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Polythene Limbo

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2019 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/object; transform; object2M; majick; spell; F+/m; naked; hum; outdoors; machine; wrap; plastic; haybale; store; stuck; video; mast; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
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Part 3: A Turn for the Worse

After living inside her kitchen bin, as nothing but a bin liner, I felt her remove me, and then she transformed me back into my naked human form.

"So how did you like your three weeks in my kitchen bin" she asked, "as us three girls just squashed our trash into you ?"

"Three weeks !"  I exclaimed in almost disbelief, for I had only expected a day at most.

"Eww, look at you now. Dirty. Smelly. Worthless trash." she said. "I wanted a man to keep me company on lonely dark winter nights. But all I got for my trouble was trash. I have a good mind to leave you there and dispose of you, permanently. No one would ever know. It is not like disposing of a garbage bag is murder. You would just be taken away, and crushed in a garbage truck. Your thin polythene body, stretching until it burst. Being pierced by all those lovely sharp objects, skewering you. You can just imagine the pain!  Then what remains of your polythene body would simply be incinerated or whatever they do to household waste these days. You might even be still alive, when the flames melt you, and you turn to vapour."

I hung my head in shame. I knew my kinks would not be tolerated by your average person. What did I expect?

"Did you enjoy the closeness of all that polythene touching your skin?  Helpless to do anything about what we three women did to you!  Not even able to masturbate that pathetically tiny cock of yours. All limp and small."

I looked down at my penis. I had to agree, it was hardly enough to satisfy any woman's sexual needs, especially her ravenous needs.

"Lucky for you" she continued "in some strange, and unexpected, way, I have enjoyed keeping you around in my trash. I like the power I have over you. Of course, you are no longer suitable as boyfriend material, but I think here on the farm, you might have other uses!”

At her words, she saw my limp cock stand erect.

"I am thrilled that you like this as much as I do." she hissed with evil delight.

I then found myself hypnotised against my will. As if she had cast another spell on me.

As if she could read my thoughts, she answered "Oh that, is just to make you more willing, for what I have in mind, next."

She lead me out of the kitchen and out into the field outside.

It was a warm sunny day.

As I walked beside her, still naked, I wondered how much of this day I would see.

What would she do to me, next?

Part 4: The End?

In my mesmerised naked state, I was in no position to defend myself.

It was as if my brain was saying, this is exciting, this is what you want, you can come to no real harm.

I do know the first time I saw the McHale Fusion 3 Combi Baler and Wrapper, I was afraid. Afraid of what this meant, where was she leading me?  Afraid of what she might do.  I had never seen one of these machines to close up, and I marvelled at its size.

It was used to producing bales of hay, maybe 5 ft in diameter.

I whimpered "No mistress" I fear.

"Now don't be shy" she told me "You love polythene and this machine wraps things in polythene!”

Michele was sitting at the tractor's controls. I watched as a soft bale of grass, was ejected out of the baling chamber. It rolled onto the wrapping area, resting on two rotating rollers, that as they rotated anti-clockwise, so they began to turn the bale of grass in a clockwise direction. Immediately, two wrapping arms, spun around the circumference of the grass bale, and started wrapping it. They whorled around and around. Each pass, stretched another layer of shiny black polythene wrapping from the two dispensing arms, as both the top and underside of the grass bale were simultaneously wrapped. The black polythene sheeting overlapping, until four layers had wrapped the grass bale tightly and it resembled some large black ball of plastic wrap.

Before, the programme fished she order her daughter to stop the programme, so the now wrapped grass bale, remained inside the confines of the machine.  Then she instructed Michele to set the wrapper for 30 layers.

"Now the good thing is" she said, turning her attention to me "the manufacturers of the polythene silage wrap claim their product if breathable, so the silage does not go mouldy. So technically, you could be plastic wrapped and still be able to breathe. Do you want to try?”

My limp small cock, stood to attention.

"Good !" she said "Krissy and Michele thought that you would say 'no' for what normal man wants to be machine wrapped in polythene like a bale of grass on a farm ?  But then as we all know, you are not normal, are you?  You are a fucking kinky pervert!”

I said nothing. For I had no defence. Every cruel and humiliating word she spoke was true. I knew it in my heart.

"Once wrapped, you even look like one of those shiny garbage bags, all dressed in black polythene. Only you are not garbage, just yet. These bales of grass become silage for our dairy cows, after it has rotted down sealed in plastic." she said.

I looked worried, and I wanted to run, but caught under her spell, I had to comply.

"Maybe if you are good, I could turn you into grass and you might end up chewed and digested by one of our cows. Did you know cows swallow their food, only to bring it back up, and chew it again and again after it has been in their stomachs. Your remains would become fertiliser and your nutrients, part of their milk, pumped out of their udders." She said with glee. 

She was really enjoying the total power she had over me.

"Or maybe, I shall turn you into polythene again, and after being silage wrapping, you get thrown away and recycled. I honestly have not decided." she chuckled.

""Well don't just stand there like a pillock. Climb up. I suggest you lie on your back, and allow the curvature of your legs and back to drape across the polythene wrapped grass bale. You should be able to fit between the machine and the grass bale, as it turns. Then under 30 more layers, you won't be noticed. Passers-by will not give just another hay bale another glance. You will be able to masturbate in there to your heart's content."

Michele climbed down from the tractor.  "Mom and I will help you into the wrapper", Michele said to me.

Then turning to talk to her mom, Michele said "I never thought a man would let us do this. Krissy is really missing out on all the fun."

Her mom replied "He is not a man, he is just grass silage now waiting to be wrapped. As for Krissy, she took after your father, she never had the stomach to do nasty things".

The two women helped me climb into the wrapping chamber.  But the wrapped grass bale was even taller.  There was a bar at head height, I was able to grab and hang on to and swing my naked body up onto the wrapped bale, so my feet lay on top of the polythene wrapped bale.

I just prayed this breathable polythene was for real, or I would suffocate. But I was already in too deep now.

Michele climbed back into the tractor and started the McHale Fusion 3 combi baler wrapper.

So the polythene wrapped grass bale began to move underneath me, and it turned, so it pulled more of my naked body into the wrapping chamber.

The first pass of the dispensing arm with the roll of black polythene wrap moved over the bale and my feet, now trapping them under a layer of shiny black polythene. 

Hardly a second later, so the second dispensing arm covered my ankles.

The sight of my body being taken into the wrapping chamber and wrapped as if I was just a bale of grass aroused me no end, and as more of my body was taken inside, so I let go of the bar I was holding onto, and grabbed my cock and started wanking.

"Yes. You enjoy this", said my former girlfriend, and as I looked down at her, so I saw a video camera in her hand, as she recorded the event, to watch later for her own amusement and sexual pleasure.

As the wrapping continued up my legs and passed my knees so I felt my feet get almost trapped between the rear of the bailing chamber and the side of the wrapped grass bale. 

"Oww !" I cried out, as I was being squashed. But the machine kept going, undeterred.

The polythene wrapping was passing my thighs, then my cock and my hands that were grabbing it, disappeared also. 

Another layer bound my wrists, I was unable to move or free myself now.

Then my hips and arms were covered.

When the wrapper reached my chest, so my feet passed between the roller turning the bale and the bale itself. Its heavy weight, almost crushing my feet even more.

I let out another scream.

I looked one last time at my girlfriend. Her eyes were fixed on what her video camera was recording, and I saw a huge smile on her face.

Then the wrapping covered my shoulders. Then my neck. Then my mouth and chin. Then my nose and forehead. Finally, I was completely covered.

It was then my feet felt the wrapping of the dispensing arm as they reached underneath. 

The two dispensing arms, disgorging shiny black polythene at a very fast rate, as they circled the grass bale and its occupant, applying more layers of polythene wrap from below as well as above.

Then my feet reached the second rotating roller as my head slide down between the machine and the grass bale.

I turned and turned. Around and around I went. Treated like just another bale to be wrapped.

Each layer of polythene that reached my face, plunging me into ever greater darkness, until I could see no light at all.

I was now totally machine wrapped in shiny black polythene.

Once the thirtieth layer was applied, so the machine cut the bale free from the polythene, and I was rolled out, falling onto the ground. Still breathing and still gently masturbating.

Michele switched off the machine to come and have a look at her handy work.

"Wow!" Michele said once she had alighted from the tractor. "You could never tell there was a naked man wrapped in this grass bale."

"That is the idea!" replied her mom. "Now let’s stack this grass bale with the rest, in the haystack. It will be food for the dairy cows come winter."

I could hear them talking about me as if I was an object. 

Michele moved another tractor over, one fitted with hydraulic arms, that pressed the grass bale and picked it up.

I felt myself carried over to a giant 'haystack' of polythene wrapped bales, and unceremoniously dropped. I was now part of the stack of polythene wrapped round bales, you see on farms around here.

I had plenty of visions to aid my masturbation as I recalled what the two women had done to me.

I now resembled a giant black bag of trash, wrapped tightly in polythene. The breath play had heightened my pleasure, and although I was now dripping with sweat, I could still breathe.

What had she said, I would be here to winter?  But that is months away!  Help!!!

Not that anyone listens to muffled voices inside a stack of polythene wrapped round bales of grass.

The rest of the day, I stayed there.

My former girlfriend had uploaded her video of my wrapping torture to her home computer and shared it with her daughter Michele, who had been her willing accomplice.

Both women had a great time pleasuring themselves, whilst re-watching my plight, over and over again.

Returning from her day out with friends, Krissy knocked on her sister's bedroom door, before entering the room.

"Hi Michele", Krissy said in a happy mood "What are you watching on your computer?”

"Oh nothing." said Michele embarrassingly, slamming the lid of her computer closed. "How was your day out, with your friends?”

"Fine. We went for a meal, saw a film, and went for drinks afterwards." replied Krissy.

Then Krissy saw that Michele's other hand was under the bed covers. "Are you masturbating sis?" Krissy asked Michele. "Your film is obviously better than the one me and the girls watched.  Send me the link."

"No. I really think you don't want to see this." replied Michele to Krissy.

"I leave you too it" replied Krissy indignantly, noting the beads of sweat that were dripping off her sister's forehead, as she walked out of Michele's bedroom.

Krissy smiled. Whatever the film was, it was clearly very erotic, she thought.

It was unlike Michele not to let her watch it, Krissy thought. Whatever can the film be?



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