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Playtime with Linda

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2010 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; bagging; trash; messy; enclosed; dumped; compactor; mast; cons; X

With thanks to Linda (dirty_trashbag_girl)

I met Linda through Fetlife and a couple of other trashbagging groups, we began just by messaging about our mutual interests in bags, trash and compactors, then we started roleplaying and developed a few good scenarios that we played out online. Linda or myself would get into a trashbag and play what the other directed, it was all great fun and we developed a rapport and trust over time that eventually allowed us to meet in person.

The first time we got together we were both nervous and didn’t end up playing, but we still had a great time and found we had more in common than we first realised. On my second visit I ending up being bagged by Linda, inside three black garbage bags on her kitchen floor, she poured her refuse in with me and closed the top of the bags leaving me sealed inside, she then left me to watch television in her lounge room whilst I wriggled and squirm inside the bags to my kinky hearts delight. I was now just another bag of trash to be dealt with and I loved it.

Next day it was Linda’s turn and she stripped down to her underwear and bade me bind her hands to her ankles, then tie some rope to hold her thighs to her chest before placing her in the same garbage bags I’d been placed in yesterday. There was still some of the garbage left in the bag and I placed her inside the bags, rolling her around until I had her placed in the centre of the bags. Then I started dropping the rubbish that had been removed on top of her, it fell on her head and rolled down her bound body and came to rest near her feet.

I used up the rubbish that was available to hand and still had not managed to cover her knees, I then began looking around for more garbage to place in the bag with her, I found trash in her bathroom, bedroom and even in her toilet, soon all this garbage rained down on the bound and bagged Linda, used tissues; old toiletries and even a sanitary napkin or two fell and hit her square in the face as she looked up to see what was coming down. I then rummaged through her fridge and found some old stale bread, left over Chinese from last night’s dinner and even a partially eaten mud cake, the top of which was covered in sticky frosting.

These soon joined Linda in the trashbag but leaving the cake until last, the Chinese noodles slowly ran down her face covering her chin and falling onto her breasts, she looked delightfully messy and her head and upper body wore a variety of different colours, reds, oranges and blues. The final piece was left to last and that was the cake, really the icing of the cake to coin a phrase, I held the cake in my hand and turned it over so the sticky frosting landed down on Linda’s forehead, then covering her face as  I worked in the sticky goo, the cake started to break up on contact but the frosting remained stuck to her face, she was truly a sight to behold.

Satisfied that I had filled the bag up as best I could I state that it was time to bag up the garbage and then closed the top of the bags sealing Linda inside, now one with the trash and blending in nicely now that she was literally covered from head to toe in refuse. I tied several knots in the top of the bags and used a small tube to enable her to breathe through and poked this in the top of the bag through the drawstrings sealing the bag shut. I then left her there stating that I would deal with the trash later.

I checked on her several times to see if she was breathing okay, her breath was coming in short intervals through the tube and her body was moving inside the garbage bags, there were several times when she made some noises from inside the bags, lovely little squealing noises as she climaxed inside her bagged prison, her breathing at this point ragged and panting. I was pleased that she was enjoying herself inside and decided to join her in her fun, I stripped down and grabbed another bag from the roll and climbed inside, folding my limbs to enable me to sink my body down and inside the grasp of the clingy plastic. Soon I was just another trashbag next to hers, though mine wasn’t full of garbage, only my naked body and I started to join her in masturbating my way to my own climax, spurred on by what I was hearing from Linda’s bag.

I awoke a while after my final climax; Linda was by now quietly sitting in her trashbag, her breathing sounded soft and smooth as if she were asleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep but it was now 2am according to the clock on the kitchen wall. Linda had been in her bag since just after lunch, that would mean that she’s been in there for well over 12 hours, I checked on her breathing again and it remained slow and steady just as if she were asleep. I decided not to disturb her and left her there until the morning, I curled up back in my own trashbag and drifted off to sleep.

The sun was coming through the window and the light into my eyes woke me, I was still partly in the trashbag from last night but my head and upper body had made their way out during the night. Linda’s bag was still sitting there as before and I quickly checked that she was still breathing okay, which she was. When she heard me stir she started to make some noise and I began to untie the plastic ties that bound the top of the bags.

Linda looked up at me from within, the frosting still remained on her face, the smell coming from the bags hinted at her sexual activity inside the bag mingled in with the smell of the foodstuff and other garbage smells. She looked a delight inside the bag, a trashbag fetishist’s dream sitting there amongst the garbage.

“How long have I been here?” she asked.

“Well it’s just after 9am now, so that would make it close to 20 hours I guess.” I replied.

“Wow, that’s the longest I’ve ever done.” She stated.

“How’s it feel in there?” I asked.

“Wonderful, the trash feels exquisite against my skin, I can’t move at all with the rubbish packing me inside the bag and the mess feels very sexy against my flesh.” Linda replied.

“How many times did you come last night?” I asked.

What skin of Linda’s face that was still visible became red and she stammered, “How did you know?”

“I heard you last night, in fact I got so turned on by what I heard that I stripped off and climbed into my own bag and brought myself off a couple of times!”

“You got into a bag by yourself.” She asked.

“Yes I spent the night next to you in my own bag.” I answered.

“That’s very naughty of you, but I did manage to get a few good orgasms before I drifted off to sleep, in fact I just climaxed before you untied the bag.” She said with a naughty look on her face.

“So that was the noise you were making, I thought that you were in trouble and needed my help.”

“No I was taking care of myself, I awoke and found myself still bagged and didn’t know you were so close by and decided to play with myself and enjoy the trashbag a little more.” She said.

“Maybe next time I need to gag you to keep the noise down!” I stated.

“Why wait until next time…” she smiled. “I’d like to play some more.”

I grabbed the bag that I slept and played in last night, I turned it inside out and sought out the cum soaked section and presented it to her open mouth, she willing took it in and I wrapped the bag around her head a couple of times and tied off the ends with a bow, now she was not only bound, bagged and trapped inside but she was gagged now too. I pulled up the side of the bags again and tied the top off.

I then put on some coffee and sought out something to eat for breakfast, Linda meanwhile was again squirming inside her bag and despite the gag I could still hear little mewing noises from inside; obviously she was enjoying herself again. I made some toast, cereal and a couple of cups of coffee before heading back to her bagged form and opening the top of the bag again. I scrapped off the remains of my breakfast onto her head and without a thought for her inside resealed the bags.

She was just another bag of trash on the floor, something that needed to be dealt with and an idea popped into my head, we had spoken online about compactors before and how much Linda liked the idea of being tossed inside one and compacted. She had said that her apartment building had a delightful model downstairs in the basement. I decided to check it out first and left Linda sitting in the kitchen and grabbing her keys headed downstairs to the compactor.

True enough when I entered the basement, set over on the side was a door that leads to the compactor. The compactor had attached to it a large dumpster, looking inside the dumpster I found it to be about a third full, so it must have been emptied recently. There were several large black trashbags just like the one Linda was currently enclosed in. I then looked in the hopper and just then someone else walked in with a couple of bags of garbage, I moved back out of the way as they entered.

“I’m new here I was just seeing how this works.” I said.

“It’s easy,” she said, “just drop your trash in the hopper and then if it’s getting full just push the button and it starts the compactor, like this…” and she pressed the button.

The compactor came to life and I watched in awe as the machine started to push against the bags in the hopper, the ram came across and started to push the bags into the dumpster, there was a slight popping noise as one bag was squeezed against the others. Otherwise the bags gradually disappeared from view and into the dumpster.

She smiled at me, “See it’s easy!”

I thanked her for showing me how the compactor worked and holding the door open for her we both left the room and headed for the lift.

“Hi I’m Stacey,” she said holding out her hand.

“Uh, sorry Steven,” as I took her hand in mine and shook it.

“I’m in 717, on the seventh floor, maybe you could join me for coffee?” she asked.

“Sure I’d love to; I just have to take care of something first and then I’ll head up.” I replied.

The lift got to the 4th floor where Linda’s apartment was, I waved back at Stacey and said, “See you soon.”

“I look forward to it.” She replied.

I headed back to Linda’s apartment, now I had a plan for Linda to enjoy some more time as trash. I opened the door to her apartment and walked into the kitchen.

“I’d better put out the trash; I can’t leave it here for Linda to get rid of, so I’d better take it downstairs to the compactor.” I said.

The bag containing Linda shivered, a small squeal could be heard as I grabbed the top of the bag and dragged it across the kitchen floor, picking up the other two bags waiting to go downstairs I then headed towards the apartment door, making sure that I had the keys, I dragged the bags outside and down to the lift, pressed the button to call the lift, I then went back and closed the door and returned to wait with the trashbags for the lift to arrive.

“This trash is going into the dumpster to await the garbage truck.” I said to Linda’s bag. Again a little squeal was heard and she started wriggling in the bag, playing with herself again.

The lift arrived and I dragged the three bags into the lift and pressed the button for the basement, the doors closed and we were soon on our way down. Linda I was sure was hearing all that was happening around her and it was turning her own greatly. The lift stopped on the way down and the doors opened, a couple got in the lift and to make room I picked up the lighter bag and placed it on top of Linda’s bag. I pressed down to help silence her as her breathing was becoming more intense and ragged as she continued to bring herself off inside the bag.

The bag on top had sat on top of the breathing tube that gave Linda her air, this cut off the supply unknown to me and all the air Linda had as we travelled down the rest of the way was the stale air inside her bag. This sent Linda into a massive climax, it turned out that she had wanted to try breathplay but hadn’t done so until now, the orgasm overwhelmed her inside her bag and she passed out, though at the time I didn’t know this.

We reached the ground floor where the couple departed, the woman giving the trashbag containing Linda a funny look, maybe she’d heard something, but didn’t say anything to me or her partner. The lift doors closed and we made it down to the basement.

I dragged the bags out of the lift and into the garbage room, there were several more bags now in the hopper, others had come down and deposited their trash whilst I went to fetch Linda. Making sure that the coast was clear I started to untie the bags containing Linda as I wanted to show her her new home for the evening. She seemed a bit woozy and out of it, so I gave her sometime to collect her thoughts and then she focused her sight and saw the trash compactor that was in her basement.

She looked up at me, her eyes wide as I said that this was where she was going, it had been a great time but all things come to an end and now that time was hers.

“Well all trash needs to be disposed of and you’re going in here with the rest of the rubbish!” I said.

Linda started to struggle and try to plead with me behind her gag, her eyes tearing up and her breathing becoming more rapid. Did she want me to throw her in or let her go, I could see in her eyes that she wanted out but I knew in her heart that she wanted to go inside and be compacted. She’d spoken many times before in her scenarios about being compacted and squashed, now her she was just waiting for me to put her in and fulfil her desires.

“Any last words dirty trashbag girl?” I asked.

She Mummphed behind the gag and shook her head.

“I didn’t think so, as trash doesn’t speak does it!” I exclaimed. “Well time to close you up and get you on your way, after all trash needs to be disposed of.”

And I reached down and pulled the bags back up over her head and retied the drawstrings, Linda was now back inside and just another bag of garbage waiting to head into the compactor. I lifted up the other two bags first and dropped them into the hopper, then I grabbed her bag and perched her on the edge.

“Well trash it’s been fun, enjoy!” as I said that I pushed her into the compactor’s hopper. There were a couple more garbage bags laying down next to the compactor so I threw them and made sue that they hit Linda’s bag, there was a slight ‘Oof’ as one hit her on the side.

“Okay trash time to start the compactor.” And I pressed the button and watched the ram start to press the bags together and push them into the dumpster, Linda’s bag fell in between a couple of bags and soon it was hard to tell which one was hers, the compactor continued to push the bags and soon they all disappeared from view as the compactor reached the limit and started to withdraw, the hopper was now empty, just one or two bags just visible inside the dumpster, Linda was now one with the rest of the trash.

I opened the door to the dumpster and looked inside, the thing was over half full now and the bags were covering the floor of the dumpster, it was hard to make out which bag contained Linda, she looked like all of the other bags of trash now. All the bags looked they were tightly held by the insides of the dumpster, by the time evening came it would be a tight squeeze inside there.

Linda meanwhile was busy pleasuring herself inside her bagged and cramped prison, the words that Steven had said were running through her head, she was now just trash in the compactor, she was trash now, just waiting for the truck to come and take her away, another massive orgasm overtook her just as she heard Steven’s final words to her.

“Well I’ve got an offer of coffee from Stacey on the 7th floor, so thanks again for a great time Linda or should I say dirty trashbag girl, because that’s all you are now!” I announced to the garbage bags, still unsure which one contained Linda.

I closed the door to the dumpster and headed back out to the lift, on entering I pressed the button for the 7th floor and left the basement looking forward to ‘coffee’ with Stacey…

Linda now just another bag of trash in the dumpster, compacted and held in the tight embrace of the other garbage bags was in seventh heaven, her hands still able to reach down and bring herself off as she heard more people deposit their trashbags into the compactor and then press the button to start the motor of the compactor, she felt the bags squeeze her even more, the tightness pressing in on her from all sides, the air becoming more stale and rancid as bags popped under the pressure and released the smells contained inside.

Will I return to rescue Linda or will I leave her to her fate?


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