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The Rusty Fiat

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; drug; bond; gag; transport; car; conveyor; machine; crusher; revenge; nc; XX

Georgia slid sideways from the chair at the kitchen table and hit the floor with a thump. Just a few minutes ago she’d been sipping her tea with her friend Susan, but she had suddenly felt quite woozy and simply passed out. So now she was unconscious, slumped on the kitchen floor. Susan glanced down at her. She didn’t seem very surprised. But why would she be, she’d had drugged her tea. Susan smiled to herself as she looked down at her prone friend for just a moment longer, her gaze lingering on her ample backside for a moment.

“You can come out” Susan called out. Melissa hurried into the kitchen and quickly caught sight of Georgia out cold on the floor.

“Superb” Melissa smiled as she gave Susan a congratulatory pat on the shoulder, not taking her eyes off Georgia for even a moment. Susan stood and hugged Melissa and she hugged her back with growing excitement.

“Best get this bitch ready” Melissa grinned as she prodded Georgia’s arse with her foot, she didn’t move.

Susan hurried over to the cupboard next to the sink. Hastily she pulled out a large black canvas bag and quickly brought it over to Melissa, who had rolled Georgia onto her back and dragged her into the middle of the kitchen. Susan dropped the canvas bag down to the floor and unzipped it, immediately reaching in and pulling out ropes and straps of various shapes and sizes.

“We should have hours but I’d suggest starting with her arms” Susan grinned wryly as she handed Melissa some leather cuffs and straps.

“Of course… After all we don‘t want to give the bitch any second chances” Melissa winked as she lifted and propped Georgia up into a sitting position.

She quickly pulled Georgia’s arms behind her back and nimbly had the cuffs wrapped around her wrists and buckled tight. She greedily grabbed up thick leather strap and wrapped it around Georgia’s upper arms and pulled it tight, forcing her elbows together behind her back and forcing her bust to strain against her shirt. Both Susan and Melissa busied themselves tightly applying ankle cuffs and straps around their unresponsive captive’s legs and body. Happy they had her securely restrained, they stood back and admired their handy work for a moment, taking in Georgia’s bound form.

“Would you like to do the honours” Susan smiled as she offered a ring-gag out to Melissa.

She smiled warmly as she took it and bent down, lifting Georgia’s chin with one hand she pushed the gag past her lips and into position before buckling it firmly in place. Georgia’s mouth was now held open by the gag. She looked like she had a sex doll’s mouth, open and ready for use. They picked up Georgia’s unmoving, tightly bound body and sat her back up at the kitchen table. After taking a moment to ensure that she was propped up and wouldn’t simply slide back off the chair while she was still out cold, Melissa and Susan sat at the kitchen table opposite their captive. It almost looked like three friends sat socially around the table, if one of them wasn’t unconscious and tightly bound and gagged of course.

“I couldn’t have done this without you” Melissa smiled as she squeezed Susan’s arm appreciatively.

“Well since she’s been fucking my boyfriend too… I’m happy to” Susan replied and gave Melissa a kiss on the cheek.

“Well I think we should go out for a little drive” Susan announced. Melissa leant over the table and grabbed a handful of Georgia’s hair.

“I’d rather be sucking some cock or have a big dick between my fat tits” She said mockingly as she bobbed Georgia’s head up and down pretending she was the one talking. Susan chuckled and Melissa smiled.

“I think she’ll still be out cold for awhile yet, but I’d rather get on with it anyway” Susan said composing herself.

“I don‘t mind getting her there now, as long as she wakes up for the big event ” Melissa grinned as she stood up from the table.

They had soon carried Georgia out to Susan’s car and had her laid across the backseat out of sight and were soon pulling out of the driveway. It was about an hours drive to their destination and Georgia was still unconscious across the backseat when they arrived. Susan stopped the car at the gate to the scrap yard. Melissa jumped out of the car and hurriedly unlocked the gate pulling it open before rushing back.

“Welcome to my uncle John’s scrap yard” Melissa winked as she retook her seat in the car.

Susan smiled as she slowly drove the car past the gates and followed Melissa’s directions as she guided her where to stop the car.

“Take your pick” Melissa grinned as she indicated a line of old cars close to where they had stopped. Susan strode over to the array of cars and took a few minutes just looking at a couple of them.

“This ones a right piece of crap, it’ll be perfect for her” Susan smirked as she pointed out a rusty fiat. Melissa nodded in approval as Susan made her way back over to her.

It only took a moment and they had tugged Georgia out from the back of Susan’s car and were carrying her over to the rusty fiat. Georgia was easily manhandled into the passenger seat of the waiting car, they had her sat up and the seat belt buckled, stopping her from toppling out of the seat.

“Right lets get her into place” Melissa smiled dryly as she closed the car door, closing it’s new passenger inside.

“Lets do this” Susan replied gazing at Georgia, bound and gagged inside the car.

“I’ll be right back” Melissa called out as she hurried away, quickly disappearing from sight as she rounded a stack of scrap cars.

Susan heard the roar of a diesel engine coming to life. She clapped as Melissa reappeared, skilfully guiding the forklift towards the rusty fiat. She had soon expertly guided the forks under the car and had raised it gently several feet off the ground. Susan kept pace as Melissa guided the forklift and the car it held aloft towards the heavy machinery nearby. Susan chucked to herself as she watched Georgia’s head bobbing and swaying as she was buffeted about inside the car while it was being transported. Melissa soon had the fiat and it’s occupant in position, poised over the conveyor belt. She slowly lowered the car until she could manoeuvre the forklift away, leaving the car in place on the conveyor belt. The diesel engine was silenced and Melissa leapt down from behind the controls.

“The crusher’s controls are up there, and we’ll have a good view from there too” Melissa said as she made her way past Susan. She followed her up the steel steps that led up to the top of the huge machine. They stopped by a large control panel, with an array of buttons and switches on it.

“We’ll be able to watch her on the conveyor belt over here…” Melissa smiled as she indicated for Susan to look over the edge of the machine. She could see the car waiting on the conveyor belt and she could see it’s passenger through the windscreen too, still unmoving.

“And when she’s inside, we can watch the press close from here” She continued as Susan looked to see her pointing down into the cavernous space inside the machine that she could easily see down into from her vantage point.

“All we need now, is for the bitch to wake up” Melissa smirked as she leant against the guard rail gazing down into the fiat. Susan joined her, next to her at the guard rail, watching the cars occupant.

They waited for Georgia to wake up, to regain consciousness. They waited. And waited. Then Georgia stirred slightly, but didn’t actually wake up. Susan huffed and kicked her heels as she waited. Then Georgia began to move, she rolled her head. Melissa gave Susan a hopeful nudge. They could see her beginning to lift her head and squirm about a little. They watched as Georgia slowly came to her senses. Then she was suddenly struggling hard and groaning and screaming into her gag, obviously aware of her bondage. Melissa and Susan watched Georgia’s frantic struggles for a few minutes.

“The fat titted slut has no idea” Melissa laughed as she turned her attention to the control panel, swiftly jabbing buttons and switches before returning to see the conveyor belt jerk into action. They saw Georgia stop struggling for a brief moment, registering the sudden movement of the car, then she redoubled her frenzied struggle.

“Do you think she knows she’s on her way into a car crusher?” Susan asked as she peered over the edge of the machine to see the car being fed into the belly of the machine.

“Well the dumb bitch is going to know soon enough” Melissa sniggered as the car came to halt, positioned inside the machine, poised between the hydraulic press. They could hear Georgia yelling and pleading incoherently into her gag, helpless inside the car. Melissa looked to Susan. She nodded back in approval. Melissa pressed the big green button.

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