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Revenge is in a Bag of Trash

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2011 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; kidnap; captive; drug; bond; tape; gag; bagged; trash; messy; dumped; truck; compator; hum; nc; XX

Georgia woke feeling a little groggy and unsure. She didn’t remember getting home from work the night before. She tried to stretch her arms, but she couldn’t. The fog in her mind clearing quickly now, unable to move her arms quickly realising she couldn’t move her legs either. Georgia’s panic rose as she took in her surroundings, she wasn’t in her bed, she wasn’t in her room, she hadn’t gotten home last night! She tried to call out but just a meagre whimper escaped her, she was gagged too. Fear overtook her and she tried to thrash and struggle, but it was useless her arms and legs tightly wound with black electrical tape, the rubbery tape unforgiving in her restriction.

“At last”

The voice caught Georgia’s attention immediately. It was Melissa. Georgia knew her.

“I thought my fat titted slut was going to miss all the fun” Melissa said softly and inappropriately sweet as she stood over Georgia grinning. Her mind raced, why had Melissa done this, what was she going to do next, how had this happened. Unknowing and with fear and panic Georgia squirmed and groaned. Melissa just stood over her prone captive smiling sweetly.

“Now we don’t have a lot of time so I’ll just chat while I get you ready” Melissa said almost like they were friends getting ready for a night out. Ready for what? Georgia wondered. Melissa placed a few black bin liners and rolls of electrical tape on the bed next to Georgia.

“You know how seven years ago you stole my husband” Melissa whispered as she forced Georgia’s knees up to her chest. Georgia tried to resist, but she felt weak and Melissa was so strong.

“It broke my heart when he left me for you… A cheap whore like you” Melissa’s words began to sound sharp and cold, the false sweetness disappearing.

“You made me feel worthless, like trash!” Melissa’s voice cold as she harshly wound reams of electrical tape around Georgia holding her in the tight fetal position Melissa had forced her into.

“And all I could think about was you, flashing your fat tits about like a cheap slut” Melissa rolled her now utterly helpless captive on to her side.

“And I’ve dreamed of revenge, doing this for years now” Melissa’s voice calming to the fake soft tones again as she opened out the bin liners putting them open on the bed next to Georgia.

“I followed you home a few times, worked out when and where to grab you, and last night, you never even felt the needle jab your fat arse did youz” Melissa smiled as she lifted Georgia into a seated position now on top of the bags. Georgia was helpless and she knew it, she was at Melissa’s total mercy. She could only wonder about her intentions.

“So all I want, to make me feel better is to treat you like my trash for few hours” Melissa whispered as she drew herself close to Georgia.

“It’ll be dirty and you’ll be humiliated, but you can handle being trash for a few hours can’t you?” Melissa spoke softly in her ear. Georgia was scared but if this would be over in a few hours she’d just have to manage. She reluctantly nodded submissively.

“Good girl” Melissa cooed as she grabbed up the edges of the bin liners, lifting them effectively leaving Georgia inside the open mouthed bags. Melissa disappeared from view for just a moment and was back again.

“Now for the rest of the trash” Melissa grinned leaning into Georgia’s bag and quickly undid the top few buttons on her shirt, revealing her cleavage.

“Time for you to become a trashy whore!” Melissa chirped gleefully as she produced the first of the trash to join Georgia in the bag. Used condoms. Georgia was mortified as Melissa squeezed the contents of the first into her cleavage, then another emptied into her hair and another into her face. Melissa emptied more and more used condoms over her, throwing them once emptied into the bag too.

“There covered in cum like a real trash whore” Melissa sweetly spoke, but that wasn’t the end of the trash. Next came the bathroom waste, tampons, tissues and cotton buds. Finally came the kitchen waste with leftover food and milk containers, several of which were still half full of spoiled milk that slurped over her. Georgia’s bin liner was getting pretty full.

“There we go, you look like trash, you certainly smell like trash and I’ve still got some time to spare” Melissa smiled into her trash filled bag. Georgia hoped desperately that it was over, but her heart sank as Melissa gathered the bag up and tied off the top, sealing Georgia inside her now very dark bag. Georgia felt the fear rising, she tried to struggle but could now barely move with the bag now so stuffed with other trash too.

“Don’t worry, air holes” Melissa spoke to the bag as she poked a few holes to let the air flow in.

“Don’t want my trash to die prematurely” Melissa whispered to the bag, not talking to Georgia anymore, but just a bag of trash. Georgia gave the comment no thought, just thankful she wouldn’t simply suffocate. Georgia felt the bag move. Melissa was moving the bag, she dragged it off the bed. Georgia groaned inside the bag, but nothing could be heard outside. Melissa carefully dragged, lifted and manoeuvred her bag of trash down to the kitchen and placed it with the other two she already had there.

“There just like any other bag of trash” Melissa said as she compared the bags. She was right. There was no difference between Georgia’s bag and the others her bag was now stacked against. Georgia had no idea how long she’d be left inside the bag. She remembered, Melissa had said a couple of hours as her trash, how long had it been. Half an hour, an hour maybe, she couldn’t be sure.

“Oh my god, I almost forgot” Melissa’s happy chirping startled Georgia.

“It’s bin day today” Melissa gleefully exclaimed. Georgia was in shock. Surely not she thought.

“Time to take out the trash… and yes that means you too!” Melissa squealed with excitement and gave Georgia’s bag a nudge with her foot. Georgia tried to struggle an scream. But packed in with the trash and gagged so well, the bag barely wiggled and not a sound escaped. Melissa barely noticed. She’d trashed Georgia so well, she literally was like any other bag!

“It’s your own fault, what you did to me, the way you made me feel and ultimately... You agreed to be my trash for a couple of hours and it’s not even been an hour yet, so...” Melissa paused hardly able to contain her excitement.

“I’m putting MY trash out!” Melissa spat wickedly at her trash bags. Georgia was frantic, but helpless, hardly able to even wiggle her bag. Georgia felt one of the bags near her yanked up and then gone, then the another. Then her bag was moved. Georgia was outside, she knew she was outside. She was at the curb, like so many bags of trash up the street and no different to any of the other bags either.

“Oh perfect timing” Melissa seemed like she was talking to herself, but Georgia knew she was talking to her, to her trash. Georgia simply couldn’t believe what was happening, sure Melissa would not go through with this.

“Do you hear that?” Melissa asked. Georgia heard it, the bin lorry.

“The sound of your disposal!” Melissa gleefully added. That simple word echoed in her mind, disposal, disposal. She was being disposed of like trash and deep down she knew Melissa was going to do it. The bin lorry sounded like it was next door. Time was running out. Georgia was going to save her energy and when the bin men got close she would go as wild as she could and hope she would be discovered. Air brakes. The bin lorry was right here.

“Hello darling” an unfamiliar female voice called out. Maybe a female bin collector Georgia thought.

“Hi honey” Melissa replied to the woman.

“Waiting for me with your trash, that can only mean...” The woman paused.

“Yup, this one” Melissa happily announced and nudged Georgia’s bag. Georgia’s heart sank the woman knew she was in the trash, knew she was Melissa’s trash!

“Fantastic, at last you did it” The woman said almost as happy as Melissa was as the two bags of ordinary trash were hauled into the back of the truck. Georgia felt her bag unceremoniously hoisted up.

“You’re about to be free of that fat titted trash whore” The woman added as Georgia in her trash bag joined the other bags in the back of the bin lorry. No different from the other bags at all. Nobody could tell the difference. Melissa leans slightly into the back of the lorry looking at the bags. Georgia is just another bag of trash now.

“I’m going to push the button myself” Melissa announces to the now anonymous bags of trash. Georgia is exhausted, her frantic but useless struggles all but over. Georgia sobs inside the trash knowing her inescapable fate is immanent. She’s going to be crushed.

“Goodbye  Georgia” Melissa whispers to herself as she presses the button and steps back to watch. The hydraulics whine immediately into action. The bin lorry’s huge compacting blade moves into position and stops momentarily. Melissa grins wickedly as the blade then continues to move, now beginning the compacting cycle that will crush her trash in the back of the lorry. Georgia can hear the hydraulic whine of the machine around her as the cycle begins. Melissa looks inside as best she can as the bags of trash are collected by the blade and begin to be pressed out of view and into the belly of the lorry.

The trash inside shifts slowly as the compaction cycle continues. Georgia can feel the other bags pressing against her own. The pressure of her compaction rising slowly but relentlessly. Melissa listens outside desperate to hear the crack of bones over the hydraulic machine. Georgia can feel the steady pressure growing. Her body hurting all over as the machine relentlessly continues. Georgia is sure she’ll begin to feel her bones crack and snap at any moment. The compactor continues. The air literally being pressed from her lungs. Then the inevitable...

“There I heard that” Melissa joyful exclaims outside the lorry.

“That’s it honey, your trash is gone” The woman smiles and gives Melissa a hug.

“Oh thank you so much, you’ve made my dream come true today” Melissa hugs the woman back.

“Hey, the pleasure was all mine, I’m just happy that another trash whore is where she really belongs” The woman smiles and climbs back into her bin lorry to continue her route. Melissa watches the bin lorry pulling away knowing that the trash that had weighed so heavily on her mind for years had finally been disposed of.


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