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Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Recyc-ALL Chapter 1: Shared Interests

"You want to WHAT?" Sarah asked.

Mary repeated herself. "I want to get recycled at Jeff's factory."

"That's... that's crazy! What are you talking about?"

"Well, I've always had... I guess it's a fetish... about people being turned into normal objects. It started with forniphilia and such... you know, girls being bound in place and used like furniture. But I've come across a lot of websites which show people actually being transformed into things, like clothing and such, and that just really turns me on somehow..."

"Wow, this really isn't what I had in mind when I asked you about your sexual desires. I mean, I was thinking of, like, a threesome or something."

"Yeah," Mary said. "Well, I'd be into that too."

"But actually, I kinda know what you mean about the object stuff."

"Wait, really?" Mary was surprised to hear such agreement from her lover.

"Sure. I've seen those same sorts of things... never thought about actually doing it though. Though I guess that the Recyc-ALL machines didn't exist until recently, so it never used to actually be possible. I've actually sometimes imagined being put in a black garbage sack and fed through the machinery at the trash plant, getting compacted, shredded, incinerated... all sorts of stuff. Sometimes I think about being turned into a household object first and getting thrown out by someone who doesn't even know I'm a person."

"Wow, that's crazy! Who would have guessed we had such similar interests?"

Sarah leaned over and kissed Mary on the cheek. "Maybe some things are just meant to be."

Mary leaned back and pulled Sarah back onto the bed, and they fucked again, even more passionately than the night before. At the end, they lay there, tired.

"Do you think it's really possible?" Sarah asked.

"For the Recycler? Sure, why not? I mean, it's not called the Recyc-ALL for nothing."

"Yeah, I guess so. Just never thought about a real person being put in one. Seems like it would be a good way for somebody to hide a murder."

"Didn't Jeff say his job is basically to watch the machine and make sure nothing goes in that shouldn't? That would stop anything bad from happening."

"Unless he knew it was happening..."

Mary looked at her incredulously. "You mean, you think he..."

"Definitely! I've seen his Internet history. He's got some strange interests himself, though we've never talked about it. Not about that stuff at least. Though I did tell him about us--"

"You didn't!"

"--and he's actually really turned on by it. He's into lesbians, apparently, and me being bi is close enough. He said he'd love a threesome, which is why I was going to ask."

Mary hesitated. "I mean... I've never been with a guy before. But that could be fun, sure."

"He is going to cream his pants when I tell him you said yes."

"Does he have any other... interests?"

"I dunno. It seems like he watches a lot of videos of guys fucking sex dolls, which seems kind of weird, but whatever. I guess it kind of turns me on too, like the whole 'being used as an object' thing." Sarah looked over at the clock. "Oh, shit, I'm going to be late for work. How about you come over on Saturday evening and we can have a little three-way party?"


* * * *

It was Thursday, and Jeff was bored. Since the Recyc-ALL had been installed a year ago, there was basically nobody else around. Just him, staring at the monitors which showed the intakes and output of the machine. Sometimes he'd have to pause the conveyor to pull something valuable out of the waste, or divert defective output to go to the old trash management system, but for the most part he just had the whole day to sit there and look at the screens.

He turned off the camera that watched over his control room, went to the bank of controls, and plugged in his USB stick. The fourth screen--the one which had been looking into his own room--switched to show his porn folder. Problems with the Recycler came up so rarely, it was safe for him to have some fun once in awhile

He unbuckled his pants and loaded up his favorite lesbian scene. The Recycler output was about to switch to "Adult Entertainment" mode, and that was always his favorite time to jack it, watching two girls getting off on one screen while a stream of sex toys, lingerie, sex dolls, and porno mags were spit out of the machine. He liked thinking about the toys in the film being ones from his machine.

Until the Recyc-ALL had been installed, he hadn't thought he had many fetishes. But then he started getting turned on by the toys, then he figured out how to play the porn on his screens at work, and it had just kind of gone from there over the last year. A few months before, he'd found an online community of like-minded people, who had introduced him to the idea of putting sexy girls into the machine's intake. At first, the thought had shocked him, but it had grown on him and by that Thursday he had become rather obsessed with the idea. Not that any girls would actually want to be put through the Recycler and turned into some mundane junk... but it was a fun fantasy nonetheless. He liked picturing girls being fed into the machine... and though he could have stopped it, and saved them... in his fantasies, he never did.

As the girls in the movie undressed, Jeff started stroking his cock. This time, he wasn't thinking about the toys and clothes coming out of the machine, but about being with a pair of girls in real life. Sarah had proposed a threesome with him and Mary. Mary! At first he'd been mad when she'd told him the two were having an affair, but then he realized that it was actually kind of hot. And he'd always wanted to have a threesome. So long as he could be a part of it to, their relationship was fine.

And now, the threesome was actually scheduled. Saturday night. It was going to be great!

He came faster than ususal, as the girls on the screen fell onto the bed and rolled over each other. Imagining being with those girls was fine... but Saturday, he was going to be fucking his wife and her best friend... who also happened to be the hottest chick he'd ever seen, even counting those from the pornos. He'd daydreamed about her plenty enough, and even imagined sending her through the Recycler. "She'd make a good lamp," he'd thought several times, thinking of her radiant beauty. "Or maybe she could be the centerfold of a porno mag. Now that's an issue I would buy."

As the porno went on, he came again, just as the longer-haired girl on the screen did, and his cum splattered on the floor. There were already some old stains there, despite his best attempts to clean them up, but it didn't really matter since he was the only one who ever used this room. The plant had seven Recyclers in total, and though a lot of them had several operators so they could run 24/7, after the budget cutbacks this particular one was just his. He had to work long hours seven days a week, which kind of sucked, but at least the overtime pay was good. He wouldn't have been able to afford Sarah's ring without it, for when they'd gotten married four months before.

He looked over at the machine output camera and saw a bunch of dildos, anal beads, and pocket pussys on the conveyor. Many of them had been all packaged up and were ready for sale, but a few had somehow missed that step.

"Ah, not again."

He paused the machine, took the controls, and picked out the defects. A grabber arm reached out over the conveyor and one by one picked them up and dropped them down the chute to the old garbage factory, where they'd get compacted or incinerated or something. Jeff wasn't really sure, and didn't really care. Once the Recycler produced a defect, it was just garbage... real garbage, since recycling it again would just end up resulting in another defect. Likewise, recycling the same material more than a few times greatly increased the chance of defects, which meant that such issues would only get more common as time went on.

His dick spent--for the last time until the threesome--Jeff turned off the porno and reactivated the security camera in the room. Someday the company might figure out he was the one turning it off, but they hadn't yet.

He looked out the big window which surveyed the Recycler. It was a more distant look than what the screens on the control panel showed, but at least it was in full color and let the whole length of the machine be seen. His thoughts turned again to seeing some hot slut in the intake, being slowly moved along the conveyor until she was fed into the machine and converted into something useful.

He wasn't sure whether he preferred thinking about the slut being on the smaller or larger intake. The small one, where all the trash bags and other household waste went, was appealing in one way. He imagined the girl being mixed into one of the larger bags, eagerly fingering herself as she slid into the machine. Or maybe she was trapped in a tight latex suit, unable to move as her fate drew near. But the big conveyor, which handled cars and furniture and stuff, was sexy in its own way. He pictured the girl being tied up in the back seat of a crushed car, or maybe being trapped inside a large sofa cushion... or one of those slutty fetish girls who was into being used like furniture, strapped in place as the legs of a table which was destined to be processed by the machine.

He tried to take his mind off the thoughts. He wanted to save up his sexual energy for Saturday. There was no use in cumming again right away.

Jeff smiled as he thought about the other chick, Mary, the very sort of gorgeous slut he liked to picture in the machine. She was going to be fun to fuck, and the fact that Sarah was into it--had proposed it, even!--made it all the sexier.

He couldn't wait.


Sarah greeted him when he got back from work like it was just an ordinary day. "Hi, honey."

"Hi babe," Jeff said, and he gave her a kiss. "Say, when is our friend supposed to arrive?"

"I'm not sure. We didn't pick a particular time."

"Oh. Well, in any case, I'm going to go get a shower. Wouldn't want to be all stinky from a day at the plant."

"That sounds good. I'll fix up some dinner in the meantime."

"Thanks, honey."

By the time that Jeff showered and they ate, Jeff was starting to get worried that maybe Mary had chickened out on the whole thing. Then, the doorbell rang.

Jeff went to get the door and was surprised to see a delivery man outside instead of the gorgeous woman he'd been expecting. A large box sat next to him.

"Special delivery for a Mr. Jeff... Simons?"

"That's me."

"Signature please."

Jeff signed for the package and the delivery man left. "Honey, did you order something?"

"No," Sarah walked into the foyer. "Well, bring it in, don't let all the heat out."

Jeff did so, then went to the garage to get a box cutter.

Sarah noticed a small envelope attached to the box, so she took it and opened it. The preprinted letter inside read:

This package has been sent to you courtesy of Delivered Dollies. The contents have been provided to you on an as-is basis. You may use or return the contents as desired. The contents of this package is: 1 Mary living doll (24h Doll-Me formula), 1 schoolgirl outfit, 1 maid outfit, 1 lingerie outfit, 1 dildo, 1 butt plug. The included waiver includes consent for all imaginable uses of the contents.

"Oh, shit. Jeff's gonna flip." Sarah had heard about Delivered Dollies. Ususally, they just sold high-quality sex dolls, but they offered a Doll-Me solution which would almost turn a person into a doll for a time... leaving them aware, but unable to do anything and actually changing their skin into the same rubbery material as the normal sex dolls were made from. She recalled Jeff's interest in such dolls and realized that Mary must have decided to run with the idea and have herself dolled up and shipped.

Jeff came back in the hallway, and Sarah hid the paper.

"Any idea what it is?"

"No," she lied. "Maybe we should move it to the living room to open it. There's a bit more space there."

"Good thinking."

Jeff tried to pick up the box. "Oof, this is heavy. You really didn't order anything?"


"Is there an address on it?" He looked around, but the address was on the paper that Sarah removed. "Maybe he gave us the wrong package? I ordered some books a few days ago, could be there was a mix up. Maybe he's still on the street, I could let him know. I mean, I wouldn't want to open somebody else's mail."

"I guess we could return it. What do they do with returned mail anymore?"

"Oh, most of it gets dumped at the Recycler. Those things give us so many resources its easier to just make new stuff rather than sending old things back through the mail."

Sarah considered this. Mary had expressed an interest in going through the Recycler. And if she was already pretending to be some kind of fancy sex doll, that would be all the better... after all, the Recycler was probably designed to process objects, not real people, and she was just an object at the moment. Sarah thought back to the note. You may use or return the contents as desired. and The included waiver includes consent for all uses. Maybe... did Mary want them to send her back to get trashed and recycled, nothing but an unwanted doll? At that point, Jeff wouldn't even have to know. The box could end up on the big conveyor at Jeff's Recycler on Tuesday, and he'd just send it through none the wiser, turning Mary into some everyday object to be used by unsuspecting people. Sarah realized she was getting wet just thinking about it. She could definitely have some fun with herself for the next few nights knowing what was happening to her friend.

Before Sarah could tell Jeff that they should get rid of it, he spoke. "Well, let's bring it in and see what's in it. Maybe it belongs to someone just down the street. There could be a note inside to give us some clue."

Sarah agreed. She'd just have to imagine what might have been. They worked together to drag the box into the living room.

* * * *

Mary shivered when she heard Jeff mention that returned mail got dumped into the Recyclers. She hadn't known that when she'd told Delivered Dollies that she could be returned. She was horny just thinking about the idea. But then Jeff said they should open up the box, and everything went back to Mary's original plan.

She'd considered telling Sarah beforehand about all this, but had decided it would be better as a surprise. Between Jeff's interest in dolls, and Sarah's interest in girls being treated like objects, it seemed like it could make for a fun night.

"Loo, it says 'this side up'", Jeff's muffled voice said, and Mary felt her prison shifting. She was curled tight in the box, and the "Doll-Me" injection left her feeling stiff. Now, she was on the floor, with the rest of the packaging above her.

She heard Jeff start cutting the box open, and her excitement began to build.

"Tons of bubble wrap. Can't even see through it properly," he said. "Let's see... looks like... clothes? Fetish clothes."

The weight on Mary's side lightened as he removed the three wrapped packages of perfectly folded outfits.

"And... sex toys? Okay, this isn't what I expected."

"Maybe," came Sarah's voice off to the side, "Mary was sending some things along?"

"Why wouldn't she just bring them though?"

"No idea. This is all rather surprising."

Mary tried to smile, but with the alterations from the Doll-Me she couldn't move a muscle.

"Looks like there's a big box at the bottom."

Mary felt her world shift again and as she was lifted up and then put on the floor. The clear side of the box she was in was placed facing the ceiling. Sarah got the first good look at her, and gave Mary a quick wink before exclaiming in apparent surprise. "Oh my god, it's a person!"

"What?" Jeff pushed her out of the way to look in the box. He saw the shininess of Mary's rubbery skin and relaxed a bit. "Oh, looks like it might be one of those high-end sex dolls they came out with a few years ago. And this one... what the hell, this one looks just like Mary. Is this some kind of joke?"

Sarah shrugged. "I guess she must have decided to send along something fun ahead of time. Or opted out of actually doing a threesome."

Jeff groaned. "This sucks. Or rather, I was looking forward to her sucking. On me."

"Well babe," Sarah said, ignoring his lame attempt at a joke. "Why don't we just make the best of the situation? Let's take her--it--upstairs and have some fun anyway. It seems like maybe that's what she would have wanted."

"You mean... with the doll?"

"Sure, why not. I'm sure you'll like it."

And sure enough, Jeff's cock was expressing some interest in the idea. "Yeah... why not. Let's give it a try then."

Jeff unboxed the doll and gave one of her boobs a squeeze. Since Mary was dollified, it felt just like a regular sex doll's smushy tit.

Mary was thrilled. She hadn't expected him to actually think she was a doll! But that's all she was. Doll-Me also alters the mind of its subjects, so now Mary thought very little except about how she wanted to be used by her new owners.

Jeff and Sarah took her upstairs and lay her out on the bed.

"So... what do you want to do?" Jeff asked.

"Well... I know you're into these sorts of things. So why don't you just have some fun... and I can sit here and watch. After I get you lubricated, of course."

Jeff striped naked, and Sarah removed everything but her bra and panties. While she blew him, Mary couldn't help but feel jealous. Jeff and Sarah were husband and wife, but Sarah was also Mary's lover, and it felt strange watching her entertain someone else.

After a couple minutes, Jeff pulled away. "Okay, I'm going to give this girl a go. Let's see how close these high-quality dolls feel to the real thing."

Mary tensed, not certain quite what to expect it to feel like. She'd never had an actual cock in her pussy before but she was very excited to find out what it was like. He spread her legs and pulled her crotch to the edge of the bed, causing her legs dangle awkwardly off the side of the mattress.

"This okay? I mean... she does look like..."

"We were going to have a threesome, remember? Do what you want."

Jeff leaned forward and cupped Mary's breasts as he entered her.

It was a surprise for both of them. Mary, because she rather liked the feeling of her first cock. Like, really, really liked it. She suddenly couldn't figure out why she hadn't been interested in men before... maybe their cocks did look a bit ugly, but if they all felt that good... wow. She'd had no idea.

Jeff was surprised to find her wet. "Oh, wow. This thing's like, lubricated already. And it feels real. No wonder these are so expensive... good grief, how much did she spend on this?"

Sarah didn't answer, instead just sticking her hand into her panties and reaching for her most sensitive little spot. As Jeff started really going at it, she couldn't help but be turned on.

"Okay," Jeff said as he slowed down and pulled out. "Let's see how your ass is."

As he flipped her over, Mary got even more excited. She'd only experimented with anal toys a little bit. But a doll always makes all of its holes available, so her backdoor was his to use. Sarah got even more turned on. She wasn't into butt play herself, but seeing Jeff ease his cock into her best friend's bum got her incredibly excited. He pounded into her for minutes, her body nothing but a ragdoll for his pleasure.

"Wow, they do make these tight," he said, between thrusts. "It reminds me of the first time I fucked Kate's virgin ass."

Kate was Jeff's ex, but Sarah always had fun hearing about their own sexual misadventures. She'd even gotten a few ideas from some of them. Regardless, she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of Kate, who still lived just down the street. She'd had Jeff all to herself for years.

Jeff groaned as he came deep in the doll's ass. As he pulled out, her sphincter shut tight, trapping his cum inside her. Sarah was amazed that Mary had never once shown any reaction. That "Doll-Me" stuff must have been really good to keep her from making even the smallest motions.

"Here," she said to Jeff. "Let me clean you. Stay there."

She got up and went over to the bed, slipped off her panties, and climbed on top of Mary, putting her pussy over Mary's mouth as if they were about to 69. She licked her lips, and then Jeff put his cock in her mouth and she sucked the cum and ass juice off it. It was amazing, tasting both her husband and her best friend-with-benefits together on one beautiful cock.

They played around for several hours more, until Jeff was too tired to continue. He took the Mary-doll and put her on the floor before going downsatirs with Sarah to get a drink.

"So?" Sarah asked.

"So what?"

"So, what did you think?"

"That was amazing. No threesome... but definitely amazing."

"So... actually, that was a threesome."

"Yeah, with a doll."

"No, I mean a real threesome. That actually is Mary. She used Doll-Me and had a fetish company deliver her."

"Wait... what!?"

It took Jeff a few moments to process what she said. It made sense--Mary not showing up, the expense that would be involved in ordering that high-quality of a doll--but still. That was really her? She looked and felt like a normal, if high-quality, sex doll.

"Wait, so... when will that wear off?"

"I think it lasts about 24 hours. So, probably tomorrow evening?"

"What the hell, I didn't even know this was possible!"

Sarah giggled. "Well, it is, and it's fun."

"So... you knew all along?"


"Wow." Jeff thought about it all for a few more minutes. "Wait a moment, you'd been saying that we could return the box... knowing that it was her inside there and that returned mail gets dumped into the Recycler?"

"Oh... yeah..."

"Are you crazy?"

"I mean, I would've rescued her... but... well, she's kind of interested in the idea. It's a fetish. She was telling me about it the other day."

"And you were thinking about going along with it? What, do you want to see her made into into a television?"

"Only if it's used for porn." Sarah laughed. "But really, I... actually have the same sort of fetish."

Jeff couldn't believe what he was hearing. His wife, and her sexy best friend, had the exact type of fetish that he did? That he had never told anybody about? Who knew?

He thought again of Mary, sprawled on the floor and messy with his and his wife's juices. He could see it. Feeding her onto the small input conveyor... just a slutty lovedoll who could be turned into something useful. Although his penis was already spent, he felt it stirring again.

Sarah noticed. "Wait... that turns you on, too?"

"Uh... yeah..."

So he told her all about his fetish and, excited, they made a plan.

* * * *

Mary was in ecstacy. She was so glad she'd decided to use Doll-Me... it was all even better than she imagined, and as she lay on the floor, she loved the feeling of being used up. Her ass and pussy were filled with cum, just like any toy should be after a fun night.

"Alright, well, I don't want to deal with this," Jeff said as he opened the door and walked back in the room. "Don't they offer a cleaning service or something?"

"Not that I know of," said Sarah. "Though I think they have some sort of cheap replacement plan."

Jeff started pulling on his clothes. Mary tried to glance around to see what all was going on, but her doll eyes were stuck looking straight forward.

"Well that will have to do then," said Jeff. "I'm not going to try to wash out a doll like that. Not after all that it's been through."

Mary was surprised again. She thought that Jeff still didn't know she was real.

"Well, I can call the company in the morning and see about having a replacement sent over. In the meantime," Sarah gave Mary a long, hungry look, "we'd best get rid of this old one tonight. We wouldn't want anybody seeing it lying about. That would be embarassing."

"No kidding. Honey, why don't you bag up this trash. I'll get the rollerbin from the garage so we can take it over to the compactor."

"Sure thing, dear."

Jeff left to go back downstairs, and Sarah fetched a couple of large black trash bags. Mary was helplessly turned on by the whole thing. Were they actually going to do it? Bag her up and take her to the neighborhood compactor? Even if Jeff thought she was just a used-up doll, didn't Sarah know she was real? She had winked at her, right?


But when Sarah roughly maneuvered Mary into the trash bag, Mary lost some of her earlier confidence. Sarah's handling of her was rough and careless, and though she eventually fit in the bag, it was not in a comfortable position. She heard Sarah tie the bag off, then use the other garbage sack to double bag it before tying that one off too. Fortunately for Mary, the alterations made to her by the Doll-Me formula left her not needing to breathe, so the closed-off bag didn't present any problems for her in that regard.

Jeff returned to the room, "Oh good, it's ready. Say... let's put this ribbon around the top of the bag. The local compactor empties into my Recycler, it might be fun to know when the doll gets fed into the machine."

The next thing she knew, she was being lifted up again and carried down the stairs. The front door was opened and her plastic prison grew colder from the fall air.

"Here's the bin," Jeff said, and Mary felt her world shift again as she was lifted up and then dropped ungracefully into the wheeled trash bin. She was lucky not to land on her head, though her fall was also cushioned by a bag of trash already inside.

The plastic lid of the bin clattered shut, and the voices outside become muffled.

"I'll take it all out," Jeff said. "Should only take ten minutes or so... the compactor's not far."

"I'll come with," Sarah said. "It's not safe to be outside alone at night."

"Oh, sure. Thanks. Well, let's get moving then, before the night gets any colder."

Mary was glad to hear that Sarah was coming along. Maybe she did know that the doll in the bin was actually a real person.

The bin tilted back, and Mary's bumpy wheeled ride to the compactor began.

* * * *

The whole way there, Jeff and Sarah had to stifle their giggles. The most fun thing about this was keeping Mary in the dark, not sure if they were actually trashing her or not, and they didn't want to spoil anything.

The big outdoor compactor was in just the sort of state that Jeff had expected it would be... about half full. It was large, but with how many homes it served it still had to get emptied twice a week. Since the bin opened about seven feet up in the air, an angled conveyor belt could be used to feed trash into it.

There was nobody else there when they got to it, which was largely expected since it was getting close to midnight. Jeff rolled the bin up to the side of the conveyor and opened the lid. "Alright, let's get rid of this doll."

"Sure thing," Sarah said, and they worked together to lift Mary out of the bin and set her on the side of the conveyor, followed by the other bag that was in the bin.

"Uggh, people are so lazy," Sarah said, looking at five more bags which had been set next to the compactor. "Here, let's send these in as well, since we're here already."

Jeff agreed and helped pile the bags on top of the two already on the edge of the conveyor, almost completely covering Mary's bag aside from the end with its small green ribbon.

"Alright, let's send them in--" Jeff said, about to pull the lever to start the conveyor.

In the bag, Mary was wet with excitement (she was so happy that she'd requested that particular part of herself still work normally while in doll form...). This was it... was she actually going to get sent into the compactor, as nothing but a bag of trash.

"Wait!" Sarah said.


"We should run the compactor first. To make sure there's enough room."

Jeff gave a nod of agreement, and watched as Sarah pranced over to the big green "COMPACT" button and planted her hand on it. At once, the machine began rumbling.

The compactor was an efficient machine. A tough metal lid moved into place on top of all the trash, and then the left wall of the machine pressed forward as far as it could to compress the trash to a more manageable size and make room for more. Often at this compactor, the trash would be overflowing by the Tuesday and Friday pickups regardless of the compaction. But by having the bin itself be the compactor, all the truck had to do was lift out the inner bin and replace it with a new empty one. The bin of compacted garbage would get lifted onto the truck's flatbed, where it could fit alongside two other such bins before the truck had to return to the recycling center to empty its load.

Jeff, Sarah, and Mary could all hear the machine's movements and the wheezing of the garbage bags inside as they were crushed tightly into one another, and they were all excited by it. Before long, the compaction was done and the ram withdrew.

"Alright, now there should definitely be enough space for this new trash," Jeff said, and he pulled the lever for the conveyor.

Mary found herself moving... flat at first, and then at a slight incline. She was so excited she almost came, but right before she could, she reached the top of the conveyor and tumbled into the big compactor along with the rest of the trash. The six-foot drop was sudden and surprising. If she wasn't a doll, she would have gotten some major bruises from it, but her skin just smushed slightly from the initial impact and then rebounded to its normal shape.

"Should we run it again?" Jeff asked.

"Nah, it's getting cold, and I don't want to wait for that. Let's just go home, and I'll look into who to call to order our replacement doll."

"Sounds good honey."

Before they left, Jeff took a paper from his pocket and taped it up over the big green "COMPACT" button.

   "Compactor temporarily out of order."

Beneath, he signed his name and title, to make the note official.

The plan was, by the time that the "Doll-Me" solution wore off, Mary would be covered with Sunday's trash but at least nobody would have run the compactor. It would be easy enough for her to get out and find her way back to their apartment the following evening... and then they could have some real fun, before Sarah left the next day for a three-day business trip.

Jeff and Sarah headed home to get some much-needed sleep after all the night's entertainment.

* * * *

Dawn came. Jeff and Sarah gave each other some knowing glances during breakfast, but otherwise said nothing about the night before. After all, what was there to say about throwing out a used toy?

It was Sunday, so Sarah stayed home, cleaned up the house a bit, and ran some necessary errands, but she was too distracted to get much done. She wound up going online and reading through a bunch of web forums and stories about doll-girls and women being treated like trash, and at one point ordered a new sex doll for Jeff, just like she'd promised. It was one of Delivered Dollies conventional dolls, but was supposed to look and feel just as real as the "living dolls." She uploaded a picture of Mary from her phone so that the doll's appearance would be customized to match. She smiled when she saw it was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. Most likely, that would mean it would be made by the Recyclers on Tuesday, the same day their local trash was scheduled to be picked up and processed. How funny that was. If the doll got made locally, it could actually be made from the person it looked like... assuming she didn't escape the bins before then.

Jeff spent the day fantasizing as well, watching the monitors at work and imagining Mary being in one of the trash bags that was fed through on the small conveyor. He laughed out loud when he pictured it at one point, when the Recycler was producing toilet paper. What a concept, a girl being turned into just TP and doomed to be used to wipe up mens' and womens' dirty assholes. It would be quite a strange way to go, that was for sure. He dreamt of many things, but knew that when he got home the Doll-Me forumla would be wearing off and Mary would end up back at their apartment. He was looking forward to a real threesome... but in the back of his mind, he kind of hoped she stayed in the bin. It was greedy... a short-term sexual reward rather than a new long term partner... but he couldn't help his own strange desires.

Meanwhile, Mary, the doll, wasn't sure what to think, but she was having fun. Everytime she heard someone approach the compactor, she feared they might run the machine. It turned her on, but she also wasn't ready to die... not helpless in a neighborhood trash compactor. But nobody ran it, they just piled more and more garbage onto the conveyor and up into the machine's gaping maw. The weight on Mary grew slowly heavier.

Overnight it had been cold, but during the day, with the trash piled all over her and the sun beating down on the black plastic sacks, she found herself heating up. All part of the experience she thought.

When dusk fell, the machine was almost full to the top. Mary was beginning to regain some movement, but only a little. She shifted around and tore a small hole in the bag, since once the Doll-Me wore off she would need to breathe. Then, she plunged her hand into her pussy to take care of a need she'd been aching for since the previous evening. She felt Jeff's sticky cum still inside, kept warm and liquid by her own dampness, and when she was able to she reached up and licked it off her hand. Salty. Just like she'd always heard, but never been able to find out herself.

She realized that this was probably the best time to get out, as motion returned to her legs. From the cooling temperature, she could tell it was evening. The six feet of trash piled above her was heavy, but not so much that she wouldn't be able to maneuver her way out.

But... she wasn't sure she wanted to get out. Trash pickup in this part of town was on Tuesdays, and it was only Sunday evening. She could safely have another whole day in the trash, living out a fantasy she'd never thought she'd be able to. Sarah was almost certainly planning to come and get her out anyway... right? Even if Jeff thought she was just a used up doll, Sarah had winked at her when Mary had been unpacked. She had to know, and was just playing along with her husband.

Mary adjusted her position to get a bit more comfortable and settled in for another chilly night.

* * * *

Mary heard Sarah calling her name and starting to sift through the garbage, but she remained silent. This was fun... after all, dolls can't talk, and she was thrown away as a doll, right? As a used-up and discarded toy. Besides, she thought, Sarah probably likes this given her own trash fetish.

Sarah continued to dig through the bags, piling them up on top of herself in order to reach lower parts of the bin. "Come on, Mary, where are you?"

After about ten minutes of searching, she paused to catch her breath, and to her surprise she heard heavy breathing right near her, a sound which had been hidden before by her moving the bags about. "Mary?"

She made her way toward the bag which the sound was coming from,reaching to untie the green ribbon. Good, she thought, She's still here and still breathing. But why didn't she get herself out?

Even with the six feet of trash impeding her movement, she was able to get Mary out of the bag qucikly enough. Mary was soaked in her own sweat and cum, and the moment her head was free of the bag she looked at Sarah through what little light filtered down from the electric lights on the adjacent building. "Love me. Right here. Right now. Love me."

Sarah was thrilled by what she was hearing. Making love in a trash crushing machine? She'd read stories about that, and she had masturbated her way to orgasm with them more often than she could count. Now was possibly her only chance to make that fantasy come true.

She climbed on top of Mary, and the sacks of garbage above them pressed them into each other, their breasts smooshing together as their lips touched, and their hands reached down to play with each other.

"You were amazing the other night. It was a wonderful surprise," Sarah said between kisses.

"Does Jeff know? That I wasn't just a doll?"

"Does it matter?"

Mary smiled. "No."

Sarah moaned as her own passion grew.

"I can see why you like him," Mary said. "He sure knows how to use what he's got."


Their love went past words, as they embraced in the tightness of the trash.

"Shh!" Mary suddenly paused. "There's footsteps."

Sarah stopped moving and tried to control her breathing, but it was difficult. She had been getting close to orgasm.

"Let them load their trash in, then we play..." Mary whispered.

They heard the thumping sound of trash being tossed onto the conveyor, then someone pulled the lever and the trash was moved up and dropped into the main bin, as usual. One heavy bag fell right above Mary and Sarah, and Mary stifled a gasp as Sarah was pushed even tighter against her.

"Huh," comes a muffled male voice from outside. "Did nobody run this thing yesterday?"

Mary glanced at Sarah, who smiled. "I put an out of order sign up."

"Clever girl," Mary said as she slipped her fingers back into her girlfriend.

From outside, the man's voice again. "Well Boyd, go ahead."

"Yay!" It was a younger voice, likely the man's son.

Mary and Sarah looked at each other, confused.

Then, there was a slight thud against the side of the compactor, right where the big green "COMPACT" button was, and the machine rumbled to life.

"Oh shit, oh shit oh shit oh shit," Sarah cried, but her words were drowned out by the sound of the machinery. Mary didn't waste energy on speaking, and just tried to get out from under Sarah to try to escape the machine. Once the compaction sequence started, it couldn't be paused, and once the lid was fully extended and the ram started pushing all the garbage together... well, Mary figured that then they'd be trash for good, and she wasn't quite ready for that. If nothing else, she hadn't finished fucking Sarah.

But like all the new compactors, this one was ruthlessly efficient. In the space of seconds, the "lid" of the bin had extended into place, to make sure that none of the trash getting crushed inside would get pushed over the top. Mary and Sarah were left in total darkness in the middle of the bin. And then, the ram started.

If the ram had been run regularly the day before, it would have squeezed everything inside so tight that nothing would be left of Mary and Sarah but a reddish stain in the midst of the bags. But fortunately for them, the compactor was designed to be run frequently, and running when it was so full of uncompacted trash didn't compress everything nearly so much as repeated runs of the compactor would have over the course of the day.

As the ram rumbled forward, masking their calls for help, the two girls were pressed ever tighter together and were pushed into the back of the machine, the area that was always covered except for when the truck came to pick up the trash.

When the ram finished, they were packed tightly in with the rest of the garbage, but there was enough of it which hadn't been compacted earlier that it provided some amount of cushioning for the girls.

The ram retracted, and the girls found themselves able to wriggle a little bit. Enough to shift their arms around each other, and maybe to start digging their way out into the uncovered portion.

When the process was done, they were relieved to be okay.

Then, the man outside noticed that not all the garbage was fully compacted, and told his son to run it again.

* * * *

Jeff was thoroughly annoyed during his drive home that evening. The previous night, the Recyc-ALL technology team had done some upgrades to the controls... most of them useless, just moving buttons and levers around for "efficiency." Unfortunately, it also meant that he hadn't been able hook up his porn to run on the monitor. He made do with using his phone that day, but it was old and its batteries only lasted a short time playing video, so he'd had to spend most of his day actually doing his job and focusing on the intake and output of the Recycler. Nothing too interesting even happened. He had to reposition some of the crushed cars being fed into the machine on the large conveyor, but there weren't any output defects.

"Honey, I'm home."

He looked around the house, momentarily confused, before he remembered that she'd had a work conference to go to. "Ah, well."

With the night free, he headed over to the big TV and loaded up the videos he hadn't been able to earlier. A night alone didn't have to mean a night without fun.

* * * *

Sarah let out a grown. The two were crushed tighter together than they'd ever thought possible. In total, the compactor had been run five times that day, each time reducing the amount of space they had and the amount of cushioning in the bags around them. After the last one, they had to take turns breathing to manage the air better. But that was long after they'd decided they were staying. That had come after the second compaction, when they had realized just how turned on they each were by the whole situation, by their closeness to each other and to all the trash. This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to either of them, and they wanted to see it through to the end. Whatever that might be.

Not that they could get out now if they wanted to.

Their warmth helped each other through the cold Monday night. They knew that one more run of the compactor would probably end it all, but their fate was out of their hands now. All that they could do was enjoy the situation, living out one of their fantasies in a way they had never really thought possible.

They were both asleep when dawn came. More trash got loaded into the machine, but nobody ran the compactor. Everyone knew it was pickup day, and there was enough open space for the Tuesday morning garbage.

Eventually, as the morning drew late, the truck arrived. Since it was designed to pick up entire bins of compacted trash, this truck didn't need much fancy machinery, just a hoist and a long trailer behind it that it could place the bins on.

The trash man got out, checked the machine for problems, and started up the final round of compaction.

Mary and Sarah awoke as the rumbling began, and they knew that this was it. This would be their last moments, being treated as nothing but worthless trash, crushed together like two broken dolls. It all became too tight. Mary couldn't breathe. Sarah felt like any more pressure would break her arm. It had been a wild ride, but here were the last few painful minutes...

And then, everything loosened.

Not a lot, but just enough, as the inner bin got lifted out of the compactor and the trash inside of it settled slightly. The two girls felt their world move as the all the trash was hoisted up into the air like before being plopped down on the truck's trailer, next to two other full bins of compressed trash.

The truck's engine groaned as it changed gear and pulled out onto the streets, and from there, the highway, heading towards the recycling center to feed all of the trash into the Recyclers.

* * * *

The girls knew the truck had stopped, but weren't sure why. The plant was a half hour drive out of town, but they'd only been on the road for ten minutes. Regardless, they took the opportunity to carve out a bit of space for themselves in the compactor, but now loosened, garbage, and they began fucking each other in the middle of the bundle of trash being driven down the highway.

There had been an accident which left the highway northbound completely closed off. Many cars were able to turn around to use side streets, but the trash truck was too big to do a U-turn on the highway, so it wound up waiting for two hours for traffic to resume. The driver was impatient--he was paid by the load, not by the hour--but there was nothing he could do until the accident was cleaned up. Eventually, it was, and he sped the rest of the way to the recycling center.

After the delay, he thought about stopping at one of the 24/7 Recyclers which was closer to the facility entrance, to cut a few minutes off of his time, but they were all filled up already so he drove back to the last one. As he drove in, the green light turned on signalling that the hopper for the trash conveyor was ready to receive.

Inside, Jeff was glad to see the truck arrive. He'd been worried about its lateness, and it had thrown off some of the rest of the timing. He'd have to hurry this load through if he was to avoid holding up the next truck which was scheduled to come in.

To him, the truck was late, but otherwise there was nothing special about it.

* * * *

Mary and Sarah came together just as the truck rolled to a stop. Each of them was more horny and exhausted than they had ever been. Being stuck in the compactor overnight had made them stiff, and after so much playing with each other they were tired to the point that moving was almost an impossible task.

They felt the bin of trash they were caught in getting lifted up. "I guess this is it then," Mary said.

"Do you think Jeff will see us?"

"I don't know. Maybe? Do you want him to?"

"I'm not sure. I mean, if he does... he might stop the machine. And I'm not actually sure if I want that or not."

"You are a dirty girl," Mary said, as she used what strength she had left to embrace her girlfriend.

Sarah squeezed her back. "Let's stick together."

The bin got tipped out onto a conveyor. Mary and Sarah saw sunlight for only a brief moment before more bags fell on top of them and hid them from view, and they felt themselves being moved upward on a large conveyor belt.

* * * *

"Just unload them all right away," said Jeff. "The hopper will take care of flow into the Recycler, and we need to get back on schedule."

He threw the switch to turn on the hopper conveyor. His Recycler was unique among those at the plant. Most of them had a ground-level hopper installed for trash to be dumped into, but his made use of the old big trash conveyor which had been around before the Recyclers. Previously, it had carried trash upwards and inside to dump it into the incineration chambers, which would burn it to ashes to produce energy for the plant. When the Recyclers had been installed, the power needs had largely been supplanted by solar, with only a small amount of power still coming from the old incinerator whenever the Recyclers made defects.

He watched as all three of the big bin of trash were dumped out onto the conveyor and began getting carried up to the hopper, a device at the top which could get piled full of trash. There, it ran one powerful compaction cycle which would reduce the space taken up by the trash--and, therefore, the energy footprint of the Recycler when it was all sent through. After the compaction, it would drop the garbage onto a smaller conveyor, which carried the trash down into the Recycler through the top of the massive machine.

"Okay," he said to the truck driver. "You can head on out. It looks like my regularly timed truck is coming in. Oh, great, and a load of cars for the big input as well, good god this is a busy day."

The truck driver sped off to continue his long-delayed rounds as the next truck arrived. Jeff motioned for him to get all the trash dumped as he went over to the man with the carrier full of eight crushed cars.

"Ready for these?" the man asked out the cab window.

"Yeah, here I'll help guide you in." Jeff motioned to help the carrier back in to the edge of the large conveyor. As the truck's backup-warning beeper stopped, Jeff heard the rumble of the hopper's compactor overhead, even while there was more trash being carried up to it. He knew he had to get to the control room to keep an eye on all the input and output. "You good to unload these yourself?"

"Actually, could you help me with the chains? The one holding the last car in place was a real bitch to hook up."

Jeff sighed, but agreed, and went over to help get the crushed car unlatched and onto the big conveyor. What a pain in the ass.

Once the job was done, he wiped his hands on the butt of his jeans and went off to go inside and back to the controls, but something caught his eye.

Caught on a metal edge of the old trash conveyor was a garbage bag which had a green ribbon stuck to it.

"Huh," he said, noticing that the bag was empty. "Guess she at least got out. Surprised she didn't keep it as a memento."

Then, he went inside and began climbing the stairs to the control room while--out of sight--the first trash from the off-schedule truck was getting fed into the Recycler.

* * * *

At the top of the old trash conveyor, Mary and Sarah got dropped fifteen feet into the hopper, their fall cushioned by the same sort of black trash bags which also then covered them moments afterwards.

"Is this it? Are we actually in the Recycler?" Mary asked.

"No, not this. This is the hopper to help control the flow of trash and to... oh..."


"... and to compact it the rest of the way."


Mary gave an attempt at struggling to see if she could get out, climb over the trash bags back to the top, but there were already too many piled on top of them. Twenty seconds later, there was a horrible metal roar, and everything got tighter. Fast.

This compactor came down from above, and instead of pushing the girls further aside like the bin compactor had, it immediately started crushing Sarah down into Mary. The two women gasped, incredibly turned on by their perilous situation as they got squeezed tighter and tighter together. The remaining air in the bags around them hissed out, and their breathing grew strained. Mary almost blacked out from the pressure, and then, it let up.

They had been lucky again. Not only was the compactor not running at full strengh, but the bags right around them had been in the same bin as they were, where the trash hadn't been compacted as much as usual. What fluffiness remained in those bags was enough to absorb the very last of the compactor's merciless efforts, leaving Sarah and Mary completely unable to move... but alive.

A section of one of the hopper walls rumbled aside, and the floor of the hopper tilted up, letting the trash begin to slide out onto the small, downwards conveyor which led straight into the Recycler itself.

The bags beneath Mary and Sarah shifted, and carried the girls along. Their bodies tumbled about, and in the end their heads aimed straight for the opening and for the Recycler's open maw beyond.

The bags just ahead of them fell away, and they glanced up to see all the trash tumbling into the Recycler.

In the distance, past the Recycler, they could see a bit of the output conveyor, which looked like it was filled to the brim with newly-made DVDs, produced from what had been trash just moments ago.

"Hey," Mary said. "I think we're going to be in a movie."

But just as they were about to tip onto the conveyor themselves, the hopper door slid shut and its floor returned to its normal spot. They would have to wait for the next load.

More and more trash piled on top of them, from the truck which had arrived right after theirs. The girls tried squirming against each other as best they could, each hopelessly aroused by their fantasy--or rather, by their impending reality.

When the hopper was filled up again, the sensor activated and determined that enough was already compacted that no more crushing power had to be applied to it. The hopper opened, and Mary and Sarah were pushed out onto their last conveyor. Everything but their heads was packed tight into the trash. They could see where they were going; they were the first trash of this particular batch to be fed into the machine. Their fingers found each others' pussies and plunged deep within.

"This is just what I always wanted," Mary said.

"Yeah," said Sarah. "Now we can be together forever. I love you, Mary."

"I love you, Sarah."

* * * *

Jeff was frustrated when he got back to the control room. This whole Recycler thing was supposed to make his job easiser, but dealing with loading issues was way more common now than when it had all just been fed into the shredder or incinerator. Without looking out at the machine or the monitors arrayed on the console, he got out his phone and pulled down his pants. He needed a break.

He never bothered much with the first bit of the film--while the two girls were stripping off everything but their bras and panties--but let it play anyway. As the one girl was removing her top, he finally glanced up at the work he was supposed to be doing.

Output seemed to be in good order--it was on DVDs, but the monitor said it was about to switch--and the large conveyor was feeding the fourth of the crushed cars into the Recycler. Then he glanced at the small conveyor, and his phone dropped from his hands.

Two human heads stuck out of the compacted mass of garbage. And they weren't just any humans. It was Sarah and Mary. They... they were in the garbage, just seconds away from being fed into the All-Recycler. And though it was hard to tell, from what the camera showed he was pretty sure they were... smiling? Laughing?

It certainly wasn't an expression of fear.

He was stunned. Mortified. This was just what he had always imagined seeing, but to see it actually happening... and with his wife and her sexy girlfriend, no less... together... naked... and happy?

It took precious seconds just for him to come to his senses and sort out his own thoughts and realize that this wasn't just his imagination running wild. This situation seemed fun--and he'd wished he'd known earlier that it was going to happen--but it couldn't continue. He loved Sarah, and Mary seemed like a fun plaything. If he saved them, they'd be able to play all sorts of games in the future. Including, potentially, some more trashy ones.

He stumbled over to the controls and hit the "EMERGENCY STOP" button... except, it wasn't the emergency stop button. The controls had been reorganized just the day before, and in the heat of the moment he completely forgot the changes. In a not-particularly-bright feat of engineering, where the emergency stop button had once been was the overdrive button. It was meant to help process difficult loads, forcing the machine to use more energy on difficult materials. It also sped up the conveyors.

The girls jerked forward at twice the speed they had been, and shook with excitement. Jeff panicked, and started pressing buttons almost at random, hoping one of them would be the new stop button. But in the few seconds he had, he didn't find it, managing only to activate analysis mode and stopping the big conveyor with the cars on it.

Mary and Sarah, and the pile of trash behind them, slipped away into the Recycler. The two girls came together as they were whisked down into the machine.

Jeff stared out at it in shock.

They were gone. The woman he loved, as well as the woman he loved to fuck, were gone, fed into his own machine like nothing more than garbage. Disposed of like useless, unwanted trash, whose only purpose was to be recycled and turned into something new and useful.

Distantly, he heard the porno on his phone. By now, the girls on the screen had collapsed onto the couch together, and the one was moaning while the other pleasured her pussy. The moans were obviously fake, but it was enough for Jeff. Between his fantasies, and the sexy sounds in the background, he realized that his cock was rising.

What was done was done. The girls were gone...

He collapsed back into his chair, and decided to have some fun. He pictured them, over and over again, Sarah and Mary, just two more pieces of trash getting dumped into the Recycler. And Mary... Mary was a bit of a slut wasn't she? She had technically caused Sarah to cheat on him. Maybe she was just worthless trash after all. He thought of their faces, of how it looked like the two trashy girls were enjoying the whole thing.

His cock exploded, cum spattering the monitors and controls before him. Maybe he had lost his wife, but she had enjoyed it... and so had he. She'd given him a memory that he would never forget, something to dream of and masturbate to for many years to come.

Nobody knew how exactly the Recyclers worked--nobody outside of the technicians, at least--but Jeff knew that in overdrive mode a load from the small conveyor would take three minutes to finish processing and come out the other side in its new form. Its new useful, entirely inanimate form.

Right on cue, the console dinged, and the output conveyor stopped. He had set it into analysis mode by accident while he was pressing buttons. Analysis mode was primarily used to figure out recurring problems in the machine, but it had a different interesting use to Jeff that day.

In analysis mode, the Recycler kept track of what input garbage got made into what useful objects.

He smiled, and pulled up the report, interested to see what the girls had become.

He gasped as he looked over the report. Before the load which the girls were in, the Recycler had been mass producing DVDs of the latest hit movie. Just in time for the girls, though, it had switched modes.

"SEXUAL AIDS" read the message at the top of the screen. Amongst all the rest of the trash, the outline of the two girls was shown on screen next to what they had been made into.

His lovely wife, Sarah, was now nothing but a box of condoms.

And Mary, slutty Mary, had been converted into a pack of three purple dildos.

Jeff stifled a laugh. The slutty lesbian chick had been turned into dildos. On Saturday she had used Doll-Me to temporarily turn into a sex toy, and now she just was sex toys.

He wondered, idly, if they were still aware. How the Recyclers actually worked was a closely guarded secret... some sort of melting process was the common theory, but some people out there claimed that the machines were magic. They certainly seemed like it enough. A few of the more out-there fetish stories he had read had run with that idea, and even allowed people who got transformed by the machines to remain conscious and aware of their surroundings in their new form.

Regardless, he knew he had to retrieve the condoms which had once been his wife. Now that he was single, he'd certainly be needing some... and if she was still somehow aware, she'd surely enjoy being used the way her new form was intended to be used.

He adjusted the controls and indicated the condom box was defective, but he disabled the grabber from picking it up and tossing it down the old trash chute. He had to mark it as a defect so it wouldn't be considered missing at the distribution facility.

He got dressed and went down to the output conveyor. It was wide, and he had to actually climb on top of it to get to where the condoms were. He stepped around the various newly made sex aids... many of them toys, some of which he didn't even know the use of.

"Hey there," came a man's voice, startling him. "Everything okay?"

Jeff turned around to see that it was one of the truck drivers. "Uh... yeah... just, checking for defects."

"Okay, well, I've got a bunch of rejected furniture to send through on the big input. Is that going to be running soon?"

"Uh, sure. Just a couple minutes. You can start loading it onto the conveyor."

"Will do."

The driver went back to the front of the plant, and Jeff smiled. Despite what had just happened, it was a normal day for everybody else.

He found the condoms and picked up the box, which was proudly labelled as a 36-pack of 100% recycled ribbed condoms. And they were just his size. Perfect.

As he got off the output conveyor to head back to the control center, he noticed the pack of dildos which had once been Mary. There was something wrong about them... the packaging didn't quite fit and it had a weird crease in the plastic. He looked at it a bit longer and realized that it had a defect. The dildos were supposed to come in three different sizes, but these were all the same, so the packaging didn't quite seal it correctly. That was the problem with overdrive mode on these machines, it greatly increased the chances for there to be problems in the output.

That just wouldn't do.

He considered whether to take them. If he didn't, and just sent it on to the distribution facility, they'd surely be noticed as defective and thrown out anyway.

"Well, I hope she wanted the full experience," he decided. He had no use for such toys the way he soon would for the condoms, so taking it would be pointless. And that left only one option.

Back in the control room, he pulled up the screen for handling defects again and marked the dildos as defective, to be dealt with automatically. The grabber arm extended and reached down to pick up the package, then retracted and hovered over the disposal chute for a second. For a moment, Jeff thought it wasn't going to drop. Then, the grabber opened, and the defective dildos fell into darkness. Going through the old garbage processing facility, they'd be either burned, or shredded, or dumped in the one remaining landfill in the area where the big crusher trucks would drive back and forth over it until it was an unidentifiable mass.

It serves her right, Jeff thought. She was just a slut after all. A trashy slut who made my wife cheat on me. She deserved to be thrown in the garbage with the rest of the trash. Nobody will care if she gets burned to a cinder or shredded into scrap confetti.

She probably even wanted this. She was in the garbage because she wanted to be treated like garbage, and sometimes people get exactly what they want. Exactly what they DESERVE. Who would want a garbage slut anyway? It's better she got turned into something useful, and then processed just like anything else defective coming out of the Recycler. Now nobody has to deal with her slutiness and perverted fetishes, now that she's been disposed of the way that trash really should be.

He noticed that the big conveyor was done being loaded up with reject furniture, and he reset the Recycler and started it back up. The machine carried on as if nothing had happened, sending the last of the crushed cars and the furniture through as well as the remaining trash from the late pickup. All of the sexual aids aside from the condoms and the defective dildos continued on down the conveyor, where they'd eventually get sent to the sorting and distribution plant down the street.

Jeff looked again at the box of condoms. "Strawberry-flavored" they proclaimed. He smiled. Sarah had always liked strawberries. She'd even tried to grow some in their backyard earlier that year.

He picked up his phone and started checking out the most popular dating sites. Now that he was single, he had to try to find someone--or someones--new to satisfy him, and to put what remained of his wife to good use. Maybe, with a bit of luck, he'd find another person with the same sort of fetish to have some fun with...

To be continued...



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