to his phone and gave it a slight wave before he picked it up and stopped recording.

He reached for the lightswitch to close up for the night, before he thought of something. He walked back over to the newly-made bale of trash. He was amused to notice that it was virtually indistinguishable from the others. Nobody looking at it would have any idea that there was a living girl inside.

“Hey,” he said softly. “I’m glad you’re still intact in there. And don’t worry, I’ll stop by extra early to make sure I can get you out.”

She, of course, couldn’t make any sort of response. And with that, he walked away, shut off the lights, and locked up the doors in the maintenance area. The girl was baled up, set on the disposal conveyor, and locked in, unable to do anything at all until dawn came and brought with it whatever fate lay in store for the garbage.

Larry stepped out into the main lobby.

Riley looked up from her phone at him. “There you are! So?”

Larry shrugged. “Just did my job. Trash is all put out for the night, and you can bet that any mouse scampering around in that can has gotten baled up too.”

“Oh, Larry!” she said. “You’re the best. Hey, let’s hit a restaurant before they start getting busy. Then, I want to see that little video you took. And afterwards…” That sexy smile crept across her face again. “Well, afterwards, we can go back to your place and have a bit of fun ourselves.”


They had just finished eating in their secluded corner of the restaurant when Larry pulled up the video. Riley leaned in to get a good look, but said nothing while it played.

“Sweet dreams!” said the Larry in the video as it came to a close.

“It’s perfect,” Riley purred. “You know, I wasn’t sure if you’d actually do it, but you did! You have no idea how happy I am to be rid of that weirdo. Can you believe it, she actually enjoyed most of the humiliating things we did to her. It was just sick, but at least now she’s been put in her place.”

“Who is she, anyway?” Larry asked.

“Her name was”—she emphasized the word—”Tina. She was just like, the school sicko, or something. Oh, and she totally had a crush on you. That was really the tipping point.”

“She had a crush on me? Seriously? I didn’t even recognize her.”

“Well, duh, she never worked up the courage to actually talk to you. Until today, I guess. Though we kind of forced her hand in that one.”

“Huh. I had no idea she had a crush on me. Well..” he chucked, “I guess I got the crush on her instead.”

“Ha ha! Yeah, you did, my big, strong trashman.”

“Where did the note about the mouse come from anyway?”

“Oh! That was John. It actually worked out really nicely. See, I bumped the can, and heard a squeak, and he got all protective and manly an put the note up there to keep me from getting worried about any mouse getting loose. It really made everything easier. When we’d trashed her this morning, we didn’t know how exactly we’d get her down to the baler, but he kind of solved that issue for us.”



“And, you did all this… because she’s weird?”

“Well… that was part of it, sure. But mostly it was because she liked you. It seemed an appropriate way to get her out of the way. I knew since she liked you, she wouldn’t struggle too much about being in the trash… at least, not until it was too late. But yeah, I much prefer competing with literal garbage for your attentions rather than dealing with another girl. Oh! And was it all true? What you told her about being legally considered garbage?”

“Absolutely,” said Larry. “Legally, anything thrown in a marked garbage bin or can, or bagged up and set next to a bin or can, is garbage. The law doesn’t really care about what is getting trashed. Really, it can’t… the only way a janitor or trashman could find out if what’s in the trash is really ‘trash’ would be to go digging through it, but that’s illegal for privacy reasons. So, in the absence of anyone being allowed to look through the garbage, all of it is legally considered trash, and legally must be disposed of in an approved manner. As far as I know, everything I did today was perfectly legal.”

“That’s amazing,” Riley said. “I mean… what you’re saying makes sense, I just hadn’t really thought about it. That actually makes it really easy to get rid of annoying people. You can just tie them up and toss them in a trash bin, and you’re done!”

“Huh… yeah, I guess so. I mean, maybe you could get into some trouble during the tying up part if it’s against the person’s will… but once they’re in the trash, they’re considered no differently from inanimate waste in the eyes of the law, so really, who would find out, or care for that matter?”

“Nobody. Nobody cares about garbage.”


“So, like, what if somebody wound up in the garbage, and then climbed out? Or was let out?”

“Well…” Larry thought about that one for a moment. “I think that’s covered by the same law that says you can’t go digging through the garbage. It says that if garbage does end up getting removed from a bin improperly, it is still considered garbage and must still be treated appropriately. So, if a person was tossed in the trash, then climbed out… I guess they’re still just trash, going by the books. They lose their legal personhood and just become walking, talking garbage until somebody finishes throwing them out.”

“Wow! I had no idea. That’s really cool though… definitely something I’ll have to keep in mind… okay, so I have another question. What happens to those bales of garbage after they get picked up by the truck?”

“You know, I’m not entirely certain. I think they wind up getting incinerated? The glue that holds the bales together is flammable specifically to aid in that process.”

“Mmm, so what you’re saying is”—a sly look creeps across Riley’s face—“that little mouse of ours is going to end up extra-crispy by the time all this is done. Is that right?”

Larry smiled. “I suppose so,” he said, for her sake. Though, like he’d told their little “mouse,” he was planning to go and rescue her. Assuming that he was awake to get in to work early enough... not a guarantee, given what he was hoping Riley had in mind.

Riley grinned. “Perfect! That’ll make sure that she finally stops bothering me. Now... as to your reward...” She stood from her seat and gave her butt a slight wiggle. “Your place or mine?”

Larry’s smile widened.

It was going to be a very good night.


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