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Pranked by my Boyfriend

by Stu & Trash Girl

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© Copyright 2017 - Stu & Trash Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; mast; fantasy; caught; M/f; bond; cuffs; belt; balltie; trashbags; garbage; messy; bagged; trashcan; encased; kerbside; truck; collection; transport; landfill; sex; climax; cons; X

Trashgirl spent many a day dreaming of being dominated, her boyfriend Paul was only acutely aware of some of her darker desires. Although they had a very active sex life there was always something missing for trashgirl. She had became aware of trash play via gromet's website and was more than an avid visitor.

She had read every story at least ten times concentrating on the bondage and disposal of many beautiful women. Many a night she had sneaked out of bed and away to the toilet, Paul slept peacefully as she pleasured herself quietly thinking of those strong black trash bags she had hidden away under the sink.

She had many times tied herself into a ball tie, using her leather cuffs on her ankles and wrists after installing the large red ball gag, her wet sex filled with her rampant rabbit vibrator pulsing away bringing her to multiple orgasms inside her trash bag. As the air slowly thinned her breath became ragged as she neared climax. She panted as the black plastic clung to her skin as she imagined being bound by Paul and trashed with the common household garbage and dumped into their wheeled bin ready for the trash collection.

Paul had woken one night and noticed his gorgeous girlfriend missing and heard soft moans from the living room. He quietly tip-toed to the doorway watching as his girlfriend read some text on her laptop screen whilst her finger had disappeared within her night gown. Her head rocked from side to side as the moans grew steadily louder. She bit her lip to stop from crying out, fearful of waking Paul unbeknown to her he was watching, now stroking his engorged manhood. Small beads of perspiration glistened on her neck as she neared a trembling orgasm.

Paul had no idea what she was reading but whatever it was it made his girlfriend very horny indeed, whatever it was he needed to find out and some investigation was needed. He quickly retreated back to the bedroom and pretended to be asleep as Trashgirl slipped back between the sheets beside him. She reached round Paul give him a cuddle and felt his hardness.

Still horny she quickly stroked him to full erection as he pretended to stir and traced a line down her toned stomach towards her already moist sex. She quickly climbed aboard and slid down onto his member and rode him to a huge climax.

The next morning trashgirl had woke up early for work getting dressed, and slipping out leaving Paul sleeping soundly. When Paul did wake he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and donned his dressing gown before heading into the lounge, he sat down at Trash girls laptop and booted it into life. It took a little digging but Paul found many stories relating to trash and this lead him to trashcan stories. He noticed not only had she visited the site regularly but had become the moderator on our beloved forum.

He sat for maybe an hour or two reading stories as he hatched a plan. Now at first he was shocked but after reading several more stories and remembering trash girl sneaking away just hours before he realised it’s something he needed to explore more of.

Trashgirl had returned from work in the early afternoon and Paul had made some calls and started to devise a plan. Paul knew that Trashgirl had some vacation timecoming and it would be perfect time to put his plan in action.

* * *

Paul purposely made a mess of the flat over the coming days knowing that the trash would build up, He complained many times to trashgirl saying she should clean up more, that the flat was dirty and disgusting but every time trashgirl attempted to clean up he would distract her and lead her away to the bedroom.

"Right I'm sick of this mess in here, if you’re not careful I'll clean up myself and throw everything useless thing I can find away in the trash!", Paul watched carefully as he made his statement and saw trashgirls face become flushed with excitement before averting her gaze.

Trashgirl almost pounced on her boyfriend there and then dragging him to the bedroom.

The next morning Paul came into the bedroom with trashgirl's hidden bondage toys, "What do we have here?" Trashgirl shyly hid her, face as Paul held up the various straps, gags and sex toys.

"You should have told me about this" Paul stated with a stern look on his face, "Arms behind your back now!"

Trash girl quickly protested but rolled over all the same as he quickly cuffed her hands behind her back, again trashgirl tried to beg or plead but Paul knew this was exactly what she wanted and forced her ball gag into her mouth strapping it behind her head.

He rolled her back onto her arms and secured her ankles together after removing her wet panties. Seeing how wet she already was Paul picked up one of her toys from her secret collection before inserting her largest toy with ease. He calmly turning on the vibrator before leaving again.

He returned seconds later with trashgirl's roll of large industrial garbage sacks, she immediately began to moan and squirm at the very sight but still not expecting what was to happen.

"My these bags are huge and strong, I could even fit you in one of these!" as trash girls moans got rapidly louder.

"Sounds like you would enjoy that babes but only disgusting trash goes in the bag," she slumped slightly in bonds.

"Tell me would you like that? Do you want to go in the trash bag with all the disgusting rubbish I want rid of?" Her moans again escalated quickly.

Paul opened one of the large bags before looking at trashgirl nearing climax, he quickly removed her vibrator, "Now trash doesn't deserve satisfaction after all its useless".

Paul removed his belt and trashgirl feared the worst but he wrapped it round her wrists and folded her legs up to her chest before buckling the belt closed. He reinforced this with some strong tape and used it to transform her hands to useless mittens.

He fluffed open one of the large bags before opening a second one, folding one inside another as he'd read in the stories, he slowly slipped the bags up over his bound girlfriends body as she closed her eyes taking in every second. Paul quickly pulled the bags up over his prone girlfriend as she wriggled away settling in the bottom.

Trashgirl was only 5 ft 2" and nestled easily in the bottom with plenty of room above her, her puppy dog eyes nearly swayed Paul as he looked down upon her. "Right lets get this place tidied up at long last, time to get rid of all the useless trash in here".

Trashgirl had no idea what had got into Paul, did he know what she like? Where would he stop? Was he really getting rid of me? Tears began to form in her eyes as the first garbage landed directly on top her. First the kitchen bin was emptied directly on to his girlfriend, left over food, coffee grinds and wet tissues. This made Paul feel slightly happier as he could no longer see trashgirl under the debris, he swiftly retrieved the bathroom bin which included used condoms and snotty tissues.

"Good job these bags are so strong and huge, there's plenty of room for more!" as he pushed the trash down onto Trashgirl. She could no longer see anything but garbage above her, juices and liquids dripped down her prone form, seeping into every crevice.

Paul busied himself walking back and forth until the bag was full, he deftly tied both bags and tested the knot. "Well time to start a new bag I think", as he continued his cleaning spree. Trash girls original bag still lay there slowly moving and softly moaning but unless you studied it you would never know. He slid trashgirl's bag into the corner of the kitchen before adding 3 extra bags to her pile.

"Time for food", he commented as she heard various equipment clicking on and off as the smell of food filled the kitchen. Trashgirls stomach rumbled away having not eaten today, she heard the scraping of plates and the splat of the waste food hit the bag above.

The silence almost echo'd as the kitchen fell silent; she could hear his favorite football show on in the front room. A few times she heard Paul enter and leave without a word, a knock at the door made trashgirl jump.

A female voice entered and flirted with Paul barely mentioning trashgirls existence much to her dismay, "Fancy our neighbour inviting me for a drink? Just got to dump this trash first though." as she felt the weight above ease. The door opened and closed, Paul padded back into the kitchen lifting trashgirls bag with relative ease and carried the bag towards the door.

"Looks a little full so I’ll put you half way down the bin, don't want you getting cold.... not that it matters".

He placed her into the bin before adding 3 bags above and pushing the lid closed. "Oh I forgot they're collecting the trash early for the holidays so you won’t have long to wait".

At this point Trashgirl neared orgasm without any stimulation, just the mere thought and many wet dreams coming true, unfortunately after climax reality set in and she screamed, cried and sobbed trying to plead for mercy but Paul had already gone.

Fifteen minutes later she heard a heavy diesel engine rumbling along as it edged towards trashgirls bin.

Her bin rocked onto its wheeled as the worker fitted the bin to the truck. The hydraulics whined as the bin was emptied into the back, Paul looked into the rear loader but there was just a mass of black plastic, none looked any different to one another.

Trashgirl tried to wriggle, squirm and stretch out but it did nothing but make her sink into the pile.

Paul jumped into the cab with his school pal unknown to trashgirl, as they headed through the remaining street en route to the landfill trashgirl was still bucking and wriggling but only managing to smear the trash into her skin, She now figured her escape was fruitless and tried to reach a further climax before the inevitable happened.

The truck neared its destination as Paul and his friend watched the camera in the cab watching the bags slowly moving around but still no idea which was which.

Trashgirl heard the truck stop then reversing beacons sound as it plodded backwards towards the landfill bank before the trash behind all started to move forward pushing into her bag, she landed with undignified bump as the following bags landed in and around her. Trashgirl now figured her time was up and she was being buried, suddenly light flooded in and Paul's hands tore through the strong bag which imprisoned her. Tears, shock quickly followed by anger and relief. He released her bonds and she jumped up trying to slap him before pushing him backwards as they landed in the huge pile of garbage. She kissed him passionately before slipping his jeans down and mounting him there and then amongst the household waste............

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