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Packaged Principal

by Grace

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© Copyright 2010 - Grace - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-m; dumpster; trash; messy; caught; F/m; waste; compactor; pit; con/nc; XX

In the back of my mind I'd always known that sooner or later this sick urge of mine was going to get me into serious trouble. But I'd never imagined that I'd end up like this! My inability to control my urges had left me to an inhumanly humiliating demise. If my body was ever found the predicament I had allowed myself to get into would be an embarrassment to my family and the entire school forever.

It all started when the small school district I worked for decided to consolidate several of its schools into one. That meant that the staff of several schools had to be let go. Unfortunately I was the principal of one of the schools that was closed. With no opportunities in my district and little demand for school administrators I had little choice but to take whatever job I could find.

After several weeks of fruitless searching I was finally offered the position of head administrator to an all girls school in Arkansas. Against my better judgment I took it. When I arrived I was amazed at how large a school it was. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad a position after all. Running a large institution such as this had to have its perks.

I tried to be friendly to the staff in hopes of establishing a good rapport with them, but they obviously resented having an outsider brought in to run the school, and a man at that! The worst of them was the vice principal, a huge black amazon of a woman by the name of Yolanda. She made no effort at all to hide her animosity towards me. Being a rather small man she towered over me by at least a foot and out-weighted me by over a hundred pounds. She looked at me like a snake looks at a mouse it’s preparing to eat. She was just waiting for her chance to strike and I knew it. I made a mental note never to turn my back on her.

With all the commotion and distractions of starting a new job at a new school I hadn't had time for my secret little perversion, but after several weeks things started to settle down at school and my urges began to get the better of me. Ever since I was a little kid I'd always had a fascination with garbage. The thought of being treated like a piece of trash, just an inhuman object tossed into the garbage bag, covered with waste and taken out to the dumpster for ultimate disposal had always been an uncontrollable fantasy of mine.

As a kid I had experimented at home with bagging myself and covering myself with garbage, but my position as principle at the last school had given me an opportunity to really live out many of my fantasies on a regular basis. As the Principal I had the master key to all the locks at the school. So most weekends I would go to school and lock myself in the enclosed loading dock area next to the cafeteria where a large dumpster was kept which usually was overflowing with all the uneaten food, dirtied napkins and whatever else that had accumulated for the past week. The dumpster was emptied every Monday, so by the weekend it was always overflowing. I would strip naked and climb in and work my way to the bottom of the mass of slimy, gooey refuse.

One time after the cafeteria had served macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, chocolate pudding and mashed potatoes that week I was so coated in a thick adhesive layer of glop I was trapped in the dumpster for most of the day before I could free myself from the sucking viscous swamp. By the time I managed to pull myself out I was just a moving gelatinous glob of viscous goo. I looked like the blob.

I always brought a full change of clothes with me, plus soap, shampoo, garbage bags and other cleaning supplies to clean myself up and a water spigot with a hose was in the loading dock so I could wash myself down and any evidence of me being there.

This new school was considerably larger than my old one and offered many new opportunities for indulging my kink. I soon learned where the cafeteria and loading dock were and just as I had imagined there was a very large dumpster at the bottom of the loading dock heaped high with slimy, gooey garbage. There was even an industrial size trash compactor and bin next to the dumpster.

I couldn't wait. First I checked with the security office to find out where all the security cameras where and what kind of security there was on weekends. Lucky for me there was no cameras in the cafeteria or loading dock area. Plus, to keep expenses down the school had eliminated the weekend security guard. From that day on I began spending my weekends submerging myself in my little fetish.

Job wise things started to settle down at the school and the staff even seemed to be a little less resentful towards me, all except for Yolanda that is. She obviously still hated me and resented the fact that I had gotten the job that rightfully should have been hers. What really scared me about her was the fact that over the last two or three months she had gone from giving me the 'I want to kill you' look to this cruel little grin on her face every time she spied me. It made my spine shiver. I did my best to avoid her whenever possible.

I had been indulging my sick little fantasy for several months now and this weekend was to be like all the previous. I had packed up all the supplies I would need for the day and headed to my favorite dumpster. I had just stripped naked and was getting ready to climb into the dumpster when a voice behind me turned my heart to ice. "Well, Well, Well, Little sissy boy likes to play in the garbage!"

It was Yolanda. My worst nightmare had come true.

"I figured you were a sick little wimp, I just didn't realize how much of a pervert you were."

I was so terrified all I could say was as "Please., don't"....

"Please don't? Please don't what you little shit! Please don't tell the school how much of a sicko you are! Please don't give the video tapes I have of you getting off in the garbage bin to the local news. Is that what you want!"

All I could do was nodded my head. This woman held my fate in her hands and she knew it.

"Well pansy maybe I will and maybe I won't. You see when I first discovered your little secret I was going to turn you into the laughing stock of the entire town but then I figured since you like playing in the garbage so much I'll just give you what you want, and you know what, I kind of like the idea of turning you into a piece of garbage."

"There aren't any video cameras in here, how could you get video tapes?" I said.

"There’s no cameras the guards know about, but I had several more installed when some school equipment started disappearing and I suspected the security staff."

All the blood drained out of my face. If she showed those tapes to anybody I'd be lucky to get out of town without being tarred and feathered.

"SO, garbage boy are you going to play my little game and make me happy, or should I give the tapes to the local news?"

"What do you want?"

"It’s really simple. I’m just going to help you become a piece of garbage. I've spent the last several months preparing a wonderful surprise for you. I’m sure you’re going to love it. You see all those garbage cans in the corner sissy. Go drag them over to the compactor bin. Now!"

I practically ran over to the dozen or so trash cans in the corner and started dragging them over to the edge of the loading dock. Maybe if I did everything she wanted she'd just let me resign and leave town. I knew she wanted my job. Yolanda just stood there and sniggered as she watched my naked form dragging the trash cans around. By the time I had all the cans next to the compactor bin she was standing next to them grinning like a demon. She just pointed at one and said:

"Now start dumping them into the bin".

I could barely lift one. They were big cans. But I managed it. When I had pulled the lid off and dumped the first load into the bin I realized there wasn't any food in the cans. It was all damp discolored white stuff with a heavy musky smell to it. I didn't stop to stare. I didn't want to make Yolanda any madder than she already was. I kept dumping cans until she told me to stop and said.

"Now comes the fun part sweety. Get in!"

The murderous look on her face precluded any thought of arguing with her. So I climbed down into the bin.

"Now get down on your hands and knees in the middle of the bin."

I did as she said and that’s when to my horror I realized what the cans had been full of.

"You know, once I decided not to kill you but turn you into a piece of garbage I needed to come up with a way to transform you into the filthiest most disgusting piece of trash I could think of, and that’s when I realized what could possibly be more disgusting then a used feminine hygiene product. That’s right, you’re going to become a tampon. A used tampon to be exact. You’re going to be covered in feminine secretions. You’re going to be encased in used tampons, maxi-pads, panty-liners and used toilet paper. You see for the last several months after school I've been making the rounds to all the girls bathrooms and collecting the soiled refuse from the waste bins in all the girls stalls. This is a big school with an awful lot of girls and that means an awful lot of waste. They're not allowed to flush it down the toilet because it clogs them up, they have to put them in the bins in each stall, so it makes it easy for me to collect it for you. Aren't you happy! I know I am! Now don't you move a muscle while I get you packed in nice and tight."

She proceeded to lift the remaining cans and pour their sticky contents on top of me. Can after can of tampons, maxi-pads, toilet paper and bodily fluids showered down on me. The bin filled to my belly, then to my back, then it reached eye level. I looked up just in time to see the black bitch gleefully dump another load on top my head and the last of me disappeared beneath the surface of this sea of feminine waste. After my head disappeared from sight I felt and heard her empty several more cans into the bin until I judged my head was a couple of feet below the surface. Despite this I could still breathe since it was mostly porous cotton. In fact, despite my fear of this psycho bitch I was starting to get a little excited until I heard what she said next.

"Now you stay real still in there sweety while I get the compactor ready. If you start thrashing around in there and ruin all my hard work I might just change my mind about not telling everyone about you".

I knew she meant it so I stayed very still. Although I couldn't see, it wasn't completely dark. The cotton let a little light in, but not much. However I could hear her moving around and when the compactor motor hummed to life Yolanda started explaining the next step of her little plan for me.

"Now just relax honey. This compactor is relatively new and the compaction pressure can be adjusted based on the material. I don't want you to be too uncomfortable in your new home so I've set the pressure to be nice and firm but not enough to break anything, so be still, it will be over real soon".

I heard the compactor engage and felt the pressure begin to increase around me. Slowly but surely the waste began to press into my body from all sides. Since all the waste was basically used cotton with the occasional plastic applicator there were no sharp edges or hard objects to hurt me. As the pressure continued to build the waste kept shifting, filling in every little cavity around my body until every nook and cranny was packed tight. I couldn't move at all. I was tightly packed inside the bin but the pressure just kept increasing. I felt material being shoved into my ass crack and then my ass was slowly filled with feminine waste. I couldn't take much more and when I opened my mouth to yell a wad of waste was instantly forced into my mouth, filling it completely. I tried to speak but all that came out was a muffled 'mmmph!' Just then the compactor stopped. I heard Yolanda moving around outside for a minute then a gurgling sound and a moment later I felt liquid trickling down thru the waste around me.

"How you doing in there pansy? I hope your comfy because your gonna be in there for a while. Did you know that these new compactors have a handy little feature that allows you to add liquid adhesive to the bale to hold it all together. I just gave you a real generous portion of it so when I take you out of the compactor tomorrow you'll be one nice solid bale of girly waste. Aren't you glad I think of these things!"


"What’s the matter honey, tampon got your tongue? Ha, Ha, Ha.”


"Well that’s fine I’m going home now. You have a nice night in there. I'll see you in the morning."

I could hear her high heels clicking away as her laughter slowly diminished. Then nothing but silence. I tried to move but couldn't even wiggle I was so tightly baled. The liquid adhesive Yolanda had added was slowly turning into a rubbery bonding agent that held everything together. I don't how many hours I'd been in the compactor but my tampon tomb was beginning to get quite warm and steamy. Luckily, not much of the adhesive had gotten into my mouth so I could still breathe. I must have finally dozed off because I awoke to the sound of a large truck pulling up and banging into the back of the compactor then a door slammed and Yolanda's mocking voice said.

"Hey pansy, you awake in there! Wake up! Rise and shine! Time to take you out of the oven honey buns. Hah Hah Hah!"

I heard the compactor start up and my bale started to move. The compactor was designed to expel its bales out the back onto a waiting truck bed. Yolanda must have backed a truck up to the exit chute and pressed the eject button on the compactor. Sure enough I felt a bump then the bale tilted and slid down a chute and thumped onto what must be a truck bed.

“Oh my god! Look at you! You’re just a big, white wad of women waste. You should be happy with the new you! You’re finally everything you ever wanted to be. God! I think I’m gonna laugh myself silly just knowing your securely sealed up inside there. Well, how you doing in there my little tampon toy? Aren’t you gonna thank me you little pussy plug?"


"What was that? I can't hear you"


"Oh no need to thank me. I’m just getting started. You see I've picked out a nice private place for you to stay from now on. Some place perfectly suited to your new position in life as a piece of girly waste."


"Oh no, no, no. I’m not taking you to the landfill. That wouldn't be any fun. I've got a lot more appropriate position for you to fill. You'll love it. It’s nice and icky and gooey and stinky just like you like, right?"

Where was this black bitch taking me? At least she wasn't going to bury me in a landfill somewhere.

"Just hang on a minute honey, Let me get this tarp over you and tied down. There, we're all set to go".

I could hear the truck start up and felt us pull out onto the road. It must have been at least an hour we were on the road, maybe more. It was hard to tell time in my current position. After a while I sensed the truck slowing down and turning off the road. I could tell we were not on any pavement as she backed up a bit and the truck stopped. I heard the truck door slam and then the sound of the tarp being removed, then a hydraulic whine and the bale started to tilt and slide and then drop free. It didn't feel like I'd fallen very far. But it was definitely farther than the truck bed was from the ground. She'd obviously dropped me into a hole of some sort, but what?

"Well how you doing down there sweety? Do you want to know where you are? Well you'll be happy to know your soon going to be in the company of several hundred young girls."

"Yep, that's right. You are now smack dab in the middle of the newest girls’ summer camp that is scheduled to open this Monday and your new home is the waste holding pit at the bottom of the camps central latrine."

"Just think, starting tomorrow a row of toilets will be situated directly over your head and for the entire summer several hundred young girls will be covering you with a nice, thick layer of girl poop and guess who the head mistress of the camp is. That’s right, it’s me. I am so going to enjoy knowing you’re down here all summer being pooped on by the girls you used to be in charge of. They say people can live for weeks without food but only a few days without water. You'll be happy to know that since you’re mostly encased in cotton it should soak up the urine fairly well. You'll have lots to drink to keep you alive for a very long time until the layer of poop covering you becomes so thick that it blocks out all the air. Well now all I need to do is start up the crane and lower the pre-fab latrine into place over you and we'll say good bye. I hope you enjoy your new position in life, securely encased in used tampons at the bottom of a girls toilet. I can't think of a more fitting position for you. Enjoy!"



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