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The Progression of Things

by Terry

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My girlfriend has known for some time that I enjoy being tied up. I really enjoy the feeling of plastic next to my skin so I was able to encourage her to wrap me up with plastic food wrap. This of course leads to all sorts of fun and interesting activities. We added different routines to our extracurricular activities such as gags, cock-rings, etc. To my surprise one night, after she had wrapped me up, instead of using her panties, sock or a bag to gag me with she produced what I can only describe as a gag-dildo. Wow what a night.

After several months of wrapping me up, I asked on Saturday morning if instead of just wrapping me up for the night if she would consider wrapping me up for the day and she could come and make use of her giant wrapped toy when ever she wanted. She thought for a minute and then said, "Why not". I was not used as much as I would of liked but she really seemed to enjoy having that option and power to control when and how much sex we had.

At first she would just wrap me up and leave me in the bedroom and close the door, but she was always scared that someone might come over and discover me and think the worst of her. This came close to happening one Saturday, when her mom dropped by because she was in the neighborhood. Its a good thing it was warm out side so they had tea outside to decrease the chances of me be discovered.

So the next Saturday morning she asked if she could hide me someplace and then take me out and use her toy when the urge hit. This meant that she would not have to worry about her mom or a friend dropping by and discovering me. I really enjoyed being tied up all day so I didn’t hesitate in answering OK. Next came the task of figuring out where to hide me all wrapped up. We tried boxes for a while, but the cardboard was not strong enough and the same big box in the corner of the room empty posed too many questions during the week from guests.

So one Friday evening after raking the leaves and putting them in one of those big clear garbage bags, I said, "You know I might just fit in one of those".

So that night she wrapped me up and I wiggled into one of those big bags. There was even enough room in there to tie the bag closed.

"Well", she said, "I think we have found your hiding spot, we just need use some other color other than clear".

The next morning she went down to the local hardware, cleaning supply store and purchased a box of the largest strong black bags she could get. This Saturday instead of wrapping me up in the bedroom, we went into the laundry room and she wrapped me up there and then hid me in the big black bag. She did not tie the top of the bag closed but instead just left it open. She stood back and looked at the bag to see how it looked. To my surprise I could actually see out of the bag and see her but she could not see me. She found that interesting as well.

However, she was still not happy, she said that it did not look natural enough. So she grabbed some old laundry and stuffed it in the bag. She shoved it all the way to the bottom to hide my toes in the corner and to give the bag a more rounded look. This worked well, until she needed to do the laundry so that we would have clothes to wear for next week. The more laundry she did the more the bag looked not natural. We tried this for a couple of weeks. After a couple of months or so I was beginning to notice that I was not being used as much as I was when we first started doing this wrapping thing on Saturdays. Some ways in our relationship, she started to take on a more dominant role and myself a more submissive role.

She said that I was there for her to use when she wanted and not the other way around, that she was enjoying her new found freedom on Saturdays and would enjoy it how she felt. If I wanted to quit, well I couldn’t. She said I was her toy to do with as she pleased and that was that.

Well that Friday night she wrapped me up and we had great sex. After the sex she left me wrapped up and said, "I think I’ll start Saturdays earlier, like Friday evening." With that she went to sleep. The next morning I had to go pee, but she would not unwrap me. Instead, she unwrapped my midsection and went to the closet and pulled out a bag. She had her back to me so that I could not see what she was doing. Then she turned around and she had a giant diaper in her hands. She shoved it between my legs and actually put an adult diaper on me. Then she rewrapped me up so that I was again encased. She stated that from now on every Friday evening when I got home from work I was to put my diaper on and report for my wrapping.

By this point in time she had progressed from using plastic food wrap to using plastic wrap for wrapping pallets. She said it went faster and was stronger and cheaper than food wrap.

I asked her how I was to have sex with a diaper on.

She replied by placing the dildo gag in my mouth and then proceeding to use it. She said that is all the sex you are getting on weekends. Your job on the weekend is to pleasure me now.

The next Friday after work I reported in and put on my diaper and was promptly wrapped. I was hoping for some sex, but instead all I received was the command to get into my garbage bag. Now this was a tough job to do when you are all mummified in plastic wrap and she did not like what I looked like in the bag. So after I was in the bag, she lowered it and took out some duct tape. She looked at me and said that she wanted a more natural looking garbage bag. She took a hold of my feet and pressed them against my body and then wrapped around me in tape. This had the effect of making me more like a ball than a sitting person.

Next she pushed me over and then pulled the bag up. I had my knees on the floor and when I turned my head there must have been at least 3 feet of garbage bag above my head. She flopped the open part of the bag down so that it covered me and then she stepped back to admire her handy work. She looked down at me and said, "There, now you look like a natural garbage bag. I don’t even need to add anything to the bag, you actually look like a bag of garbage."

I asked about what would happen when my legs got sore from being in this position. She looked down at me and said that garbage bags don’t talk. With that she pulled the bag down, placed a pair of her dirty panties in my mouth and duct taped them in place. Next she gave the stern command that if I made any noise between now and Monday morning. I would be very sorry. I replied with a muffled cry.

She said, "Apparently you don’t listen like a good toy should and now you have forced me to discipline you." She said, "Not only are you not going to be used by me this weekend, but you are about to become my weekend garbage bag. And boy did you pick a bad weekend to be the weekend garbage. I am planning to clean out the fridge and freezer and the house as well."

With this being said I watched her walk away to the kitchen and then walk back with a kitchen garbage bag in her hand. She said, "Here is a taste of what is to come this weekend." And with that she didn’t just put the bag in the garbage with me, but instead turned it upside down and emptied the kitchen garbage on top of me and then threw the bag in. There she left me for the night.

The next morning she came down and said, "Now your punishment will start in full. I hope you had a chance to get used to the smell of garbage".

She was about to go to the kitchen and start cleaning out the fridge, so she grabbed my garbage bag and was about to drag it to the kitchen. But the bag was not quite strong enough for this kind of movement as I was too heavy and the bag might rip. She had never tried to move me before in a bag and so was surprised. She had shoved me around before in the garbage bag and it could take that, but she could not drag it, it was not strong enough.

She said, "I’ll have to fix this issue straight away since I don’t want to be walking back and forth so much."

With this she picked up her purse and left the house. She returned about an hour later. She came in the house and said with a smile, "I hope you like your new home for the weekend. It just about cost me $100 so you had better enjoy it."

With that she disappeared and I could hear some rattling getting louder until it stopped at the door. There was some clunking and then she appeared with a giant wheeled plastic garbage bin. She opened the lid and then came over to me and tried to lift me up. Again I was a heavy and awkward load so she was not able to lift me. She stood back and thought for a second then she walked over to the garbage bin, tipped it on its side with the wheels down. Next she pushed me over to the opening and began pushing me into the garbage container. Once in the neck of the container she tried to lift it with me in but I was still too heavy, so she sat down and with her feet pushed me to the bottom of the container. Once again she tried to lift, and this time it was surprisingly easy.

"Wow", she said, "that was really easy. Just need to remember to shove my garbage all the way to the bottom before lifting. Cool!"

With me at the bottom and the container upright, she reached down and grabbed the garbage bag and began unfolding it so that she could wrap it around the lip of the container. I was surprised that I fit in the container, however she said that she had asked the guy at the cleaning supply store for a big wheeled container that would fit this large garbage bag and he happen to have one in stock so she bought it.

When she looked down at me, she noticed that the kitchen garbage that she had thrown in last night was all smooshed and mashed on me from all the pushing she had done. She looked down at me and said, "This is all your fault. If you had listened and obeyed my first command I would not have to have purchased your new home. You cost me $100 today and I am going to make you sorry you disobeyed me. You will never disobey me again."

With that she wheeled me into the kitchen and began cleaning out the fridge. The old food and jars were cold on my skin but at least they didn’t stink, yet. After completely covering me with fridge garbage she moved me back to the freezer. Next she started to go through the freezer cleaning out all the meat that was older than one year old. This was heavy and really cold and made me appreciate the fridge food on top of me as a barrier.

Next she moved to the bathroom and the rest of the house cleaning it all up and throwing it out on top of me. By the time she was done the garbage was about 2/3 full. She said that I was beginning to stink and that the house was no place for stinky garbage. I had to agree that the garbage was beginning to stink but I found the last part stimulating. I liked the idea of hiding and people not knowing I was there. This had been incorporated into my sexual identity over the past few months of hiding. One thing is that I had never, ever hid in public view and I found the thought of this exciting.

She said, "I don’t want you to get too cold and so I am going to give you some sun out back by the garage where the garbage belongs. Who knows maybe some homeless person will like you and put you in their cart she teased." With that she said, "I hope you have learned your lesson because if anyone hears and lets you out, you will have no idea of the wrath that I won’t pour out on you. SO keep quiet or else!"

With that she started wheeling me out back. I couldn’t hear anything because of the noise of the cart rattling, but I heard her say “hello” to someone in the most pleasant voice. The cart came to a stop by what I assumed was the garbage bin in the back alley. I now heard the voice of the neighbor guy across the back alley chatting with my girl friend.

"Wow that’s a big garbage cart. What do you need something like that for?" he asked.

"Well I am cleaning out my house, fridge and freezer today and the garbage bag just would not hold the weight to I bought this big heavy garbage bin. Besides I thought I could put a weeks worth of regular garbage in here and keep the rats out."

"Great idea, where did you get it?" he asked.

"Down at Herb’s on 24th Street", she replied. "So what are you up to today?" she asked.

"Me, kind of like you just cleaning out my garage. Its amazing the junk you collect over the years. My wife said she is sick of the mess and I have to clean it out today." he said. "You know that the garbage men won’t pick up your garbage if it is too heavy, and from the looks of it that is too heavy."

"Yea I know its all this old thawing meat. My boyfriend will have to take it to the dump later on this weekend. Well have fun. I need to go get some new groceries before the stores close so that we can eat now that I have gotten rid of everything. Have a good day" she said and with that she tapped the lid of the garbage to let me know she was still thinking about me and then I heard her walk away.

I was left out in the sun and the container was starting to warm up on the sides but the garbage from the fridge and freezer was keeping me cool, however I did notice the meat starting to thaw as blood was starting to drip down from the meat. I noticed that it was now quiet and the birds were chirping and I could hear the neighbor working at cleaning out his garage. After about 2 hours of the neighbor cleaning his garage and piling it garbage in the alley, I could hear his wife coming to check in on his progress.

Here have a glass of ice tea. Where is your hat? You aren’t going to leave that mess out there are you?" she said

"No dear, I’m done cleaning in there for today, I’ll bring the ½ ton around and load it up and take it out to the dump" he said.

"You call that clean, good Lord you’re a messy man", she replied. "Well its your domain and if that’s clean enough for you it will do for now", she stated. "Supper is in 2 hours so make sure your back from the dump by then, and don’t leave any mess back here I want it nice and neat and I don’t need some neighbors kid stepping on anything that might hurt him".

"Yes dear", he replied in a humble way.

I thought to myself, and I thought I had it bad. Wait a minute, I’m tied up in the bottom of a giant garbage bag with rotting meat and garbage. Yet I found my self turned on by the fact that the next door neighbors had no clue that I was in the garbage.

"Why do the neighbors need such a large garbage bin for? This young generation just buys what ever they fancy, no respect for money or the environment", the neighbors wife stated.

"Actually, she was cleaning out her freezer and it was too much for a garbage bag so she bought a big bin to hold the heavy garbage so the bag wouldn’t break. The dumb boyfriend has to take it to the dump later this weekend since the garbage me won’t lift if cause its too heavy", stated the husband.

"How do you know its too heavy did you lift it?" stated the wife.

"No, a man can tell just by the way it looks and the how hard she had to push it to get it out there" he said.

"You should do the neighborly thing and take it out to the dump with you and save them a trip" she said.

"Yea I guess your right", he said. "Well I had better bring the truck around and get this stuff loaded if I’m to be back here by supper."

With that I heard them walk away. I was wondering if he was really going to take me out to the dump? Na, he didn’t sound like he was all that interested. After a few moments I could hear the sound of a truck coming down the back alley. It was easy to tell it was the neighbors since it had absolutely no muffler and was loud. He stopped the truck at what sounded like his garage and I heard him get out and begin loading the garbage into the back of his truck. After about 15 minutes of loading I heard him get in his truck and start it up. Thank god I thought, I was hoping that he wouldn’t take me to the dump. The truck was just passing the bin and the muffler was right by the bin when it stopped. I heard the door shut and then a few seconds later and felt the garbage bin starting to move. I really started to get worried now, he was going to take me to the dump. I started to make a noise but the panty gag muffled my cries along with the noise of the muffler. I heard the tail gate of the truck bang down and then felt him trying to lift me into the truck. He stopped trying to lift me and I could hear him swear, "How much shit did she put in here." With that I felt the lid come off and heard the noise of some garbage being moved. He stopped moving some of the garbage when his wife yelled at him.

"Frank what the hell are you doing? Just load the damn thing up and take it to the garbage, don’t snoop" she yelled.

"This damn thing is over ½ full of rotting meat, it must weigh 200 pounds" he replied.

"Well it’s a good thing your taking it cause that scrawny kid would never be able to lift it. Now get going." she said.

With that I heard him climb up on the tail gate, because of the squeaky truck springs and felt him beginning to lift me. He grunted once or twice but was able to get me loaded in the back of the truck. Shoved into the corner, he slammed the tailgate against me and went back to the truck and started driving away. After about 10 minutes of driving in the city we hit the highway and traveled for another 10 or so minutes. I felt the truck slow down and turn on a gravel road for about 30 seconds and then come to a stop. I heard the truck door open and then a minute later close again.

The truck started up again, this time on gravel going up a hill. After about 2 minutes of bouncing around the truck stopped and then backed up for a second and then stopped. I was hoping he would turn the truck off but for some reason he never did. I was screaming, but he could not hear me over the truck and because of the gag.

I felt the tail gate open and felt him climb into the back of the truck. There he opened the lid and unwrapped the garbage bag from the container. He tied a loose knot and then pushed the container over onto the tail gate of the truck. He lifted up the end of the garbage bin and I slid out and landed on the ground with a thud. Next I heard him starting to clean out the rest of the junk from his truck. He was quick and was throwing the junk into a pile, however most of it was missing me except for the odd piece. I was actually thank full, cause from the sound of the stuff he was throwing it was heavy.

After about 5 minutes of unloading I heard him stop throwing stuff, climb out of the truck, put the tailgate up and then drive off. That was it, I was actually thrown out in the garbage dump. I was horny as hell, yet at the same time scared. Was I going to die out here?

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of another truck driving up and then backing up. It backed up right in front of me and I thought that it was going to drive right over me. It stopped but did not turn off its engine. To boot, it was playing country music on the radio loud. I could hear the sound of both doors open and the sound of a couple of women laughing and chatting. I was lying there trying to scream when I felt one of them step on me and then climb into the truck. Next I felt the soft thud of garbage bags hitting me. They were piling up garbage on me. From the weight of the bags I would have to say that they were leaf bags, but the more they threw the heavier the pile became. After a minute they stopped and I once again felt the weight of one girl walking on me then the other and they climbed out of the back of their truck and drove off.

Everything was quiet for about a ½ hour, then I heard the sound of a larger truck, kind of like a dump truck. Oh my God, I thought. Please miss me. But fortune was not with me today. And all because I did not obey. I heard the truck drive right to me and then I heard the air-brakes stop. I could get lucky it might miss me. Then I heard the dump box engage and begin to lift. I could hear the sound of material, moving. It wasn’t dirt, wood or trees, but kind of sounded like shingles rubbing on each other. I heard them starting to hit the garbage bags of leaves that I was buried in, then the whole load just let loose and fell on my garbage pile. The weight was immediate and oppressive, and I knew that nobody would find me here. I was going to die here in the dump and no one would ever know.

For the rest of the day, garbage continued to get dumped, but no more on me. I could hear the dumping getting further and further away from me. I could not hear the sounds of any of the giant garbage compactor bulldozers for which I was thank full. For that sound would be the sound of me being squished and then buried in garbage and dirt. I realize that this was the weekend and that I would not get compacted till Monday. There was hope that someone who picked threw the garbage might discover me. It was all I had.

My girlfriend returned home from shopping and unpacked the groceries and made herself some supper. After supper she brought out more garbage to dump on me, or so she thought. As she came closer to the bin she noticed that someone had moved it. With that she smiled and thought I hope he was quiet. She opened the lid to see the empty container. She stood there dumbfounded for a moment. The neighbor was out back and saw her looking in the container and said, "I thought you would be happy. I had to take a load out to the dump anyways and thought I would save you guys a trip. Have a nice weekend." And with that he left.

"Oh my god, he’s dead. Well I should go look for him, he might still be alive. But if he’s not I had better pack up all his things".

With this she packed up all his belongings into the big bags and made an early evening trip out to the dump herself. She thought, 'if I can’t find him, he won’t need this stuff either.' After an hour of trying to find me she gave up and threw out all my stuff. Little did she know that at one point she was standing on my pile, just that she couldn’t hear me.

"Guess I need to find another toy now", she said and she threw out the last of my belongings.

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