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Reincarnation - The Life and Times of a Trash Bag

by Crushedwithdiapers

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© Copyright 2022 - Crushedwithdiapers - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo; garbage; messy; diapers; crush; compacted; garbagetruck; dispose; XXX

This is a "Choose your own ending" type of story, you can start on first part then skip to the type you'd mostly want to continue the story. Each one is specially written to include a perspective by the vehicle type it's labeled as. Or just read it all and enjoy!

I am starting to write these stories in order to hopefully learn some new skills and brush up on grammar. That said, any feedback (positive or negative) is appreciated. I hope others enjoy reading these, as much as I have writing them. I do know my wife loves it, so I have support from her, but she always gets first dibs on reading any story I write. This was partly inspired by the Isekai - type Anime my wife and I love to watch. Most notably: Jobless Reincarnation

That said, I present:

Reincarnation - The Life and Times of a Trash Bag

You open your eyes following passing away. You see a mysterious ethereal creature reminiscent of a human standing before you. The being speaks to you in a low-pitched booming voice, “Human, you died just now, and this is the afterlife. Unlike what you believed, reincarnation is real. However, we are short on bodies to reincarnate you into, so this will be brief. Due to the lack of bodies on earth which are not currently occupied by souls, including animals, you will need to be reincarnated into a non-living item. At this time, we can only go by what’s available, so we bid you good luck on whatever item your soul inhabits. You will have a consciousness, albeit with limitations. Good luck and live a fruitful life.”

With that, you close your eyes. “Damn…” you voice to yourself. Darkness and silence befalls you. When you come to, you feel yourself surrounded by something soft. You notice you are folded over multiple times. You can’t see anything, but you certainly feel something. You feel constrained, like in a small package. You notice there are other things around you, and what feels like something just like you enveloping your’ being. You suddenly feel a touch, a pull and feel yourself expand, as you feel being shaken, and air filling up your body. You are a black trash bag.

You expand fully as you are shaken out. You are then finding yourself put into a plastic item, and you are fully extended out in all directions. The item is hard, it’s plastic, and right after you are put into this plastic container, you feel something enter you. You feel food fall to the bottom of you. You can’t see anything, but you can feel something. It feels like small amounts of sauce and spaghetti. After the sauce and spaghetti drops into you, you feel a hard object fall and make a “clunk” as it hits the bottom of the inside you. A glass beer bottle settles down to the bottom. You also feel some paper towels that are balled up drop into you as well.

Over the course of the next few days, you feel several more items fill you up. First, it’s a tampon wrapper, followed by a few used condoms full of cum. A broken vibrator also falls into you that won’t turn off. You feel the pulsing through you as the vibrator continues to rumble against the other content and reverberate throughout the hard plastic container you are in. Within a day, you are half filled up with random items. Tampons, papers, more food, some pop cans, and several other items through-out the days fill you up. You can feel yourself getting more full. Your consciousness fades in and out, becoming aware each time things are put into you. You fade out 3 days after being expanded and partly filled.

You come to when you hear a doorbell. You hear crying, it’s a bit high pitched. You can make out some audible sounds, not much though that you can decipher. Within 30 minutes you feel something enter you. It’s a diaper. The diaper is full, warm and filled. It’s large, and wet. Almost as if it’s leaking. It lands with a soft “splush” on top of the half-high contents, quickly settling in. Over time, it loses its temperature, and slowly cools down. You can feel it settling down on top of the other papers and stuff. An hour later, another diaper enters, this one is also warm, but a bit heavier. It slightly weighs down the paper around you, and you can feel it settling up against the inside of you and the plastic. The diapers are soft, but also very, very full. Within time you feel several more things enter your vast cavernous body. More diapers, followed by wet wipes and even a soft shirt that is ripped. You are about ¾ full, and you feel the weight pushing down against your bottom of your body. It feels cold, and you don’t feel like anything is even aware of you. You fade out again when a wine bottle clunks against the other items as it’s haphazardly tossed into you. The wine bottle is empty, but still very heavy.

You come to, you can hear some kids, and you can hear some older voices. Still not able to decipher, you feel the temp slightly getting cooler. It's night now. You hear the words “Ok, I’ll take out the trash, fine, jeeze…” and feel what might be your ears getting tugged at. They stretch out away from you, only to be looped over and pulled tight. They wrap your appendages once again, into a tight knot. With that, you feel a tug and you are being pulled out of your plastic encasement. Within that same tug, you feel the heavy contents inside settle to the bottom and push against your lowest part, succumbing to the gravity. You are being taken out of the can, and feel quite heavy. And as you bounce up and down, you feel the momentum of being carried with the heavy contents pulling downwards inside. Within a few minutes, you feel like you are slung, almost thrown on top of another item. A pillow and a blanket. You are sitting sideways, but it’s very cold out. 

It feels like night, and you feel part of you resting on top of something hard. Soft and hard are all around the outside of your body. You can’t tell what is going on, since you can’t see, but hear scraping with a sideways movement happening. A hard piece of plastic comes down, and you are pushed down slightly, including your contents. You believe a lid came down, and was pushed down with force on top of you. You can hear some cars zooming by, and some rustling of some wind. Your “ears” kinda wistfully blow in the wind coming past you. You lose consciousness again, but you know you are outside. You wait for what’s to come.


You come to, early in the morning. There’s cars zooming by, kids yelling and running. you can’t move, and everything is kinda cold. You can feel a rumbling going through you, as if you are receiving vibrations from the ground. You can hear a ‘VROOOM!’ with high pitch squeals happening every 5 seconds. You hear glass breaking, and while it’s a bit off, you can’t really tell how close it is. As it gets closer, you hear the unmistakable sound of an engine revving, followed by hydraulics clunking. You assume it’s a trash truck. You can tell it’s getting closer. You hear whistling and popping. As if something is screaming for mercy, and it’s getting louder. The vibrations get more intense, the screeches of what you assume are air brakes also are getting louder. You get anxious waiting for what’s to come. 

Within a minute you feel a deep rumble creeping closer followed by the loud “PSSSH!” of air brakes right next to you. Suddenly, the container you are in is tipped slightly, and you can feel the dragging at the bottom of the container reverberate up through the plastic. You are grabbed at the nape, and start feeling weightless as you fly through the air, landing against other bags. You feel the clunk as the bottles inside you hit each other. The diapers are now sideways, and you feel a slightly cold liquid go across the inside of you.

Shortly after, a pillow lands on you, and a blanket also drops onto you. More bags proceed to fall on top of the blanket. Some heavy, some light. Something long and a bit more solid also lands on top of you. slightly cold, but several soft wet things are inside it. It feels like a diaper disposal bag from a diaper genie. The environment you are in lurches forward, as you resettle against the contents around you. Part of you comes against cold steel. You can also feel some liquid going down the steel. 

After lurching forward two times, you hear a “CLUNK” followed by a revving engine. Immediately you feel weight come down onto you, as you imagine what you assume is other bags falling onto you. While you can’t see, you still can feel a shadow creeping over you, slowly blocking your small view of the world. Shortly after the shadow creeps over you, you hear another “CRUNK!” and start feeling stuff settle sideways.

There is a rise to your body and the blanket and pillow leans up against you. You feel a rising motion as more items hit your side, pushing you against the steel floor, followed by pressure slightly above and next to you on the other side. As you get pushed up, you feel a bottle inside you make a high-pitched “Crack!” as it clunks against another hard bottle. Then you feel it shatter, breaking into several pieces. The pressure gets more intense, and you feel yourself collapsing.

Soft and hard items are pushing into you. The air within you starts rushing out and you start making a whistling and then screaming noise. You feel the pressure. It’s very intense, and you wonder what will happen. Suddenly a soft item starts to leak on the inside of you. A diaper has become so crushed, it’s no longer able to contain its contents.

You feel the condom inside you as well starting to collapse, leaking out old cum. You feel it 4 more times as other condoms get squeezed, forcing all the old cum out of them into you. Tissues flatten, and several more diapers start to release. Getting flatter and flatter. You can also feel the other soft bags you are in the truck with, start to billow, break, and scream. 

Something sharp pierces your side, letting more air out as you are slowly flattened with the tremendous force. Diapers no longer just feel small, but spread out. The contents are getting larger and more spread out. Liquids start running everywhere as you get extremely flat. The pressure is just amazingly intense, as you get pulled up into the belly of the truck. Just when it’s at the max you think you can take, the sideways pressure stops.

The engine dies down. You are safe for the moment. You can still feel the truck you are in accelerating, followed by slowing down and stopping suddenly. From within the vault you can hear more things hitting the metal near you. Clunking, rustling and crashing is heard to the side and below you. This happens for about another minute. Then you hear the “Clunk” followed by feeling vibrations all around you as the pressure decreases on you. 

A gush of air is now hitting you, and you feel yourself fall as the sideways force relents. Then you feel a free-fall. You land on another bag. It’s kinda soft. feels like it has long bags within an outer bag. You feel cold soft items within those bags. You assume it’s more diapers, but you notice there’s another bag near it. It’s much softer, and nowhere near as cold. It feels like cloth is in it.

As your bag settles down for the moment, you feel the warmth of light slowly fade again, and followed by another sound, and start feeling the same pressure building up as before. You feel the bags moving around you, followed by the upwards push. A bag bursts next to you. It's the bag of clothing. Whatever came out through the hole created just now was very soft. It’s also lacy. 

The idea hits you, someone threw out their panties and bras. They feel exquisite. Soft, very easily folded over, pushing against you. Under you is the other bag that has the long bags within it. They start popping and whistling as the pressure builds. Followed by items leaving their bags as the hole in the main one gets bigger. Diapers come out through the tear, and are now up against you. 

You can feel these diapers starting to leak and their contents pour out onto you as the pressure rises. Inside you, the diapers you have are being compressed again, causing their contents to widen out. Inside and outside, you can feel the contents that were in the diapers start to coat you. You can feel the cum mixing with the other items like paper towels and wipes, getting absorbed. Liquids are starting to envelope you. Gels as well come into contact. 

You get mercilessly pressed up against contents in the truck again, and again, and again. Each time the resting pressure gets harder and harder. There’s nothing you can do. Eventually, the release of pressure no longer allows you to fall back down again. You are now stuck inside this vast container. Pushing against other bags. There’s grass, diapers, clothes, food, and even hard objects like chairs, pushing against you, all around you. It feels very wet, dripping throughout, onto and off of other bags and items. 

This continues for a long time, before you feel the truck you are in taking a long journey. For about 25 minutes, you are just feeling the rumble of the road, followed by a short stop, then a short drive. After a few more direction changes, you hear a large “CLUNK” followed by a momentary pressure release. 

The bags to one side of you lose all the pressure against you, and you are moved laterally sideways. The pressure is only on one side of you actively, and you are being pushed into others. Within a small amount of time, light hits you again and you fall to the ground. Unceremoniously sitting there, with bags around you, light and sounds of heavy equipment. 

Within a minute, you get moved at a high rate of speed sideways. You move for about 40 seconds before you’re left in the spot, alongside other bags, couches, chairs, etc. Everything with you is decimated. The diapers no longer look or feel like diapers. Condoms are flat, no longer containing the liquids they were made to hold. The papers are flat, and there’s a few holes in your side. 

Before you fade out, you feel a large force come down upon you. It's gritty. It's dirt. Then a massive force rolls over you. You are now under dirt. Never to be heard or seen from again. To spend eternity underground. Smelling, decomposing, with contents on you, in you and all around you. You lie motionless. No funeral, no cares, not even a word. You are now dead to the world you came into. You stay like that forever.


You come to, early in the morning. There’s cars zooming by, kids yelling and running. you can’t move, and everything is kinda cold. You can feel a rumbling going through you, as if you are receiving vibrations from the ground. Every 5 seconds, you can hear air brakes, followed by the revving of an engine. High pitched whistles are heard, followed by some yelling which you can’t quite make out. The vibrations are getting larger, and the incessant sound of cracking, thunking and high volume revving, occurring for about 10 seconds. It sounds like a two-toned pitch, split evenly by 5 seconds, followed by rumbling and ground movement. Within a minute that vibration pulls up next to you.

The container you are in, slightly tilts back, and rolls backwards. In a few seconds, you feel undeniably large vibrations travel through your container for 2 seconds, before you feel gravity inverting. You start to fall sideways, followed by free-fall, where you feel yourself land onto a steel floor. To the left of you are some bags, a few scraps of hard lumber and some goop you can’t identify. To your right, you feel a steel wall. Within half a second, more of the contents fall onto you. More bags, some soft, some hard, but also the pillow and blanket that was under you, is now on top of you, but what feels like more weight on top of that.

Shortly, you hear a “CLUNK” followed by pressure sideways. The steel wall moves into you, and you give just a little bit until you come into contact with the bag next to you. You start to billow up as the movement restricts you on all sides. The bag next to you pops and screams as you slam into it. And that’s when you notice your contents shifting.

You first hear a crack, as glass bottles within you collide. Cracking and clashing, you first feel glass break, then pierce your side. Followed by the soft diapers starting to squeeze against the inside. A condom within you gets squeezed, and starts spilling old gooey cum out of its opening. The cum squeezes right onto a diaper that soaks it up, before not long starting to lose its contents itself.

A gel-like substance starts to escape the diaper, dripping and mashing against the inside of you. Some of it pours out the hole that the bottle created.

As the diaper starts to squeeze itself inside out, you feel a sudden billowing of air well up inside you. It starts rising from the bottom of you up to the top, as you feel the bottom part of you slide out of sync with the top half. As soon as the pressure hits high enough, the air starts to hit the top of you and starts escaping, and you start screaming at your opening as the light partially fades while you move sideways under a small partition. Half of you is past the partition, while the top half is bent sideways, your drawstrings sticking out on top of the moveable wall.

The wall starts to pull away from you and retreats. You can feel your bottom half wedged between cloth and other bags, while the top half sits bent and exposed to the sunlight. After a short movement and settlement, you hear the air brakes hiss once again, followed by scraping, clunking and slamming. More bags land next to you. As well as a wicker basket and a chair. The wicker basket is misshapen, and the chair is already skewed. With another VROOM! the contents to your right, starts to move into you.

Within seconds the bag next to you starts colliding, partially being pushed under your top half, as if being pushed by something hard itself. The bag’s contents are soft. You can feel something lacy and even silky, followed by something partially round, separated by another partially round pad. The bag contains old used panties and bras. Right near them, is another bag. White, with something like a soft, bendable tube inside. The panties and bras push into you, as they are forced right into you by the bag with the tube. 

You hear a massive pop under the pressure, followed by pressure building up from you being pushed into the contents of your right side. The bag with the tube breaks open, allowing a diaper bag to be exposed. The top tie-part is pushing into the top of your bag. It’s very long and round, and starts to billow up itself, before letting off a pop, a scream, and full diapers start spilling out.

During this time, you feel the warmth of light fade, with a bigger shadow falling over you like before, but this time the light doesn’t grow back. You are stuck between a black bag, something from the wall above you, and tangled in your tie-wraps is a lacy set of panties with a few extra holes in it. One of the condoms from the bag of bras is also against you, crammed between the outside of your bag, and a bra that has a wire exposed. The condom is clearly very full, sticky and leaking. You can feel the cum drip down you. It’s still kinda warm, like it was just produced. 

Within the following next moments, you realize you are mostly flat, and a lot of your contents are now fixed into place. Glass inside you is broken, diapers within you are now squeezing so flat, most of it is leaking out of the diapers into the bottom of you, and you are packed in hard on all sides.

Vibration continues as the truck accelerates, stops and acquires new contents, doomed to never be seen again. At least until it’s dumped out. The chair is now in many pieces, the wicker basket no longer resembles a basket, but a jumble of sticks and even bags of grass have burst open, releasing grass blades everywhere.

Within 4 more stops, you get hit with a sideways force, shoving you further under the wall. You can’t feel the light anymore, but you can feel the bag of panties and bras has been compacted so tight, it’s opened more holes, and dumped its contents that have been mercilessly pressed inside the cage you are in. There’s a tremendous weight above you, below you and around you. You feel yourself rise up a little bit, each time the pressure hits you, with each compacting cycle. You even have some of the tampons spill out, one or two condoms are extremely flat, and some of the panties, lacy thongs, bras and silky hipsters have even entered through many holes that have been poked by various objects around you. The panties don’t feel like they were washed before they were thrown out, and you can feel the softness of the silky ones that have made their way in, stuck between you and the contents inside you, now no longer recognizable.

Over time the pressure subsides and comes back, for the next two hours, you just rise higher and higher in the giant container, as more and more is added to your steel prison.

As you fade out of consciousness, surrounded by all the bags, wood, diapers, panties, bras, food, liquids, condoms, tampons and anything else no longer desirable to have anymore, you accept the fate that you will never be touched again, resigned to be gone and not cared about anymore, forever.

You startle awake, as all of a sudden you feel intense movement. The contents you are in shifts and moves sideways. Some of it lurching, some of it spilling down and over, but all being pushed by something. You see a little bit of light followed by massive movement sideways, falling, then more sideways movements. Air hits you and you realize the container you are in is open at the back. Slowly the contents above you and below you starts to fall, taking you with it, eventually, free-falling into a pit. You land on top of bags there, followed by a metric ton of bags and broken items, including old broken vacuums, diaper bags that didn’t somehow spill it’s contents, clothes, wood, and anything else that is no longer wanted, comes down on top of you. 

The light disappears as quickly as it came, as you are buried under the massive amount of items dropped onto you. It’s the last time you saw the sunlight, as the pit empties into a truck, that takes you to the final destination. 

The truck turns its bed sideways, dumping you and other bags and items onto the ground. Dirt is poured over you, followed by wheels and more dirt. You never move again, under a ton of dirt, dirty bags, clothes, refrigerators (Smashed flat) and old TVs. You stay like this, oblivious to the urban town that later sits on top, 100 feet above you till the end of society. You never get thought about, felt, touched or talked to. You are trash and buried forever.


You come to, early in the morning. There’s cars zooming by, kids yelling and running. you can’t move, and everything is kinda cold. You can feel a rumbling going through you, as if you are receiving vibrations from the ground. Every 5 seconds, you can hear air brakes, followed by the revving of an engine. High pitched whistles are heard, followed by some yelling which you can’t quite make out. You feel the container you are in tip slightly, and get tugged over next to the truck. Immediately after resting, you find your world tipped upside down, as the bin you are in gets grabbed and flipped over and upside down causing you to fall into a large container.

After several start/stops of the container you are in, complete with multiple bags and items being piled on top of you, you find the box you are in rising. A quick shudder as the bin jostles the contents, you find all the bags and solid objects around you settling, followed by a sudden upwards lift and tilting till upside down. You free-fall along with all the other contents downward and fall for about 2 seconds before hitting other bags and items. You can feel soft and hard bags under you, and can tell via some sense that there are bags of grass, sticks and other hard objects under you. The pillow and blanket fall onto the side of you, unfortunately not cushioning the thud as you crash down onto a pile already in a much larger box.

There is a sound of hydraulics moving in the opposite direction. After about 3-4 lateral movements, you hear the hydraulics complete the ceremony again. As it dumps bags onto you, you feel the weight pushing down on you. A hard and heavy office chair comes crashing down onto you, followed by large bags containing anything from bottles to food, to whatever else wasn't wanted and set up unceremoniously for disposal from their formal useful life's owner. Just as you start getting comfortable with your environment in the much larger container, you hear a roar or an engine, followed by the feeling of moving again. This time sideways.

Bags start to shift, with the contents under you moving along with you. As the contents move, it starts to rise up, you are in the middle of the pile, so bags and hard items move under you pushing up, and items above you kinda just topple over each other. As the pressure builds, you feel items inside you, including diapers, start to feel the squeeze. Bottles start to crack, diapers ooze, and condoms start to lose their contents pouring out the ends and dripping onto the other porous materials inside you that absorb it happily. You can feel a soft bag collapse immediately next to you, followed by piercing the side of you as a wire from a bra sticks through you. You can feel the lace from panties that spilled out of its own bag come partially into you as it passes through the hole made by the bra wire. A can bursts spraying liquid everywhere. Someone must have thrown out an old, unopened soda can. Your bag is partially stopping it from spraying up, and you get drenched with the sticky liquid.

In 10 seconds, you feel the wall of bags retreat on pressure, as you feel yourself equally dropping in motion. Shortly after, you feel the cold steel under you as you settle on the floor of the container. There is a short period where there is rumbling as you assume the truck is moving. About a minute later, you settle as the vehicle does a dance of turning, backing up, moving forward and completing this series of movements several times before coming to a rest. There is a pause, followed by a bang as the truck inches forward a few feet slowly. Suddenly a “BANG!” follows, then engine revving, vibrations and within seconds, the sudden weight of tons of bags come down on you. Some of the contents are loose. All somewhat soft, some in small tubular bags, some in large bags, some contents on their own. All wet, heavy and cold. The truck just picked up a dumpster from a daycare.

All the cold diapers and bags come down on top of you. Heavy yes, but not too uncomfortable. Several hard items are in there too. Some soft and fuzzy. They must've thrown out old toys. You find stuffed plushies fall down on top of you with the diapers and bags. You can't imagine it all smells too pleasant, but you don't get much time to enjoy it. Within seconds the wall you are partially resting up against starts to move once again.

The contents above you start to rise up, but you don't find yourself rising. Instead it's getting much more cramped. As you slide sideways with the other contents, you come into contact with the blanket you were dumped in with, but behind that is a bit more of a solid pressure. As you press sideways, the force moves up intensely in a short time. You get squeezed with nowhere for parts of you to go, causing the contents in you to suffer. Air billows, you start whistling. Holes in you pop. You cry out for any mercy from the cold, heartless truck to save you. Your bottles don't just crack, they shatter. Diapers inside you get compacted so hard that everything spills out, and the broken vibrator you thought the batteries finally died on, starts to vibrate wildly. 

You can feel the vibrations start to shudder your entire self, causing other contents to vibrate. Even then you feel more cum squeezed out of the condoms through-out yourself start to press and ooze on your inside walls. Diapers outside explode and pour over you as well. The contents somewhat absorbed by the soft plushies also butting up against your outside self, even causing some of the stuffing to come out.

The pressure is so intense you no longer just feel parts of you collapsing, you start to feel the intense effect. It's almost too much to bear. With the vibrator going at full speed, you start to feel part of yourself suddenly do a rhythmic vibration. Are you...? Are you org.... ARE YOU ORGASMING?! It's absolutely intense. You feel the wave come over you, you are enjoying this! The pressure keeps getting tighter and tighter, and you feel ecstasy wash over you. You reverberate over and over with waves of pleasure. Diapers outside of you envelope you. You hear the high pitch whistling as bags, diapers and toys beg for mercy from being crushed, yet it's a relentless force. They can't fight back against the pressure. Plastic toys crack, plushies flatten and cause air to escape the fluff, and if inside a bag, causes the bag to billow, pop and scream.

Within about 30 seconds, the wall moves back, leaving your partially embedded into the bags that form a giant wall. You don't move much as the vehicle speeds up, slows down, and stops. You just cling to the other forgotten bags, that you imagine haven't fared too well, as they have been flattened and made a giant single block of discarded items. Diapers are now packed around you, and the vibrator is still running inside you. Somehow it survived but it's really turning you on as it stimulates you very much after the full-on compaction. About 5 minutes go by, before the truck makes another dance to confront a dumpster.

Within 20 seconds, you feel more company falling into the container next to you. Much of it feels extremely soft. The contents feel like various small designs. It seems the truck emptied a dumpster of a clothing store. When the wall moves again, the pressure isn't so bad, but you feel even more what kind of clothing store it is: a Lingerie store. Panties, bras, underwear, whatever you want to call it, is now pushing up against you. Due to the airy nature of the fabric, you are treated to all sorts of loud popping, screaming, whistling, crinkling, crackling of the bags, followed by loud noises as air escape and panties, bras and other nightwear are mercilessly treated like nothing and forced into you. You feel the lace, the silk, the satin, all compressed against you. Some in bags, some not. As it closes in, you see the last bit of daylight, as a bag is pressed so tight up against you, it completely blocks your view. You can tell with the last few feet of pressure moving into you, you are no longer in the open area. You are now buried within the box out of view, and items, bags, and whatever else is now surrounding you so far into the body of the vehicle, you are now forgotten, assumed to never see the light again.

Over time, as the vehicle makes many more stops, you feel several times the pressure build and release, each getting more and more forceful and violent. You can hear other bags and items protesting as they pop, scream, whistle and and cry as they push you, and your surrounding bags further and further out of view. No one cares, no one even knows. You are buried in the body of the truck, feeling all the pressure escalate. You are trash and no one wants you.

After what seems to be a long time goes by, the vehicle takes a long trip. It's quite a bit longer than when it was routinely feeding the huge maw with more worthless trash, and stops only a few more times. As the box reverses a little bit, you feel slightly ill-at ease. Close to 5 minutes go by and you hear a clunk, followed by the revving of an engine. You and everything around you starts moving. The pressure is HUGE but it continues moving, like it's not encountering pressure. Within seconds light hits you and you tumble out the back of the truck onto the ground. All the bags picked up since lands on you, complete with diapers and panties, before the truck starts driving away.

For what seems like 5 minutes, as you get used to the new surrounding situation, you immediately get moved at a high rate of speed. A large bucket loader pushes everything around you (including you) sideways a bit before being left. Over the next hour, more and more things get pushed into you, and after what seems like a longer time, pressure gets immense as dirt gets poured onto your pile, with severe downwards pressure as everything (including you) gets packed down tight.

Within a month, you are underground, never to be heard from again. You are wedged between cum-filled condoms, panties, bras, squashed diapers, food, cans, metal, grass, tons (literally) of bags that spent their life as a roll, just like you, and are now never to be seen again. You stay like that, forever. Just being the trash you are, no one giving a thought, and that's it. You die like this in a permanently suspended state, holding onto your contents, for thousands of years. This was the meaning of your life. To be trash.



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