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Penny's Peril

by Shokolada

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© Copyright 2007 - Shokolada - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; PVC; bond; bagged; messy; transported; compact; cons/reluct; X

"Are you ready for the party, little Penny?"

Penny had been ready for weeks, ever since Mistress Tamara had told her about the upcoming BDSM Social. She loved the group's events, and while it hadn't been mentioned yet, Penny's birthday was only a few days afterward, and she was hoping that Mistress had something planned.

However, being excited wasn't what Mistress meant by 'ready' - she meant being dressed. Penny walked out of her bedroom in the black PVC maid's dress she'd been ordered to wear: long-sleeved with a high collar, and a short skirt flaring widely out over a nylon crinoline. Neither the skirt nor the short, broad white PVC apron did a sufficient job of hiding the tight black unlined vinyl panties underneath.

"Do you approve, Mistress?" Penny asked eagerly.

"Almost," Tamara said with a mischievous grin.

Tamara herself was a shiny black vision this night, in a PVC catsuit, patent boots, and glossy corset. The look was nearly a cliche, which she knew - it amused her greatly.

She reached to the table nearby, and picked up a silicone dildo with a wide circular base. Without bending down, she tugged down the waist of Penny's plastic underwear, and guided the lubed dildo deep inside Penny's pussy. Penny nearly fell over from the wonderful sensation; then, Tamara released her panties, letting the tight vinyl tug at the toy with each movement the submissive girl made.

"Oh, noooooo," moaned Penny quietly.

"Now, don't think for a second that that gets you out of any service this evening," Tamara warned. "Grab our 'play' bag. Ready to go?"


The next couple of hours stretched endlessly for Penny. It was hard enough to stand meekly behind Tamara and gaze at her glossy, delicious rear, and being dressed up herself was doubly exciting; but the constant attention of the dildo became nearly unbearable. Already, she'd permitted herself a few quiet mini-orgasms when she hoped Tamara wasn't watching, but before long a loud, body-shaking come was going to hit, and that was going to get her in a lot of trouble.

It did. Penny held a plate of cherry pie and ice cream in front of her, as she stepped carefully across the room. Tamara sat on a chair, talking to another guest and waiting for the dessert she'd ordered. Just as Penny thought she'd made it safely across the room, the sex toy shifted again, and a shudder raced through her from neck to knees. The sweets fell from her briefly nerveless fingers, smearing and splashing their way down Tamara's PVC bosom and into her lap. At least I won't have too much trouble cleaning the suit, one part of Penny's mind thought.

"How dare you!" Tamara shouted.

"It was an accident," Penny insisted.

"Clumsy little slut!"

"Well, I'd be able to walk across the room if you hadn't stuffed me full of silicone!" she shouted back, forgetting herself for a second.

Everything went quiet. Mortified, Penny realized that she couldn't read the sudden poker face Tamara put on at that moment - the small dollop of whipped cream on her nose wasn't helping any.

"I'm sorry," she began weakly.

Tamara pointed to a man and woman standing closest to Penny. "Hold her, please," and each one grabbed a wrist and shoulder. Her Mistress went behind her, and there were rustling plastic noises for a few moments. Penny tried to crane around and look, but could only see Tamara at the covered table where the second wave of desserts and snacks were kept for the all-nighters.

"Spill pie on me, will you?" and Penny had a split-second to see a thick chocolate cream pie head right for the bridge of her nose. Instantly, her world was muffled in cool creamy goo, and the protest she opened her mouth to make disappeared in a mouthful of sweet. Through her costume, she could feel it all dripping down her shoulders and front.

"Hmm... this won't do," Tamara said from the other side of the blankness. "This is going to make too much cleanup." She cleared Penny's nostrils with a finger, then moved behind her submissive, unzipping the dress and untying the apron before removing them both. She wrapped wrist cuffs and a collar around the messy girl, then strapped a ball gag into her mouth. The cuffs and collar were attached by a short chain. Penny was pushed into a cross-legged sitting position, and another chain was linked from her collar to a pair of leg cuffs. Finally, her hands were encased in Saran Wrap mittens.

"I think it's time to teach you a lesson, my dear," Tamara purred. "If you're going to behave like a trashy slut... well..."

And with that, Tamara's helpers lifted Penny from the floor and carried her back. Enough of the cream had dripped from Penny's face that she saw a plastic pipe frame supporting a large black plastic trash bag, and she realized that there was her destination!

Her carriers dropped her in gently, but not too gently! Penny's first sensation was of sitting in something soft, spongy, and sticky; she looked down to see the remnants of what had probably been a two-layer large sheet cake serving as a cushion for her. Her body heat slowly melted the thick icing the cake had been coated with, and as she wiggled she could feel her bum slide around in the mess.

Penny was short enough that she could not see over the rim of the frame, so it was hard for her to tell what was going on around her. The wiggling told her also that she was nestled in more than one layered bag, and that her wrapped and bound hands would be no use getting out.

"Heads up!" Tamara shouted, and Penny looked up to get a huge catering can of vanilla pudding in the face. As she reflexively brought her head down the cold glop ran down her hair and back, making her shiver again.

"C'mon, folks, help me clean up!" Tamara called. Penny grunted urgently in denial, but couldn't stop the rain of cake, cream pies, puddings, and what felt like a couple buckets of warm brownie batter. She couldn't have imagined this would all have been sitting on that table, unless the all-nighters had a hell of an orgy planned. Still, it all kept coming.

Her nose was kept clear, but she spent most of the night half-blinded, startled when someone dropped another sweet in or smacked with another pie. Penny was covered in a thick layer of goo, and the mess in the bottom of the bag was up to her waist. Ashamed as she was to admit it, Penny was awfully turned on by the humiliation of the situation, and the decadent feel of being covered in the silky slime. The ever-present toy inside her only made things worse, but to her disappointment, the chain at her neck didn't allow her hands below her waist, and she couldn't quite finish herself by wiggling, as she'd feared earlier and wished for now.

Penny felt a warm, wet cloth clearing her eyes, and saw Tamara looking down at her. "Well, all good things must end. You've been a wonderful sub, but before I head home tonight, we have to take out the trash. It's been fun!" With that, she pulled the bags free of the frame, and Penny's world went dark as Tamara twisted them shut. Penny grunted and moaned in frantic protest, but was ignored as she heard the ratcheting of three plastic cable ties sealing the bags' "ponytail" tight.

Metal clanged behind her, and something slid underneath her bags; when she was rocked back, she realized that she was on a hand dolly, and was being wheeled around like a piece of furniture! She heard a door open, and felt herself bump over a threshold; then she was lifted up, and set on something cool that vibrated to a nearby engine. With the creak of a tailgate, she knew she sat in the rear bed of a pickup.

Penny felt several more bags bounce off of her to land in the truck bed. This was freaking her out a bit - where were they taking her? What were they going to do with her? Only when an anonymous finger tore an air hole in her bags, keeping them open with a paper clip and a little tape, did she relax a bit... a relief lost when a male voice laughed, "Wouldn't want her to miss what's coming!"

There was no escaping the truth: the fear was turning her on. As the truck pulled out and drove on, Penny wiggled around in her gooey mess, feeling the bags of trash shift around her, trying desperately to reach the dildo with her hands. It didn't work. She would get close, but then frustration would drive her back again. The air hole was too far away from her eyes for her too see anything in the darkness, and she had no idea where the pickup was going, so she kept trying for the massive come that waited for her... and failing.

The truck stopped. Back on the dolly she went, and was wheeled into what sounded like a large building, from the echoing footsteps. Roughly, her bag was lifted into the air, and deposited on what felt like a soft pile of other bags.

A familiar voice said, "Hand me the scissors." It was Tamara! Penny rejoiced briefly as the zip ties were cut away. Her layered bag opened, and her Mistress' smiling face appeared. A quick look around showed Penny that her bag rested in a battered metal box, almost full of other filled trash bags. She looked up at Tamara hopefully.

"No, pet, I'm not letting you out," Tamara laughed. "But you have brought me enough pleasure during our time together that I thought you'd have one last gift." And with a small key, she freed Penny's wrists from her collar. Penny heard a motor and saw the far wall of the metal box move slowly toward her before the zip-ties returned, her bag was triple-sealed for the last time, and a lid banged loudly shut overhead.

She tried to scream through her gag. The wall moved closer and closer. She thrashed around desperately, in the thick mess coating her. But as the bags around her pressed tighter and tighter, she knew there was only one thing left to do. Her wrapped hands shot down to the toy, still trapped inside her by those demonic plastic panties, and she rubbed against herself for all she was worth.

She was squeezed almost immobile in the trash. Her air hole was blocked by the bag next her. She was more scared than she could ever remember being.




Just as she was squealing aftershock into her gag, there was a pop and a huge clang. All pressure was released, and Penny tumbled free in her bag. Hands grabbed her, a knife slashed the layers of plastic open, and she was helped out of her prison.

Someone was hosing the goo off of her with warm water, and holding her steady with the other arm. "Oh, my pet," Tamara cried, "that was perfect! I heard your come just as the magnets gave way and the box fell open."

Penny looked dumbstruck at her still vinyl-clad Mistress as all her bindings and her gag came off. "We've been planning this for weeks, you know. Setting up the fake compactor, recruiting my helpers, and arranging for all those desserts... I knew I could goad you into misbehaving tonight. You were beautiful!"

Tamara handed the dumbfounded, shaky girl a photo. It was picture of a huge, layered sheet cake nestled in the bottom of a tripled trash bag. The icing on the cake said, "Happy Birthday, Penny!"

Penny looked at Tamara, who stood there grinning hugely, smeared in sweet goo from helping the shocked girl stand. "So? What do you think?"

There was only one way to say what needed to be said.

Giggling, Penny hit Tamara with a lengthy blast from the hose.


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