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Scary Thirty

by S.M.Ackerman

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© Copyright 2013 - S.M.Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; chain; collar; chast; toys; insert; naked; public; hum; dumpster; trash; messy; denial; climax; cons; X

This is by way of an introduction to my work. Specializing in all aspects of B.D.S.M, Self/bondage, Fem/Dom and all its facets, with some Pony Play & spanking thrown in for entertainment at times, all told in I hope a good rollicking good story. Current book titles published by Pink flamingo: Madam in Attendance, (a personal diary). Chloe& Me, A New Life. Also, The Erotic adventures of a 20th Century Lady, by Penelope Drops, (Female Domination). Out now & new is : The College.

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Friday morning before going to work my husband woke me up with a lovely cup of coffee and told me to pack for the weekend. He said that as Saturday was my thirtieth birthday he had booked a private log cabin at a retreat for the weekend, and this evening we were driving up and would be staying over and having some fun.

Not being awake properly I just accepted and reached up to kiss him good-bye. He left and I snuggled down into the sheets and tried to rest. Fun would be sex of course, I hoped that he intended to do other things beside give me a good rogering and the thought of the retreat and a log cabin in the woods filled my devious mind with potential delights. Little then did I know how much potential the delights he had in store for me would contain.

We arrived checked in and got the keys, along with directions and two maps just in case, he kept both I noticed as he carefully folded them together and put them into his jacket pocket. The dark was closing in as we arrived. He handed me the key and told me to go in and put the kettle on whilst he unloaded the luggage, which I did. Already the apparent seclusion and the dark woodlands surrounding our cabin were creating ideas and warming up certain places.

He dumped the suitcases on the bedroom floor and then returned to the car bringing in a large bag, one I had not seen before; I tried to look but he told me I would find out soon and that it contained my birthday present. With coffee made and on the small kitchen table he told me to strip, things were looking up I thought as I removed every stitch of clothing I was wearing. To my disappointment he threw me a cagoule and told me to put it on, the damn sexless thing came half-way down my thighs, its cold nylon tickling my flesh. I sat with him in sullen silence waiting and wondering, naked beneath the nylon cover.

Half an hour later he stood up and told me to pull my arms out of the sleeves, which I did whilst he fetched the mystery bag. From within he removed a pair of handcuffs with a length of chain hanging from the middle and fitted with a combination lock. He cuffed my hands before me then he gathered up the chain and placed it in my receptive palms to hold. For shoes he provided flip-flops, something I hate wearing at anytime; I started to demand to know what he was up to. He annoyingly put his finger to my lips shushing me and saying, “girl its your birthday present!”

He ordered me to turn around and having lifted the nylon cagoule upward he fed a belt through my elbows pulling them back and drawing my cuffed hands tight to my belly, which is flat and nice I might add. My small breasts poked out and upward, the nipples hardening as he strapped me tight leaving me very little movement, things were definably looking up; the smile on his face told me that I was in for a treat but in what way I did not understand.

From his bag he pulled out our chastity belt, it was a leather all encompassing device with twin wicked remote controllable vibrators and this he wrapped tightly around my slim waist and locked in place before bringing the leg strap up between my parted thighs and seating both vibrators into their respective slots. He did not need to lube me as I was almost dripping in anticipation and once filled he locked the device shut at the front, meaning no relief for me other than if he switched them on.

He put a dog collar around my neck with a lead and then he asked if I could remain silent or he would have to gag me immediately I nodded as I hate the rubber ball-gag he was holding out. It filled my mouth and made a sort of whistling sound through the holes when I breathed which was quite scary. He picked up the lead and told me to pay attention to the route because I would need to know it later. I listened hard and tried to memorise it all as he followed one of the maps through and along the tracks. The track led to a main road at its end was a squat building on which was a line of labelled drop of chutes each covered by a hinged up lid and fitted into the wall of the small building; they said cardboard, food waste, glass & tins and the last was general.

I looked at it in horror, he had brought me to the site rubbish dump and he was clearly taking me towards it. He walked around the back and through a small wooden door where five of those large plastic wheeled industrial rubbish bins waited, one beneath each chute. He stood me in the centre of the room, he removed from his bag a pair of heavy looking metel leg shackles, fitted with a ten inch chain between them. He locked them tightly around my slim ankles.

Next he removed the cagoule leaving me bound and naked before him. He took the gag out of his pocket and pushed it firmly into my mouth before securing it behind my head. He added my nipple clamps, the ones joined by a little chain, and then he stood back and smiled.

“Happy birthday darling or it will be.” He then pointed towards the end bin and told me to approach. I got there but could do nothing else, he scooped my up and dropped me over the lip, the splat as I landed in what could only be described as being the most god awful smelly squishy half-filled bin of other peoples food waste; I struggled up to a sitting position. He took the chain carefully from my hands, somehow I had not let go of it and to my horror her wrapped it around a lifting point and locked it in place with the combination lock.

“It will get light enough for you to see the dials by about four am, so you should be able to release yourself enough to be able to get out of the bin and return to the cabin.

“When you arrive knock and wait and I will if you have been a good girl and perhaps I will decide to let you in. Just as something for you to think about I might decide to leave you out there bound and gagged for the day, after all you have said repeatedly that you would like to suffer and be humiliated, and now you will get what you have been wanting to get, what you have repeatedly begged me for. I hope its as much fun for you as you want it to be, but first you have a few hours to spend in that disgusting mess, Oh by the way I would be quiet if I was you, after all the door is not locked and you don’t want to be discovered by any other guests do you!

Naked, bound, gagged, locked in chastity, shackled and sitting in two feet of slop I listened as he departed. The metal flap of the chute opened and someone tipped a bowl of rubbish down the slide where it dropped directly on my head coating me in its sticky disgusting goo. I nearly squealed right then but somehow I remained silent, and the gag helped considerably with that. There was not enough light to see the dials so opening my lock was not going to happen for a long time.

The vibrators kicked in, both of them, the bastard had really seen to me and I was squirming and desperate for an orgasm when they turned off again, leaving me hot wet dirty and desperate! Around what I thought to be eight o’clock I hear voices approaching, a man and a woman were talking about the wildlife they had seen. I heard chutes open, things drop but nothing came down on me, then the husband said. “Are you sure” and the wife responded, “of course I can!” The chute hatch opened and a bucket of smelly damp dirty food slid down towards me, I had made the mistake of looking up and it splattered directly over my face, I gasped, it wasn’t loud, it wasn’t clear, but she heard something all the same, because she called out to her husband that she thought there was something in the container, and to my horror she asked him ‘should we look?’

He hesitated and then said ‘it was probably a rat and nothing to worry about.’ I heard him clearly and was very relived, the thought of being discovered by them as I was, by that happy sounding straight couple terrified me to death and that was when the vibrators returned with a vengeance.

I have never been quiet when I am coming, and now I was coming and amazingly I kept silent as they walked away. I came covered in their dinner, sitting in hundreds of other unwanted dinners, soaked dirty and aroused beyond compare. I remembered the conversation with my husband, the one time I had put forward the idea of being ‘sacked’ as being treated as rubbish is often called and damn it he had listened and remembered and planned this out for me.

Bless him the darling I thought shaking my head trying to get as much of the slops off of my face whilst orgasm after orgasm ripped through my groin. My breasts aren’t large but they will shake and the clamps were pulling against them as they did. Thankfully the vibrators stopped once the people had departed.

Three more times I received a coating of food stuff, three more times I sat in terrified silence as the vibrators ravaged my sex and poor tight little anus, and each time I bit into my gag and remained mouse like until they went away, and each time with them leaving my tormenters switched off.

Night stole in on me, I could tell because the temperature dropped and for the first time I was welcoming the slops in which I sitting. They kept me warmer but the stench was appalling, let alone the disgusting slimy feeling wherever the muck touched and coated my flesh. Sometime later the chute door opened and stayed open someone had wedged it, I had not heard them approach and the vibrators had not reacted so I thought that the batteries had died.

Then someone out there grunted as they lifted something heavy, the next thing I knew slops were dropping all over me and far more than previously. The splat of the yuk filled my ears as the large bin was emptied and then the vib’s came alive again, I shook my head in disgust trying to dislodge as much of the waste products as I could. This was not a guest, this was the kitchen waste and I was wearing every pound of the days gathering, my hair was horrid, my face sticky, the weight had also pulled against my nipple clamps adding their own subtle agony, and all I could do was sit in silence and wait and hope that I could control my fast mounting orgasm.

A second bin followed the first much to my disgust and the level rose to cover my belly. Finally the hatch shut and I heard nothing more my toys switched off frustratingly. I relaxed leaning back against the wall of my confinement hoping that there would be no more deliveries, and desperately hoping that the vibrators would come to life just once more to deal with my arousal. They did not so I ground my hips and squirmed as all horny girls squirm, locked in desperation but it was pointless, the only outcome was a feeling of being butt penetrated which I did not like that much and would never get me off, the chastity belt was doing its thing and doing it well.

I had nothing to do but wait and hope for release, I wondered if he had been joking, if he would return and set me free and then roger me senseless, but as the night beyond my containment darkened I realised that he intended me to enjoy the full effect of his carefully planned out torment. I decided that I should be a lot more careful of what I asked him for once I was free.

Light woke me from a dream state, I realised that the night was passed and the new day begun, I still could not see the dials but soon I would be able to. The hatch opened and a watery mess poured down on my head adding to my misery, but the vibrators kicked into life for a few seconds reawakening my rampant sex, causing me to squirm hard in desperation which was when they switched off again. Some how the vibes were controlled by the presence of people, a sort of early warning device for me which I was thankful for but it didn’t seem to work right.

As the hour slowly passed and the light crept in through the cracks around the swing lid, I waited until the lock with its four dials became clear. I opened the lock it used my birthday for its code so after some one handed fiddling it popped open, allowing me to carefully unwind the chain from its lift point and then to stand up. Getting out of the slop was much harder, but eventually I did a sort of flop combined with a jump and then a roll forward. There was a mattress on the floor thoughtfully provided; I knew that because it had not been there when we had arrived and I had been dumped into my captivity.

I looked down at myself, the state of my poor body was disgusting, as for the smell I had gotten used to that so it did not affect me. I levered myself to my feet and once steady I crossed over the mattress heading for the door. Beyond me was woodland, on the other side of the building was the road leading back to our cabin. As I stepped through the door intending to shuffle to the tree-line and follow the road, the vibrators kicked in, and both were racing at full blast. I dropped to my knees falling forward clenching my muscles and thighs tight together and riding the waves of sheer desire, whilst ignoring the fact that I was bound and in full view of anyone that walked around the structure. I came and it was amazing, I came again and it was incredible, my slit knew no bounds, my ass twisted and tweaked dancing the rumba until the devices switched off again.

I shuffled forward on my knees having become aware of how visible & therefore vulnerable I was. The tree line provided a track and a tree allowed me to regain my feet, so it was I began the long hard exhausting shuffle towards the cabin and safety; hiding whenever I thought that I heard someone approaching. Realising that they would be going to dump their waste products and thankful that it would not be on me.

I stood at the front door, the only door to the cabin, I tapped as hard as I could, hoping, nothing happened so I tapped again. I could not call, I could not pound on its wooden surface, I could only tap with my fingers and that was not enough. I would have to wait until he got up, I had spent nearly three hours making my way back, three long agonising hours of shuffling and hiding, of feeling the grunge drying hard to my skin in places and always desperate to arrive, and now he was not up and I would have to wait. I hid in the bushes and waited, an hour later the door opened much to my relief, he stood in the door-space looking out, smiling towards where I was hidden.

How could he know where I was unless he had seen me enter my hiding place and that meant that he had been up, but he had wanted me to wait until it suited him to allow me in. The bastard, the rotten devil, the; I shuffled out of hiding, he stood aside and I went straight into the bathroom. He followed helping me into the pre-filled bath and then he scrubbed me with a brush he had brought for just that job.

I remained bound until I had been thoroughly cleaned and then it was the chastity device he removed, and bliss of bliss I got a mighty good rogering. And he wished me a happy birthday, it was a wonderful birthday, memorable and very scary becoming thirty but exciting all the same.

I wondered how he would react if I told him some of my other strange perverted fantasies, perhaps I might… one day.

The End.

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