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The Risks of Dumpster Sex

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: MF; garbage; dumpster; trash; strip; mast; sex; truck; compacted; messy; cheat; revenge; caught; cons; XX

“Are you sure this is gonna be safe?”

“Of course it is, I thought you were up for this?”

“I am, but it’s my first time doing this and I’d rather not end up inside a garbage truck!”

“Relax! This dumpster isn’t due to be collected until the afternoon, I know when pickup is! I do work here after all!”

“I know, I know! But what if someone calls for an early pickup?”

“Who’s going to call for an early pickup at this time of night? The place is shut, and it’s not like the dumpster is overflowing!”

“Okay, okay! It’s just scary, y’know?”

“It’s going to be fine, don’t worry. You ready?”

They both got out of the car, and walked hand in hand towards the garbage dumpster. Ben was delighted that this was finally happening. He had met Abby online through a fetish website, and once they realised they both had a thing for trash, they never looked back. They had spoken for ages about getting dirty inside a dumpster - and tonight it was finally becoming a reality. Ben couldn’t wait for this, eyeing up the girl next to him - Abby was in her early 20s, with a cracking body, lovely perky breasts showing against her tight vest top, black leather skirt shining, and her straightened, blonde hair glistened in the lights of the lamp posts nearby. This was going to be the best sex in years.

They opened the lids and peered inside the dumpster. It was about three quarters full of shiny black trash bags.

“How do we get in?” asked Abby.

“I could toss you in there like a piece of trash if you like!” offered Ben. Abby grinned.

“Go on then!” she said, awaiting her fate. Without warning Ben grabbed hold of Abby and immediately threw her into the dumpster. She landed with a thud onto the garbage bags inside, and the impact meant she sank a little amongst the trash. Ben looked at the gorgeous girl in amongst the black garbage bags, and it was without a doubt the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Without hesitating, Ben jumped into the dumpster.

“It smells a bit in here!” said Abby.

“Must be you then!” joked Ben. Abby threw a trash bag at him in response.

“Well…I am a trashy dumpster girl, so maybe it is me!” said Abby, winking at Ben. Abby had gotten into character very quickly, this was going better than expected.

“I like the sound of that. How did you become a trashy dumpster girl?”

“My ex said I wanted too much sex. When they get tired of trying to fill your cum dumpster, they throw you into a real dumpster. Then you have to hope another guy comes round and chooses to recycle you.”

“And if they don’t?”

“Then when garbage collection time comes around, the garbage truck takes the disgusting garbage away, and the trashy dumpster girl is gone forever!”

“How does a guy know whether to recycle you?”

“He tests me out, right here, right now!” Abby teased. She began to take her tight vest top off, revealing the black bra underneath. Ben closed in on Abby, pushing her over onto the trash bags behind her. The trash bags rustled softly under her body. They kissed. Ben proceeded to remove Abby’s leather skirt. Abby returned the favour, stripping Ben down to his underwear. They began to kiss more, and the snogging became more heated. Soon the underwear was off, and both were now completely naked. Among the kissing, Abby grabbed hold of Ben’s penis, rubbing it back and forth. Ben’s fingers found their way to Abby’s vagina, and he began to play around. Soon enough Ben mounted Abby, and he gazed at her as she lay on the black trash bags underneath. There was no better setting for penetrating this beautiful, gorgeous girl. His penis slipped inside without a problem, Abby was gushing with wetness down there.

“Fuck me now dumpster boy. Fuck me hard!”

“With pleasure, you trashy little slut!” Ben did as requested, and he gave it his all. Before long both hit climax, Abby couldn’t keep quiet as her sexual moans filled the dumpster. Ben felt the rush coming through his cock, and he fired away into Abby’s cum dumpster. Ben looked down at Abby, still so beautiful on the trash, her hair scattered across various garbage bags.

“That was without a doubt the best sex I’ve ever had!” said Ben, delighted and out of breath.

“I second that!” said Abby, smiling up at her dumpster lover.

They continued to pleasure each other through the night. Abby dug herself neck deep in trash bags before giving Ben the blowjob experience. Ben returned the favour by diving down into the trash to find her vagina for some pussy licking. They roleplayed various scenarios, from Ben finding a helpless girl who’d been thrown out as garbage, to Abby telling him if he ejaculated before she did, he’d be heading for the garbage truck. At 3AM, Ben closed the lids of the dumpster to give them some darkness so they could have a sleep before heading home. He set his alarm for 5AM.


“What the fuck is that?” shouted Abby, terrified. The dumpster was lifted off the ground.

“Umm, shit, it’s…” Ben couldn’t get his words out, but he knew exactly what it was. This wasn’t good!

“STOP! HELP!” Abby screamed, but she couldn’t be heard over the mechanisms and hydraulics of the garbage truck. The dumpster tipped over, and the garbage fell towards the gaping hole in the garbage truck. Abby screamed in horror as they descended towards the trash truck. The pair landed on the trash below, and were suddenly overwhelmed with the rest of the dumpster’s garbage landing on top of them. Ben struggled out of his pile, and then rescued Abby, who had been pinned down by the many black garbage bags that had landed on top of her. Abby sat up in the trash pile, looking dishevelled.

“It REALLY stinks in here!” she exclaimed. Abby wasn’t wrong, it was awful. The garbage truck had begun to drive off.

“Stay close to me. Whatever happens, just stay close to me.”

“I thought you said garbage collection wasn’t until the afternoon?” queried Abby angrily, obviously annoyed that she was now inside a garbage truck.

“It isn’t. Someone must have called up for early collection!”

“Like who?”

Ben racked his brains. It couldn’t be, unless…


“It might have…could have been my wife?” said Ben sheepishly.

“What?” said Abby slowly. “You’re married?”

“Well, for now. I was planning a divorce soon.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me this?” Abby was so angry she began chucking trash bags at Ben, who cowered. “Stay close to you! Not a chance!”

Just then, the garbage truck stopped.

“What’s happening?” asked Abby, distracted and frightened.

“I don’t know,” replied Ben. Soon enough, the truck was lifting its next dumpster.

“We need to get to the back of the truck, now!” shouted Ben. They both made a dive for the back of the truck, narrowly avoiding the piles of garbage falling out of the dumpster above. The pair then sat up amongst the garbage bags around them.

“Ben…” said Abby slowly.


“You know what’s coming next, right?” said Abby, pointing to the garbage behind them that was looking rather squashed. Any garbage truck lover knew that once dumped, the next stage was…

“Shit…compaction!” Sure enough, they heard the groaning noise of the compactor starting up.

“Abby, come here now! Please!” pleaded Ben. Torn between not wanting to be anywhere near Ben, and not wanting to be on her own when the compactor arrived, Abby made her move and wrapped her arms around Ben. They laid down amongst some garbage bags near the compacted pile.

“I’m scared!” Abby exclaimed. They watched as the garbage closed in on them. Soon enough the garbage hit them, and it very quickly enveloped the pair of lovers. The popping of various trash bags scared Abby, but just as things became tight, the compactor eased off.

“You okay Abby?” asked Ben.

“Yeah, thank you” replied Abby. “We need to get out of here though.” They pushed their way through the garbage with relative ease, until they were near the front of the garbage truck again. There was no way they could reach the opening though. Abby tried screaming for help, but her pleas went unheard. Two minutes later, another dumpster was incoming. Trash bags, both black and clear, came tumbling out as Abby and Ben watched. The clear trash bags were filled with lots of food waste.

“Gross!” said Abby. “I don’t want to be compacted in that!”

“We might not have a choice!” said Ben. It wasn’t long before the next dumpster was in view, more black garbage bags mixed with some white trash bags. Inside those white trash bags were diapers.

“Eww, that’s even worse!” declared Abby. To her horror, the compactor started up. Ben took one look at Abby, but as disgusting as this was, it was the safest thing to do. He grabbed Abby and took them both to the ground, right amongst the mixture of trash bags filled with food waste and diapers. The compaction grew stronger, more so than the last one. Trash bags around them started to split, and Ben tried to cradle Abby’s head to protect her from the worst of it. When the compactor retreated, both Abby and Ben were covered in various bits of food waste and leakage.

“Ben, I can feel something in my hair!” exclaimed Abby. Ben felt around and immediately regretted it - it was a squishy diaper! Of course, being compacted, he couldn’t really throw it elsewhere, he just tried shoving it into some other trash. Another dumpster was emptied, followed by two more in quick succession. Abby began to cry into Ben’s chest as the compactor started up again. She had never before acted on her garbage fetish, and she was regretting doing so here. The fantasy of ending up in the garbage truck should have always remained a fantasy and nothing more. Of course this wasn’t supposed to have happened, which still left one question unanswered - why was the dumpster collected early? At this point the pair were well and truly compacted in the garbage, stuck in their miniature prison of the largely bagged food waste and diapers. Soon they become accustomed to the sound of dumpsters being emptied, the trash landing inside, and the following compactions. With each compaction, things got tighter, and more and more garbage juice leaked onto Ben and Abby. The smell was ghastly, a strange mix of rotting food and diaper contents amongst the other concoction of smells inside of this garbage truck.

Eventually the truck stopped for an hour, with Ben and Abby assuming the driver was taking a break. What they didn’t realise was that there were two people in the front cab getting busy - Ben’s wife, who knew he had been up to something, and upon discovering his secret meet ups, planned to have him dumped for real. She hadn’t received decent sex from Ben in months, and that led her to spying on Ben and finding out about what he’d been up to inside of those dumpsters. The other person was Ben’s brother, a garbage truck driver who picked up the shift that would lead to Ben’s disposal. Ben’s brother had always cared deeply for Ben’s wife, and was appalled to find out about his disloyalty to her. So this was a win-win, getting rid of the cheating trash, and getting together with the soon to be divorced wife. As for Abby, she was just the unfortunate collateral, the trashy slut. While she may not have known Ben was married, she was still willing to get inside a dumpster with him, so in the wife’s eyes, Abby belonged in the trash anyway. While Ben’s brother and wife were deep into their sexual session, Ben couldn’t help but grow a boner, in amongst the cold, wet garbage. Abby could feel it growing stronger against her thigh.

“Really, right now?” she said in despair.

“Not every day you end up in the garbage truck alongside a beautiful girl,” said Ben, trying to butter Abby up. “We have no idea if we are going to survive this. It’s a fantasy we’ve both thought about. There’s no way out of here now, so we might as well make the most of it?”

“Firstly, that’s gross. It stinks in here, we have garbage juice leaking on us, and this was never supposed to go beyond the dumpster. Secondly, having gone from dumpster to garbage truck, at this point I’m just trash now anyway, so you know what? Fuck me like the garbage I am Ben! After all, this is both the most disgusting, and yet arousing thing I’ve ever done! If this is the end, then I want to be the last piece of trash you place your cock into!” With enough effort the pair managed to get into position in the tightly squeezed trash, and for Abby’s criticisms about Ben having a boner, when it came to slipping his cock into her pussy, she was soaking wet, and shamefully turned on by this as well. While there was a couple climaxing in the cab of the truck, there was a couple climaxing in amongst the wet, smelly garbage inside as well.

Garbage collection continued. Ben’s brother and wife were loving this, fuelled by the joy that each smelly dumpster being emptied was adding more and more pressure and disgustingness to the two victims inside. Ben and Abby cradled each other amongst the garbage, keeping each other safe, with some snogging here and there. This may not have been the experience they asked for, but they wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else.

With the garbage truck full, they headed for the local dumping site. Abby and Ben heard the rear door of the garbage truck opening.

“Whatever happens here, hold onto me please” asked Abby.

“I won’t let you go,” said Ben. The compactor began pushing the collected garbage out of the truck, and within seconds Abby and Ben fell towards the ground. As he fell, Ben noticed they were in a transfer station.

“Stop it there! I’ve found them!” shouted a voice - Ben’s wife’s voice.

“Oh shit!” Ben whispered.

After a few seconds, Abby and Ben felt themselves being pulled out of the trash pile. Ben’s brother had pulled him out, the wife had rescued Abby. They then stood across from the naked pair, who were covered in bits of trash, garbage juice, and whatever else.

Ben wanted to say something, but he had no idea what.

“I don’t want excuses, Ben,” said the wife, aware he was searching for an explanation. “I know what you’ve been doing. Going in dumpsters all the time, pleasuring yourself. It’s gross, weird and I want nothing to do with it. Doing it yourself was one thing. But being in a dumpster with another girl? I couldn’t think of anything less romantic! I got hold of your brother to sort you out. The plan was to dump you here and leave you with the rest of the trash…but after the pain you’ve caused me the past few months…put it this way. Knowing you were inside that truck, being dumped on and compacted…it really turned me on. Your dear brother helped me with my needs - something you haven’t done for months.” Ben was gobsmacked. His brother had shagged his wife?

“Anyway” continued the wife, “me and you are over. I’m moving in with your brother. I will be glad to see the back of you, and this would be the perfect place to dispose of you forever. However, I have an offer.”

Ben nodded, unsure where this was going.

“As I’ve said, it was great knowing you were in there. A huge turn on. Your brother knows how to get the job done too, if you catch my drift. For whatever reason, you like trash. And for some reason, this little slut next to you likes garbage too” she said, pointing at Abby, who was looking at the ground, ashamed. “So how about once a week, we do a bit of…roleplay? I’m the wife disposing, literally, of my cheating husband and his trashy slut in the garbage truck, while your brother is my new improvement?”

Ben looked over at Abby, her hair containing bits of rotting food, wet stained patches all over her, looking like she’d been in a dumpster for six months. And yet still looking hot, a very hot mess.

“Abby? What do you think?” he asked.

“Dumpster sex, followed by being dumped into a garbage truck, with loads of gross trash, being compacted continually? That’s disgusting…and I’m up for it!” she said, perking up with delight.

“Same time next week then,” said the wife, walking away. Ben and Abby couldn’t help but smile at what had just been offered.


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