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The Payout

by LckdNRbbr

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© Copyright 2012 - LckdNRbbr - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; latex; catsuit; bond; collar; enclosure; bagged; trashcan; object; oral; sex; climax; stuck; cons; X

This story is released into the public domain, no rights reserved. Feel free to write a continuation, print it in a magazine, put it on a website, or do anything else you please with it. Notification of reprints or derivative works is requested, but not required. I'm a huge fan of GrometsPlaza - if you do use this story, a link back to the place where it was originally published on GrometsPlaza would be appreciated. - 

Part 1

2.46 million

He looked at his account again. It was really there. He blinked...
After the news that his company had been acquired, there had been a whirlwind - the office wound down, lots of folks started new jobs, but Jim didn't really know what to do. He'd been the 3rd employee, and knowing he was going to be compensated handsomely, he wanted to take some time to figure out what he wanted to do next.

3 weeks later, Jim was bored, lonely, and a very rich man. 

He looked at the screen again, and then closed the tab for his bank. It was really there. The money had funded, and he now had no idea what he was going to do with himself.

Opening an IM window, he began typing

trashgeek: So... Uh, I guess I'm rich?
shinyshiny: Lol, oh ya?
t: Yeah. It just came through. I'm sort've stunned. None of it has seemed real until now.
s: I can imagine. So, what are you going to do now?
t: lol, I have no idea
s: that sounds nice
t: you'd think, right? unfortunately, I'm already bored out of my mind.
s: so, get a job, start a company, do something
t: I just don't have the motivation. 
s: Oh that's a lie - you worked like a dog for 5 years
t: haha, ya I guess I'm just a bit burnt. 
s: okay, so what are you passionate about?
t: lol, you mean aside from my fetish?
s: heh, yeah, i meant work-wise, but...
t: but?
s: well, I mean, it's not like you have to be to work tomorrow, right?
t: true ;) what are you thinking?
s: I'm wondering how well I know you?
t: oh?
s: for instance, how much rubber are you wearing right now?
t: lol. Um. most of it?
s: ha! Hood and all?
t: ya, just not the mitts and gasmask really - they're hard to type in
s: lol, you're such a rubberslut. Fantastic. You stopped working like 2 weeks ago, have you been in it every night?
t: heh, not quite, but um, ya. A lot of them. it's fun, but just not that much fun on your own
s: indeed. Why do I get the feeling this wasn't just a random IM?
t: well... I know you have to work
s: /coughs/ oh - strange, I think I'm coming down with something. I should probably work from home tomorrow ;)
t: lol, really?
s: oh you're not getting out of this one, trashboy. If you're not over here in 30 min with all your gear, you're in big trouble.

Jim smiled a wicked smile - she knew it took 40 min to get there from his place, even without packing.

t: ak - on my way!
s: clock's ticking...

Jim arrived at her apartment nearly an hour later, sweating in his rubber under his street clothes, and dragging a large rolling suitcase behind him. She buzzed him in without a word. 

When he got to the door, she opened it, let him step inside, and locked in behind him. 

"You're very late!"

"I'm sorry for being late."

"Are you? I think you like being in trouble."

"No ma'am. I tried to get here as fast..."

"Enough. You can make all the excuses you want. You made me wait."

"I'm sorry ma'am."

"I'm sure you are. However, there's still the matter of how to repay that debt. My time is clearly worth more than yours. Let's say 5 minutes for every one you made me wait?"

"That sounds fair ma'am."

"Does it? You know the rules of our game. You're agreeing to these terms, you're saying you want what I'm about to do."

"Yes ma'am."

"I want to hear you ask me for it."

"I'm just an object ma'am. I'm here to serve you, and when I don't work as expected, you can throw me away."

"Indeed.. Of course I'll let you out when your time's done. 5 minutes for every minute you made me wait. I think full rubber is in order, don't you, trashslave?"

"Yes ma'am," Jim said, as Leah rummaged through his suit case, pulling out a few items.

She held out the ball mitts, and he willingly pushed his hands into them, feeling her cinch them tight, and then lock his hands into the useless rubber balls. Next she walked behind him, brushing up against him, and pulled a heavy latex hood over his head. It had an attached breathe-through gag, and was a very snug fit. Finally, she locked a collar over the hood, ensuring it wasn't coming off easily.

Next she started unrolling and opening a bunch of large trash bags, putting them one inside the other, and placing them on her plush, deep leather couch. The bunches of plastic made rings at the edge. 

"In" she commanded to the rubber-encased figure before her. He gingerly climbed up onto the couch, sitting in the middle of the bags. She brought his wrists up to his collar, and locked them to the o-ring at it's front. Next she wrapped a strap around his thighs, and pulled it around his back, so he could not extend his legs. Finally, she pulled up the bags around him, cinching each on at the top, and then binding all of their tops together, leaving him totally trapped in a hot, black bubble of air.

30 * 5 was 150 minutes - 2 and a half hours he was to be kept like this. Jim was rock hard, and drifting into a wonderful subspace. He barely even noticed the air getting stale.

A few hours later, he was awoken by a voice. He must've dozed off in his plastic and rubber prison.

"So, trashslave, it's late, and I'm heading off to bed". 

Jim could feel a coolness to the air he was breathing - she must've cut a hole and fished his breathing tube through at some point. He was relieved, but a little uneasy. He was set up for a long haul here in these bags now, and she was joking about bed. She was joking right?

"Mmmf?" He managed.

"What's that?" she asked, with a playfully evil tone in her voice.

"tuu hrrrs" he grunted.

Leah grinned. "Two hours? Of what? Of punishment? It's been more like 4 now, but what's that have to do with anything?"

Jim attempted to grunt his explanation - that he was 30 minutes late, and his punishment should be up now. Leah spoke over his grunts, laughing.

"Oh, oh dear. Did you think we were speaking about your tardiness tonight? Oh, that is a pickle. You see, I was referring to the time you kept me waiting before telling me you were sitting at home with nothing to do. You know you should have called me that first night, right?"

There was a long silence from trash, and then finally a resigned sounding, "ess maaam"

"Right. Now that that's settled, we're in agreement that you're my trashslave for a good long while. You were out of work at least, what, 2 weeks? That's quite a lot of punishment to work off!"

"MMMP" The trash exclaimed. 

"Did the math did we? No, I don't think I'll be able to keep you there for 10 weeks. Trash gets smelly long before that. We'll just have to figure out ways for you to work off this debt. But for now, I think I like you like that. Enjoy your night."

And with a click, he heard her walk off. It was going to be a long night


Jim awoke hot, wet, and sore. He was still trapped in his trashbags, and had a powerful urge to pee. He fought it for a while, but when Leah was nowhere nearby he eventually had to release himself, flowing warmly into his rubber suit, and then trickling to join the sweat pooling in the bottom of the bag. He was a mess.

Time seemed to slow as he waited for release. It must be morning by now.


Another few hours, he heard Leah pad into the living room. 

"Good morning trash," she said, and walked over to him, feeling for his body through the bags.

"mmmm" he moaned. 

She climbed up on the couch behind him, and massaged his shoulders through the plastic and rubber, pressing herself against him. 

"You know, I think I could get used to keeping you like this. My own little trash slut, here to play with or throw away."

"Mmmmmm," jim moaned again. The soreness and the stinging of his skin were turning into something different now. He was trapped and loving it once more

"So, here's the deal. I know you, and I know in a week or two you're going to pull yourself out of your funk, get back to business, and make yourself busy again. To tell the truth, I don't like it when you're busy. You're far more interesting when you're bored and horny."

"Mmm," Jim said once more, leaning back into her, and feeling her soft body press against his back. She sat down and wrapped her arms and legs around him, bound in his bags.

"I think this is what you really want, but you won't allow yourself to have it, so here's my proposal. I'm serious about the 10 weeks. For the next 10 weeks I'm going to be your ID embodied. Whatever you really want in your darkest fantasies, I'm going to give you, like it or not. I'm going to be impulsive with your credit card and buy things you know you want, but wouldn't let yourself get. I'm going to get you into trouble you wouldn't dream of alone, and when it's all done, you'll have a simple choice... Leave and go be boring again, or give yourself to me completely."

"Uuunnnnggg," Jim moaned again, pressing into her as he felt her wrap herself more tightly around him, nuzzing her cheek against his plastic and rubber wrapped head. He didn't exactly have a choice in the matter, but true or not this was certainly fun. 

"I was doing the math - 2.4 million - that should earn you at least 120k a year with even modest rates. Lets say you need 60k for living expenses, that leaves you 60k a year to spend without ever touching the balance... I'm going to help you spend that extra 60k. I'm giving you one chance to grunt twice to tell me no, but I already know you're not going to"

The trash was slient. It was what he wanted. Permission to indulge himself, and he wasn't even spending any of the money he'd just made - just the interest.

"Wonderful! Okay, first things first, I'm going to buy every item you've ever sent me links to, lusted over, or wished you could afford from twistmyrubberarm, and a few for myself as well."

He heard various click and a few exclamations of "Oooh, that's fun", or "shiny!" as she surfed the site for what seemed like hours. Finally, she was done

"There. Everything you ever wanted, a bunch of stuff for me, and I didn't even make a dent. Not even 5000! Do you know how hard it is to spend money? I hope you appreciate what I'm doing for you here."

Heard more clicking, and typing as Leah entered his credit card into various shops. Whatever she was up to, she was certainly on a mission.

"Okay trashslave, almost 15k spent, but I'm out of juice! You've got stuff being overnighted from maxcita, twistmyrubberarm, demask, and a bunch more, and an order from ULine I think you're going to love. Now, If I let you out of your trashy home, are you going to be good?"

"Mmm hmm" 

"Okay, let's get you out of there."

Leah opened the bags one by one, and carefully pulled them halfway down the trash, and reached in to undo his bindings. He groaned and stretched, flexing his arms and legs, being careful not to spill the sweaty mess in the bags. Leah threw down a few towels between her slave and the shower. 

"Off to the shower with you, and don't make a mess!"

Jim carefully stepped out of the bag onto the towels, and scurried off to the shower. 

"I expect you to be back in your latex, cleaned, and polished when you come out, and you better not play with yourself in there unless you want to see what a real punishment is!" 

Jim emerged from the shower rested and refreshed, once again encased in latex. He held the ballmitts in his hands in front of him, waiting for Leah to decide if he was to be locked in them again. She heard him emerge from the shower, and turned from her computer, walking towards him, clad in her own shiny latex catsuit and barefoot, her long silky black hair draping down her petit frame to the middle of her back.

"There, that looks better," she said, "you were quite a mess. Feel better?" she said as she walked towards him and helped return his hands to their rubber prisons, locking each mitt on.

"Yes ma'am."

"Good - now I have work to do, but I don't see any reason why we can't enjoy ourselves in that time, do you?"

"No ma'am." 

"Me either. I think I'll allow you to work off your time by pleasing me, instead of just through punishment. Does that sound fair to you, trash?"

"Generous, ma'am."

"Indeed. Kneel here," she said, pointing in front of the couch. He knelt obediently.  She reached towards his neck and snapped a lock to his collar's o-ring, and then attached a chain to the front of her futon where she knelt. She sat on the couch, straddling his face, and leaned back, pressing her latex covered sex towards him. She unzipped herself, and he knew what to do. 

"No too fast, trashboy - we've got all day," she said as she languished in the feelings rippling from her clit as he licked her. She pulled her laptop over to her and resumed her day's work.


After a few hours, and a few wonderful rubber orgasms, the day was coming to a close, and Leah figured it was time to give her slave a little treat. He was resting in front of her, his head resting against her rubber covered thigh, still locked to the couch. She reached down and unlocked him, and lead him by the chain into her bedroom. Laying him down on the bed in front of her, she locked both wrists to the bedposts, and then tied his feet likewise. Finally, unzipping his rubber pants, she pulled his rubber covered manhood free. She licked it slowly, feeling it grow from moderate attention to concrete rigidity. Still nibbling at it, she wrapped a cockring around it's base and snapped it in place, ensuring he would stay nearly painfully hard until she took it off. 

Next, she pulled the breath control hood with the transparent face out of her drawer, and pulled it over his head, and finally mounted him. He surged towards her like a possessed animal, and she rode him to a massive climax as the transparent hood sucked against his face, allowing only a small amount of air through the hole in the front. 

She laid her head down against him and slept right there, still impaled on him, while he carefully regained his composure and fought to take normal breaths inside the restrictive hood.


He heard the door buzzer before she did - he had drifted off at some point, and she must've removed the hood, because he was lying there in his latex with her curled up next to him cuddling. Sunlight was streaming through the slats in her blinds, and he could feel it warming his leg where it hit the black latex.

The door buzzed again, and Leah stirred. "Who's that?" she said, groggily. Then, suddenly, she snapped up.

"Oh! It's here! Wow, when they say overnight, they really mean it!"

He listened hard as she jumped out and padded out of the bedroom, throwing a bathrobe over her catsuit.

"Uline - sign here. Where do you want the pallet?" 

A few minutes later he heard a few loud thumps, and then the door closing. 

He laid there, listening to her rustle paper and plastic. She was preparing something...

Finally, she came back into the bedroom and unchained him from the bed. He rolled around and stretched a bit, and then finally stood up next to her, taking her in. She was standing there, still in her latex catsuit, waiting for him to be ready, looking at him with that dangerous glimmer in her eye. 

"Are you ready to see your new home?" She said, grabbing the chain still attached to his leash and leading him out of the bedroom.

There, standing in her living room, was a huge industrial rubbermaid trashcan. She led him over to it, and he peered down inside. It was lined with a big grey bag, and looked big.. and inviting.

"So, what are you waiting for?" She said to him, grinning?

Jim hadn't ever really gotten to play in a trashcan, and here was one standing in front of him that was his. He smiled at Leah, put his hands on the edges, and hoisted his knees up, leveraging himself over the can. He let his feet down and touched the bottom of the can with his feet. It was soft down there. 

"I added some pillows down below so you don't complain too soon" she said, still smiling, loving watching him explore. 

Jim attempted to sit down, but his legs were a little too long, he wasn't going to be able to sit that way. Thinking for a moment, he put his hands once again on the edges of the can, and lifted his knees up, and then lowered himself on his arms a bit.

Within a second, he'd lost his balance and ability to hold himself up by his arms, and he slid with a "whoompf" down into the trashcan, with his legs wedged firmly against his chest. He was very nearly stuck, but could probably reach up and hoist himself back up. He looked up out of the trashcan and saw Leah peering down at him. 

"Well isn't that a sight. A big piece of trash that threw itself away. Looks like it might be able to spill and make a mess though. We should probably fix that."

Leah reached down into the trash can with a ball mitt and fastened it around one Jim's hands, and then did the same with the other. Finally, she reached in with a lock and locked his gloves to his collar. Being that he could no longer reach up and grab the sides, all the trash could do was wiggle a bit back and forth and wedge himself in further. 

With a "whap" jim heard the lid close above him, and drifted out to subspace hard. 

When he next heard the lid open, he felt the cool air rush in, and realized just how hot it had gotten in his can. He was sweating in here. 

"Having fun in there?"

"Mmm" was all Jim managed, with his head resting against the side of the can. He wasn't even gagged, but was so far out in subspace, he was barely coherent. 

"You know the drill, trashboy. When you fall into one of my traps like this, you get one chance only. If you want out, you need to tell me now, otherwise you're in until I want to let you out - and I've gone to a lot of trouble to make this happen, and have to be honest, I'm loving this. I just might keep you like that forever!"

"Mmmmmm," Jim said, writhing a bit, and feeling the tight, slippery latex against his skin, and the slick plastic surrounding him. 

"Okay - you're asking for it... Final chance... 3... 2..."

She started to close the lid, holding up what looked like a wood clamp


Jim felt the lid close above him, and then heard the "squeak squeak squick!" of the wood clamp closing. She'd clamped the lid shut, and he was totally locked in here. Without anything but the press of the latex and his own legs curled up against him, Jim felt himself peak, and made a mess of himself there in the trash. Now he really was just a dirty object to be thrown away. 


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