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Plastic Partners

by Dreamkissed

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© Copyright 2014 - Dreamkissed - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; dumpster; trashbags; mast; FF; bagged; tg; tease; kiss; sex; climax; cons; X

Britney drove into the dimly lit parking lot of a small shopping complex near the edge of the suburban town she lived in. She often came to this spot, relatively out of the way to indulge in one of her darker, kinkier sides to her rather boring sex life. She cruised through the parking lot and headed around the side road of the buildings. Britney would then pull into a spot in the back of the buildings, not far from a cluster of three dumpsters in a small enclave between an office supply store and a restaurant.

A nervous breath escaped her lips as she turned off her car and looked beyond her car for any movement. The only object of note was the yellow-orange of the sodium lamp that kicked on suddenly, a few spaces down and cast its eerie exciting glow over the lot. A second glance around the lot showed only two other cars in the back lot, both looking cold and empty, and the distant highway traffic behind the small strip of forest beyond the parking lot. Britney took a slow deep breath to calm down before she would open her door, and step outside in the cool autumn air. A faint excited giggle came from Britney as she closed the door behind her and moved to her trunk and popped it open.

A shiver passed across Britney’s body as she swiftly pulled her shirt off and revealed no bra on underneath. Britney’s breasts, full round C-cup orbs, were now exposed and her nipples quickly perked up in the cool air. Britney blushed deeply despite being alone as she reached down and pulled her sweat pants off her legs, her sneakers slipped off her feet in the process. After she stuffed her clothing into her trunk, she stood there completely naked, her slender toned body exposed with only a thin peach-fuzz on her mound and the cropped pixie cut on her head the only covering her bare skin had.

Britney gave one last look around, shut her trunk, and tucked her keys under and inside the bumper. She then turned and carefully jogged across the parking lot for the grouping of dumpsters. Once by them she opened the first one, finding it completely empty except for two bags. A disappointed look formed on her face as she shut the door trying to make as little noise as possible. She moved to the second middle dumpster and opened it. Rachel saw that trash filled just over the bottom of the side door with bags of all colors and sizes.

A grin formed on her face as she took a last look around the parking lot before she would lift her foot up onto the bracket used to pick up the dumpster. With the excited grin still on her face, she grabbed onto the top of the dumpster and pulled herself up. Britney climbed through the door, letting her body slide into the pile of bags feet first with an eager moan. The sound of the bags that rustled and shifted under and around her excited Britney, her pussy started to glisten with excitement.

Britney slipped the rest of the way into the dumpster, up to her waist in the bags as she reached behind her to shut the door. Her body was fighting the urge to start humping the bags right now. Once she had shut the door, now left in darkness, she let out another eager moan and shifted around inside the pile of bags as if wading into a pool of water.

As Britney lay down on her back, she let herself sink into the plastic mass with a content yet carnal moan. One hand slid between her legs to finger herself as she wiggled and rubbed her naked body against the smooth plastic. Her moans picked up as she continued to masturbate and work herself up to an orgasm. Her moans reached a quiet fevered pitch as she wiggled and writhed between the bags, her body trembling in the warmth of the trash, pushing her body over the edge into a powerful orgasm.

As Britney recovered from her first orgasm of the night, comfortably snuggled amongst the trash, she heard shuffles and shifts of plastic from the back of the dumpster. Britney’s body tensed up in nervous fear, frozen in place. A soft feminine giggle came from the back, Britney surprised and startled by the sound. Britney blinked a bit, trying to see in the darkness, the only light were faint outlines in cracks between the doors of the dumpster. “Who’s there?” Britney asked nervously, the fear clear in her voice.

The feminine voice replied, surprising Britney as she was expecting an animal. “I’m someone who shares the same interests as you by the looks of it.”

Britney let out a surprised yelp. “What are you talking about? Who are you?”

The female voice replied. “My name is Jennifer, and I’m guessing we both like trashy sex.”

Britney was still nervous and frozen in place. “What?”

Jennifer gave another soft snicker. “Relax a little. I’m back here naked like you, though I brought a bag with me to snuggle up into.”

Britney looked to the back as she tried to figure out how to see in the ultra-dim light. “Okay, I’m relaxed, my name is Britney.”

Jennifer chuckled still. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Britney.”

Britney nodded slightly as she settled into a relaxed poise, settling slightly again into the bags. “You said you had a bag you were in?”

Jennifer replied with a smile on her face. “Yes, it’s a nice comfy ninety-five gallon black trash bag.”

Britney gave a soft giggle. “Oh? Is there room for two?” Britney blushed deeply in the darkness at her unusual forwardness.

Jennifer laughed softly. “Yes there is. That was an awfully fast transformation from nervous and scared to horny again.”

Britney chuckled a bit. “Well transformation from person to trash makes me horny.”

Jennifer quieted down for a few seconds before speaking again. “True, I’m over here in the back.”

Jennifer reached out her hand and poked around, finding Britney’s shoulder. Britney shifted her arms to grab Jennifer’s hand, and worked herself free of the bags. Carefully Britney followed the arm back to Jennifer’s body. Jennifer using both hands to help guide Britney into the bag with her, both females laid down face to face snuggled up against each other. Britney got a bashful blush as she settled against Jennifer inside the bag. “Oh my, you’re a trap?”

Jennifer laughed softly as she adjusted the bag up around their necks. “That’s the slang term for it. I prefer to consider myself female. I just happen to have alternative equipment.”

Jennifer bunched up the ends of the bag into a few loose knots, arms inside, which left the two women comfortable inside the bag like every other piece of trash in the dumpster. Jennifer hugged Britney, Jennifer’s hands slid down to Britney’s ass to cup it gently. “So yes, I’m a trap. That won’t be a problem, will it?”

Britney gave a giggle and wiggled around against Jennifer inside the warm slick-with-sweat bag. “I don’t think so, maybe make things better.”

Britney moved her hands between the two to rest on Jennifer’s large D almost DD breasts. “Oh wow, your breasts?”

Jennifer chuckled slightly and gave Britney’s ass a playful squeeze. “Yes, yours feel nice too Britney.”

Britney gave a soft giggle as she looked to Jennifer’s face, all but impossible to see, but knew it was there by Jennifer’s breath on her cheek. “I’d kiss you but I can’t see your face.” Jennifer grinned and gave Britney’s cheek a kiss, which gave Britney the clue to where Jennifer’s lips were.

Both females locked lips with each other in a slow exploring kiss. Jennifer’s cock slowly started to harden and press against Britney’s thigh. Britney blushed a bit as she felt the sticky slick warmth of Jennifer’s cum coated cock and belly. Breaking the kiss slowly with a content moan, Britney beamed to Jennifer, the whites of both of the female’s eyes almost glowed in the low light. “That was a very good kiss.”

Jennifer nodded her agreement, laying her head back on a soft squishy bag of trash. “I agree.” The two women snickered softly together as they lay snuggled, both girls tensing up as they heard footsteps outside the dumpster approaching.

Jennifer used her teeth to pull over a bag over both their heads, letting it fall with a soft crinkling sound, rolling to one side that gave both women a view of the dumpster door. As the door slid open, yellow-orange light flooded into the darkness, a man in a janitorial uniform visible in silhouette. Jennifer and Britney were staying frozen, both women were trying hard not to breathe too loudly and reveal themselves to the janitor. Jennifer and Britney watched the janitor bend over out of their line of sight, only to appear again moments a large bag in hand, flung into the dumpster at them, paper filled by the sound of it, as it landed in the middle of the pile.

The fresh bag on top of the pile blocked their line of sight of the door. The two women heard a second bag fly inside, a crinkle noticed as it settled. The second bag barely settled before a third bag sailed over the pile, noticed by the two women by it landing on top of them, filed with mixed office waste. The weight of the new bags caused the pile to shift, forcing the bagged, snuggled females to sink down deeper into the pile. They heard the door shut and the light go dark again, both females staying silent until they heard the footsteps fade away.

After waiting a couple minutes to be certain that no one was around, the two girls broke into playful, excited giggles and wiggled around between the bags that now buried them. “Oh my god!” Britney exclaimed brightly.

“I know! I was scared as hell we’d get caught.” Jennifer replied between giggles.

“Scared and turned on by the feel of it.” Britney rubbed her body up against Jennifer’s with a teasing moan, pressed against Jennifer’s now hard cock.

Jennifer replied with a low moan of her own. “I’m very turned on. Especially pleased since I’m in a trash bag with such a wonderfully attractive woman.”

Britney gave a bashful giggle as she kissed Jennifer on the cheek, both women moving to lock lips again in a more lingering, slow passionate kiss, their bodies rubbed and ground against each other. Britney’s hands went back to Jennifer’s breasts as she caressed and felt over the larger mounds. Jennifer’s hands returned to Britney’s ass and upper thighs, and gave Britney’s body soft caresses; Jennifer’s fingertips lightly gripped Britney’s burning flesh. The two women’s moans deepened and lengthened before Britney would break the kiss, both catching their breath. “What if I asked you to fuck me Jennifer?”

Jennifer was silent for a moment, wiggling slightly as she settled into a different position under Britney. “If you are willing to let me, then I would be more than happy to have sex with you.”

Britney nuzzled her face into Jennifer’s neck almost affectionately as she planted soft kisses along the hot flesh just above the knotted bag. “I am willing.”

Jennifer gave a grin and shifted her head to meet Britney’s lips in a slow tender kiss. Her hands moved Britney’s thighs apart, legs on either side of her own. “I’m guessing you’re not a virgin?”

Britney shook her head and caught her breath again, trying to keep it slow and steady as she replied. “No.”

Britney pressed her lips to Jennifer’s suckling on her lower lip before kissing her fully in a fiery crash. Jennifer moved one hand to guide her cock to Britney’s waiting and slick pussy. Britney let out a low moan into Jennifer’s mouth as she felt Jennifer’s cock slowly push into her body. A matched moan came from Jennifer, replacing her hand on Britney’s ass as she settled fully inside Britney and held herself there. The two females started to moan and groan intensely as Jennifer started to pump and thrust in and out of Britney, breaking their passionate kisses to let out those moans or to catch a breath.

The two females seemed to forget about their surroundings or the risk of someone catching them as their moans and cries increased in volume. With Jennifer and Britney wildly turned on, the sounds of their moans, sex, and rustling and shifting bags around them, it wouldn’t be more than a minute or two before Jennifer came hard inside Britney. A low deep lust fueled growl came from Jennifer as she plunged deep into Britney and ground against her as she peaked.

Britney writhed and rocked against Jennifer as she felt her surprise lover orgasm. Jennifer’s moans relaxed and Britney almost became disappointed before she felt Jennifer shift, one of Jennifer’s hands going to her clit and around the cock inside herself. Jennifer kept the intimate grind of their bodies as she fingered and teased Britney while her cock recovered, keeping Britney on the edge. By the sounds of Britney’s sweet moans, Jennifer’s teasing was pushing Britney over the edge in a deep throaty orgasm. Jennifer milked the pleasure from Britney before both women relaxed and settled down, trying to catch their breath, bodies going limp, fully satisfied.

The pair contented themselves with exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and mouths. The afterglow of the intense sex left them speechless and giddy. No words were exchanged between them as they relaxed, hot and sweaty, inside the large bag. Their cuddles were interrupted twice by the evening janitorial staff. The two were too busy lost with each other to notice the first bunch approach and several loaded bags joining them. By the time the second load rolled up, Britney and Jennifer had regained their senses and started drifting off to sleep.

The two janitors threw open the top panels of the dumpster and began unloading the bags with loud groans and grunts, sending them over the top and down onto the girls. Britney and Jennifer tried their best to muffle their giggles and moans, the falling bags forcing them to shift and move. A couple times the janitors stopped as they noticed the sounds, assuming they were just animals or something else. After a few minutes the janitors closed the top covers and went back inside the building. Britney and Jennifer just shared giggles and affectionate kisses after the last interruption. As the adrenaline wore off, the pair finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A faint beeping sound awoke Britney, close by and getting louder. She found her vision filled by Jennifer’s warm breasts, slick with sweat, and the air warm and heady. She remembered she was still in the dumpster, inside the bag with the woman she met and had sex with. The beeping sound was still going and she shifted to find the source. Jennifer’s arms around her, watch on one wrist. Jennifer woke moments later, a content moan from her. She shifted to turn off the alarm. “It’s getting close to sunrise Britney, we should get going?”

Britney was almost disappointed and considered refusing to leave, but logic reared its ugly head and made her face reality. “Are we going out together, or separately?”

Jennifer’s lips found her own as she spoke with a half-awake tone. “Separately, we shouldn’t spoil the magic. You go on first?”

Britney’s yawn was muffled by Jennifer’s breast as she started to wriggle around to free herself. The weight of the bags and their sweaty bodies inside their own was making it difficult as well as arousing. After a few minutes of intimate squirming, Britney was free of the bag and sitting on top of the pile of trash. “Will I see you again?”

“Maybe,” Jennifer’s shifting and adjustment of the bags echoed loudly inside the container. “There is a lot of trash produced and a lot of dumpsters. I know I won’t forget this.”

“Me neither.” Britney finished as she leaned over to slide open the door of the container, pulling herself out carefully. The sky was still dark with only the barest hint of pre-dawn color. Once back on her feet, Britney made her way back to her car. Her eyes only casually glanced around as she crouched down to recover the key to her car.

Britney looked back to the dumpster as she removed her clothes, getting dressed at a leisurely pace. She debated in her head if she should wait for Jennifer to come out. She turned on her toes and got into her car, deciding to keep that magic. Britney started the car and put it in gear, backing out of the parking spot and leaving the dumpster and her plastic partner. Only taking her memories and happy feelings, she wondered if she’d ever run into Jennifer again.

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