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Sacked Part 3: Mai's Invitation

by S. M. Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S. M. Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFM/fm; D/s; latex; capture; bond; boxed; garbage; fire; cons/reluct; X

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Sacked 3: Mai's Invitation

An introduction.

Good day to you reader. This is a brief introduction to the situation I am about to regale. I am the diarist to Miss Whippy Cane. She is the owner of an English specialist brothel. (I know some of you will have read this before, but read on and learn the reason for this tale.

Mai asked me to write up this story as she knew of the previous ‘three’ tales I have published for Miss W, and thought that my readers might like to know a bit more about her side of things. I agreed with her, so here it is for your enjoyment and to keep Mai happy. S M Ackerman.


Cedric and I have been married now for almost a year, in fact our first anniversary is next Tuesday, and today I receive a very nice card from Mai, at the brothel in which we first met, and in which we later fell in love.

The invite came as quite a surprise as I was not aware that anyone realised that our anniversary is fast approaching, but Mai obviously does. I don’t know why this surprises me; if you know Mai, you know that she is perfection in organisation and system control. She is the key-stone that makes the daily existence and functuality of Miss Whippy Canes house possible. She is also a very dear friend to both me and Cedric, as are the rest of the household of course, but Mai holds a special place in our hearts and always will.

The invite is for us both and for the evening of our anniversary and says nothing else but come please! Now if I knowing Mai, she will have some sort of a surprise for us, so this should be a nice evening. I told Cedric when he arrived home from work and he agreed. So the next day I ring Mai and accepted her mysterious invitation. She told me that we should come dressed up, and be ready for anything, and that it is going to be a fun and very memorable evening for us all!

Now what exactly she meant by that I don’t have any clue and she is clearly not saying but we are going to attend and will of course dress up smart as requested.

Tuesday evening saw us both dressed and ready to leave. I am wearing an evening gown made of fine black cotton with delicate brocading at the shoulders and bust line and a nipped in waist to emphasise my hips.

Cedric is in tails, looking very smart and almost edible to me. I nearly grabbed him and jumped his bones right there and then, but we have an appointment to keep, and being late is never a wise thing to do where Mai is concerned.

Although she is our friend, she still holds the whip-hand over us both, and I would put little past Mai, our anniversary or not!

Cedric drives, the gates open as we pull up to them which means someone is watching the monitors! Cedric drives our little economy car through and into the parking area. Clair is waiting to greet us.

Clair is one of the house permanent slaves, and to look at her sometimes you would think that butter would not melt in her mouth. This is not one of those times! She is dressed in the full latex regalia of a slave, with her wrists cuffed behind her back and attached to a wide leather belt that also passes between her legs, she has on a hood and a gag, she even has ankle chains on. I would guess from the way she is twitching as she stands waiting, that she has a vibrator neatly placed inside of her as well, held in place no doubt by the leather belt, adding to the thrill I know she is getting from her bondage and dress.

“Evening Clair, where do we go from here tonight?”

Now that was cruel of me, because I know full well that she can’t answer me, not with that four inch wide penis gag stretching her mouth open and filling it at the same time.

She leads us not across the car-park, but around the house towards the rear, and the stables. So far there is no sign of Mai or anyone else other than Clair. Is this going to be one of those surprise parties where everyone jumps out screaming I wonder?

It is going to be a surprise but not in the way either Cedric or I expect.

Clair leads us across the compound, past the stables, and out onto the back lawn. From there she crosses the lawn heading towards the wooded section beyond the low fence. Clair stops at the gate in the fence and waits, nodding her head towards me and grunting into her gag, trying to make me understand that she needs the gate opening. I understand but it is just too much fun to resist watching her trying to communicate her intent, via a tightly bound and heavily gagged body.

I laugh and she knows that I am being deliberately thick! I do open the gate eventually and we again set off, heading deeper into the woods by following a well worn track, I know that Cedric is watching her neat, tight little latex covered bottom, as it wiggles along the track before us, I quite like it myself as well I admit!

Clair leads us deeper than either of us have ever been, and then the first surprise of the evening occurs. Clair triggered it by stepping on a tight almost invisible piece of fishing line. The effect on us was that a net laid out and covered in leaves shot us both up into the trees. Captured and so easily! We swing on the end of a rope dangling like so many fish in a net.

Clair turns and looks up, even with the oversized gag filling her mouth I can see she is smiling, and her eyes are twinkling, perhaps I should not have been such a bitch to her at the gate I begin to realise!

An engine starts up and we are lifted even higher. Tree branches grab at our penduluming net as we are dragged upwards. Soon we are above the trees and being swung around. Then what little I can see of it with Cedric’s butt in my face, is quite spectacular. We move forward, I glance up not knowing what to expect, but not expecting to see the long metal arm with our rope and net attached to it. The engine roars and we move forward towards the small lake with its island in the centre. Soon we are being lifted over the water by the crane arm we are dangling from.

The island looms closer. I see Mai standing in a clearing, behind her is a pit and within the pit is a huge amount of black bin bags, and general rubbish. In the centre of the mound of trash is a box, it looks metal with glass windows all around it.

Peter appears next to Mai as we are lowered to the ground before them. Peter is in his usual outfit of heavy restrictive leather with a gimp mask and I note that the mouth zip is fastened tight with a padlock securing it in place, but his hands are free, so Mai obviously has a use for them.

The crane arm deposits us at Mai’s feet and the net falls away freeing us. Peter reaches out for me and snaps a handcuff on to my right wrists then pulling back and twisting slightly he forces my arm behind my back prior to locking the two wrists together.

Cuffed and now helpless and very much over dressed for my environment I am forced to my knees by Peter. Clair arrives and once freed by Mai she assists Peter in securing both Cedric and I. We are cuffed and then hooded, there are holes in the hood through which we can see and breath. Our mouths are not sealed like Peter’s, though they could be, this puzzles me a bit!

“Take them please!” Mai gives her slaves their orders.

Peter takes my arm and leads me towards the rubbish dump; he guides me along a narrow pathway towards the metal and glass box. Once we arrive he opens the door and pushes me inside. He then places me facing out of the left window, looking at the mound of rubbish piled all around. I feel Cedric being brought into, and placed inside of the box. We are back to back and tightly compacted as there is not much room inside.

The slaves begin to strap us together starting at our ankles and then moving up, swaddling us in leather straps. They obviously do not want us to be able to move! What the hell Mai has in store for us is beyond me, but I know that it will be interesting if the start is anything to go by.

The door shuts, Peter pulls against the handle to test it is correctly closed and then stands back. Mai appears as he leaves!

If I screw my head around as much as I can then I can just see her. She is looking at us, assessing her slave’s attention to detail. I see her reach out for the door handle and give it a pull, it does not move! Everyone seems rather concerned that the door be shut I wonder why?

“Happy anniversary my pets. I do hope you like your present as it might be your last one ever, so enjoy it!”

‘Last one ever,’ the smile on Mai’s face when she said that scares the hell out of me, I scream at her.

“What the hell are you going to do to us?” She ignores me and turns away.

Peter and Clair are moving bags of rubbish and timber close to the box, it is almost like a funeral pyre in the old days. Now they are dragging pre cut tree branches and adding them to the pile. It is a funeral pyre I realise, our funeral pyre. Mai is watching from a distance now, she is holding something, it looks like a stick, she is waiting until her slaves have completed stacking the kindling against out prison.

Mai steps forward, I see her reach into a pocket and remove something. With a deft flick of her wrist she opens and ignites a petrol lighter. Fear and panic explode together. desperately I struggle with my bonds trying to get free, but watching at the same time! The lighter touches the end of the stick and like a fire work it ignites. Mai pockets the lighter and then with a wave at us she throws the lit flair into the kindling and I watch as it takes a hold.

Flames grow, expanding, burning outwards and inwards, closing with our box. Branches ignite, fire reaches up, flames leap across the glass just inches from my face. The fire takes a hold, the flames leap higher, I can feel Cedric struggling now, he is trying to snap out of his bonds, I can sense his fear and I understand it, because mine is equally out of control!

The flames roar, the sound is terrifying as the crackle of bags melting reaches out to our ears. Cedric screams, I am tempted but then I realise something! There is a draft, a cold air blowing up towards my face. The glass is warm but nowhere near as hot as it should be! The heat raging outside is not reaching inside. I call to Cedric trying to pierce his fear, finally I get his attention.

I tell him to remain calm, to enjoy being burnt alive but without the actual burning. Now I know what Mai intended for us to experience as a special anniversary treat.

She gave us the ultimate slave experience that of being executed at our mistresses will…

The End.

Do not try this at home, the equipment used was specially designed and cost a fortune.

* * * * *

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