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Rachel Dumps her Garbage

by Italian2525

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© Copyright 2010 - Italian2525 - Used by permission

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[Rachel’s Plan]

I have been planning to throw away my loser boyfriend for weeks. He’s been absolutely useless and it hit me, what do I do with useless things? I throw them in the garbage!

He still worships me so I can make him do anything if I dominate him first. This week is perfect as the dumb ass forgot to take out the trash so we have a pile of disgusting garbage that stinks. So this Friday is going to be D-day for his ass. I am going to dress in my sexy vinyl black thong and black top and dominate this loser right into the garbage can where he belongs. He will have to endure four days in my large 96 gallon garbage can, I make a lot of trash!

We have one of those trash smashers that hook onto the lid, because I don’t like touching any of the trash and don’t like when it over fills. We already have so much garbage and then four more days of the disgusting stuff will have to fit in the can with my loser boyfriend. He’s going to be crushed!

Nothing in comparison what he is going to have to suffer on Tuesday, Garbage Day. I have the day off on Tuesday so I can watch this loser get thrown into the back of the garbage truck and crushed with all of the other disgusting garbage. I can’t wait to get rid of him! I can only hope to hear the bags pop underneath the packer, that way I know his ass is getting what he deserves. Maybe if I dress sexy enough the garbage man will allow me to operate the crusher. That will be icing on the cake :)

[Friday Night: The boyfriends POV]

I got home later than normal from playing golf with my friends and my girlfriend Rachel was on the couch dressed in a sexy vinyl black set with hand cuffs on the table. She is so gorgeous and she knows that I like it when she dominates me. She looked extremely mad adding to the dominant realism. She immediately stood up and ordered me by her side in her sexy tone voice and like I always try to do, I follow her directions for fear what might happen if I didn’t. The last time I didn’t listen to her I spent hours with her slowly crushing my balls while being verbally humiliated. So now I know a little better.

She then ordered me to undress in front of her; my dick is now hard with excitement. I eagerly got undressed thinking what a fun night I am about to have. After getting undressed she handcuffed my hands in front, which I thought was weird, but I played along. She then strapped on a dog leash around my neck so she can control me. She then ordered me on all fours and she took one of her sexy feet wearing high heels and placed it on the back of my neck. She held it there for a few moments and then quickly put most of her weight forcing my face down on the ground.

"I have something special planned for you loser, you will be begging and worshiping me all weekend."

She lifted her sexy high heels off and walked me out back next to the overflowing garbage cans.

"What did you forget to do today?"

Oh my god, I forgot to take out the trash, Rachel hates when I don’t do my chores and she seemed pissed. The garbage was even on the ground which she does not like either.

"Yes you didn’t take the garbage out and this time I will teach you never to do that again."

She walked me over closer to the stinking pile and my head was hovering over a couple of the garbage bags lying on the ground.

"I want you to look real close and smell how disgusting the garbage is. This is what happens when you don’t take the garbage out to the curb."

She took her sexy high heels and stepped on my head pressing my face right in to the garbage.

"How do you like that loser, you like smelling my rancid garbage? I think you do! You are going to clean this mess up starting with re-packing the garbage can."

"Re-packing the garbage can", I asked. With that she knocked over the garbage can with her sexy legs and several of the garbage bags fell out.

"I want you to take out all of the garbage bags out of the garbage can and be careful not to break any of the bags open; I don’t want any of the garbage or nasty juices coming out of the bags on the ground. You will have to climb in to get the last few bags in the back."

I couldn’t believe this I was being humiliated forced to sort her garbage naked in the back yard, while my beautiful girlfriend just stands there looking at me with a sassy disgust disposition. As I start to pile the garbage next to the fallen garbage can, Rachel continues to stand there calling me a loser while covering her nose and laughing at me.

"Look at you in that garbage, I can’t tell you apart from the garbage bags. I think this is going to be your new career loser. "

While in the garbage can getting the last few bags out, I hear Rachel order me to stop and to crawl all the way to the bottom of the large smelly can.

"I want to see what you look like in the garbage can."

The bottom of the can had nasty smelling liquids that I was forced to crawl in.

"God this garbage can reeks. You like it in there don’t you… You better say yes!"

"YES, thank you for throwing me in here to learn my lesson to never forget to take out your trash. Can I come out now? It really smells in here".

"Do you deserve to come out…? I don’t think so!"

I feel the garbage can get lifted up right as Rachel picks up the can and places it back where it was. Oh my god! I am now sitting on a couple bags still left in the bottom of the can smelling like garbage now. Rachel looks down at me in the can sitting about 2/3 down from the top of the lid.

"You are so pathetic! I am so sick of you being a lazy loser that does not do anything, so I am throwing you away -- in the G-A-R-B-A-G-E. God you smell bad, but just you wait!"

Rachel pointed down at me and said look garbage and giggled as she walked away. Now I am thinking what is she going to do? Man I hope I get out of here soon and I hope she doesn’t take me down to the curb Tuesday. You think she will really throw me away? I am in the garbage can, how did she get me in here. I start to try to get out, but Rachel came back and caught me trying to move.

"What are you doing?

I responded trying to get comfortable my beautiful Rachel who I love so much. "I will do my chores and will never forget to take out the trash".

"Oh… trying to be nice to me now I see. Well it’s too late! Once I throw something in the garbage that is it, I don’t think about it again."

With that she picked up one of the bags of garbage from the pile and threw it on top of me, she was squeamish and held it away as far as she could trying not to get it on her beautiful body.

"Yuck, this is so disgusting; I can’t wait until garbage day"

The garbage aroma got stronger as the first bag was dropped on me. The bags were still warm from being in the can earlier and most of the garbage was a week old. She continued to throw bags on me completely ignoring the fact that I was there being buried under her smelly garbage. I couldn’t believe this; my beautiful girlfriend was throwing me away, dumping me in the can like the kitchen garbage bag and never turning back. As she continued throwing bags on me one by one, I try to talk to Rachel asking her reconsider please, begging for her to stop. She didn’t say a thing, until she picked up the garbage bag that she cleaned out the refrigerator with and apparently it had a leak and she was furious that it was on the concrete. She picked it up and held it over my head as it leaked on me. It was really bad and I saw the bag’s hole was getting bigger.

"Rachel the bag is going to break open".

"Ummm NOT my problem, this is a garbage can isn’t it? This is where throw my garbage away!"

She shook the heavy bag and after being leaked on for a minute, it ripped open and the content of the bag fell all around me now with the garbage can half full. I was covered in a smelly slimy mess. I look up at Rachel with my head covered in her trash and asked her pitifully to stop throwing the bags on me and to get me out.

"Looked at you, now you are a trashed loser – ha ha. Look the can is half full and I have so much more garbage to stuff in there, it’s going to get tight! Remember the lid compactor I got? I think I am going to have to use it to get all this garbage in here; you take up too much space. I am so pissed that I have to do this, girls aren’t supposed to take out the garbage. I am going to have to take two showers after this"

Now I am getting a little worried, she is actually throwing me out. She never took anything this far before. She’s not even giving me any eye contact. With that I felt the liquids from the ripped bag trickle down by body and down my still hard cock and balls and pool down on the bags I was sitting on. I could hardly move with only half the can filled so I can only imagine it full and crushed under her compactor. She continued to dump the bags on me commenting on how smelly and disgusting it was. It was kind of sexy to see her in her sexy clothing dropping the bags on me. Something inside me found this as the ultimate humiliation, treated like garbage by a sexy girl. I got harder as my dick pressed against one of the bags. I commented to her that I love seeing her throw those bags on me, bring it on baby. You look so sexy up there.

"Oh yeah you better believe it, I am beautiful and you are nothing but garbage. Are you beginning to like it your smelly prison? Well you have 4 days of seeing me throw garbage on you and that’s the only satisfaction you will get, then it’s off to the dump you go."

With that she continued to fill the garbage can up past my face with little room to breathe. The smell was radiating up and I can feel several of the bags with cold spot at the bottoms probably where all the liquids were settling. I felt the weight of all those bags piled in front of me on my lower half and now I can’t move at all encased in a wall of garbage bags. Rachel left for a couple minutes and when she left she closed the lid to the can.

I heard her getting closer with the sound of metal jingling, she opened the lid all the way and she was working on the back side of the can. "I have so much more garbage now is the time to crush this garbage."

Rachel moved the front of the can bringing the can packer down closer to the top of the can. She took one more bag from the pile and piled high just under the packer blade and without a second thought she started to crush the garbage down putting her body weight into the leveraged crushing device. I tried to yell out to her to stop, but I could not breathe, the packer blade just missed my faced as the garbage bags on top of me were forced around the blade and dragged passed my face ripping the nasty bags open. The bags were forced down so hard into the can the bags that were around me were popping and hissing around me releasing the garbage gasses and liquids all around me. It was getting really getting squished!

But what hurt most was one of the bags that was lying next to my balls had something hard in it like a bottle because it was crushing my balls. It was excruciating every time she pressed down. My dick penetrated one of the bags. I can hear Rachel, "CRUSH that garbage." She lifts up on the compactor to peer inside the can to see what she has done. "Cool I have more room now get rid of the rest of the pile."

With that she continued dumping the bags on top of me filling the can once more past the top. Again without hesitation she pulls down the compactor crushing the garbage down this time it is much tighter. The newly piled bags seemed like it was filled with juicy garbage filled with old food scraps, still filled cups of drinks and old cartons of milk & eggs. The compactor came down just missing my head again. The bags started to balloon toward my face suffocating me for a moment until the bag popped along with several others. Some of the bags exploded and its content leaked all over me. There is no hope for me now! I have still four more days of this.

Rachel finally lifted the can compactor back and removed it from the back of the lid. The garbage bags are now pressed down just below my neck. I could barely breathe and covered with nasty garbage. Rachel peered down at me to look in and said to herself "I might be able to fit 4 more days in there. I create so much garbage especially with my party tomorrow".

She finally acknowledged me. "Hey piece of shit loser! Are you still with me? Are you crushed in there? You think you are crushed now; I will have more garbage for you. And Tuesday will be your big finale being packed into a garbage truck. Hearing those bags pop and wheezing kind of turned me on. Look at what I did to the garbage; the bags exploded all over your ass. You have nasty stuff all over you, looks like week old food scraps and ice cream, ewe. I guess you should have done your chores."

I pleaded for her to get me out promising to her that I would be much better, but she insisted that she never digs through the garbage to take anything back and her decision was final. She is looking forward to getting rid of all her garbage in her life. With that she left me and as she closed the lid to the can she said "good bye – loser garbage boy, going to take my showers now" and total darkness set in once again.

The rest of Friday night I sat in the can only to contemplate my fate and stated to worry about the party she was going to host tomorrow. I was already humiliated beyond my imagination; now add the pressure of possibly being discovered in the can by one of her girlfriends. Her girlfriends probably already know that she was going "dump" me. The garbage smell started to ease off as I think I was getting used to smelling it. I still could not move, so later that night I laid my head on a garbage bag in front of my face. I couldn’t see, but it felt like I was lying on a mushy bag. It was probably one of those bags Rachel said exploded. I couldn’t do much more other than just be there like the rest of the garbage. I dosed of shortly after and woke a couple times during the night still lying on a mushy bag.

[Saturday: The boyfriends POV]

I woke up again to hear the birds outside the can so I think it was morning and I really needed to go to the bath room. I tried to move once more or rock back and forth, but no dice! I had to pee in the can, now I feel really embarrassed! I was awake for hours and it started to get warmer making the smells stronger. I waited for what seemed like hours before I heard back door opening and the rustling of bags. It must be Rachel, god finally! Is she going to get me out of here? I hope so! The garbage can lid opened quickly as Rachel held the lid open. My eyes took several seconds to adjust to the bright light. She looked so beautiful standing there, my dick now hard and still hopelessly packed in her garbage. I pleaded again to her, but she didn’t even look at me, she turned away from the can to avoid the disgusting garbage smell as she just threw away a couple small bags and closed the lid quickly.

A few more hours go by before I hear Rachel getting the back yard ready for her Saturday night party with her girlfriends. Her friends are just like her; hot & dominant! I hope none of her friends come to the garbage can to find me! Several more hours seem to fly by when I hear some of Rachel’s friends starting to hang out in the back yard. I could hear all 5 of her usual friends she has over from time to time. I can hear Katie ask where I was and Rachel said "Oh I dumped him!"

Katie: "You finally dumped him? You been talking about it for a long time, I am proud of you Rachel! Did he try to call you to yet to make up?"

Rachel: "Nope, I just dumped that loser like garbage."

Katie: "Yeah he was a loser, you deserve better. I hope he is crushed that he lost you".

Rachel: "Oh I know is he crushed over the breakup. I am going to get the paper plates so we can start I will be back."

They continued their meals and cocktails and all I can hear several conversations but they were not clear enough to make out. Shortly after I hear more commotion and then later Rachel said is their anymore garbage left out there. Andrea said that she would help clean up and I could hear the collection of paper plates and cups.

Rachel: "Andrea can take this stuff and dump in the can outside? Thanks!"

Andrea: "Sure!"

With that Andrea opened the garbage can lid and she let out a squeak of fright that quickly gathered attention of the other girls. My heart stopped and I could barely breathe from the humiliation of being discovered. I looked up at Andrea with pleading eyes looking beautiful in her night dress holding paper plates and cups over my head.

Andrea: "Oh Rachel, your loser boyfriend is in the garbage can! Wow your garbage stinks really badly!"

With that all of the girls came to see me hopeless in the can. They all started to laugh and giggle.

Katie: "Wow -- you literally dumped your boyfriend in the garbage! That’s awesome; I think I will do that to my next boyfriend that he crosses me."

Rachel started to explain that I didn’t take out the garbage for over a week and that she’s been meaning to dump me anyway so she explained it was just easier to throw me away like garbage!

Rachel: "I had so much garbage piling up and he did nothing; he is packed in there naked with all my garbage, he deserves to be thrown away."

Andrea: "Ewe naked that is so disgusting! How are you going to get him out?"

Rachel: "I am not digging through that garbage for anyone especially for this loser! He will come out on on Garbage Day, when he gets dumped into the garbage truck. Hey Vanessa he is going to get crushed into your garbage too since you live down the street – Haha."

Vanessa: "That’s right. Yeah I have lots of garbage for Tuesday’s pickup. I cleaned out the freezer & refrigerator."

They all are looking down at me waving their hands in front of their noses in hopes to escape the seeping smell of the rotting mess. Andrea looked down at me and said "poor garbage" and then dropped the garbage on me. Now I have plates and half full drink cups all splattered all over me and dripping down my body. Shortly after that Andrea swapped her hands together over the can to rid the crumbs on her hands into the can and she closed the lid with a bang. The girls giggled and mocked me as they walked away to continue their party. The party seemed to be winding down and I could only hear a few girls now. It sounded like Vanessa and Andrea were still there. They were inside for quite some time when I heard the door open and the rustling of a bag. Oh my god another bag of garbage! Vanessa opened the lid and peered inside.

Vanessa: "Look at you in there, I guess you should have been a better boyfriend and obeyed Rachel’s commands. I can’t believe Rachel threw you away like garbage!"

"Vanessa can you help me get out?"

Vanessa: "Yeah… I can’t sorry! I am actually going to help Rachel take you to the curb. The can is very heavy. And I am also excited to see the garbage truck crush you. Maybe you will be crushed along with my bags. Hate to be you right now that will be so gross. Ha Ha."

I pleaded to Vanessa.

Vanessa: "God shut up! Rachel can you bring the duck tape for me, I have to shut him up."

Rachel came with the duck tape, "what do you need this for?"

Vanessa: "We don’t want to have him screaming for help after being dumped. I think it will be too noisy to hear him, but better be safe than have him being discovered. If we are lucky they will start the compactor after they dump your large load and he would be buried under the fallen garbage."

Rachel: "If we are lucky, I will be operating the compactor Ha ha! Here you go Vanessa this is the bag from the kitchen."

Vanessa: "This feels so good!"

Vanessa did not place the bag into the garbage can, but instead humiliated me by empting the bag right in the can. The garbage was filled with more plates, food scraps, and bathroom waste.

Vanessa: "Ewwww that’s so gross! Now it’s time to make sure you don’t make too much noise."

Vanessa fearless of the loose trash taped my mouth closed.

Vanessa: "There we go, garbage does not speak."

I’ve been hard all night, but now my cock was throbbing with excitement. Now all I can do is hum under the duct tape. Vanessa continued to throw another bag into the can with the garbage now covering my head.

Rachel: "Here Vanessa, this will crush the garbage down."

She handed the lid compactor to Vanessa and she attached it to the back of the lid and pressed down on the garbage hard. The blade passed my head again and the bag quickly filled the can and smothered my face as she pressed down with all of her weight. It took several seconds but the bag gave way and popped right in my face! Now the compacted the garbage is compacted down to my mouth and now I can hardly move my head. The garbage is pressing hard all over my body and it’s hard to breathe now. Vanessa looked down with satisfaction and grinned with disgust, unhooked the lid compactor and closed the lid. Now dark and the smell seemed stronger now. Maybe it was the the party. She was so beautiful all dressed up and cute. Every time the lid opens my heart drops and humiliation sets in. This time she looked down at me, new bags or the temporary fresh air I was getting. There is garbage all over my head and I can’t move my hands to wipe it away so I try to move my head against the compacted bags to clear the front of my face. After awhile Rachel came back out only to throw away one more bag, the last of the clean up from the party.

"How do you feel now? I guess all of my girlfriends know that I am throwing you away and they are excited for me, the girls and I are going to hang out Tuesday night to toast to my new life while you rot probably at the dump."

I can only hum under the duct tape in attempt to answer her. Being in there so long and being humiliated I felt like garbage and felt like I deserved it and didn’t deserve her anymore. I began to accept my fate as she stood there.

"I can’t believe I am doing this"

She reached down and moved one of the compacted bags away from my face and lifted the duct tape enough so I can talk again. "What were you going to say loser?"

"I deserve to be thrown away like garbage and I’ve accepted my fate as your garbage. At least I am close to your smelly garbage. I do not deserve you so thank you Rachel for putting me in my place. I hope you can watch me get compacted in the back of the garbage truck!" I paused and she quickly resealed my mouth.

"What a fucking loser! You are so lucky to be among my waste, I could have thrown you away in the garbage compactor at work, but I wanted to humiliate for days. You bet I will be there; I want to make sure you are not found, watching you get crushed hopelessly under all that garbage will be so exciting, and Vanessa will be there too to watch your ass get dumped."

With that she threw the last garbage bag into the can she moved it toward my face to smother me in it. "Eww! It’s leaking; gross." She quickly closed the lid shut.

Now I am smothered with the last bag of the night… I hope! I moved my head enough to leave enough space between my nose and bag so I don’t suffocate. I was exhausted from hard heavy breathing from being compressed among the waste. I laid my head down on the last un-compacted bag Rachel threw away. The last bag smelled a bit like her perfume, I think she is trying to torture me! This is the only thing I have left of her; temporarily. It didn’t last long before the smell was gone and once again another night in the rotting garbage and still hard from the whole experience. I wanted so bad to masturbate. I dozed off face rested higher on the bags.

[Sunday & Monday: The boyfriends POV]

I woke up not knowing what time it was or if it was morning or afternoon yet. I was sensory deprived for a long time as Rachel seemed like she had not thrown anything away yet. Maybe she was out for the day. I was so uncomfortable and almost couldn’t wait until I got dumped so I can move freely again. I heard the back door open and heard some rustling of bags. At this point I am glad to see more garbage come my way. I get to see Rachel again and get some fresh air. The rustling got closer and I could hear Rachel cursing at the bags and the sound of her throwing the bags next to the can. I could hear Rachel mutter that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Is it Monday already?

It was some time before Rachel opened the garbage can lid and it looked like late afternoon. Rachel quickly jerked her head way from the can to avoid the smell. "God thank God this shit gets taken out tomorrow its stinking up the whole back yard."

Wow it is Monday!! Almost just as quickly as she open the lid, a large black bag filled half way got thrown in covering my entire head and started to overflow. Rachel pushed down the bag with her beautiful hands. I can feel one of her hands pass over my face smothering me even more. I was grateful that she didn’t use that lid compactor again! She still had a lot of power behind her as the bag she pressed down on me hissed under the pressure of her beautiful hands. With my head almost covered Rachel paused before throwing in the second black bag.

Rachel: "Tomorrow is garbage day! You are going to get crushed into all that smelly garbage. Oh by the way I am throwing you away with your stuff too! Tomorrow is bulk pickup that will be added bonus for you. I have a special load of garbage Vanessa made for your to top off your garbage tomb. It’s disgusting preview of what’s to come!"

With that Rachel brought up the last bag and dumped the contents of the bag on top of the garbage can. It was filled full with really wet kitchen & bathroom garbage with some in smaller bags. This load almost made me gag as the garbage juice covered my face and slowly drip down to the bottom of my body. Rachel took the black bag now empty and smothered the garbage in my face and then left the loose bag over my head.

Rachel: "Now the girls and I know your ass is a piece of garbage, but if the garbage men find you they might think you are not, so now you are hidden from view ready to be dumped and crushed. This is it for you, thrown away like garbage and never thinking twice about it."

[Tuesday (Garbage Day): The boyfriends POV]

All night I thought about what will happen to me. Still compressed in my garbage tomb I relished the idea to move about and get some air. I could only hope that they would not cycle the compactor so I could enjoy my short freedom among the loose garbage. I heard some rustling outside the garbage can and could hear Rachel and Vanessa chatting outside. I could also hear my fate in the distance. The garbage truck was in the neighborhood as I could hear the roaring engine and squeaking breaks in the distance. A few minutes later I could see light through the bag covering my head, it was Vanessa!

Vanessa: "Wow Rachel that’s a lot of garbage you have!"

Rachel: "Thanks for coming over to help me take this garbage down to the curb. It’s been stinking up the back yard for over a week and can’t wait until the garbage truck takes it all away. "

It seemed like half hour of rustling near the garbage can as I can hear Rachel and Vanessa taking turns moving the garbage down to the curb. Shortly it was my turn to take the trip down to the curb. I felt the can move slightly and the lid opened as I could see sun light though the bag covering my face. Are they going to get me out? It was Vanessa looking down at me as she moved the bag covering my face to look at my pitiful self covered in Rachel’s sweet garbage. I become fond of her garbage as my last attachment to her.

Vanessa: "You hear the garbage truck? It’s close to our street and we are going to wait to take you down just as the garbage truck pulls up so they will be distracted by our sexy bodies as they dump you in the hopper. "

Vanessa looked so good dressed in only a bathing suit! I can smell her perfume and soon after Rachel showed up also dressed in her sexy suit showing her beautiful cleavage. She looked down at me and rolled her eyes in discussed, commenting "disgusting garbage… eww" under her breath.

Rachel: "Vanessa don’t give him any fresh air, I want him to suffer like the garbage he is."

Vanessa: "I wanted him to see what we look like before he is crushed in all that nasty garbage. He looks so pitiful in all that garbage, you can’t even tell he’s a person any more.

Rachel: "Ok Vanessa the garbage truck is at your house, cover that piece of garbage and let’s start rolling him down. "

Vanessa: "Ok Rachel!

I looked up at Vanessa with eyes that pleased not to throw me away! She picked up on my facial expressing and said "Oh well!" Vanessa took her beautiful hands to pull over and secure the loose garbage bag over my head and I heard the lid close and felt my tomb tilt and move. This is it!

[Rachel’s Curb Seduction & Crush]

"Vanessa I will take this last bag down so that the garbage men see me and then we will take this can down together. It’s really heavy".

I laid the last loose bag of garbage on the pile on the curb and waited for the garbage truck to arrive just down the street. The garbage truck pulled up next to our pile and that truck smelled really bad, but I still had to seduce the garbage men to help us. I noticed that the hopper was a quarter filled. I asked the one man on the back of the truck to please help me take my garbage can down. I stroked his arm gently.

"I will be glad to help!" I am sure the sexy bathing suit helped.

I walked up with him to the side of the house and there stood Vanessa trying to move the can.

"Let me get this down for you."

Vanessa was pleased… "Wow, thank you so much."

"Man this can is heavy; you got a body in here?"

Vanessa looked at me wide eyed. "No we cleaned out a lot of stuff this weekend and our freeze broke".

Vanessa and I followed him down back to the garbage truck to help throw in the garbage bags at the curb. Thank god that garbage can could be picked up with the automated arm as it was too heavy to pick up. The man hooked it up to the automated arm and I asked if I could help dump it.

"Hell yeah! That would be great!" He was eager to see our sexy asses operate the truck. "Come here I will show you how to dump the bucket."

He showed me which controls on the side of the truck to use. The can easily picked up off the ground and I slowly dumped the content over into the hopper. I could see my ex-boyfriend in the hopper covered in my gross waste now mixed with others. I shook the can until it was done dripping the garbage juices. The smell was awful. I could see him squirm a bit and then sink down into the pile awaiting the unforgiving compactor. I placed the can back on the ground and quickly started to throw in some of the bags with Vanessa covering my ex-boyfriend with what seemed like tons of garbage.

The garbage man didn’t see him among the smelly mound of garbage; he was busy looking at my breasts while throwing the bags in the hopper. The pile of smelly garbage was piled high over the edge of the hopper. He is buried under a ton of garbage now. I felt so much better. I can’t wait till the crusher compacts all that garbage and my ex boy friend.

The garbage man asked me if I wanted to learn how to compact the garbage. This was really a disgusting job, but I went this far and finally I got to crush all that helpless garbage. Of course I said sure. I let him show me the controls. This was it… let’s get rid of this fucking garbage for good I was thinking to myself! The garbage man said I was all clear to continue. The engine roared to life as I raised the compactor blade. The nasty garbage from previous cycles started to fall back into the hoper—ewe gross. I forcefully pushed the next leaver and the blade moved in over the garbage and stopped. The garbage was so high it pushed it down. I pushed down the last two levers at the same time and stood back to watch the blade compact the garbage back in the truck.

I could feel the power of the truck; it actually made me wet seeing the garbage bags slowly getting crushed. The bags whistled and popped under the pressure as the compactor swept deep in the hopper as the compactor shrieked to a halt. The edge of the blade was squishing out the garbage juice like crazy, it was so disgusting. All of that garbage was gone in one pass of the blade. It amazing to see the crushing power as the neighbors plastic play house was crushed like butter. I thanked the garbage man and they drove off to the next house.

"Well that was easy!" Vanessa said. " He’s finally gone now this is how I am going to dump my boy friend if he ever crosses me".

"Thank you for helping me Vanessa. "

[The Hopper Dump: Boy Friend’s POV]

I felt the garbage bin roll all the way down to the curb where I can hear the idling garbage truck waiting just outside. I can felt the latch attach to the bin and it seemed like several minutes pass by before the bin lifted off the ground. The bin tipped and I tumbled head first into all of the garbage piled in the hopper. I stretched out and saw Rachel at the controls as my head stuck out a bit. She was so sexy, I was so hard. I helplessly sank deeper into the garbage pile and Rachel face faded as garbage bags filled in around me covering my face. I felt like GARBGAGE dumped by my beautiful girl friend too ashamed to even move or call for help, I just gave up and accepted what I was--garbage.

I enjoyed my freedom compared to being in the bin. The garbage surrounded me as I sank. My entire bottom side dipped into garbage juice. I felt bag after bag being thrown on top of the pile that must have filled the hopper by now. It was again a minute or two before I heard the engines roar to life. I heard Rachel just before she wanted to get rid of the fucking garbage for good; Rachel is going to CRUSH me. I felt the pile shift and get heavier as probably the compacted garbage fell back onto the pile. The pile seemed to get darker as the packer blade glided over the pile. I felt the pile move again as it moved into position.

A few seconds flew by when the pile started move rapidly. The garbage bags above me started to press down harder on me the pressure building rapidly. The bags started to pop all around me squishing out the nasty content all over. The blade made it down on the pile crushing me down into the juicy pile. I could barely breathe. The blade continued on its path. The crunching sound was loud and the juices surrounded me tightly as bags everywhere slowly gave way to the relentless crushing power. The bags squealed as the smelly air released. My air was crushed out of me just like the bags as the compactor squeezes the load hard into the body of the truck. I could hear something like glass getting crushed and the hopper closed in tighter.

The packer stopped and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I felt my ribs starting to crack under the pressure. By body pressed against the neighborhood waste. This was it for me thrown away just like garbage by my girl friend Rachel. I passed out shortly as the truck drove off to the next stop only to crush another load pressing me deeper into the belly of the truck.


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