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The Porn Shoot

by DumpsterLife

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Storycodes: Solo-F; actress; filmset; M+/f; naked; bond; tape; gag; dumpster; trashbags; discovery; oral; sex; climax; accident; truck; collection; messy; compacted; landfill; rescue; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

For the third month running Gemma was short on her rent and in desperate need of some money. Her part time job at the supermarket wasn't enough to cover the bills, so Gemma often found herself acting in porn films to gain some extra money. She had been involved in nine films in the past so this idea was nothing new to her. In fairness the films paid her well, and it looked like she was going to have to find film number ten to get through her bills for the next few months.

Gemma started browsing for actress roles on "Vic's Vibes". A man named Victor owned the company and directed the majority of films that would end up on the website. Gemma always got on well with Victor, and he was always happy to welcome her back. Unfortunately for today, her search options were limited. There was only one actress role available at this current moment. Gemma opened the solitary link, which was titled "Fun in the Bin". The description read:

"Homeless Hank is still struggling after returning from the army. One day he searches the bins to find a sexy babe, Trashy Taylor tied up inside! Fun ensues."

"Actress needed: Preferably blonde and big breasted, but not essential. Actions include intercourse and oral (both ways). Must provide clean STI test dated from maximum one month of application."

Gemma matched all the requirements including the "preferred" blonde and big breasted part. There was nothing appealing about filming a porn scene in a bin, but her landlord was getting more and more frustrated about her struggles to make payment. After checking the pay packet for the shoot, Gemma was satisfied that this would clear all of her debts and help to top up her supermarket pay for a few months as well. It had to be done. Gemma received a phone call the next day saying her application was a success and that she would need to be available on Tuesday next week.

Tuesday came round and Gemma had arrived at the studios. Victor was waiting at the front door for her.

"Welcome back Gem! Good to see you!" he said, delighted.

"Hi Vic! How are you?" replied Gemma. They exchanged pleasantries, and then Gemma made her way to hair and make up.

Once complete, Gemma found Victor still hanging around outside. "Hi Vic, all done. Where's the shoot taking place?" she asked.

"Out here Gem!" he replied.

"Where?" Gemma queried, confused.

"Well, in there Gem!" Victor pointed to the three red, metal 1100L bins stood outside of the building.

"Wait! What?" said Gemma concerned.

"Got to keep it realistic! Those bins contain trash from the studios that have accumulated over the past few days. Realism is key to a good film Gem."

"But those are your actual bins! When were they last cleaned?" Gemma wasn't liking this at all.

"Realism Gem! The more realistic a film, the better experience for the audience. Now let's crack on! Pick a bin, then we will get you tied up."

Gemma was regretting this. She really needed the money though. With reluctance she peered into the first bin. Shiny black binbags lay inside. The smell was less than pleasant. Unfortunately upon opening the other bins they also contained black binbags containing real trash. Surely they could have just filled one bin up with black binbags containing paper or clothes or something similar? Who's going to be able to tell it isn't actual trash? Sigh... just think of the money. Gemma stated she would go into the third bin. A couple of crew members stripped her naked. Then she was bound with tape. Her ankles were bound and her legs were taped up to her body. Her hands were bound behind her back. Her mouth was taped shut too. Once the job was complete, she was lifted up and thrown into the bin. Gemma landed with a thud onto the black trash bags inside.

It could have smelled worse in truth. Gemma couldn't help but feel degraded at casually being tossed in the trash. The lid was left open to allow some daylight for Gemma while the final preparations were being made. Still, it wasn't exactly the type of porno she was hoping to be involved in. But apparently some people would find this exciting and that was what the porn industry was all about. While she was waiting inside the bin a man approached the container and spoke to her.

"Hi Gemma, I'm Blake. I'm playing Hank." Gemma muffled but was unable to give a decent response due to her taped mouth. "Even inside a bin you look sexy, always love a blonde girl with straightened hair!" Blake said smiling. Gemma tried smiling back but it was hopeless. Blake seemed friendly and for someone playing a homeless man, he was quite attractive. "I know it's not the nicest of settings, but I'll try make it as pleasurable as possible for you!" Blake smiled once more before walking away. This eased Gemma's worries somewhat. It was always a better experience when filming alongside a partner who was keen to pleasure you properly, instead of those who made half-assed attempts of it.

Soon it was time to film. Blake took his place as "Homeless Hank". He began to look into the two bins that didn't contain Gemma. After a minute of looking through both bins, he opened the third bin. Of course inside was Gemma, but now she was "Trashy Taylor". Hank climbed into the bin and undid all the bounds of the woman inside. As the script stated, they began kissing. Taylor reached out for Hank's cock and began to rub it as they kissed, making sure they were positioned as such for the camera to see. He then moved his hand towards Taylor's vagina and had a playaround.

Next up was the blowjob scene. Taylor was sat up, waist high in black trash bags, her legs completely buried in the trash. Hank was on his knees. Taylor began to suck Hank's cock. In truth Gemma had actually forgotten about being inside a bin, and she enjoyed performing oral sex on Blake/Hank. His penis was a nice shape for sucking on too. Hank followed his script and as he came close to ejaculation, he slowly pulled out of Taylor's mouth. He began to masturbate and before long he was firing his cum all over Taylor's big breasts as she was still sat waist high in the garbage.

After a very short break, the next scene involved lying Taylor on the trash bags as Hank licked her pussy, and in truth he was a pro. Taylor made the most of the sound effects as she "ohhhhhed" and "ahhhhhed" at the pleasure. Soon enough Hank placed his hard-again cock inside Taylor's vagina. She was genuinely enjoying it and the orgasm she was told to "fake if needed" was definitely real as were her sound effects. Hank hit orgasm soon after as well.

Victor was delighted. "Cut! Brilliant stuff! Happy with most of what we have. I've just thought of a new idea for the beginning though. Can we get Taylor tied up again? Hank, come with me, I'll explain what I have in mind."

Blake looked at Gemma as he climbed off her. "This may not be the sexiest of settings but I'm enjoying my time with you!" he said as Gemma blushed. "I want to take you out for dinner this weekend" he added in a whisper. Gemma's heart skipped a beat.

"Hank, hurry up!"

Gemma was cleaned up as this was a scene for the beginning of the film. The crew quickly re-straightened her hair and re-done her make up. Once sorted, she was tied up again and placed back inside the bin. Satisfied with their work, the remaining crew went inside for a coffee. Gemma had enjoyed her time with Blake so much she barely remembered she was spending time inside a bin. Some of the men she had worked with previously weren't very interested in keeping her happy or giving her genuine pleasure, but Blake was making a real effort to pleasure her and to take care of her. There seemed to be a real connection between Blake and Gemma, both in acting these scenes and in the short time they knew each other.

Unfortunately Gemma was soon given a reminder of her current location. Without warning a black trash bag landed with a thud next to her. Another trash bag flew in, hitting off the metal wall of the bin. A third binbag landed straight on top of her, and then another couple of binbags were launched inwards, covering the woman inside. Mouth taped up, Gemma was unable to complain at the cleaner. Matters weren't helped when the lid was shut, plunging Gemma in trashy darkness. Unable to move, Gemma had to accept these trash bags would stay on top of her for the time being. It was probably an accident, extra trash would go against continuity with other parts of the film already complete.

The reality came back of where she was though, inside the studio's bins. It's almost as if she was just another piece of trash. Any little movement she made caused the trash bags to rustle. The feeling of degradation came back, having trash bags tossed in on you made it feel like she actually belonged there. Like she was just garbage. But then her character was "Trashy Taylor". Gemma's thoughts took a turn for the worse as she realised that inside these bags would be waste like condoms, sex toys and other things like the food hall waste. Gross gross gross! At least the shoot was nearly done now. And maybe it was purely worth it because Blake seemed to take a liking to her!

Her process of thought took a sudden distraction. The sudden sound of a truck engine grew louder and louder. "What the fuck is that?" wondered Gemma. It sounded like the truck had stopped nearby. Her bin was suddenly moved and wheeled away. "What the fuck is going on?" she thought, panicking now. Then she heard the sound of two metal arms clasping onto the bin.! This wasn't in the script!

Without warning the 1100L bin was hoisted upwards. The trash bags around Gemma rocked as the bin moved upwards. The bin started to tip over. Light appeared as the lid flew open. Suddenly the trash bags, and of course Gemma hurtled towards none other than the garbage truck hopper. The trash bags that had been above her softened her fall, but the rest of the black binbags landed directly on top of her and also around her. She could just about see the empty bin return to the ground. Tied up with a taped mouth, Gemma could do nothing to gain the attentions of the garbage man. This can't be happening!

The unfortunate and naked actress then heard the mechanisms click into gear. Totally helpless, Gemma knew what was coming. Her screams were unheard past the tape on her mouth. Down the packer blade came, and with ease the trash including Gemma was brought inside the garbage truck. Gemma heard the next bin being emptied. The packer blade entered motion mode again, and Gemma slid downwards a little, back towards the hopper. The blade returned with more trash, and Gemma was pushed a bit deeper inside the garbage truck. The third bin was emptied, and again Gemma was pushed further inside. Once the final bin was cleared of waste the truck drove off. Gemma had no idea if this was the "thought" Victor had, or a complete accident. Maybe he wanted to ask her but expected a no, so sprung it as a surprise? Gemma wasn't overly happy with this, the smell inside was not inviting, and she didn't appreciate her naked body being covered in trash bags. She definitely didn't appreciate being inside a garbage truck!

As the crew returned to the set Victor and Blake opened up the third bin to check on Gemma. However, the bin was empty. The two men looked at each other, concerned. They checked the other two bins. Empty as well.

"Todd, here now!" demanded Victor as he called his Runner. "When is garbage collection?"

"Tuesday boss, so today" responded the young Runner.

Victor looked round to his assistant. "Raz, she's gone. The bins are empty. Why the fuck did you suggest the actual collection day for this shoot?"

"Umm, well boss, you wanted the bins to contain trash and this day would have had the most" replied Raz sheepishly.

"You could have at least called the garbage company to skip pickup today then! Gemma's been collected for fuck sake!"

"Wait, so she's-"

"In the garbage truck, yes!" shouted Victor angrily. Over the years he had always aimed to keep his staff safe and happy. But now an actress in his care was inside a garbage truck's body, as if she were just another piece of trash.

Meanwhile, the actress in question started to believe this wasn't in the plans as the garbage truck stopped and another bin was emptied. Another scoop of trash came up and pushed her further back, but it was starting to tighten up now. Gemma was not enjoying the feel of garbage being tight on her body. She was desperately trying to distract herself from the thoughts of what trash could be in here with her. The next stop had a few bins needing emptied. Gemma heard the constant sound of garbage landing in the hopper, always followed by the packer blade bringing the garbage inside. Each compaction was making things more and more uncomfortable for the helpless actress. The fourth bin in this location was cleared out. The blade did its work and brought the trash into the body. Finally, the compaction was too much and the garbage bags around Gemma started to give way. She felt something leak onto her naked body, something cold and wet around her legs.

The fifth bin was emptied and it got worse still as the leak flowed faster, the cold, wet feeling on her legs increased and some unknown loose trash was squeezed into her head. Some of the smells that had been partly contained by the surrounding garbage bags had now escaped and poor Gemma couldn't do a thing about it. The trashing she was receiving led her to start believing this was deliberate, perhaps to avoid paying her? Why would they plan this shoot on collection day? It made no sense. Where will she end up? Where does trash go? Is she going to become the permanent Trashy Taylor? Her situation got worse with every binful of trash that joined her. The surrounding garbage squished into her more and more, and she had no idea what exactly was being pressed into her due to the darkness inside. Maybe that was for the best. It was all yucky and squishy though and some of it felt wet. She was truly part of the garbage inside now. It felt like it would never end, the bins being emptied, the compactions that followed.

One hour after Gemma had been dumped into the garbage truck, she heard something going on at the hopper end, as if part of the truck was opening up. Next thing she knew, she was being pushed from behind. Pushed along, pushed along, and then suddenly she felt the garbage underneath her give way and she fell out of the garbage truck. Some of the rubbish landed on top of her as the truck slowly moved forward. Still surrounded by garbage, she had no idea where she was. Once the truck was fully empty, Gemma heard the truck leave. Then...

"Gem! Where are you?" It was Victor.

"Gemma! We are here!" Blake was here too. After a couple of minutes of sifting through garbage they found Gemma, still tied up and mouth taped. They undone her bounds, removed the tape and both men hugged her tight, not a care in the world that they were still amongst the trash, or that Gemma was covered in all sorts of undesirable items. Gemma hugged back, relieved she was safe. The reactions of the two males told her this journey was not supposed to have happened.

Still hugging, Victor spoke up. "We are in a private area of the transfer station. There's a shower nearby, we can get you cleaned up. I'm so sorry Gem. I should have taken more control over this. I left it in the hands of Raz and he didn't bother to mention it was collection day. I would never have deliberately allowed this to happen to you. Please forgive me!"

Blake spoke up too. "Honestly Gemma, Vic tore into Raz big time when he found out. Gave him hell. He's been worried about you the whole time. When he rang up the waste company to alert them to your situation, they said collection was nearly finished so they might finish the route and bring you here. Vic demanded they release you there and then but they refused."

Gemma looked at both men, and just hugged them again. They helped her up and for the first time she could see what covered her body. Food scrapings, napkins, plastic packaging and even a condom which had likely come from the studio trash bags she was dumped with. Gemma took one look at the men. "Shower, please, now!" The two males didn't hesitate and rushed her as quickly as they could to the shower in the transfer station.

"I'll give you extra pay over this, I promise!" said Victor.

"Too right you will!" replied Gemma. With a cheeky smile, she added "You can pay for mine and Blake's date night too!"



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