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Saving Privates Ryann

by Trash girl / 64Fordman

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Being the TV remote is boring.

Wenona Hart recalled Ryann’s words as she checked the time. Transforming an adult woman into a fully functioning electronic device was no small task and she was rather impressed with herself, but if Ryann wanted to explore other options then Wenona was willing to make the effort. She turned her attention to the book in front of her.

Reading ancient texts was always time consuming and great care was necessary, pronouncing one word wrong in a spell could mean the difference between a dog and a dinosaur. Wenona was about to go downstairs to the girl’s apartment and wanted to review a few more transformation spells, the roommate’s current interest.

The roommates were Danika Stephens and Ryann O’Leary, and Wenona was helping them explore their kinks. Danika, a black haired beauty with smoky eyes, liked to submit to men, but took the dominate role with Ryann.

With fiery red hair and sparkling green eyes, Ryann was every bit the classic Irish woman. Contrary to her heritage however, Ryann liked to be submissive, preferably with women. Except with Danika, then Ryann’s stubbornness and sarcasm blossomed like an Irish Orchid.

Wenona knew there was something different about herself at a young age, but it wasn’t until her Great Aunt passed that Wenona discovered what that was. She received a chest of books, and from those, once she learned to read them, realized she had inherited a gift for witchcraft.

Like any craft it required practice, so Danika and Ryann presented the perfect willing, okay, demanding participants, always coming up with new challenges, allowing Wenona to expand her abilities. It was all being done for extreme sexual preferences, but it was fun. There was never a dull moment with those two, and Wenona felt some attraction to the girl’s kink, to what extent she wasn’t sure yet.

Wenona left her fourth floor apartment, descended two flights of stairs and went down the hall to 216. They were expecting her so she opened the door and walked in, to the middle of an argument. This was always fun.

Wenona silently passed the girls and poured herself a cup of coffee from the pot, no sense interrupting with pleasantries. She leaned against the counter to enjoy the show.

“We go on Monday and Wednesday,” Ryann said, “Friday is for shopping. I need some new socks by the way, then we can go to that burger place you like.”

“We should start exercising three days a week.” Danika said.

“Because the new guy on three is there?” Ryann said. “Or maybe the burgers are giving you too much fat in the can?”

“Because it’s good for us, and my can is not fat.” Danika said. “Besides, he’s not around any other time.”

“Maybe he’s a frequent flyer, they like the wide bodies.” Ryann said.

“Okay.” Wenona decided to intervene.

“Wenona,” Danika said, “make Ryann go down to the exercise room with me.”

“So Danika can check out the new guy.” Ryann said.

“Are we still doing transformation spells?” Wenona said.

“Yes.” Ryann said.

“You could change her into a dumb bell.” Danika said.

“How about a sculpted, work-out obsessed body builder.” Wenona said.

“Yes.” Ryann said.

“NO!” Danika said.

“Couldn’t handle the competition?” Ryann said.

“NO – YES. You said you’d never date guys again.” Danika said.

“I didn’t say never ever ever.” Ryann said.

“Let’s just stick with objects.” Danika said.

“Perhaps a pair of yoga pants with ‘Crisco’ printed across the seat.” Ryann said.

“Cute, but this will be perfect.” Danika said and whispered in Wenona’s ear.

“Wait, I haven’t decided.” Ryann said as Wenona began to chant a spell, then she disappeared. On the table appeared a pair of black crew socks with hamburgers printed all over them.

“She always gets her way, I spoil her terribly.” Danika said holding up the socks.

“I’ll be round this evening to change her back, have fun.” Wenona said leaving.

Danika took the socks into the bedroom and laid them on the bed, then selected black spandex shorts, black sports bra and a yellow t-shirt from several dresser drawers and put them on. She sat on the end of the bed to pull the socks on.

Ryann could feel Danika’s warm flesh as it entered her, like being hugged from the inside, then the caressing as she smoothed out the material with her hands. Danika wiggled her toes inside the sock and it tickled Ryann. When Danika slid her feet into her trainers and tied the laces tight Ryann felt she was being hugged from the outside as well.

Danika went down to the exercise room on the first floor. She would start with the treadmill while no one else was there, first she checked her profile in the mirror, “must be the way these pants are cut.” She began with a brisk walk and increased to a jog.

Inside the shoes it felt like an aggressive massage, it was also becoming wonderfully warm.

Danika was down to a slow walk for her cool-down when the new guy entered. She didn’t know his name yet, time was an essential component of flirting, and it was wise to fully vet candidates one intended to submit to. She shut down the treadmill and stepped off.

“All set then?”

“It’s all yours.” Danika said wiping sweat from her face with a towel.

New guy stepped on the belt while Danika placed a yoga mat on the floor in the perfect position to be seen from the treadmill. She kicked off her trainers and began doing stretches and leg splits. Not exactly traditional yoga poses but good enough to get his attention. Yup, any minute now he’s going to take notice of her form and flexibility and won’t be able to take his eyes off her, any minute.

The treadmill shuts off and new guy steps down covering his face with a towel to wick away the sweat.

“Done already?” Danika said.

“Errands, have to cut it short today,” he said removing the towel and looking at Danika for the first time, “cute socks.” He turned and collected his things to leave.

In her mind Danika could hear Ryann’s voice, the first thing he notices about you is me.

“It’s called a conversation icebreaker.” Danika said wagging her foot.

“Pardon me?”

“I was just talking to my socks – self, myself.” Danika said.

Danika tries to think of a clever comment to salvage the moment but he’s gone.

Bet he thinks you’re a keeper, as in keeper away from me.

“Shut up.”

Danika returns to the apartment to shower and dress, then looks at the clock. It’s early, might as well get some chores done. She collects a basket of dirty clothes and a bottle of detergent then returns to the bedroom and the hamburger socks on the bed.

“No sense letting you spend the day all sweaty.” Danika said tossing Ryann in the basket.

In the basement laundry room Danika puts Ryann and the rest of the dirty clothes in an empty front loading machine, closes the door and pours detergent in the dispenser, then puts a token in the slot and presses the start button.

“I’ll be back.” Danika said and returned to the apartment.

The warm water was wonderful, the detergent turning it into a silky bubble bath. Ryann felt weightless as the machine filled. She often wondered what it would be like inside a washing machine and her anticipation rose with the water.

The water shut off and the drum turned causing the baffles to churn the water creating more suds. Ryann was lifted out of the water by a baffle and dropped back in as it reached the top. As she is tossed around Ryann is rubbed and wrapped in Danika’s clothing.

Everything stopped for a moment, then the drum turned in the other direction. Ryann could feel the warm soapy water passing through her fabric as she moved, Wenona did good work.

The drum stopped again. This time the water drained and the drum turned slowly as the baffles distributed the clothes evenly, then faster and faster until it was a blur. Ryann was pinned against the side and felt the water being squeezed from her fabric. It felt good, really good, and the rinse cycle was next.

Danika continued to straighten up the apartment when she found a borrowed brass incense burner they used for a meditation session, something Wenona had introduced to the girls, and had not returned. At this point Danika was trying to add as many accomplishments as possible to her chores list to impress Ryann, and shame her into doing all the work for the next two weeks at least. Hopefully Wenona was home.

She thought she heard something after a gentile knock, so Danika tried again a little harder. This time there was definitely a muffled sound. The door was unlocked and Danika went inside. Another muffled sound, and it was coming from the other room. Danika put the burner on the table and walked slowly toward the bedroom door.

Wenona was lying on her stomach on the bed, her arms held behind her with rope at wrists and elbows that also circled her chest. Her legs were bound at the thighs and ankles and bent in a hog tie so tight her heels were touching her arms. The black silk nightgown had pulled up to expose the curve of her bottom barely covered by thin black panties. A cloth filled her mouth and disappeared under her jet black hair.

Danika imagined the poor thing was robbed and rushed to the bed, but before she could put hand to knot her arms were pulled behind her and she fell face down on the mattress next to Wenona.

Ropes bound her arms and legs, and a thick cloth was pulled between her teeth and tied tight at the base of her neck. Then her legs were bent into a tight hog tie and it was over. Danika never caught a glimpse of the fiendish yet expert rope smith that had left two women alone and struggling helplessly on the bed.

Ryann was disappointed when it was over, she wanted to get washed again. This was so much better than being the remote, sitting on the coffee table while Danika had all the fun, almost all. Danika’s guy left her hog tied while he went out for take-out. She managed to knock Ryann to the floor but had to use her nose to turn on the TV. There wasn’t much on and Danika had to scan through most of the channels to find something, so in the end Ryann got all her buttons pushed. Okay, that was a bad pun, but she still didn’t want to do that again.

Wenona and Danika sat on the bed stretching the stiffness from their muscles.

“Sorry,” Wenona said, “I was curious, so I used a spell to keep me tied up for an hour, I guess when you tried to untie me, well.”

“I’ll consider it my thank you for returning your incense burner.” Danika said.

“How’s your roommate?” Wenona said pointing at Danika’s bare feet.

“Mountain air fresh, gotta go.” Danika said.

Danika returned to transfer the clothes into the dryer. She saved the socks for last, holding the damp fabric in front of her face. “If you knew the fun you were missing.” Ryann couldn’t think of anything more fun than she just had.

“Better use the delicate heat setting,” Danika said before tossing Ryann in and latching the door. Another token and the dryer was tumbling, and Danika went back upstairs.

It wasn’t the washer but it wasn’t bad, the constant tumbling motion and gentile caressing by the other fabrics was quite enjoyable and calming. Ryann sensed a presence in the room but her machine wasn’t disturbed.

The clothes were dry and Danika returned with a basket for the trip upstairs. Just then Bonnie, a neighbor on their floor, came in with stocking feet wearing a knee-length jade green floral print dress and carrying a pair of black leather boots. She opened a dryer but it was obvious the clothes were still wet.

“You’d think I would simply buy more clothes.” Bonnie said.

“What is it?” Danika said.

“I’m meeting my Mother for lunch and I want to wear these boots she bought me but they’re a bit large and I can’t wear them without socks and I’m already late.” Bonnie said.

Danika held up the hamburger socks.

“You’re a lifesaver, these are perfect.” Bonnie said sitting down and pulling the socks on over her nylons, then putting on the knee high boots. “I have more laundry to do today so I’ll wash them and get them back directly.” Bonnie hurried from the laundry room.

Ryann liked Bonnie even though she hadn’t taken the time to get to know her well. Ryann found petite girls very cute, and Bonnie was very petite, and submitting to someone half her size was an interesting idea to Ryann. Maybe she held back because she wasn’t sure how Danika would take it, maybe this was a sign Danika wouldn’t mind if Ryann became more familiar with Bonnie. At least the rest of her, Ryann was becoming very familiar with Bonnie’s perfectly petite feet.

* * *

The following weekend Danika and Ryann were discussing what to do for the evening. Danika wanted to go clubbing and look for guys. Ryann wanted to go out also but was not interested in anything Danika wanted to do. As negotiations continued there was a knock on the door and Ryann opened it.

“Do you two have inside voices?” Wenona said.

“We can’t agree on what I want to do tonight.” Ryann said.

“Just go out and see what happens.” Wenona said.

“You mean see who happens.” Ryann said.

“She hates picking up guys in bars.” Danika said.

“So pick up a girl.” Wenona said.

“I hate picking up girls in bars.” Ryann said.

“Okay, so one time we ended up behind bars.” Danika said.

“And she still managed to pick up a guy.” Ryann said.

“He had his own handcuffs.” Danika said.

“A real time saver for the cops I bet.” Ryann said.

“He was a cop,” Danika said, “you just don’t understand my taste in men.” Danika said.

“Maybe you could give me a lesson someday.” Ryann said.

“How about right now,” Danika said, “Wenona, change Ryann into a pair of panties.”

Wenona chanted a spell and Ryann transformed into a pair of white panties with green shamrock print.

Danika picked up the panties and examined them. “Perfect,” she said.

“Thanks, but I don’t get it.” Wenona said.

“She’ll be covering my privates, so she’ll know when I see a guy I like.” Danika said.

Danika stood at the curb after leaving the third bar of the evening wondering where to go next. She heard Ryann’s voice in her head. Looks like were both in for a dry night. Danika opened her mouth but there were people walking by. She had to admit that when it came to trolling for guys, having Ryann beside her was helpful. Okay, more than helpful, Ryann was a guy magnet.

Ryann also attracted women. Danika remembered the first time they met at University. She stepped out of her dorm to find the red head Irish beauty hog-tied in the hall, the subject of a prank by her mates. Several strips of tape covered her mouth, but those laughing jade green eyes said everything.

Danika’s phone chimed. A text from Sharon, a friend through work, said she had hooked up with Doug and Tom and wondered if she was out-and-about, Sharon’s code phrase for are-you-free. Danika replied she was on her way.

Both guys were known to Danika and Ryann. Doug was an occasional fling for Sharon and Tom was an occasional sex partner for Danika. Ryann was there a few times, her participation was ancillary. Once, Ryann was tied to a chair in Tom’s living room for almost three hours while the sex with Danika moved from room to room. When Tom had to go to work he untied Ryann on his way out.

Ryann found Danika bent over the end of the bed. Her arms were in a box tie, her legs spread wide with ankles tied to the posts and her waist tied down to the footboard. An ample red ball gag was keeping her quite while ample amounts of Tom’s leavings oozed from her nether and trickled down her thigh.

“Talk about rode hard and put away wet. Anyway, Tom said do what I want,” Ryann said, picked up the phone and ordered a pizza, “I might need you for a tip, but they’ll have to settle for sloppy seconds cause I’m not cleaning you up.”

Ryann slapped her cheek as she left the room. Leaving Danika bound, gagged and dripping was expected, not saving her a slice of pizza was rude.

Danika got to the bar and found Sharon and the guys. After a drink they decided to have some fun. It was getting late so they went to a nearby hotel after stopping at a convenience store for supplies.

For the next several hours Danika and Sharon were tied up and used in various ways by the guys and performed acts on each other. When it was over Danika was naked, bound and exhausted on one of the beds. Something was stuffed in her mouth and taped over with several long strips. Sharon was in the same condition on the other bed with the exception Doug had dressed her.

“Get Danika dressed and we’ll take them to Sharon’s, we can still catch the train before the morning rush.” Doug said.

“The way she’s tied it’ll take a half hour.” Tom said.

“They love public bondage, they’ll be all juiced up again when we get there and we won’t need bail money. It’s a win-win.” Doug said.

“I have to work.” Tom said.

“You need a better job, I can’t manage them both.” Doug said.

“Leave one here, the maid will find her.” Tom said.

Tom left first, then Doug took Sharon out leaving Danika helpless in the room.

Ryann couldn’t think of a better place to be. She was a captive in Danika’s mouth and also an instrument in Danika’s helplessness. Ryann felt the warm moist space and vibrations of grunts and moans as her roommate struggled against her bonds.

Danika did struggle but remained helpless for several more hours before finally hearing the maid’s keycard in the door. After assurances the police were not needed the maid serviced another room to give Danika a few minutes to clean up and dress. She dashed around collecting her scattered clothing when she noticed the panties she spit from her mouth a few minutes ago had dice print.

She frantically searched every corner and drawer in the room but there were no shamrock panties. Ryann must be in Sharon’s mouth. She quickly got dressed, except for Sharon’s soggy panties, they’d had enough use for one day. Going commando, she shoved the panties in her hand bag and left the room.

Ryann was perfectly content when suddenly she was ripped from her warm comfortable place and tossed into a cold place. Something was wrong, the muffled sounds of the outside world had become much louder, and things were falling onto her. She wasn’t sure where she was but knew soon she would be completely buried.

Sometime later there was a disturbance, but by then she was buried deep in a wet, cold, sticky mess and finding her would not be easy. A sense of hope washed over Ryann when she felt herself being lifted and moved, then she heard a voice.

“Section three, the truck is here.”

“Two more cans and I’m on my way.” The sanitation worker said and returned her walkie-talkie to her belt clip.

Truck? Cans? Was she in the trash? Ryann panicked, Danika would never let anything happen on purpose, something terrible must be wrong.

Sharon was naked when she opened the door for Danika, a condition she didn’t seem aware of. Doug was gone, apparently both guys needed a refresher on aftercare. Danika wrapped a blanket around Sharon and sat her at the table, then made coffee and toast.

With some food in her stomach Sharon was becoming coherent. Danika got the panties from her bag and returned to the table.

“This is important. I was gagged with your panties and I’m hoping you were gagged with mine.” Danika said holding out the balled up fabric.

“I got these in Vegas, thank you.” Sharon said.

“Mine are special also.” Danika said.

“I’m sorry, I’ll try to get you a new pair.” Sharon said.

“I don’t care what condition there in, I just need them back.” Danika said.

“Doug used my mouth on the way, they’re in a trash can.” Sharon said.

Danika went to the station where the oral incident took place and searched through trash can after trash can, but there was very little trash to dig through. It was too late, the cans had already been emptied.

The trash bags, including the one Ryann was in, were placed with bags from other areas onto a service lift and taken up to street level where a garbage truck was waiting to haul them away.

Ryann could visualize what was happening. She wasn’t sure why she was fascinated by the process but many times she would watch trash collectors working, tossing bags into the truck and seeing them devoured by the powerful machine. Now it was happening to her.

She felt the bag she was trapped in tossed into the tailgate of the truck and more bags land on top of her. Then the sound of hydraulics. Ryann imagined the packer plate descending, then scooping her up into the truck with the rest of the trash.

A sanitation employee who rode the lift up with the trash and helped the driver load the truck chatted while the packer loaded the last bags into the truck. As the employee rode the lift back down below the street the garbage truck pulled away from the curb.

Please be home Danika whispered as she knocked on Wenona’s door. She was, and Danika rushed in to tell her what happened.

“Don’t panic,” Wenona said, “I don’t think she can come to any real harm in her current state, unless they incinerate her.”

“You’ve got to change her back.” Danika said.

“Too dangerous without knowing her situation. Before I can reverse the transformation we have to get her back somehow. I’ll have to use a transportation spell. I’ll need some time to prepare, go home and I’ll be there when I’m ready.” Wenona said.

The garbage truck made more stops. Ryann felt the truck filling and compacting her more, no one would ever find her now. Bags were tearing, half full soda bottles were bursting, and all manner of food waste people carry on the trains was oozing out. Ryann no longer felt like an adorable ladies undergarment, she was discarded and worthless.

Finished with his route, the driver pulled into the recycling center, raised the tailgate, and activated the ejection plate pushing the trash onto a large sorting table. Workers using long handled rakes spread the trash and sorted out paper, plastic, glass and metal for recycling, everything else would be sent to a landfill.

Ryann’s bag was pulled away and the contents spread out. She was pushed around as the men pulled out larger items exposing her briefly. She wanted to yell I’m here, I’m here, but to them she was just a piece of trash not worthy of recycling. Again she was buried again in a pile of filth. The men worked quickly pulling the recyclables away until Ryann was alone with the landfill waste.

Ryann was pushed off the table onto a conveyor that dumped her into the back of another truck. The conveyor continued covering Ryann in more waste. She knew when the truck began moving the next stop would be her last and she would be buried alive.

Danika couldn’t stand the wait any more and was about to go up to Wenona’s when the knock came.

“I think I’m ready,” Wenona said, “I’m going to use a spell to bring Ryann back in her current form, and then we’ll deal with changing her back.”

“Just do it already.” Danika said.

Ryann felt herself becoming one with the trash as the motion of the truck packed the waste down around her. To her surprised she found most of the experience enjoyable, being an object used by others and thrown away when she no longer served any purpose. But it was just a game, she never wanted it to be permanent. Ryann gained a new appreciation for the remote, set aside when unneeded but returned to when necessary. She wanted to be saved.

Wenona closed her eyes and began chanting softly. When she finished something appeared on the kitchen table.

“It’s a pile of poop.” Danika said.

“I was sure it would work, hold on.” Wenona said and picked up a pencil from the counter. She used the end to scrape away the filth, “it’s a shamrock.”

“Thank heavens, now what?” Danika said.

“I’m not sure.” Wenona said with the smell getting to both of them.

“I have an idea, come with me.” Danika said. She picked up the brown mass with the pencil and headed out into the hall with Wenona right behind.

They arrived in the laundry room. Danika pointed to a washer and Wenona opened the door, then Danika flipped the panties inside.

Another tenant was doing laundry and had left their supplies while the machines ran. Danika used a generous amount of the borrowed detergent, then put in a token and started the machine.

“She’ll thank me for this.” Danika said.

“I’m sure. I’ll make us coffee, when we come back she’ll be good as new.” Wenona said.

The warm water was wonderful to Ryann. When she started tumbling through the soapy water she felt the dirt and grime being extracted from her fibers. Perhaps this could be a recurring method of bathing, but not alone, with Danika’s clothes, or maybe even Bonnie’s. Ryann would have to talk to Wenona.

When Danika and Wenona returned Bonnie was in the laundry room transferring her clothes into the dryers. Bonnie asked about Ryann and Danika saw her disappointment at Ryann’s absence. They chatted for a minute and learned Bonnie was going out for the evening as soon as her clothes were ready, then Bonnie took her laundry supplies and left.

Danika took Ryann out of the washer, she was clean and her colors were bright, she did look good as new.

“Ready when you are.” Wenona said.

“No sense changing her back wet,” Danika said, “and I think she deserves a little reward.”

Danika opened a dryer with Bonnie’s clothes and fished around inside, then pulled out a pair of panties. They were pink with a print of little red hearts and white lace around the waist and leg openings.

“I bet these are her favorite, can you make Ryann look like these?” Danika said.

“Sure, but . . . oh.” Wenona said, then used a spell to change Ryann into an exact copy of Bonnie’s panties. Danika tossed Ryann into the dryer, closed the door and restarted the machine, then put Bonnie’s panties in her pocket.

“Come on,” Danika said, “I’ll buy you a coffee and tell you about the day I met a redhead.”

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