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Out with the Old

by Dirty Trashbag Girl

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© Copyright 2010 - Dirty Trashbag Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; trashcan; bags; trash; messy; stuck; truck; dumped; cons; X

This is an adaptation of a Role-play between der_miner and me (dirty_trashbag_girl).


Julie was an average schoolgirl, 18 years in her final years of school, ever the brightest student. But Julie hid a dark secret about herself from those around her, she fantasised about trash bags and bins.

One evening, Julie got home early from school. She heard her mother and Father talking about spring cleaning. With Julie's baby brother around the house had got into a terrible state.

"We have to sort this place out John, couldn't you bring back one of those larger size wheelie bins".

John looked over from his newspaper, "Sure honey, when do you want it for?"

"Oh, tomorrow will be fine, we can leave it out for the trashmen to take".

Julie, noticing her panties where getting wet, ran up the stairs, her sudden climb was met with "Jules are you home already".

"Yes mum, I am back early, sorry I ran up the stairs".

She enter her room and pulled down her latch, she then logged onto her favorite websites and started searching for unaware trash sessions, she looked for tips and tricks to remain inside a bin without being seen. She had till tomorrow to get it right, she wanted the best trashing experience she could, so she could post it on the trash messaging boards.

Operation Trash

It was the morning, Julie's dad had dropped off a large green bin outside their house, it was a one of the biggest wheelie bins Julie had ever seen.

"That will fit me fine, just need to get inside it without anyone seeing me"

"Jules, your breakfast is ready, come on you will be late for school"

"Ok mum!"

Julie, had dreamed about what she was going to do, during the night, she then wrote down her action plan. First thing she had to do was get off school, she knew that her mum would not let her take the day off, she had to make it up. The next was to get inside the bin, that was the easy part she thought to herself.

She stepped down stairs to the sound of a screaming baby, her mum had laid out pancakes for breakfast, Julies favourite.

"Now don't rush that, don't want you to get heartburn Jules".

"Don't worry, I will take my time".

After cleaning her plate and saying goodbye, Julie left the house and then ducked around the corner. She then rang school claiming she was on a bad flow day and could not get in.

She then turned around and awaiting her, was her chariot for the day, the green bin her father had delivered, she rubbed it and smiled.

"Today, I finally get to be trashed".

She pulled the bin slowly to the front shed at her house and started to get undressed, she knew her mothers routine would not take her outside for a while.

She took off, all her school clothes and tossed them into a bag, she giggled while doing it, now half naked, Julie opened the bin.

It was empty as far as the eye could see, but Julie knew it would be full in a few hours and she would be at the bottom.

Slowly she pulled on a PVC cat suit and got slowly climbed to the lip of the bin, she felt thrilled by what she was doing, after stepping inside she grabbed a trash bag she would use to hide herself from her mother while inside, she closed the lid and squatted down, she was now trash.

Spring Cleaning

Julie started to get wet, when she heard the footsteps of her mother coming to the bin, the shed door opening then a muffed, "There it is, damn that John putting it in here".

It was then met with movement, Julie was amazed at the strength of her mother, she pulled the bin inside the house without any struggle.

"I must not weight much then, better improve on that" Julie said to herself.

The bin then stopped, Julie must of guessed it was outside the kitchen with the other bins, then the lid flung open. The first waste dropped inside with her, it was the morning breakfast, sticky jam pancakes and other stuff, eggs, the smell sent Julie wild, but she was prepared for it.

More of the kitchen waste was dropped on Jules, she loved everything that hit her. She however was not ready for the next load, it hit her with force and knocked the wind out of her, it was old cd's and stuffed toy's, her stuffed toy's.

She cried with pain, the cd's really hurt her, but she wanted to experience trash from a first hand perspective she was getting it fully on.

Her mother worked like clock work, tossing more cd's and older toys into the bin, she was spring cleaning and as with most mothers, everything goes.

Julie righted herself, the pain from the cd's was still in her mind, she had read about squashy trash, this was painful and it hurt, then more light, more trash, bathroom pail had been emptied into the bin. Julie was welcomed by her used tampax, she was shocked by it sight! "This was not how it was meant to be, this is a nightmare!"

After a few more loads, the bins lid was closed down. Julie was covered in morning breakfast, her own personal waste and her stuffed toy's it was like her mother was getting rid of her, but she did not know she was there did she?

The bin had started to become stinky, Julie not wanted to be discovered had no choice but to soil herself, the thought had disgusted her. She had not planned to be in the bin that long, but she constantly heard her mother outside, collecting bags of rubbish to toss in the bin.

Julie was welcomed by more light, her mother was now in the final stages of her spring clean, she had collected all the bags and was now tossing them inside the bin, bag after bag dropped on Julie, this was the trashing she had wanted.

She welcomed the new arrivals and giggled quietly to herself, she was having so much fun, she did not realise that it was late afternoon. She was due back from school soon and her mother would be waiting for her to return from school.

The bin clicked down, Julie had to come up with a plan.

Trashmen Arrival

Julie pushed against the bin to lift its lid but it did not work, nothing she did could make it open.

To make it worst, the bin started to move, her mother was taking her and the bin to curb, this was bad, very bad.

"God this weights a ton, next time John is helping," mumbled her mother.

Her mother had a thing for the trash men, maybe it was them in overalls but she always dolled up for the afternoon shift.

The rumble of the engine drew ever closer, it was a matter of life and death now for Julie. She had forgot she did not duck tape herself and started to scream.

"Mum! The bin, look in the bin, its me! Jules!"

Her mum was busy looking down the street to noticed the muffled cries of her daughter, the bin men drew closer and now the engine was drowning out all of her muffled cries.

"Afternoon Miss Jones, see you have a new bin for us to take, anything special inside?"

She giggled, "Nope just old junk and general waste, you know the old saying "Out with the old, in with the new"

They both laughed, but inside the bin, Jules was crying. The bin was moved to the back the truck, it clicked into gear and gripped the bin. Julie felt it rise up and start to tilt, the contents with her spilled into the back of the maw of the truck, this was her chance to get out, but her leg was caught in her bag, but it was too late anyway.

The scoop had lowered around her and she was taken inside the lorry, she started to black out from it.

Her mother pulled the bin back inside her house and waited for her daughter, never knowing that she had just tossed her away.

The End


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