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The Plan for Dumping Him

by Unknown

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This is a fantasy of mine that I've enjoyed thinking about lately.

"I've had another long night at the theater again tonight, can you come to see me? We'll be alone and we can play around if your up for it."

I have been working for the multi-plex movie theater at the edge of town since I graduated high school and worked my way to manager after a few years. It has it's benefits but has some long hours.

"Sure thing sweetie, I'll catch the bus and be there in 20", he says to me.

We've been dating for a few months and after I tied him up for a romp in the sac he has been my devoted sub ever since as he loves the bondage. He's fun, but pretty lazy when it comes to working and life goals and I have been trying to think of a way to break up with him when it hit me one day at work and I figured out the perfect way to dump him.

He arrived and calls me on my cell phone to let me know he is at the side door. The theater was now closed and it was just the two of us. I lean in for a kiss and give him a good rub.

"I have to finish the schedule and the garbage still needs to be gathered to the back door." I say to him giving him a sad look. "Why dont you grab the trash cart and collect all the bags from the cans. Come and get me when you've got it all at the back door and we'll get you bound up to play when I'm done here." He agrees and quickly goes to work for once.

As I close and lock the door I take another peek out at the empty parking lot and don't see anyone in sight. I return to the office and finish up the paper work and then sit back to think about it one last time. I quickly decide to continue with my plan.

My now excited sub returns to me after a short time and tells me he's finished his chore. "I guess I should reward you for a good job." I say to him leading him out of the office and back to the supply room. I see the black bags of trash pilled up above the top of the push cart and use it to act like I'm setting up the B&D scene by saying, "You didn't put the trash in the compactor! This wont do you bad, bad boy."

I knew he wouldn't because I told him to put it at the back door and he grinned thinking it was the lead in. He bowed his head down looking up to me and said, "Sorry Mistress".

I tell him to remove his clothing as I grab a roll of duct tape off of one of the shelves. After he's done, I pull his wrists in front of him and begin to wrap the tough tape around his wrists and over his fists until his wrists are well secured and his hands are useless to him. I fondle him a bit bringing him to full length as I kiss him softly. I know it will be the last time I kiss him. Then I wrap the tape over his lips and wrap the tape around his head several times until I'm sure he's unable to mutter a sound.

I walk over to a few large, empty boxes sitting next to the cart that are to be recycled and set it next to my slave. The box will easily hold my bound captive if I make him sit in it to make it easier to move him. He just gives me a sort of confused look and I say to him, "I think I have a good idea for your punishment slave."

I go to the trash cart and grab the roll of extra thick, 60 gallon, garbage bags. I know these bags are hard to rip open but can pop under pressure in a full compactor unless there is a small hole in them to let air escape. If you double or triple layer the bag and have a small air hole the bags are way more likely not to pop or tear keeping the bags contents contained. I open the first bag and put it in the box using it kind of like a trash can. I then open two more bags and line the box with them making a triple layered bag. My slave kind of has a nervous face now as he is starting to realize that I intend on tying him up in the black, plastic bags.

"I've decided that since you didn't finish taking out the trash it's time you spent a little time bagged up like trash. Step into the bags, bitch." I say as I lead him to the box and help him step in and sit down in the trash bag lined box.

After I have him situated in the bags and box I start to tape up his ankles. Then I tape his knees together and then tape his bound ankles and wrists together with his arms hugging his legs against his chest. I wrap some more tape around his legs and torso keeping him in a crunched up position like a ball. I have him trapped in tape now and there's no way he can get himself free. I give him a smile and then pull the air hose and zip tie I saved for this part of the plan out of my pocket. I pull the bags up over him as he looks up at me, from the inside of the garbage bags, in a seduced daze of excitement and nervousness. I twist the 3 bags closed around the air hose and pull the zip tie tightly around the ponytail. He struggles a bit and gets me to giggle at him. Little does he know that I really consider him as garbage and plan on throwing him away. I feel a bit nervous but am loving the thrill of the whole scene from a bondage aspect.

I go over and get a hand truck like dolly and wedge it under the box so that I can lean him back and dolly him in the box out the back door and over to the loading platform for the 20yd, trash compactor at the back of the building. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.

He's starting to struggle again and I can faintly hear him moaning through the tape gag. He knows I've moved him but I'm not sure if he knows where I've taken him. He probably is still thinking I'm playing out a kinky bondage scene with him. I wheel him in the box next to the ledge and then carefully tip the box over onto its side with the opening of the box ending up just over the ledge. "Ok now, wiggle and rock yourself out of the box" I say to him as I pull his trash bags pony-tail.

Slowly at first he squirms on his back encased in his bags slowly out of the box and closer to the edge. One final pull and his bag starts to tip and I hear him moan as he starts to loose his balance and falls unknowingly into the large charging hole of the trash compactor. He only falls a few feet and lands with a plasticy thwomp into the pile of trash bags covering the floor of the hopper and he comes to rest in the middle sinking down in the pile a little. The compactor is about three quarters full but I am pretty sure he'll survive the compacting but I'm not so sure about his air supply after being pressed firmly into plastic bags of garbage.

I would usually wait until it is nearly full before calling it in for pick up but as part of the plan I had decided to call it in earlier that evening and scheduled the container to be picked up the next day. He is really struggling in the bags now and I'm sure those louder moaning sounds are intended to be yells. He knows where I've put him.

"I AM, breaking up with you... but dont worry my little toy, dumping you this way will make you forever mine... MY GARBAGE!" I am really starting to get worked up now watching him thrash about wildly trying to break free. We both know he will not. He is fully aware of my talent when it comes to bondage and I'm sure he is probably jizzing all over himself in this very dangerous bondage predicament. "Get comfy... I'll be back in a minute with the trash cart to finish the task and compact ALL of this garbage."

I quickly go to get the stuffed trash cart and really noticed now the smells coming from the thick black bags. It's a strong mixture of that plastic bag smell mixed with butter popcorn and soda. Most of the trash should be packaging and food waste so it should be fairly soft and easy to form around his bagged body while he is compressed I think to myself. This will help keep him concealed in the trash until he makes it into the landfill. While I was planning I tailed the truck that picks up the container and I found that it goes straight to the dump here and decided it was perfect for the plan.

After I return with the cart I peer into the maw of the compactor and see my special bag of trash still moving about. "You fit right in with the rest of the garbage, you piece of trash... I think we've found the perfect place for you."

With this I start tossing in a few trash bags from the cart. After I have him surrounded with bags and almost covered I walk over to the buttons to operate the compactor. I press the small green button with ease and watch as the compactor comes alive. It hums to life drowning out the sound of my struggling and moaning trash. Inch by inch the ram begins to press into the bags of garbage and as it progresses the shimmering black bags slowly close in around my thrashing bagged captive. I hear crumpling sounds now as the compactor reaches half way and the black bags finally consume him into the trash.

I press the red stop button on the compactor and the ram stops abruptly. I press the green button again and the ram recedes back to open the compacting chamber. As it opens back up a few bags fall over and I can see a bit of movement coming from the pile nearly in the container so I know he's still struggling in there. Before the ram comes to a rest and the motor goes silent I am already grabbing more bags from the cart to toss in. I have to finish this. I feel the power and control I have over him and am feeling orgasmic and euphoric.

I toss in bag after bag and the hopper fills in and covers the random movements in the trash and with the cart half empty I decide it's time to crush him good and tight this time. I walk back over to start the compactor again and relish in the moment as I push the little green button. No turning back now. "BYE BYE GARBAGE!" I yell to him as the bags begin to press in again.

Again the bags begin to crumple and pop and I am in a daze as I watch the ram steadily press all of the bagged garbage slowly into the container. I try to picture what my garbage boy must be thinking and going through right then, being crushed in garbage by his scandalous girlfriend. I wonder if he still has a boner now. At three quarters into the crush cycle the bags are squished tightly together. I'm sure he's packed tightly in the trash now. As the compactor ram reaches into the container and ends its' stroke to stop and return to the open position again, I return to throwing the garbage bags into the pit.

Once the cart is empty the hopper is nearly full again. I hit the button again and watch as the final load of garbage is pressed with steady force into the dumpster. I realize I'm rubbing myself as I'm watching the trash being compacted. I know he's in there somewhere now and he is my garbage and the fact that I am actually trashing him sends me over the edge and I soak my panties as the compactor pushes the trash out of sight and into the steel container.

When the compactor stops to retract back open again I hit the red stop button and the ram comes to a stop, fully extended as I tried to maintain my balance standing up while I continued to massage myself. I find myself shuddering and panting, listening to the trash creaking within the container occasionally as I gather my thoughts and decide to get home for a hot bath and more massaging.


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