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The Restaurant Toss Out

by Jessie AKA trash girl

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© Copyright 2020 - Jessie AKA trash girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; bagged; compacted; landfill; trash; truck; bin; dumpster; diner; accident; cons; X

Cindy Heartstamp was a nice looking 21-year-old girl but unlike most girls her age she was very short but that did not stop her from enjoying herself. You see, Cindy had a very special fetish: she was enjoying garbage and wanted overall to be treated like a useless piece of trash.

One day she was out eating her dinner at a decent restaurant and she decided that she wanted to go play in the restaurant bathroom’s trash bin. She went inside and waited to see that the coast was clear and when she went inside she saw a row of toilet stalls at the opposite side of the stalls. She also saw many washing sinks and her main goal for the time, the big trash bin by the hand blower. She said to herself with a giggle, now’s the time to fulfill my biggest dream.

Becoming ready she took a deep breath and crawled into the trash bin landing on some already tossed away papers and ladies’ hygiene waste products. That gave her a bit of a wide stance as she snuggled in among the trash, knowing that she now was just a tossed away thing just like everything else in there.

As she was enjoying her time in the bin other guests at the restaurant came and went into the bathroom. Cindy could hear as the other guests used the toilets and washed their hands in the sinks, but could not see a thing of what went on there. Soon she could smell the stale air of shit and urine filling the bathroom. She could feel wet paper hitting her head and hear the occasion talking about normal day life while she herself was just useless garbage unwanted by everyone there.

Soon the bin started to be very full and a female restaurant employee came into the bathroom to clean up and make the bathroom smell less stinky. She had with her washing supplies and brooms and started on her work while Cindy enjoyed her time in the bin. The wash lady collected bits of trash around the floor and emptied everything into the big bin, stuffing it down with her hands and grunting about how much paper people use when they wash their hands. Soon the bin bag was full and the wash lady collected it and tied the bag up, never seeing or hearing Cindy at all. She put the bag on her trolly and took it to the back room of the restaurant. While at the back room the lady collected more trash bags with leftover food and stuff that was not used to make the dinners there and soon she had six trash bags to roll outside to the restaurant's big compactor. Now Cindy was starting to panic. She had not planned to be in the bag when it became full but she loved it too much that she lost track of time. Now she could not get free as she was pressed into all the trash joining her in the bag. As the bags were taken outside Cindy could feel the shift of the temperature and she could hear the town’s nightlife going on. The work lady spoke to herself about there being so much trash tonight and started chucking in bag after bag. Soon all were in the compactor and the lady hit the start button to crush everything

Cindy landed with the rest of the garbage inside the compactor and was not starting to get very scared since she had never seen a compactor before. She tried to rip open the trash bag but it was too strong for her. Having no way out Cindy started to panic. Not having any air holes in the bag, she tried to find anything that could poke a hole so she could get air. Even as she was terrified of this she was also mega-horny she started to stroke her super-wet pussy that had gotten dirty from all the trash around her. She loved that and soon all her fear disappeared as she started having orgasm after orgasm. She soon got very tired as she felt the compactor start up and crush her into the old and nasty trash. She soon fell asleep from all the masturbation she had experienced during the last few hours in the trash now.

Meanwhile, the restaurant was serving their food and throwing out more trash, not ever knowing they had a trash-loving girl in the compactor. The next morning Cindy woke to a large rumbling sound. It was trash pickup day; over the night she had been compacted so much her bag had ripped open and she was now mingled in amongst everything. She tried her hardest at digging her way out of the garbage but was too late as the garbage truck emptied everything into its waiting belly, Cindy cried out in horror as she fell into the truck, fearing this would be her first and only adventure in the garbage. She was not crushed to death inside as the truck drove on toward the dump, collecting more trash. Cindy got covered in all sorts of nasty trash on her way toward the city dump. Many hours later she was emptied out into a pit and buried in tons of trash. By sheer willpower she managed to dig her way out of the ever-growing mountain of trash and made her way out of the pile. When she finally got out she saw how much garbage was around her and needed to hurry in getting away from here if she ever wants to play in the garbage again. After a lot of digging, she finally got out and made her way home.



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