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Pink Is For Girls

by Disposee and PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - Disposee and PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; dumpster; bag; hide; caught; hum; M/f; punsh; bond; gag; bagged; left; collection; garbagetruck; mast; compactor; process; conveyor; rescue; M/f; taken; confession; bath; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Tony could never understand his girlfriend, Hannah. She was submissive by nature and he did not mind tying her up, and gagging her. The truth was it allowed her mind to think of herself as an object, and to have no say in what he did to her. It was as if her strict upbringing would not allow her to enjoy orgasms. Nice girls don't, the Convent Mother Superior had told her once, when she had been caught playing with herself. Left outside naked, and humiliated so that other girls could laugh at her; it had been enforced at an early age for nice girls not to.

But she could not help herself. She loved the high her orgasms gave her. Hannah knew playing with herself was sinful; but if she had no control, it was not her fault she kept having them.

Hannah also had a bit of a polythene fetish. She had not known this at first. But whilst putting the trash out in the Convent as a young girl, the heavy trash bag, had rubbed against her naked leg, as she pulled it out of the bin, and dragged it to the dumpster. As time went on, she got to imagine how she might feel sealed in polythene, and dragged to a dumpster. It would get her out of those nasty sports lessons with that bitch of a teacher, Sister Rosa.

Now years later, those same feelings she had as a young girl, flooded back to Hannah. Tony was her first boyfriend, and like all girls (and all boys, for that matter), she had worried whether he truly loved her. After all, who loves trash? Hannah said to herself that she must be trash, since she had these strong and powerful desires, and she had always been told it was naughty.

One morning, Hannah woke to the sound of the garbage truck. Blurry-eyed she went over to the bedroom window and peered out into the semi-darkness of the street outside. She could see the massive lorry coming down the street, pausing to stop briefly at the houses, to pick up the pink bags of recyclable waste and black bags for general trash.

It was a split packer, rear loader. A smaller compartment for recyclables and a larger one for general trash. The men grabbed the trash bags placed by the residents at the kerb, and they were flung inside the garbage truck. The truck would make several stops, until the rear hoppers were quite full, before one operator would start the compactor, and the hopper contents would disappear inside the truck.

One of the garbage collectors looked up at her bedroom window, and Hannah darted back behind the bedroom curtains, afraid she had been seen looking out at them, for her right hand was between her legs, softly caressing her love button, which was already rather wet.

Tony awoke. "Come back to bed, love" he called to Hannah. "What are you doing up at this hour, it is still dark outside?"

"Nothing" replied Hannah, red-faced. She wondered if Tony had seen her touching herself as she looked out of the window. How would she explain that, if he asked? She realized she had better not do it again, or else he might get suspicious.

Hannah climbed back into bed, and laid there as motionless as she could whilst dreaming of being trash. Once she was sure Tony was sleeping, her hands wandered down her body again. She juddered and gasped when her orgasm hit, and this woke Tony again.

"Are you having a restless night, hun?" he asked.

"No, just struggling to sleep," she replied with a half-truth.

As her trash fantasy grew, Hannah found herself looking at garbage trucks more closely. She would go during her office lunch break to seek out dumpsters and peer into them, visualizing being inside one herself.

One dumpster she found she kept an eye on all week. She noted the trash collection day, when a front loader would lift the dumpster off the ground, and upend it over a hatch in the truck's roof, where the trash simply tumbled inside. Wow she thought. If I was inside a dumpster, the garbage man would not even see me fall inside his truck!

Making sure she avoided pick up day, for she did not want to be killed, Hannah would often hide inside her favourite dumpster. She would bring a sports bag filled with large shiny, black polythene bags, and once inside she would strip naked, just like she had been made to do at the Convent, and put her clothes into the sports bag. Then she would climb inside the trash bags and pretend she was just part of the dumpster's contents.

At first, the smell repulsed her, but the way she figured, trash does not chose where it goes. So in she went!

Feeling the polythene all around her was the best sensual thing she had experienced against her skin. It felt wonderful. After pleasuring herself, whilst bagged inside the dumpster, she would climb out of the trash bags, and leave them all hot and sweaty with the rest of the trash, and she would recover her sports bag, and dress back into her day clothes. Then back at the office, Hannah would use the showers, and wash all evidence of her body scent and her trash odour away down the plug hole. No one even seemed to notice she had been gone.

Each day, this became Hannah's new routine. She'd never had such sexy lunchtimes!

But one day, as she was laying bagged inside her dumpster, someone came to dump trash. Lots of it, and right on top of her. She tried to remain as quiet as she could, for the last thing she wanted was to be caught half-naked playing with herself inside a garbage dumpster with all the bagged waste. However, one heavy bag landed right on her face, and she could not help crying out.

She had been found. And just like at the Convent, it was humiliating. The police were called. They wanted to charge her with trespassing and being naked in public. It was all in the newspapers and she lost her job. Tony was furious. They needed two incomes to pay the bills. How were they to manage?!

"The way I see it, we only have enough money for one person to live here. You will have to go!" Tony barked.

Tony grabbed her, and bound and gagged her as normal. But then he grabbed a large pink polythene bag, used for the recyclable waste.

"You want to be trash?" Tony asked. "Well you are trash. This bag has air holes in it so it does not burst when crushed inside the garbage truck. I would not want you to suffocate and not enjoy your ride."

Hannah shook her head violently from side to side, protesting at the thought of being dumped this way.

"What is that?" Tony asked his gagged girlfriend, who was unable to speak for herself. "You probably think that pink bags are only for recyclable waste, and you know what, hunny? That's true. I don't want you anymore, but perhaps someone else would want to 'recycle' you into their girlfriend, so it is not right I put you in a black sack. Those items only go to the council's incinerator."

Hannah continued to shake her head in protest.

"But don't worry, hun. After all, pink is also for girls." Tony laughed, and the next poor Hannah knew she was bagged, taken downstairs, and carried out to the kerb for collection the next morning. Alongside her pink bag were several black bags. Tony did not even say goodbye, for who talks to trash?

The garbage truck was late arriving the next morning, and it was starting to get light outside. Hannah watched the garbage truck approach. Bound and gagged, she could neither move nor cry for help. But at least Tony was right, the air holes in the pink bag had allowed her to breathe.

Hannah noticed the driver of the garbage truck had no helpers with him today. He had to both load the trash and drive the truck. That, she realized, was why he was late. At least he will see her and save her. If he had arrived on time, it might have been too dark out for him to notice her.

When the garbage man moved the black bags next to Hannah and tossed them in the large hopper for general waste, he saw Hannah, sitting there bound and gagged, bagged up in her pink recycling bag.

"What have we here?" teased the garbage man. "Recycling waste?"

Hannah shook her head to confirm she was not.

"Well someone clearly thought you were when they bagged you like this! I am sorry, I have to collect every bag I see, it is in my contract. I could get fined if I miss a bag."  He said.

Hannah tried to thrash about, but her bonds were too tight.

The garbage man lifted Hannah up in his big strong arms and carried her to his truck. He gently placed her in the small hopper for recyclables, then went around to get into the cab of the truck, and drove off. Hannah could not believe it. He had actually collected her as recycled waste and now she was sitting in the hopper of a rear loader garbage truck, taken away with the trash. At least he had not compacted the waste.

Hannah's struggles had managed to free her bound arms, and she placed her right hand between her legs and her left hand on her breasts as she began to rub both. All night long she had pictured this moment and now it had arrived. After eight long hours sitting by the kerb, with the bagged waste, her sexual frustration at the anticipation of the arrival of the garbage truck was just too strong and she realized that she suddenly cared more about her enjoyment than about escape.

Unknown to Hannah, the garbage truck driver could see her wriggle and move, as she caressed herself inside her pink recycle bag, on the CCTV camera that was above each hopper. How strong he must be, Hannah thought, he lifted me as though I was as light as a feather. Now he has put me where I want to be, in the hopper of his garbage truck.

The garbage truck driver had thought he had witnessed most things in life, but this was a first! Who could have imagined that he would ever see a girl getting off in the hopper of his truck? He stopped the truck, picked up several more bags, and walked to the rear of the truck. Hannah stopped playing with herself as soon as she saw him.

"Well you are obviously enjoying your ride, miss," he said.

Hannah blushed.

"Here. Have some more bags!" he said as if he was being helpful, to aid her trashcan fantasy. He threw a few pink bags on top of her, got back into his cab, and drove the truck onward again. Hannah realised he was playing along with her fantasy. How sweet, she thought, someone actually understands me.

"Oh I am being dumped with the trash in a garbage truck," Hannah said to herself "Oh no. I am being buried alive." she pretended to complain. This was like the dumpster only 100 times more frightening and exciting. What would he do with her? Her mind raced, and her heart skipped a beat.

On the screen in the cab, he could see Hannah in the hopper, and he witnessed her orgasm. It was almost impossible for him to carry on his duties with a sexy babe like that in his truck. He longed to make her, his. He stopped the truck again, operated a switch on the side of the truck, and went to grab some more trash bags. He dumped some black bags in the large hopper for general waste and some more pink bags in the small recycle hopper. The hoppers were was getting quite full.

Underneath the bags, Hannah was having a whale of a time. She had already had one powerful orgasm, and was well on her way to her second when the next lot of bags hit her. However he said a few words which left her horrified.

"I have set the packer on its softest setting." Then without any further warning, the packer descended and scooped her up, along with the other pink bags. She found herself squashed into his truck.

"I am sorry," he said speaking into the empty recycling hopper that had contained Hannah, "I could not fit any more bags into the hopper, and by the look of things you might enjoy the rest of your trip in there anyway."

Hannah had no idea what he meant. Half of her wanted to kill him for compacting her as trash, but the other half wanted to thank him for the packer had indeed been gentle and, to her surprise, nothing had broken. Hannah was sure if he had not done so, she would be dead by now. Perhaps he did want to save her after all.

For hours and hours, Hannah rode inside his truck, being pushed back further and further inside. It was not long, before her second orgasm hit, measuring 9.9 on the Richter Scale, as her world was well and truly rocked to its foundations. The tight enclosure, being bagged in polythene, being treated as trash, and being part of the contents of his truck, was all she now desired. She hardly cared what would happen to her once the truck reached its destination.

Hannah imagined the people walking by the truck, oblivious to her plight. They would not know she was in there, and as they heard its hydraulics keep squashing her ever tighter, none of them would care. To them, she was just trash. Hannah was dripping in sweat, from her powerful orgasms. At least in here no one could see her play with herself, she thought. She was free to do whatever she liked, and she liked this a lot !

The truck finished its route and then went on a long drive to the Materials Recovery Facility. Once there, the truck driver opened the rear tailgate of his garbage truck and the ejector plate pushed Hannah and the rest of the recycle trash out the back. Hannah fell onto the Tipping Floor, just one pink bag among thousands of identical ones.

Before the driver could rescue Hannah, a large tipper truck, scooped her bag up and dropped her onto a conveyor belt to be sorted! The driver was horrified, but before he could think of anything to do or say, it was too late. Hannah was whisked away, and no one noticed her as she fell inside a rotating trammel and sharp spikes tore open her bag so she could be processed.

The other bags were all ripped open too, and Hannah found herself rotating in a large steel drum. She banged her head, arms, and legs as she tumbled around. The machine did not know she was human. The machine was not required to think, it was only required to sort. Small items fell through holes, but none were human sized, so Hannah continued her journey.

Onto another conveyor belt she fell, and she was passed under a belt of electro-magnets which caused all the tin cans with her to stick to it and be taken away. Hannah was not made of steel, so she remained on the conveyor belt. Next an eddy current removed all the aluminium cans, and Hannah narrowly missed having one hit her in her face as it flew through the air and was collected by the machinery.

Then Hannah bounced over paddles and cold air was blown over her naked body, chilling her and making her nipples stand erect, as she shivered. This removed all the waste paper. Lastly all the plastic bottles fell into hoppers, leaving just Hannah and a few other oversized recyclables naked and still on the conveyor belt.

It was lucky really that the machinery had not thought she was steel, aluminium, paper or plastic, for each of these waste streams ended up being sent to separate bailers that would have squashed Hannah to death before binding her in a bale, destined for a factory to be made into some sort of newly recycled products. Instead, Hannah was delivered to the sorting room and into the safe strong arms of her garbage truck driver.

"I think we had better get you home miss", he said to a much-relieved Hannah. "Afterwards, I can run you a hot, soapy bath for you to relax in." As he offered Hannah his coat to hide her nakedness, he whispered to her "I hope you enjoyed your ride. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship of trash collection and compaction. Did I tell you, I enjoy giving oral sex?"

Hannah blushed, embarrassed and excited. In truth, she was starting to wish that Tony had dumped her years ago, if this was to be her new future! She couldn't imagine what the truck driver might have in store for her, but at this point, she didn't care. She was his recycled trash to do with as he pleased, maybe even if he were to someday decide to put her out with the black bags of regular trash.

But until then, it was like her ex-boyfriend Tony had said... pink is for girls.


Pink is for Girls 2

The garbage truck driver took Hannah to his home. Hannah sat in the front passenger seat of his garbage truck. It was certainly a more comfortable ride than being squashed in the rear with the recycle waste, and it smelled better too. She smiled to herself, remembering how naughty she had been back there.

"I had better introduce myself," said the garbage truck driver. "I am David."

"I am Hannah," replied Hannah.

"So tell me" said David "Why were you bagged with the recycle waste?"

"Oh, I had a falling out with my boyfriend Tony, after I was caught masturbating bagged inside a public dumpster," she confessed.

David almost choked on hearing her revelation. "Wow" was all he could reply.

There was an uneasy silence, for a short moment while Hannah's confession sunk in. Hannah blushed and looked around the cab, not wanting to meet David's eyes for she felt ashamed. Around the same time Hannah spotted the CCTV camera screen showing the view of both rear hoppers, David spoke.

"That will explain the fun time you were having in the hopper" David said, as if that made Hannah feel less embarrassed. Dumb David.

"I see you watched the whole thing on CCTV" said Hannah, pointing to the CCTV screens. "Did you enjoy watching me?"

Now it was David's turn to blush. "To be honest Hannah, I could hardly steer the truck in a straight line, with only one hand on the steering wheel."

Hannah could guess where David's other hand had been, whilst he was watching her bagged in his recycle hopper, playing with herself.

"I am glad we both enjoyed it" said Hannah. "We seem quite well suited".

"It is not usual for me" said David "I am actually quite shy, and I normally let the girl be dominant. I like to please her."

"Yes, you hinted you liked giving oral sex, when you put your coat around me." she said.

Soon the garbage truck arrived back at the council depot, and the two of them transferred to David's car. As David held the car door open for Hannah, she smiled at how gallant he was. Then she noticed him admiring her figure underneath his coat that she was loosely wearing. David's piercing green eyes liked what he saw.

"I don't live far," said David. "We will be home soon, and I can run you that hot soapy bath I promised."

"I hope you will help me to wash, as my arms are a bit stiff from being bound for eight hours in the pink bag by the kerb, and then squashed by the truck's packer." said Hannah. Then she added suggestively, "Afterwards you can do whatever you want."

"What was it like being compacted?" asked David, with genuine concern for her well-being.

"The best thing I have ever experienced!"  replied Hannah, excited at the thought. "As soon as the packer descended over me and the other pink bags, I laid back against the hopper as far as I could, so it missed slicing me into two. I was petrified to move, but it just gently but swiftly scooped me up. I must admit, my next orgasm hit at that point, as I watched it engulf me and all went dark inside. Then it firmly pushed the other pink bags that were laying on top of me, into me, and I became the filling in a pile of pink recycle bags as I was pushed inside the truck's tight confines. I worried whether I could breathe, but there was room and the packer plate has a gap between it and the hopper wall, so air could get in. I made sure I kept this gap in sight during the journey. As more and more bags came in, I got pushed further inside. It was very erotic. I must have orgasmed ten times. How long was I in there?"

"Five hours" replied David. Wow, thought Hannah. What an achievement and the time flew passed.

"I think I would prefer being inside the larger hopper, next time," confessed Hannah, "it would be less cramped."

"Next time!?" asked David.

"Oh yes! I want to experience your garbage truck more than once," replied Hannah.

David found her blunt honesty most refreshing. Hannah seemed to be at ease telling him her darkest desires, and David admired her for that.

"But the black bag waste could have nasty things in it" David said concerned for her safety. "People put all kinds of non-recyclable waste in there. Sharp objects that could injure, used nappies and diapers which are filthy. I would have no control over what goes in with you."

"I realise that, David" said Hannah, "And I thank you for your concern, but trash does not get to chose what accompanies it".

David was unconvinced this was a good idea.

"What's more," continued David, "the black bag waste gets unloaded at the incinerator. I was not able to stop you being scooped up by the tipper driver, when he loaded you with the recycling to be processed. I would hate for you to be burnt alive".

Hannah pondered his words of wisdom. Would there be a safer way, or would she have to go the whole way to continue her fantasy, even if it meant an one-way journey?

David's car arrived outside his house. "Here we are." David announced to his new, mostly naked guest.

The two of them entered David's home. "It is not much," said David, "but it is home".

Hannah was quite impressed. To have a large four bedroom house in London must cost a fortune.

David ran a bath for Hannah. "Here you are."

Hannah climbed in the bath, and the warm soapy water eased her bruised and aching muscles. The journey being compacted in a garbage truck and then mechanically sorted at the recycling centre had been fun, but it left her black and blue all over.

"Please join me, David," she said.

David reached for a soft sponge and soaped it, until soap bubbles ran down his arms. He gently rubbed the backs of her shoulders and down her back. It felt wonderful. She admired the way he was gentle with her, and she could feel he genuinely liked her.  Her ex-boyfriend Tony, had only played rough sex games with her, and this was a different style of care, and she admitted that she liked being this pampered.

David continued to soap her back with the soft sponge, and Hannah turned her body around to face him. "My front needs cleaning too," she purred. "Only don't use the sponge for these bits."

David dropped the sponge in the bath water, and soaped his hands instead. He placed his soapy hands on her shoulders and worked his way down to her breasts, which he caressed softly but firmly. It produced a bulge on him, and her tits too become erect too. Hannah raised her arms so he could wash them too. Her body was getting quite slippery with soap. Hannah just stood there letting his soapy hands wander wherever they liked. It was clear to Hannah, that David enjoyed giving lots of foreplay, for no one had ever taken such care and time over her.

Next David soaped her legs, and caressed her thighs. Hannah wondered what David preferred, her breasts or her thighs. As she thought this, her question was answered, as if David could read her mind. He knelt down in the bath tub, and grabbing her buttocks, he pulled her towards his face.

"But you have not washed down there," Hannah panicked, for she knew that after repeated pleasuring herself, she must be covered in her love juices.

"I always use my tongue, on the delicate bits" reassured David, "And you need not worry, I love your taste".

David inserted his tongue deeper between her thighs, and she stood her legs further apart so he could access her better. David pulled harder on her buttocks, so he could stick his face and tongue even deeper. It was as if she was being eaten by a hungry animal that would not stop.

Hannah found her mind wandering to the devoured stories she had read on the Plaza, as she concentrated on the feeling his tongue was giving her as he lapped up all her dried on juices. He was definitely a passionate lover, and he desired her like she had never been desired before.

His tongue inched passed her labia, and up towards her waiting love button. He was indeed a skillful lover and one who knew a female's anatomy like the back of his own hand. Hannah smiled as she thought, even if David had been born a girl, he could not know where to please her better than he was doing right now!

Within moments of circling her love button in soft, wet, figures of eight, her head was spinning. When she came, her knees gave way, and she sunk to kneeling in the bath tub, and the same height as David. She kissed him hard on the lips, that only seconds before had been giving her pleasure.

They never made it to the bedroom. He stood up, and helped her up also. Then he lifted her up in his big strong arms and hitched her onto his hips, as he took her deep, whilst in a standing position. David was so passionate for her. She knew he would do anything she asked. All she had to figure, was how to persuade him to bag her in the black bag waste. For she did not feel worthy of such devotion.

However, David had fallen in love. For what Hannah did not know was, in his eyes, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Unlike Tony, David loved all of her.

Hannah had indeed been recycled.

Story continues in Part Two

This story was inspired by these two videos :-

Although, I changed the sequence so that the ride was longer.


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