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Recycled 4

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2007 - Carnaj - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; bagged; bdsm; slave; hum; dumped; cons; X

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Part 4

I was exhausted already as I reached the foot of the stairs.  It had been hard, worming my way forward with my hands and elbows bound behind my back, my ankles tied, but I knew that I had to if I wanted eventual release…

My girlfriend Lisa and I liked to play bondage games you see, just to spice up our relationship and have a little fun.  We had both spent many an hour at the other’s mercy; bound and gagged and writhing in ecstasy for the other’s pleasure.  This past long weekend however, we had stepped things up a bit and tried a new fetish that I had been interested in.  Lisa and I were both off work for three days, so I had convinced her to tie me up and gag me for the duration, then finally to secure me in industrial strength and huge recycling and trash bags and to treat me as garbage.  Lisa had put me through some paces, and I could tell that she had loved the dominance and my helplessness by the way that she had treated me and got into the whole thing.  She HAD treated me like the day’s trash and threw me out with the garbage, basically taking me downstairs to the garbage room after hours at her merciless torment, actually threatening to leave me to the tender loving hands of New York Sanitation, to be hauled away to Staten Island eventually and buried in the landfill there.

Thank God she was just playing with me.

But my ordeal was far from over.  Finally released from my trash bag prison, I found myself confronted by not only my domineering girlfriend, but also the daughter of my Brooklyn apartment building’s superintendent, Anna.  Lisa had more plans for me it seemed, and apparently she had no problem including the sexy young daughter of the Super into our little game.  I had watched as Lisa had disappeared upstairs from the basement, back up to our shared apartment I assumed, and leaving Anna the task of getting me back home…

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As I stared up the long flight of stairs before me I sighed.  I was tired and sweating from my ordeals.  I had eaten little over the last couple of days, and barely drank more than that.  I was weak and exhausted, and could barely move in my bondage as I looked up the seemingly endless steps that stretched upward before me.  I writhed as something slapped across my naked ass; the bite of leather and metal biting deeply and sending a jolt of pain through my body.

“C’mon, bitch,” I heard Anna say with a smirk lacing her voice.  “Mommy’s waiting.”

Anna was pretty, a typical Puerto Rican as far as I knew.  Her hair was long, curly and dark, her face smooth and made up as she wore tight-fitting, low-riding jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers.  I hoped to hell that she was eighteen, but I had never been a good judge of age.  I glanced back and saw that she was holding her studded leather belt at the ready; ready to beat my ass if I did not comply with her whims.

“I can’t,” I moaned, letting my head thump on the lowest step.  I would be beaten probably, but bound as I was I just couldn’t work my way up the stairs.  It was too much.  I jumped as the belt lashed across my exposed ass.

“You’re not even trying,” Anna said, and I felt her belt slash across my ass again, cutting me deeply and making me howl.

“I can’t,” I whined again, holding out my bound arms for her inspection.  I felt the tears coming, my throat tightening, but to my amazement she paused.  There was a bit of fumbling as she undid the knots at my elbows and then my wrists, but finally she stepped back again, hovering over me as I shifted to massage the welts that I had developed.

“Try it now,” she commanded, letting the metal tip of her belt dance between my butt cheeks and I did, reaching up and dragging my sorry ass slowly up the stairs.  It was still hard and slow going, and I felt her lash more than once, but I had started to ascend.

I don’t know how long it took me to worm my way up the steps, but it was awhile.  It was hard going, and I was scared spitless the entire way, worried that we would run into someone else that lived in the building; the Super or my two upstairs neighbors that did not seem to like me too much.  Anna didn’t seem concerned though as she followed my slow progress up the stairs, spurring me on with a bite from her belt or a none too gentle kick when she felt that I needed a bit of urging.  She had a mean streak in her that was for sure.  Eventually, out of breath and arms aching I reached my floor and the door to my apartment.

Anna did not help me a bit, forcing me to reach up and open the door and then to crawl inside.  I wiggled my way into the kitchen and huddled there as she followed, closing the door behind us.  I heard her lock the locks into place even as a familiar voice called out from the other room –

“About time,” Lisa said from the living room.  “I was getting bored.”

I screamed as Anna’s belt ripped between my shoulder blades.  “Sissy boy didn’t move too quick,” she said, whipping me again, this time on the butt.  I curled up against her blows, but she did not seem to care.  “Sorry,” she said to Lisa, prodding me to get crawling again towards the other room.

“No worries,” Lisa said, and I saw that she was on the couch, flipping through the television channels.  I could see the back of her head as I crawled along, and only saw her full majesty as I inched past the sofa.  She was relaxing, the remote in one hand and a beer in the other, her long legs crossed at the ankles and propped on the coffee table as she surfed the channels.  She glanced at me as I came into view and I shriveled at her cruel smile.  I was a long way from freedom it seemed.  I stared at her black flip-flops, kicked off and discarded at the foot of the sofa, looking at the impressions of her feet in the worn rubber.

Anna directed me to a kneeling position before the couch before she sat down and popped a beer, sitting at Lisa’s side.  She laid the belt on the arm of the couch, within easy reach as she tipped the bottle back and took a long drink.  Lisa glanced at me for her part, just for a second and probably eyeing the welts on my backside before returning her attention to the TV.

She was watching QVC, and I knew what that meant.  Aside from the fact that there was a sexy Hostess selling product, Lisa had been probably ordering to her heart’s content, using my credit cards to buy new things.  She had before, and probably would again if the opportunity presented itself.  I could look forward to some long hours of overtime to pay off her bills.

I felt Lisa’s bare foot as she planted it on the back of my head, forcing my forehead to the floor as she rubbed, scrunching her toes.  “So, did you enjoy your time with the trash, Kenny?” she asked, grinding down.  I whimpered out that I had, knowing that if I told the truth; that it was too long and lonely that she would play on that.  Lisa giggled at the pathetic noises that I made.

“Good,” she said, applying pressure to the back of my head.  “I know I did.  It was sooooo hot watching you squirm in your bag.  We’ll definitely be doing that again.”  She pressed my head to the floor, forcing me to turn my face to the side so that the sole of her foot was planted on my cheek.  Her foot was cold and dirty, and I could smell her foot odor; the lingering scents of leather and rubber mixed with her own sweat.  I could feel the grit on the bottom of her foot, dust and dirt that she had accumulated just by walking around our apartment barefoot. Even after all that I had been through, I could feel myself getting hard at her attention.  She shoved –

“Why aren’t you licking?” she asked, easing her foot down to where my tongue could reach.  “I figured you’d be trying your best by now to get back into my good graces.”  I stretched out my tongue and started to lick, grimacing slightly at the filth on her sole.  Despite my fetish, it still tasted nasty, but I did as she wanted and started to pay her the proper respect that she both wanted and deserved.  After a short while I felt Anna’s feet as she planted them on my upturned ass.

“He’s so cute,” she said with a giggle, getting comfortable and using me as a footstool.  She certainly caught on quickly.  “This is so cool.”

I redoubled my efforts as Lisa confirmed that.  “Oh, yeah,” she cooed, her voice just a bit breathless.  “It’s nice having a slave on occasion, licking feet and doing all the grunt work around here.  Don’t get me wrong though.  Kenny IS a man too, and he CAN satisfy.  This is just a little fun for the both of us,” she said as she slapped the sole of her foot against my face.  “Right lover?”

I grunted the affirmative as Anna laughed.  They kept me there for quite awhile; a couple hours by the television shows that I could figure, both comfortably watching a Columbo episode, before Lisa finally gave me a hard jab to the side of my head to stop my ministrations.  Her feet were clean again, and I got the idea that she was bored again as well.  She stood as I moaned and fell to the side and Anna removed her feet placing them on the floor and picked up the belt again.  I stared at my girlfriend’s sexy toes as she looked down on me, hands on her shapely hips and a wicked smile playing on her lips.

Lisa stepped to the side of the couch finally and bent low, producing a familiar bag from the shadows at the edge of the sofa.  It was a carryall shoulder bag from Barnes & Noble, but I knew full well that there were no books within.  She grinned and dipped her hand inside the canvas bag, turning her attention to our guest as she produced a long coiled loop of white nylon rope.  It was our bondage stash, and I knew that besides several windings of ropes in various thicknesses that there was probably an assortment of bandanas and duct tape, as well as at least one pair of Police-like handcuffs that we had bought at a Head Shop in the city.  She pulled the coil free and considered it for a moment, her smile widening as her gaze drifted off and out the window.  Then she tossed the rope to the couch at Anna’s side.

“You any good at tying knots?” she asked, looking way too devious for my own good.

“I guess,” Anna responded, picking up the thin, sturdy line to examine it.  “I tied up my little brother when I babysat him a couple times.  Nothing like you do though.”  I could hear the edge in her voice though, the almost breathlessness.  She was excited at the prospect of having me tied at her mercy.

“Well,” Lisa began as she strolled past me towards our bedroom.  She made a show of planting her foot beside my face and rubbing the other over my exposed skin as she passed.  “No time like the present to find out.”  She giggled.  “I want to change clothes.  I feel raunchy.  Get creative, and don’t worry about him.  He loves it.”

I craned my neck just in time to see her backside disappear into the shadowy confines of our bedroom.  The door closed with a dreaded finality as I shifted my gaze to Anna, watching as she stood, grinning as she played the rope out to its length of twelve feet or so.  I knew that rope, and when tied right it would bite like a Pit Bull.  I hoped that Anna was not so good at her knot tying.

She smirked as she stepped over me, straddling me as I lay there on the floor between her feet.  She looked hot, dressed in her tee shirt and jeans, her long dark hair loose at her shoulders and her black shoes shifting at my side.  I could feel my erection springing back to life, even after all the abuse of the past couple days, and I was finding it hard to suppress my excitement and remember that this girl was probably a teenager and hopefully (I prayed) eighteen at best.

Without warning she dropped to her knees and landed right on top of me.  She was smoldering between her legs, where the denim touched my bare, striped flesh, and I could feel the dampness as she wriggled for position, finally easing up again, if just for a moment.  She slapped my ass and I felt the bite as one of her rings scratched my tender flesh.

“Roll over,” she commanded, prodding me as I squirmed, rolling my aching body until I was fully on my stomach again.  When I was situated for her pleasure, she settled on my ass again and I felt her soft hands gather up my own, jerking them back.  I winced as she pulled, crossing my wrists as she started to wind the nylon cord into the grooves of my skin, over and over.  She had a lot of rope to play with, and more waiting in the bag, and I think she was trying to impress Lisa as she wound the white nylon about my wrists, loop after loop on each hand, then wrapping them together and mixing it all by crisscrossing her work.  With each new turn she pulled back and cinched her binding.  Occasionally she would add a knot; a simple thing that under normal circumstances I could probably pick free, but she was laying the binding on so thick that I knew it would take forever for me to get free.

Anna used the entire twelve feet of rope on my wrists, finally doubling the ends again and again, just to be sure in a series of above and below Granny Knots.  Easy to undo, but way too many, and somehow I doubted that I would have the time to try and free myself for some time.  The day was still young.

Finally finished, and I thought I was done when Anna leaned to the side and produced another bit of rope; this one shorter and made of cotton.  I felt her soft fingers as she pulled at my arms, looping and knotting the new cord at my elbows then winding it between my arms.  She pulled the slack, drawing my elbows almost to the point of touching before she started winding again, finally knotting the shorter, softer rope well out of my reach.

She settled back, and I knew that she was admiring her efforts.  She was nowhere near as good as Lisa at her rope work, but she had used so much that I would not be able to get free without effort.  I felt her warm, soft touch on my back after a bit, and heard her cooing with amusement.

“You are so hot,” she said as she scratched her long, manicured nails down my back.  I shivered, which made her giggle all the more.  “Lisa is so lucky to have you.  I wish I had a boyfriend that let me do this stuff to him.  Guys my age are such assholes though.  All they want is sex.”  I felt her lean forward as her hands slipped under my body.  She found my nipples and squeezed them, twisting until I whimpered and writhed.  “So cool…”

“Having fun?”

I heard Lisa’s amused voice as the door slammed shut.  Anna sat bolt upright and tense, afraid I assumed that she had crossed some line.  I knew though that Lisa would not care and tried to regain my composure in the intermission, such as it was.

“I – I …” Anna stuttered as I heard Lisa’s soft footfalls coming closer.  I looked up and back to see Lisa’s smiling face as she stood at my feet.  True to her word she had changed clothes, donning a fresh pair of low-riding flare leg jeans and a half tee shirt.  She had her hair pulled back into a tail, I hoped because she knew that I liked it that way.  Finally she had put on a pair of well-worn leather moccasins.  They were tan and faded, well stained and she had told me that she had had them for years.  I knew them well, and dreaded what was to come as I knew that they reeked, both of the smell of worn leather and her own foot odor.  They were her favorite shoes to lounge around in, as well as torment me when we were playing footslave.  I felt my erection sprouting again just to see the woman I loved.

“Take it easy,” Lisa said, waving away Anna’s fluster as she stepped past us and plopped down onto the sofa again.  Lisa planted one foot toes at my face as she crossed her legs and immediately I smelled the rank odor of the shoes.  The soft leather was dominant, but I could smell the underlying odor of Lisa’s feet trapped in the shoes, a mix of sweat and baby powder, cream and perfume all roiled together into an old stench that made me gag.  Heaven…

I sensed Lisa’s shadow as she leaned forward, a second later felt her fingers as she inspected the knots that Anna had made.  She tugged and probed for a bit, then finally settled back on the sofa again, apparently satisfied.

“Not bad.  The knots are too loose and easy to get at, but you more than made up for that with the swath of rope.  There’s no kill like overkill.”  Lisa giggled at that, an old joke between us.  She planted the soft sole of her moccasin on my head.

“Thanks,” Anna said as she got up and shifted to the couch with a huff.  “I didn’t know what to do, so I improvised.”

“Stick with me, kid.  I’ll show you the ropes.”  Oh how they laughed at that.  God…

Lisa was rubbing the sole of her soft shoes on the back of my head while one of the two women flipped through the TV channels.  She held my head to the floor, but inched her other foot under my nose and face, knowing just how bad it must smell and how much it turned me on.

“It’s not so much on the bindings,” Lisa went on, pausing on some sit-com that caught her fancy.  “You can hold your man – if he’s willing – with just a short piece of rope.  It’s all in the game, and knowing what your partner likes.  Kenny here,” she said, pushing with her foot for emphasis, “he loves to be bound up tight.  The more rope the better.  And this weekend we tried something new.”

“The Trash Bag thing?”

“Yeah.”  Lisa rubbed the sole of her shoe over my cheek, pressing my face to the floor finally, increasing pressure until I squirmed.  "Kenny is so great.  He loves to be tied up, and he can take a lot of abuse.  A whole lot,” she said as she dug her heel into my ear and made me whimper.  “But he likes to try new things too, and he’ll tie me up, which I need on occasion.  That’s why we get along so well.  We compliment each other I think.”

“That is so great,” Anna said as she planted her sneakers on my ass again.  “I wish I could find someone that was willing like that.  The guys I know all pretend to be so macho, but they act so stupid.  It’s disgusting.”

“Well, you keep looking.  You’ll find the right man eventually.  You’re still young.  In the mean time,” Lisa said, jamming her foot hard into the side of my head, “we have Kenny.”

And that seemed to be all the consent that either woman needed.  Anna squealed in delight as she flopped down onto my backside again even as Lisa planted both feet onto my face and pressed with all her might.  I moaned at the sudden weight and pressure, begging both to ease up until Lisa finally stuffed a bandana into my mouth to shut me up.  Gagged thus, I was totally at their mercy again, and helpless until they chose to set me free…


I heard the sound of voices out in the hallway, the heavy, uneven clomp of steps as someone ascended the stairs.  The voices were high but muffled through the wall, but by the sound I knew exactly who it was; Lisa and Anna.  And they sounded drunk.


We had spent the remainder of the afternoon much the same as the morning, and the previous few days for that matter.  That being, me bound and at Lisa’s mercy, though this time Anna’s mercy was thrown into the mix.

They kept me tied of course, and I spent the better part of the day right there on the floor in front of the sofa.  Not that that was anything new as Lisa had had me there before, in one position or another.  The difference was Anna.  While Lisa was more than content to simply have me kissing and licking her feet and shoes, sucking her toes or just using me as a footstool, a whole new world of entertainment had been opened up for our new friend.  Anna seemingly loved to get her jollies at my pain.  She stepped hard on my face and throat and groin.  More than once she grabbed my balls and squeezed with all her might.  She yanked and tugged on my ropes, tightening the knots until I squirmed and writhed, squealing into my gag.  This was all new to her, I knew, and she was loving her time in the sun, her dominance over me.

I don’t know just how much time had passed when Lisa finally called a halt to my torture.  I was sweating bullets, my face buried into one of my girlfriend’s moccasins while Anna beat my ass with her belt – again – just because she could.  I felt Lisa’s foot rubbing the back of my head as I breathed hard of the heady scent of her well-worn shoe…

“I think he’s had enough,” she said, and I could hear the smile in her voice, “at least for awhile.”  I had spent hours at their feet and mercy.  I was drenched in sweat and aching from my bonds.  My balls were aching for release.  I was loving it.

“Ahhh…” Anna said as she stood, gathering the length of her leather, studded belt.  I breathed a long sigh of relief.  “So what now?” Anna asked.  I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Let’s go out,” Lisa said.  “I’m hungry, and I want a beer.”

“I’m not old enough,” Anna said, her foot slipping closer as I squirmed.  I could smell the worn leather of her sneaker.  It was driving me crazy.

“No worries,” Lisa said smugly.  “The bar up the block, O’Connor’s knows me.  The bar tender likes me and he’ll let you slide.  Great steak, and maybe we’ll get lucky.  Not many women, but the guys seem to flock there.”


Anna lifted her foot and pressed down on my face until I squirmed and squealed.  “He’ll be okay?”

“Who cares?”

Lisa looked down on me as she slipped her feet back into her moccasins and shouldered her bag.  She dug for her keys.  “He’s trash, babe.  He wanted all this.  If he’s lucky, we’ll come back and have some more fun.  If not,”

Lisa shrugged, “You ready?”

“Yeah,” Anna said, giving me a final shove with her foot.  I squealed and squirmed as the women headed towards the door…

“Hold on.”

I sighed to hear Lisa.  She had a change of heart.  She was going to release me, thank god.  I craned my neck to the sound of her footfalls approaching, my eyes going wide as she shook out a black, plastic garbage bag.

“I know what’s missing,” she said as she gave me a quick, sharp kick to get me into the position that she wanted.  I moaned, my face to the floor as I felt her arranging the trash bag back at my feet.  Anna was there suddenly, grabbing my legs and lifting as Lisa directed my body into the bag.

“This is what started this whole weekend.  Kenny wanted to be trash.  Only fitting that we give him one last shot at being garbage.”

I heard Anna laughing as the two women worked the over-sized trash bag up and over my bound and gagged form.  It was not too hard for them as I was bound so well, but I imagine I was still bulky and an effort.  At last I was lying deep in a huge trash bag, and felt another being worked up about that one.

“We don’t want him getting out,” Lisa explained as they pulled and prodded, getting me to settle at the bottom of the plastic prison.  I looked up and saw the two women towering over me, Anna holding the twist tie and Lisa shaking her head.

“He wants to be trash.  Time to make his dreams come true…”

I felt her foot rubbing at my crotch as Lisa upended another bag of actual trash; food trim, cigarette butts and ashes, used towels and toilet paper, whatever ended up in the general trash.  She dumped the contents over me, laughing.  I cringed and held my breath, gritting my teeth over my gag.  There were coffee grounds and fruit peels, a used tampon and snotty Kleenex.  Did she know this was coming?  I dunno, but it was disgusting, and exciting all at once.

Satisfied finally, I looked up as Lisa smiled down.  “Comfy?” she asked as she gathered the ties of the bag and sealed it shut.  I could hear Anna again, laughing…

“God, this is so cool,” she said and I felt her foot in my ribs.

“Easy,” Lisa said as she sealed me in.  “Not fair to kick when he can’t see it coming.  You don’t want to actually hurt him.”


“It’s okay,” Lisa said, and I could hear the smile in her smirk.  “He DOES need to learn to take it, it’s just too soon, I think.”

“So what now?” Anna asked.

“Now, we go have fun.”


I listened as the door’s locks were unlocked.  I squirmed in my trash bag, then froze as I heard a male voice clear and succinct as the door opened…


“Thanks,” Lisa said and I heard and recognized the familiar tread of her feet as she stepped into the kitchen.  I held my breath, straining not to move as more feet stumbled in, clomping and shuffling about.  Anna I assumed, and whatever man she had hooked for the night.  I knew that she had as she was out with Lisa.  Anna was cute, and Lisa was hot, and no man would be able to say ‘no’ if they decided.  From what I could hear, they had two men in tow.

“C’mon,” Lisa cooed, and I heard silence for a bit, imagined her kissing whoever she had brought home.  “I have beer.  Let’s have some fun.”

I squirmed, listening to the footfalls as she and Anna led their prizes into the living room.  I was just trash, wrapped in a bag and ignored as I heard the two couples having fun and getting to know one another.  More than once I heard the footsteps as they came into the kitchen, the refrigerator opening to produce another beer or snacks or whatever.  I whimpered and whined, hoping that I would be heard and hoping too that I would be ignored.  I could not imagine just how humiliating that it would be to be caught by two guys, naked and bound and gagged and in a trash bag.

How low had I sunk?

Their fun went on for awhile, loud at times, and at others way too quiet.  I heard the TV and later the stereo as the minutes dragged into hours, but eventually I heard Lisa’s voice over all…

“Sorry guys, but I have work tomorrow.  Early.  You gotta go.”

I heard a series of moans from the men, and Anna as well, but eventually there was a shuffling of feet and I heard the guys getting ready to leave.

“I had fun,” Lisa said, and I could imagine her striking a sexy pose.  “I hope we can do this again.”

I heard the men grunt in affirmative.  Lisa and Anna laughed.

“Cool,” she said with a pause.  “Do me a favor?”

“Anything,” a male voice said with assurance.

“Take that bag down to the street when you go?  It’s heavy.  Lotta shit.”

“Not a problem, gorgeous.” I silently fumed at his words.

I heard Lisa coo, then silence.  I imagined her kissing the guy, then felt the ponytail at the top of the bag gathering as he got a grip and dragged me towards the door.  I moaned, trying to hold in the friction pain as he and his friend stood at the door with me in tow.

“You’ll call?” he asked, hopefully.

“Of course,” I heard Lisa say.  “I had a wonderful time.”

I heard Anna too, somewhat, in the background.  Was she kissing the man that she brought home?  I had no idea.

A moment later the door slammed shut and I was being dragged down the hall, then down the stairs.  I struggled not to moan as my body thumped down the steps.  It was hard and I knew that I was done.  Lisa had designated me as garbage, and her new man was going to deposit me in the gutter, in my bag.

I felt the blast of cool air through the air hole that Lisa had provided as the door opened to the street.  I was already aching from my bumpy ride down the stairs, but the men that had me seemed to not care in the least, totally ignorant of my plight.  I felt the bag dragged across the sidewalk, finally coming to rest at the curb.

“Damn, she was hot,” one of the men said.

“Which one?”

“Does it matter?”

“Fuck no!”

I heard a slapping of hands in High 5 no doubt as the two men staggered, clomping down the street.  I simply sat there, waiting for my nightmare to end…

I could not move in my bondage, not much at any rate, so I hoped and listened to the noises of the city.  I could hear cars going past at regular intervals.  Occasionally I would hear a couple pass me by, or someone alone, lost and hopeless like me.  No one paid me any mind.  I was garbage as far as anyone knew. Just a bag of garbage…

I don’t know how much time passed…

I was done…

I jerked awake.  I could hear the garbage truck grinding in the distance…

Coming closer…

“Hey babe,” a voice cooed and I tensed.  “Having fun?”

It was Lisa, come to save me.  I could hear the garbage truck coming closer…


I squirmed and felt Lisa’s leg against me, holding me in place.

“They’re coming for you,” she cooed, and I squirmed, knowing what she meant.  I heard the garbage truck slamming down and grinding, pressing garbage.  That could be me.  I tried to get away again, squirming, and heard Lisa laugh…

“What a schmuck.  You can’t get away.  The only thing is you, begging.  Otherwise you go into the garbage, crushed and squished like nothing.”

I squirmed and whined.  There was nothing else to do.  I was totally at Lisa’s mercy…

I heard the garbage truck as it rolled closer…

“Mmmmmnnnn….” I said, hoping she would understand,

“What was that?” she asked, and I heard the truck groan, moving closer.


I heard Lisa’s laughter as she pulled me away and out of the garbage truck’s path.  I heard the truck as it ground the garbage into nothing, breathing hard as I knew that I was not a part of that.  I felt the knots at the top of my bag being undone…

I looked up all sweaty and helpless and saw Lisa looking down on me.

“Having fun, babe?”

I nodded.  God was I having fun…

“Too bad.” She laughed.  “I am too, but you have work soon.  Much as I would love to keep you like this, somebody has to pay the bills.”

She reached into the trash bag and I felt the slightest pressure at the rope that held my ankles to my wrists.  With a quick flick, Lisa freed me.  I moaned, almost in ecstasy as my limbs unfolded.  I heard a ‘thunk’ and looked to see the knife quivering beside my face.  I looked up and saw Lisa’s smirk.

“Get out now, bitch,” she said and I squirmed, writhing at her command.  I knew that she was serious, but there was no way.  I was exhausted, and even out of the hog tie, tied way too tight.

“Hmmmn,” she said finally, looking down on me.  I was helpless at her feet, still bound at wrist and ankle, gagged and at her mercy. She laughed even as she loosened my bonds…

“You got work, bitch,” she laughed, pressing her foot onto my bound form.  “Soon.  Better get free.”

Lisa laughed and walked away, leaving me still bound and gagged and on the street, right at the threshold of our building.  She turned in the doorway and blew me a parting kiss…

“I love you,” she whispered, then taking a final glance up and down the street.  It would be packed with people heading to the trains soon enough.  I heard the door to our building slam shut, and I jumped in my bonds, struggling.  She was right of course.  I had work.  Soon…

I had to free myself…

How much time, I had no idea…


I was done…

I was so excited.  I loved it.  And I loved her…

Story © Carnaj 2007


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