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Pink Is For Girls

by Disposee and PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - Disposee and PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; haunt; frighten; garbage-truck; depot; reveal; bag; caress; surprise; reluct; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death
Story from 2018 Halloween Special

story continued from part one/two & part three/four

Pink is for Girls 5 - The Halloween Edition

Introduction and a Stern Warning !
Yes. I know what you are thinking !  How can there be a Part 5, when we all know Hannah was crushed alive in the garbage truck. By the authors' own admission, Hannah never saw the incinerator, let alone was in a position to scream for help. Hannah would only have lasted 10 seconds tops, as she was truly flattened.

So how can there possibly be a Part 5 ?  Well it is Halloween, and things are about to go bump in the night (and the day, for that matter).

Prepare to be frightened out of your skin. This story comes with more than just a health warning. Don't say you were not told. Don't read any further, if you have a weak heart or high blood pressure. Gromet's insurance cannot take the law suits !

He goes :-

Hannah saw this bright light after the garbage truck had done its worst, or should I correctly say, done as it was programmed too. It squashes waste. It knew no difference.

The garbage truck crew knew no difference either. To them it was just a job. It was not personal with Hannah. They never even knew she was there. They had no reason to check inside David's black wheelie bin for a body. Oh, I mean, a living girl. (Sorry Hannah. I got my time lines mixed up. LOL)

But David should have known better. He knew what Hannah was like. Okay perhaps sealing her inside one of those extra tough industrial strength compactor bags for the rest of Hannah's life, might seem a tad drastic. However, she would not have ended up where she went.

Where exactly did she end up ?

Well her body is not just ashes. But is that it the end ?

David did not believe in ghosts. I think most logical thinkers know that is just horror stories you tell kids to make them look under their bed at night. Right ? 

Afraid of the dark ?  You will be !

David did believe that good boys and girls (who believe and repent) get to spend eternity in Heaven. While those naughty boys and girls get sent to a Lake of Fire (and no, that is not the council's incinerator). If true, that is one Hell of a story (pun intended), and far more frightening than any fictional horror movie.

After Hannah's death, David did question such things. I think you do, when you lose a loved one. And there was no girl loved more than Hannah in the whole of human history.

But no, Hannah was not playing a harp on a cloud. She had not crossed over, to the Other Side, for she still had unfinished business back here on Earth.

As Hannah got used to her spiritual form, her powers were weak. She could only move small items at first.

David put it down to absent-mindedness. Hannah's death had taken a great toll on him.

"Now where did I put the car keys ?" David shouted to, what he thought was an empty room.

Of course, Hannah had not yet found out a way to speak to him.

"Oh now look, I've lost the TV remote" said David. Then he lost the house keys.

He would find them later, hidden in strange places, and he could not remember putting them there.

He discussed the problem with his friends at work.

"It is simple David" a mate told him "you are having craft moments".

"Craft moments ?" replied David in a puzzled tone.

"Yes. C.R.A.F.T. moments." his mate laughed "Can't Remember A Fucking Thing.  It happens to old gits like you !"

"With friends like you, who needs enemies" retorted David.

Then pictures at David's house, would for "no reason" fall off walls as David walked by.

His mates told him, he must have been drunk and walked into them. Perhaps.

As Hannah's powers became stronger, so David's house became a tad draughty, he would shiver, like someone had 'walked over his grave'.

He remembered Hannah, and how he had wrapped her in polythene, to warm her up, after the bath water had gone cold, the first night she was there.

He briefly smiled, at her memory. It was the first time Hannah the ghost had seen David smile in what to her seemed like an eternity.

But the moment was fleeting. No sooner had David remembered, so his thoughts wandered to her funeral, only a week later. He had made all the arrangements at the local church. They had been very supportive at his loss.

At times like these, you need all the friends you can get.

Hannah's powers continued to grow, as she struggled to communicate.

David started seeing glimpses of shadows. At first, he thought he was seeing things. And again, David had dismissed the daft idea of ghosts, which had troubled him since her accident.

"What must I do !" cried Hannah to herself.

Things certainly started to go bump in the night.

The stairs would creak, although they had never done so before.

A shelf would fall down in the kitchen.

More stuff would go missing.

David wondered whether he was going mad, with the loss of her.

He saw his doctor and was prescribed pills to help him sleep.

Not that it was easy to sleep, with all the noises (in his head ?), for no one else seemed to see or hear, what he did. He was obviously going mad.

Mad with blaming himself. Mad with loosing his love. Mad at the universe, for being so cruel that he had only just found her, and now they were apart.

Of course, Hannah felt exactly the same. She was mad blaming herself. Mad with loosing her love. Mad at the universe, for being so cruel that she had only just found him, and now they were apart.

Then one day after work, as David arrived at the deserted empty council depot to pick up his garbage truck, he thought her saw her.

It was only 3 am, and it was still dark. He was now daydreaming about her, he concluded. That was it. Another sign he was going out of his mind.

He went around the truck to the rear hopper, and there laying there was an empty black sack. Just like the one Hannah had spent her last moments in.

"What the fuck is this doing here !" David shouted "This is NOT funny. Will the cunt of a prankster come out now !"

"Well I have a cunt" replied a sexy voice from behind him "But you used to call it, my pussy".

David instantly recognised that voice. It was hers.

He turned around, but he saw no one.

Hannah was standing there, but all David saw was darkness all around him, and some dim floodlighting from across the depot yard.

Another chill passed over David, and he let out startle, like someone, or something, had scratch down his back with long fingernails or claws !

"Feel that did you David ?" Hannah's voice said. "At last, I have been trying to communicate for days !"

"But, but, you're … " muttered David.

"Yes. Dead was the word you were trying to say" Hannah said.

The hairs stood up on David's head in pure terror. He was a big strong man, but this scared him to his core.

Then he saw Hannah laying inside the garbage truck's hopper.

"You're a demon, or an angel, Hannah is dead" David said, still not quite believing his eyes, and getting his head around this.

"Yes" said Hannah mockingly "We have already established, I am dead. That is right."

Instantly David knew it was her. He did not know how or why, but he cried, with joy at seeing her.

"Oh not more tears", said Hannah, sadly. "I have hurt you enough."

"It was my fault !" David replied.

"It was no one's fault, David. No one knew, not even me, and I was there !" Hannah chuckled to try and cheer David up.

"But how are you here ?" David asked.

"There is an eternity for you and I to find all the answers, but let's just say 'I have unfinished business here' replied Hannah.

"Come inside the hopper. I want one last snuggle in you arms, inside one your lovely polythene bags" Hannah said.

They both climbed inside the garbage truck's hopper, and snuggled down inside the large polythene bag together.

But as David tried to put his arm around Hannah, he noticed that although he could see and hear her, he could not touch her. For Hannah was just a ghost.

Hannah spoke "You know it was not too painful".

"What was not ?"  David said.

At that moment, a colleague had got in the cab of the truck and switched on the ignition.

Hannah had already set the packer to compact, with maximum pressure, and before David knew it, he was compacted just like Hannah !

His colleague heard David's last scream, but by the time he stopped the packer, the deed was done.

The police were called, and they opened up the hopper, and found David's lifeless body inside a garbage bag, flat.

"Well David was never quite right after loosing Hannah." one council witness told the police.

"He used to claim things went missing. But he was getting old" another council witness told the police.

"He even claimed to hearing sounds and pictures coming off walls" yet another witness added.

His told doctor told the police "I had to prescribe meds, for he was not sleeping. I warned him not to operate machinery afterwards."

His boss said "It looks like suicide. Perhaps David wanted to be with Hannah ?"

Now they had two funerals to attend.

But the truth is Hannah could not bear to be parted, and nor could David from her.

They say that they both haunt the council depot where garbage trucks are stored. Some say, you can hear strange goings on, with packers in some trucks moving 'on their own'. At all hours of the day and night.

But I did tell you that right at the beginning. This story has things that go bump in the night and the day.

You just never knew I was referring to David and Hannah shagging themselves silly.


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