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Polythene Limbo

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2019 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; voy; discovery; video; mast; F+/m; naked; outdoors; machine; wrap; plastic; haybale; store; stuck; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
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Part 5: Krissy makes a Discovery

Krissy suspected that her sister Michele might forget to erase the internet history off her computer. 

Being nosey, and intrigued at what images had been so potent as to get her sister into such a sweat; Krissy was determined to find out what the film was.

But being on a busy, working farm, made Krissy's investigation work far more difficult.

There was hardly a moment that Krissy was left alone, without her sister or her mom, or both of them being present.

She could hardly be caught snooping in her sister's bedroom looking through her personal computer, Krissy thought.

If Michele caught her, there would be hell to pay. If her mom caught her, it might be even worse.

Neither her sister nor her mom, were the forgiving type, as they both had a very wide mean streak.

It was clear that Michele was not going to divulge what the film was about. Perhaps she was ashamed of the content, Krissy concluded. Was it lesbian ?  Krissy wondered.

Never in her wildest dreams did Krissy imagine it was a video that her mom had made, as she and Michele had sent her mom's ex-boyfriend through a working hay bale wrapper, as if the poor chap was treated just as if he was silage to be wrapped. 

Nor did Krissy know that the latest batch of shiny black polythene wrap, was breathable, and indeed, I was not only still alive, but I was still masturbating like crazy, sealed inside my tight black polythene wrapping that hugged the contours of my naked body, and held me there.  

I had also given up thinking about rescue. Michele and her mom, had placed me at the far end of the field, and I was now trapped with hundreds of identical black polythene wrapped grass bales, waiting to become silage for hungry diary cows.

So Krissy knew of no urgency to rescue me, or indeed that I needed to be rescued in the first place.

Inside my tight wrappings, I was trust up good and proper. It was all well and good being bale wrapped, but now I had to live with the consequences. I was totally immobilised, apart from slight motions of my hand on my cock. Thankfully !   But my legs were numb, my back was stretched and hurting, and my feet, knees, hips, and face were bruised from being passed around the wrapper and crushed against the farm machinery and heavy bale of grass.

It was also very hot sealed inside polythene. But at least that provided a salty drink, as I licked the sweat that dropped off me.  What I had not realised is that the witch of a former girlfriend had ceased my need for food, drink, peeing and pooing whilst I was confined, for she anticipated that I would be there for several months and she wanted me kept alive.

Meanwhile both Michele and her mom, ignored me. I was just a grass bale for silage now. That was my fate. They had no reason to check up on me, other than curiosity to gloat at my suffering. But to acknowledge my presence would be to arouse suspicion to their activities; so both women ignored me.

Krissy still had not found out, because she had no opportunity to do so. Her mom was keen to keep her innocent daughter, busy so she would have no time to look. Not that Krissy suspected my disappearance or where I was.

Michele had told her mom about the fact that Krissy had almost stumbled into her bedroom and caught her 'red handed' so to speak, pleasuring herself whilst watching a film of me being processed alive in the bale wrapper.

Her mom had told Michele to be discreet, which was ironic, because it was actually the mom that inadvertently gave away part of the secret.

One night, Krissy thought that she could hear her mom pleasuring herself, and from the faint glow in her room, it appeared that she was watching an erotic video.

Krissy crept out of bed, and down the hallway. Her sister, Michele, was fast asleep and snoring her head off, for she liked to sleep, laying on her back.

Indeed it was the loud snoring, that permitted their mom to think that everyone was asleep, including her other daughter, Krissy.

But Krissy was not asleep.

Krissy approached her mom's bedroom stealthily, trying her best not to be discovered.

The door to her mom's room was slightly ajar, and Krissy peered through the gap between the door and the frame.

What Krissy saw was her mom laying on her back. Her pussy in one hand and her laptop computer in the other. The screen was pointed towards her mom, so Krissy was unable to see what her mom was watching.

Unable to see, Krissy listened intently, trying to make out the sound of the video, against the backdrop of Michele's snoring in the adjacent bedroom.

Krissy could here machinery.

The sound seemed familiar to Krissy. But where had she heard it before ?

It was like farm machinery, thought Krissy, which she thought made no sense, as why would her mom be getting off listening and watching that ?

The video came to its end, and her mom pressed the replay button, and it started showing again.

Her mom's other hand was getting more and more busy with her pussy, as she was slowly reaching her climax.

Then Krissy heard what sounded like her mom's voice on the video.

"Now don't be shy."
"You love polythene and this machine wraps things in polythene !"
"Michele set the wrapper for 30 layers !
"Now the good thing is the manufacturers of the polythene silage wrap claim their product if breathable, so the silage does not go mouldy. So technically, you could be plastic wrapped and still be able to breathe. Do you want to try ?"
"Good ! Krissy and Michele thought that you would say 'no' for what normal man wants to be machine wrapped in polythene like a bale of grass on a farm ?  But then as we all know, you are not normal, are you ?  You are a fucking kinky pervert !"
"Once wrapped, you even look like one of those shiny garbage bags, all dressed in black polythene. Only you are not garbage, just yet. These bales of grass become silage for out dairy cows, after it has rotted down sealed in plastic."
"Maybe if you are good, I could turn you into grass and you might end up chewed and digested by one of our cows. Did you know cows swallow their food, only to bring it back up, and chew it again and again after it has been in their stomachs. Your remains would become fertiliser and your nutrients, part of their milk, pumped out of their udders." 
"Or maybe, I shall turn you into polythene again, and after being silage wrapping, you get thrown away and recycled. I honestly have not decided." 
"Well don't just stand there like a pillock. Climb up. I suggest you lie on your back, and allow the curvature of your legs and back to drape across the polythene wrapped grass bale. You should be able to fit between the machine and the grass bale, as it turns. Then under 30 more layers, you won't be noticed. Passers-by will not give just another hay bale another glance. You will be able to masturbate in there to your heart's content."

Could it be that mom had wrapped someone inside the bale wrapper ?  Surely not !  Krissy knew that her mom and her sister Michele had a mean streak, but surely this is not true.

Krissy's eyes peered through the door crack in disbelief, then Krissy heard her sister's voice.

"Mom and I will help you into the wrapper. I never thought a man would let us do this. Krissy is really missing out on all the fun."

Krissy hear her mon's reply, "He is not a man, he is just grass silage now waiting to be wrapped. As for Krissy, she took after your father, she never had the stomach to do nasty things.  "Yes. You enjoy this".

Then Krissy heard my two screams, and she gasped at the realisation that I had been put alive through the bale wrapper by her mom and her sister, Michele.

Finally, Krissy heard the tractor get turned off, and Michele's voice say "Wow ! You could never tell there was a naked man wrapped in this grass bale."  To which her mom had replied "That is the idea ! Now lets stack this grass bale with the rest, in the haystack. It will be food for the dairy cows come winter."

Krissy was aghast that her mom and sister had been so callous. Moreover, it was clear that both of them had a video of what they had done to me, and that both her mom and sister were both getting sexually aroused by watching it !

To Krissy's continued astonishment, she had hear the words "breathable silage wrap".  Did that mean that the person was still alive after going through a bale wrapper and covered in 30 layers of polythene ? 

Krissy knew she would have to be careful, unless she wanted to end up being disposed of by the two women.

Krissy listened again. What had her mom meant by "being turned into polythene again" ?  

Krissy's mind wandered. Was this to do with her mom's strange instructions about keeping the kitchen bin liner. Surely, she had not turned him into a kitchen bin liner to be used for weeks, and then she fed him alive through a bale wrapper ?!

Was this all part of some consensual sex game ?  

Or was it just a punishment ?  For what, Krissy could not imagine.

Should Krissy involve the Police ?

She was unsure how to proceed from here. 

She could try to sneak out in the dead of night, and try and find me sealed in a silage bale. But in the dark, she might injure me, moving the bales with a tractor, and she could hardly do that without her mom or her sister noticing.

Would I be rescued, or would Krissy have to join her mom and sister Michele, if only to see what lay in store for me ?

Meanwhile, I laid in storage.




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