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The Landfill

by Trashydiaperedman

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© Copyright 2015 - Trashydiaperedman - Used by permission

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Transcribed from actual conversations with a real scale-house attendant who works at the local landfill named Ramona. A realistic and hypothetical account of how my actual disposal could actually go if the local landfill accepted me as trash. I decided to write this story, featuring parts from real telephone conversations.

It was only 10:30 am that Tuesday morning when I arrived at the local landfill, I had caught a ride with a man who had a trailer full of old kid’s clothing, old toys, and some left-over opened packs of unused vintage disposable diapers attached to a dually pick-up truck.

He allowed me to load all several boxes of unused disposable diapers size six, six boxes of unused infant over-nite diapers in size six, four cases of unused disposable bed pads still in their packages, six packages of unused adult diapers in size medium, six long clear packages of adult diapers in size large, one green 97 gallon garbage trash tote, two Rubbermaid 32 gallon sized cans full of my adult cloth diapers, ten mixed 96 gallon and 100 gallon modified black trash bags full of disposable diapers, four contractor trash bags worth of my clothing and to be loaded into the bed of the truck.

I had already told the man what my plan was and he agreed to allow me to ride to the landfill in the back of the truck, in the bed with everything I was bringing. As we drove to the landfill, I removed my shorts and my shoes and tossed them into one of the bags containing my clothes.

There was a short line at the entrance to the landfill when we arrived. Two vehicles ahead of us entered the landfill and then we pulled across the scale and stopped. The man got out at the request of Ramona, who works at the gatehouse.

The man untied the tarp covering the load in the bed of his truck revealing me wearing only my diaper, a dingy stained up white t-shirt and socks, the trash cans, large trash bags and all of the unopened boxes, and packages of diapers. Ramona looked at everything in the bed of the truck and then looked at me. She then asked;

Ramona: Are you part of the load?

Adam: Yes, Ma’am, I am.

Ramona then asked the man to pull aside and unload my items near the gatehouse and out of the way until she could deal with me and my stuff. The man helped me unload all of my stuff at the designated area where he was directed to.

Ramona: Could you put all of that guy’s things over there in that area near the port-o-let please? Then you can go and dump your stuff. Thank you.

Then his load was accepted. The man signed the printed documents and then was directed to an area to dump his load.

The man finished and then pulled around to the exit side. Before he pulled across the scale, he paused to tell me good luck. I smiled and waved then he proceeded across the scale and then left shortly thereafter. I waited near the scale at the gatehouse with all of the diapers, nappies and clothing. Ramona who works at the gatehouse at this landfill, came out and over to where I was sitting with all of my things, to greet me.

Ramona: (slightly shocked at seeing that I was wearing nothing but a dingy, white t-shirt and a really thick and bulky, crinkly disposable diaper. She reaches out her hand hesitantly to shake mine as I catch her gazing at my thick, white, and bulky diaper.) Hi there. I’m Ramona, and your name is Adam… right?

Adam: Yep, that’s me…

Ramona: Well, it’s nice to meet ya. You are here to be dumped into our landfill huh? Well! You WILL get your wish.

Adam: It’s really great to meet you as well. Yep, I came here to be disposed of. Today… is…. THE… day.

Ramona: Did you bring the permission documents from the owner of the landfill?

Adam: Yes, I sure did…. here they are….. I called the owner and talked to a woman in his office. She said that she would talk to the owner and get back to me. I take it that she got hold of him and they talked. About a week after I talked to her, I got this letter…..

Ramona: I… see. Let me take these from you and I will need some time to confirm and verify all of this before we can get started… ok? Why don’t you come in here for a short while and sit down while we wait.

Then while Ramona was busy confirming my written permission from the owner of the landfill; Ramona had asked me to stay there inside of her gatehouse while she confirmed the written permission by email to the owner.

I had arrived there wearing only my thick, bulky medium sized disposable adult diaper with six or eight layered toddler sized cloth diapers inside, that made my diapers look really thick and bulky and I had used a ton of baby powder. I was also wearing an old ragged and stained t-shirt.

As I sat with my stuff outside, near the gatehouse, several large front end loader trash trucks came in to weigh on the scales prior to them driving off and being directed to their designated dumping pads by flaggers.

There was a short time when there were no trucks or vehicles coming to the landfill and Ramona decided to take a 15 minute break.

Ramona: Adam, come with me. (Said Ramona to me as she began to leave the gatehouse.) Didn’t you wear any shoes? Oh well, not to worry. You will be trash as soon as I get a reply from the owner. So, is that diaper you’re wearing still dry or would you like to change it before your disposal?

Adam: Sure, where are we going? (I walk along side Ramona as she and I go for a short stroll at the landfill) Yes, I think that my diaper does need to be changed.

Ramona: Got everything that you want to be disposed of with? I see you’ve brought a lot of diapers with ya. Can I give the clean ones to some people I know that could use them? Those boxes of disposable diapers and the bags of infant diapers you brought, how do they fit you?

Adam: I think so Miss Ramona. Well Ramona, I modify them to fit me so I can wear them under my adult diapers as extra absorbency. I call it; my two-tier fountain absorbency system. I can show you how I modify them when we get back to the gatehouse if there isn’t a lot of traffic. You can have one of each brand or two boxes of each brand. What is left over or that you don’t want or can’t take, can they stay here?

Ramona: I see. Ok, I will take a look before I have you bagged and taken over to the pit if there is time. How do your family members feel about you doing this?

Adam: Ramona, my family doesn’t have a choice. I am the one who gets to choose when, where and how I die and if I die before my time. I could care less how THEY feel about anything!

Ramona: I… see. Let’s go over here to the pit and I’ll show you how we are going to bury you.

Adam: Sure. Why not. It might be interesting to know that. (Shrugging my shoulders)

Ramona: See…. that big landfill compactor and the grater over there behind those trash trucks? They are pushing everything down into that large hole over there as it comes out of each truck. It’s a lot like sweeping everything into one big dust pan made of dirt! That is where YOU and your…. diapers and clothing will go. If there are any trucks that come in right before closing, the loads will be buried in there along with you.

Adam: Ramona? Will any of those graters or compactors push any dirt on top of me after I go in?

Ramona: Yes, the landfill compactors and graters WILL be mixing in layers of dirt as they go. You will get covered with other trash and layers of dirt. As soon as you sign the documents I will have ready and printed for you, I will have you bagged with your diapers and stuff, then I will tie the bag closed and then I will have one or two of our laborers take you over to the pit and have them toss you in.

Adam: Do I… HAVE to be buried immediately?

Ramona: I’m afraid so! That is the company policy and how we do things at this landfill.

Adam: Will any of those landfill compactors and graters run over the bag I’m in?

Ramona: They might!

Adam: Can someone here change my diapers for me please? My diapers are soaking wet now.

Ramona: NO! No one here will change your diapers for you! If you feel the need to change, you can go into that port-o-let and change in there if you need to.

Adam: Can’t I just change somewhere out here? You know, just anywhere? Where would I put the diapers I change? Leave them in the port-o-let or bring them back and put them into one of the bags I brought?

Ramona: I think you could go into the port-o-let if you like but I wouldn’t go and change out here on the ground for safety reasons. I would bring the soiled diapers with you when you leave the port-o-let and then toss the diapers into one of the bags you brought. All of the men around here also think you should have been wearing some clothes when you arrived here. You know how men are.

Adam: Does it matter if my diapers are wet or dry when it comes time for my disposal?

Ramona: NO! I don’t care what condition your diapers are in! They could be leaking and soaked or dry! It doesn’t matter, because when it’s time for disposal, you’ll be bagged up regardless of what you are wearing or if you want to or not!

Adam: What if I need to lay down because my back hurts? Where could I do that?

Ramona: I… don’t know really.

Adam: What will happen when it’s time for my disposal? How will my disposal go?

Ramona: First, I will have you step out onto the scale with all of your stuff, and then have you and everything weighed. Then, I will have you sign some documents and then I will have you and your diapers bagged up and the bag tied shut. Then we will have one of our laborers come with one of their trucks and we will load you and everything of yours into it. Then we will have them take you over to the pit and drop you into it. Then one of the landfill graters or the compactor will bury you and your diapers with trash and dirt.

Are you SURE you want to do this?

Adam: Yes, I am very sure! What if I wanted YOU to walk me over to the pit instead of bagging me? Can we do it that way?

Ramona: Well, that could cause the whole landfill to shut down. My operators are trained to spot certain things coming out of the back of those trucks. They would look at us kind of funny like; what are you doing? That is why I’d prefer to have you bagged. Now, I have to get back to the gatehouse now, so you need to come with me.

I followed Ramona back to the gatehouse where she and I entered and she sat down with another person who was working in there while she was on break.

Adam: Ramona? Where can I sit?

Ramona: Um, you can sit right there in that corner over there where some of your stuff is or, you can go out to your 97 gallon can and get in and stay there for a while so I can work.

Adam: Ok. I will sit in the corner and wait. One more question, how long will it be until I am disposed of?

Ramona: Ok, that’s fine. I don’t know. As soon as the response comes in from the owner or his secretary.

As I sat there in the corner, I realized I still needed to change my diaper. I spoke up to Ramona to ask her if I could go change my diapers.

Adam: Um, Ramona? I’m sorry to disturb you, but, may I go change my diapers please?

Ramona: Yes, You may. The port-o-let is out there. (turning to one of her co-worker Mandy)

Can you walk him out to get a change of diapers then to the port-o-let please? Then wait for him and then walk him back here, make sure he doesn’t leave… Thanks.

Mandy: Adam? Come with me. (Mandy and Adam walked outside and over to where Adam’s stuff was so he could find a change of diapers. Once Adam found his diaper bag, the both of them walked over to the port-o-let where Adam opened the door and got in. along the way, Mandy talked with Adam, and asked him a few questions.)

So, you came here hoping to be disposed of in the landfill like trash?

Adam: Yep! I called here and talked with Ramona a few times and asked what I would need to be taken as trash here. She told me that I needed a letter from the owner of the landfill. I called the owner after hunting down the corporate number for garbage and I was able to contact his personal secretary. She contacted the CEO and owner of garbage comany and he then sent me the letter giving me permission to be taken as trash as a walk-in or even being brought in a trash truck if I wanted to. They gave me specific details as to what dumpsters to get into and what routes go directly to this landfill. I choose to catch a ride from someone already coming here and be a walk-in.

Mandy: Why are you wearing diapers?

Adam: I have severe central and peripheral neurological damage that is causing my urological control problems.

Mandy: (walking over to me and looking me over from head to toe) So, you sure look really nice and comfy in those thick diapers of yours!

Adam: Thanks, my diapers usually are really thick and comfy but right now, THESE diapers are soaking wet and leaking!

I reached over to the top of my 97 gallon green trash tote and grabbed my diaper bag. Then Mandy and I walked over to the port-o-let where I opened the door and stepped in, closing and latching the door.

Mandy: How long have you been wearing diapers? (As Mandy stood just outside)

Adam: Oh..(Sounds of tapes being unfastened from plastic are heard) since I was 5 years old. When I was thirteen, my stepmother was told I wear diapers and she thought I had some kind of fetish so she took me to see several professionals who then found out that my need for diapers was real. I was then taken to two urologists who confirmed this.

Once my stepmother was told that I needed diapers, she and I went right out to the nearest store that same day and bought diapers. She even let me choose the brands I wanted. Once we got home, she took me into my bedroom and took my shorts off, and then took one of the diapers out of the package and put it on me. I walked around the house, the backyard and even took the separate can full of my wet diapers out wearing a diaper and a t-shirt each week.

Mandy: Really? What year was this?

Adam: OH… it was around 1986 or 1987….

Mandy: Do you ever feel embarrassed about what others think about you wearing diapers or when you walk by and they know you are wearing a diaper? I know I do! Now hurry up will you? I have work to do!

Adam: HELL…. NO! It doesn’t matter what others think! What they think…. doesn’t even effect me because I don’t let it! Not that it effects who I am at all! No more than your boxers or tidy-whities do!

Mandy: GOOD…. point! Are you almost done in there?????

(I finish inserting and layering the six layers of toddler cloth diapers and the six small infant sized cloth diapers –the toddler sized cloth diapers in the front and the small infant sized diapers in the back-, added lots and lots and lots of baby powder and then put the powder back into my diaper bag along with the wipes. Then I put the really thick, white, adult diaper with waistband elastics on and then unlatched the door, grabbed my diaper bag, tucking it under my right arm and then I picked up the diaper I took off, which had six layered cloth diapers in it, the same as I had on, but now also had used baby wipes also tucked into the diaper which I held underneath the open diaper as I waddled out of the port-o-let. As the door slammed shut, Mandy looked at the diaper I had in my hand then look at me and my thickly diapered butt.

Mandy: Feel better? More… comfy now? GOOD! I have to get to the gatehouse now, I have lots of work to do!

Adam: Yes…. MUCH better! Now I have to go put this wet diaper into one of the bags I brought and then we can go back to the gatehouse. I want to bring my diaper bag with me just in case this takes too much longer.

Mandy and I walk back over to where my things are and I open one of the tall, modified 100 gallon black trash bags that is full of my wet, and semi wet, as well as diapers that I have worn but never got used, and tossed my wet diapers into it then I sort of tucked the end flap over some before walking away, towards the gatehouse with Mandy escorting me. Mandy walks ahead of me and then opens the gatehouse door for me and holds it open while I climb the two or three steps to get inside before she follows me in, closing the door. I go back over to the corner and sit down with my diaper bag now to my right, next to me on the floor.

Mandy: Would like a bottle of water Adam?

Adam: um… sure. Thanks.

She goes to the little refrigerator and takes out two bottles of water and then comes over and hands one to me.

Adam: Thank you.

Mandy: You’re very welcome.

Then Mandy walks back over to the desk and Ramona tells her something in almost a whisper and then she looks back at me in the corner and then she leaves the gatehouse.

Ramona: (receives a phone call and she picks up the phone) local landfill this is Ramona, how can I help you?

…um, no, I haven’t… let me go and take a look here… just a second here…… um…. (pausing while her email opens up and she sees the new email and then opens it up and starts to read it.) yes, I got it. Yep, I see that….. uh huh… sure… no problem. Thank you. (She hangs the phone up and continues to read the email. Then she clicks the mouse a bunch of times, copying a bunch of the information between windows into the forms that she will eventually have me sign and date. Ramona then grabs her radio and calls for Mandy to come to the gatehouse)

Ramona: Mandy, can you please come to the gatehouse please? Thank you.

Mandy: 10-4, be right there.

Shortly, Mandy comes into the gatehouse and closes the door. She comes over to Ramona who motioned for her to lean in close so I couldn’t hear what she was telling her. Then Mandy rose up and then came over to me.

Mandy: Adam? Come you come outside with me for a minute please?

Adam: Am I in trouble?

Mandy: uh, no, not at all. I just need you to come… outside with me for a minute.

Adam: will I need my diaper bag?

Mandy: NO, you can leave that there with your other things….

I struggle to get up and then I follow Mandy outside. Mandy motions for me to follow her to where all of my things are.

Mandy: I need to look through everything you brought here to see if you brought any toxic household chemicals, paints or batteries. I also want to make sure you really, really, really want to do this…..

Adam: O… K… go ahead. There are nothing but my clothes, and diapers in there…. and yes… I REALLY… DO want to do this!!! I am totally fine with this!

Mandy: Alright then….. (As Mandy does a quick check inside the green 97 gallon can and the 32 gallon cans. Then makes me sit on top of the 97 gallon can lid)

Then, Ramona called out over the radio to make sure that my stuff and I was put onto the scale.

Adam: Let GO of me! Why are you holding onto my arm like that?

Mandy let go of my arm once I was on the scale. I stood on the scale as my things were placed on the scale next to me.

Mandy: (with a creepy smile on her face, as she grabbed me holding my forearm and forcefully guiding me over to and onto the scale.) I was told to bring you and all of your stuff over here to the scale. Ramona wanted me to get you and your stuff weighed. Please stand still while we get the weight…..

Then a few laborers began to put all of my eight modified 96 gallon and 100 gallon trash bags full of my loose, unrolled disposable diapers onto the scale along with the four contractor trash bags full of my clothing onto the scale. Then Ramona came out of the gatehouse and started to put the full 97 gallon green garbage trash container full of my loose, clean and formerly wet cloth pre-fold diapers, eight 96 gallon bags and 100 gallon trash bags full of assorted unrolled wet and worn-but-not-wet disposable diapers, several boxes of unused disposable diapers, four cases of unused disposable bed pads still in their packages, packages of unused adult diapers,the two Rubbermaid 32 gallon sized cans full of my adult cloth diapers and four contractor trash bags worth of my clothing, onto the scale.

While Ramona recorded the weight and printed it out, she gave the signal to go ahead and remove all of the items from the scale. The laborers began to slide the two 32 gallon trash cans over to the side and out of the way of the scale and possible traffic while the 97 gallon can was rolled over next to the two 32 gallon cans. The eight 96 gallon and 100 gallon bags were then moved over next to the green 97 gallon can and the two 32 gallon Rubbermaid cans. the boxes of unused disposable diapers, four cases of unused disposable bed pads, the packages of unused adult diapers, were moved and stacked next to the bags. Then Jessie told me to go stand over where everything was being stacked.

Adam: Why are we standing over here now?

Mandy: Waiting for Ramona……

Then as I stood there, looking around, watching the few giant landfill compacters, graters and front-load buckets moving trash into the pit from the backs of the remaining trash trucks and the drive-in customers off-loading stuff from their trailers and pick-ups, Ramona was busy writing up and filling out the paperwork. One of the laborers came over to me and started to ask me a bunch of questions.

Laborer: (walking over to me and looking me over from head to toe) Why do you want to be taken as trash and buried here at the landfill? Why are you wearing diapers?

Adam: I want to avoid the whole funeral industry because they refuse to respect my wishes not to be cut open and my organs removed, weighed and put into some plastic bag and then shoved back into my chest. I also don’t want my fluids removed!

They told me that everyone has to see a coroner, that’s the law! I told them that I would find a work-around… they said that I wouldn’t… I should have bet them some serious money! I would have been rich right now! I am wearing diapers because I have to for medical reasons and since I am being disposed of, I figured that I’d come here wearing something that is going to get disposed of anyhow!

Laborer: So, are they actually going to bury you here? By the way, you look comfy in your diapers.

Adam: Thanks…. Um, yep! I… am already property of this landfill I think. My stuff and I have already been weighed.

Laborer: I didn’t know that the landfill could take people! But… you’re still alive!

Adam: Yep…. I am still alive…..

Just then, Ramona stepped out of the gatehouse with a bunch of printed paperwork forms and a “ticket” in her hand and she started coming over to me. I was kind of half leaning on the lid of my 97 gallon green trash tote with Jessie and one of the laborers as Ramona approached.

Ramona: (overhearing part of the conversation between me and the laborer) …but I am afraid not for too much longer! Adam? As soon as you sign this form, agreeing that everything you have brought here today, including yourself is now the property of the local landfill to do with as we wish and that even after you sign this, you and all of your things WILL be immediately bagged and disposed of. You also need to initial here that there is nothing that you’ve brought me that is environmentally toxic like batteries, paint or toxic household chemicals to the best of your knowledge. Ok, initial here, here, and here, then print, sign and then date there.

As I initialed, printed, signed and then dated the forms and then the ticket, the laborers gathered behind me as though getting ready to pounce on me.

I finished dating the form and then I leaned back up and then handed the forms back to Ramona. Ramona then tore out the bottom copy and then started to hand it to me then she tucked it back onto the clipboard for a bit while Ramona starting coming over to me after with a really, really big, new, black trash bag that she was unfolding and opening as she came towards me.

Ramona: Its trash bag time!!!! Ready to be bagged?

Adam: But… But… I don’t wanna go into the bag yet! Do I…. HAVE to be… bagged? I don’t wanna be buried right now! Can’t I wait a little longer?? NO!!! I don’t wanna get in that bag right now! NO! STOP IT! Let GO of me!

Ramona: I’m afraid so! I’m sorry Adam. You are trash now! You are now the property of the landfill, for us to do with as we wish! You ARE…. going into that bag now whether you want to or not! You KNEW what you were getting into when you came here! Guys, guys! Get him and hold him while I get this bag under and over him! Now, once he is in the bag, get all of those diapers from the cans and then empty as many of the cloth diapers from that green 97 gallon can into this bag and from any of those other taller bags of disposable diapers until it’s at capacity and then if there is still room, empty the diapers from one of the 32 gallon cans in. Make sure to really pack them down well! Call me when it’s time to tie the bag shut! Don’t let him out either!

Ramona slips the bag under my feet and then pulls the bag up and around me with the opening still open.

Adam: Wait! What are you doing! Let go of me! DON’T!!!! STOP IT! Can’t I walk around a little more first? PLEASE????

Ramona then leaves to let the laborers fill the bag I’m in with some of my cloth and disposable diapers.

Laborer A: This is going to be… your last look at the light of day little diapered piece of trash! I hope your diapers are all… nice and comfy because that will be the last one you’ll ever have to wear! (Turning to the other laborer) I never thought I’d say this… to someone at a landfill of all places!!! How ironic!

Laborer B: Stop talking trash to the trash and let’s hurry up and get this stinky piece of diapered trash and his diapers into this bag as quickly as we can so we can get it to the pit as fast as possible!!!!

Adam: GUYS!! GUYS!!! It’s HOT and stinky in this bag! Those are wet diapers you’re tossing at me! Hey! Why are you tossing those packs of my adult diapers in here? Those are clean!!!

Jessie comes over to where the bag I am in is, with a clipboard in their hand;

Mandy: Adam, how tall are you?

Adam: 5’9 and a half….

Mandy: (commenting to himself out loud and taking looks at me then looking back at the clipboard) eyes are brown, hair is dark brown….. skin is medium complected, Adam, do you have any birth marks and or scars I should know about?

Adam: Yea! One on my lower back near the elastics of my diaper, my left shoulder has a scar, under my chin is a scar; I have a small scar on my inner right leg just below my right knee… why?

Mandy: Guys, let me take a look at that for a minute… in fact, I need to get a picture of that and any scars he has. Can you lower the bag a little please? Hold onto him while I get these pictures for me… good… thanks.

The other gatehouse worker uses their smartphone to take pictures of me, my diapered butt, my scars and birthmarks. Then they ask a few more questions before leaving and returning to the gatehouse.

Jessie: How old are you?

Adam: I am 42 and a half.

Jessie: about how much do you weigh?

Adam: I weigh about 175 to 185… somewhere in there. HEY! That is my… diaper bag! Where is it being taken????

Jessie: It’s trash! Would you rather it be put into your trash bag? HEY! HEY! Bring that diaper bag over here! Put it into this trash bag!

My diaper bag gets tossed into the bag I am standing in.

Adam: What is going to happen to all of those unopened boxes and bags of my disposable diapers?

Just then, Ramona comes out of the gatehouse to check on the progress of filling the bag.

Jessie: (To Ramona) Ramona? The diapered trash here, wants to know what is going to happen to all of those unopened boxes and bags of disposable diapers and the rest of his diapers over there!

Ramona: (coming over to the opening of the almost full trash bag and peering down inside) Well there… sweetheart, you don’t need to worry about what is going to happen to them so much as what is going to happen to you! Those boxes of diapers are trash as are the rest of them! They will be tossed into the pit when these guys take this bag you and your diapers are in, to the pit! (Turning to the two laborers) about how many more diapers will fit in here do you think? How many are left?

Laborer: I’d have to say that there is about a quarter of the 97 gallon can left down in there…. and we could maybe get half of what is left into the bag before it would be tied shut.

Ramona: Ok, so go bring as many as you can carry and put them into the bag and then we will see where we are. (Turning back to peer back into the bag) Are you all nice and comfy in there yet? Once I tie this bag shut, the air inside won’t last that long and it will become really hard to breathe! With the amount of weight that will be on you and the diapers, it might even take a shorter amount of time to get hard to breathe! Did you get a chance to change your diaper before I tie the bag shut? Would you like a last drink of water or anything?

Adam: I WOULD like to drink a couple bottles of water first, if that is ok with you…. yes, Ramona, I did get a chance to change my diapers. I feel a LOT more comfy now!

Ramona: Sure… I think we can allow you to do that…. then I’m sorry but it will be time for disposal!

Adam: Can’t I finish drinking my water first? PLEASE tell me it’s not time for my disposal yet????

Ramona: You can drink your water while you wait until you are tossed into the pit, inside the bag. After you get the two bottles of water, I will allow you to drink one then I will have to tie the bag shut.

One of the laborers brings two water bottles over and hands them to Ramona. Ramona then opens one of the bottles, reaches down into the bag and hands them both to me one at a time. I begin to gulp the water down until the bottle is empty.

Adam: Here, the empty bottle.

Ramona: No, you can keep it in there with you. I have to tie the bag shut now…. bye-bye sweetie!

Ramona then begins to take wads of the plastic sides and twists them enough so that she can tie the bag shut as tightly as possible. Ramona pulls the sides of the bag up some more so to get a little more plastic wadded up so she can tie the bag tightly! She then uses some kind of tape to hold the top of the bag closed.

Adam: HEY! Ramona! It’s hot in here!!! NO! STOP! I don’t wanna be disposed of yet!!! Can I get out for a bit please???? HEY! Put the bag down! Where are you taking me????

Ouch! What was that???? GEES! Careful! I am IN here!!!! The plastic is sticking to me in here! I am sweating hard! Can I at least get a diaper change before I am disposed of?

Ramona: TOUGH! TOO BAD! Time to go into the pit now… bye-bye!

Male voice from outside the bag: Will YOU shut the hell up? You are trash now! Anything you wanna say before we load you into the truck and take you to the pit?

Adam: I will miss you sunshine, water and air!!!! Tell my adopted son, that I am buried here!

Male voice from outside the bag: Will do. Ok one, two, and three!

Suddenly the bag I was in was lifted by two strong guys and it was tossed into the bed of a pickup truck. Then all eight of the 100 gallon bags of my diapers were then tossed in on top of the bag I was in! Then I could faintly hear the sounds of the boxes of my diapers being tossed in then a couple of the bags of adult diapers hitting the side of the bag I was in. Then I heard someone say: “Is it all in? ready? Then I heard the engine start and the truck go into gear. Then the truck began to drive, bouncing a little as it drove over the potholes and small holes in the dirt. Then I felt the truck turn around then stop. Then I heard it change gears. Then the truck started to back up slowly until it stopped and the engine was turned off. I faintly heard the sound of a door open and some footsteps coming closer. Then I faintly heard some male voices talking and then I could hear the sounds of the landfill compactors and the graters really nearby as they rumbled up closer and closer.

I then heard a far away male voice shouting: “Do you need a hand with that?”

Then I heard a male voice standing really close to the bag I was in say: “Yea… could you help us toss all of these bags in? The bottom one is REALLY heavy!”

Then I heard the sounds of someone getting into the bed next to the bag and then someone’s shoe kicked the side of the bag a little as the bags on top of the one I was in, were lifted out and tossed down into the pit, one by one. I could hear the men grunting as they heaved the bags into the pit. Then I felt the bag on top of me get lifted and tossed. Then, I could hear some sounds of heavy breathing, grunting and then some one said: “Ok, you get on that side, you, get on the bottom end, and then you get the top end and then we will all lift at the same time… ready? One… two…. THREE!”

I could feel the bag I was in, being lifted up and the wobbling and giggling of the diapers all around me told me that the bag I was in, was just about to be tossed down into the pit!

Then, all of a sudden, it was like the bag I was in, started to fall then the bag I was in hit the ground and then started to tumble down what seemed like a long slope before it came to rest against something like one of the bags that was on top of me. Then I felt the boxes of my diapers suddenly fall onto the bag I was in and they came to rest near the bag. Then, I heard the sounds of one of the landfill compactors coming closer and closer.

All of a sudden, before I knew what was happening, it was as though an avalanche of trash suddenly cascaded and crashed down on top of the bag I was in and then the landfill compactor started to shove more and more trash on top of the bag I was in and layers of dirt as it pushed the trash deeper and deeper into the pit, covering it all forever.

Inside the bag, the weight was tremendous!!! It was getting colder and colder and harder and harder to breathe!!!! So, as I gasped for air, I figured that I should simply start to try to go to sleep and then I’d be gone before I knew it.

The End……

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