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Out of the Can and into the Fire

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; bagged; trashcan; mast; caught; transported; dump; revenge; cons/nc; X

Michelle was a smart young woman, successful and pretty too. Sexy as hell actually, and she knew it, she had used it to her advantage many times. But she had a secret. A secret she wouldn’t even tell Mike, her boyfriend. She loved the success, the money and the comfortable life she’d built for herself. Then she had her secret side, her depraved side that she’d never shared with anyone. She loved to play a little game, she’d pretend she had nothing, was nothing. She loved to feel helpless, worthless and discarded.

She’d played her secret game many times in the past and was well practiced at it. She would climb into the bin at the side of the house, tie herself up, gag herself and would writhe around in trash. Pretending to be just another piece of discarded garbage, helpless and worthless garbage until she climaxed with an almighty orgasm. She’d rest awhile, recover from her sexual deviance, then she’d be out and cleaned up before Mike got home and he’d be none the wiser.

Today was one of Michelle’s play days. She swiftly gathered her bondage gear together, her handcuffs, ropes, collar and gag. She kept them well hidden in a small box at the back of a cupboard, knowing they’d never be found, leading to awkward questions that could unearth her secret game. Her excitement was rapidly building as she grabbed for the box, knowing that she’d soon reduce herself to a piece of trash and rock herself with an orgasm better than any she’d ever had with Mike.

She hastily undressed and readied herself for the quick dash around the side of the house where she’d effortlessly slide herself into the large bin waiting for her. She knew there was always a chance of being seen by a neighbour, if they happened to be looking at just the right moment, they would see her naked form streak to the side of the house. The thought of it just added to her excitement. Michelle had made the dash many times before and was a dab hand at it by now. She was quickly in the bin, sat in the large garbage bag inside, amongst the trash and clasping her bondage equipment.

She deftly applied the ropes to her ankles and knees, binding her legs strictly together. She groaned as she pulled the crotch rope tight up between her legs and tied it into place. Next she snapped the collar firmly into place and then she buckled the gag securely. All that was left were the handcuffs. She tucked the key under a piece of garbage and quickly snapped the cuffs shut around her wrists, locking her hands behind her back.

Immediately she began to writhe in the trash, smearing herself with dirt and garbage. She looked at herself, her soft, smooth and clean skin now defiled by smears of dirt and rancid garbage. She looked like trash, felt like trash. Ultimately she felt insignificant, quickly forgetting about her life outside the bin, about her nice house, her successful job and the nice things she had. She let herself simply be a piece garbage. She let the sensation of worthlessness wash over her.

She was tugging at her crotch rope furiously, quickly bringing herself to the climax she was desperate for. She moaned long and hard into her gag as her world exploded into rapture. Waves of bliss overcame her and for a moment she felt as if she’d simply vanished from the world, lost in her ecstasy. Michelle took some time to recover, regain her senses. The game was over, time to get out and tidy away the evidence of her private playtime. It took her a few minutes to relocate the key to her handcuffs, it must have shifted and slipped a little further into the garbage, but she quickly slipped the key into the lock. It wouldn’t turn. She was stunned for a moment, but tried again. It really wouldn’t turn.

“Not the right key?” Mike asked as he peered into the bin. She was dumb struck for a moment as Mike grinned at her. He just stood there smiling at her, while she sat there dishevelled, shocked and ashamed. Michelle wondered how he knew she was in the bin, knew she was cuffed. More importantly how did Mike know the key didn’t work.

“I’ve know about your dirty little game for ages, I’ve watched you do it, heard you play with yourself… I even found your little box of goodies, well hidden by the way, I’d never have found it by accident” He smiled warmly at her. She didn’t know what to do, but when he got her out she was going to have a lot of explaining to do.

“This is the key you’re looking for” He grinned as he held a small key close to her, then quickly drawing it away again. He had switched the key to cuffs to give her a fright and he was going to let her out any minute she thought. But he just stood there smiling down at her as she sat helplessly in the filth. He’d outsmarted her, given her a fright and she was thoroughly ashamed. She groaned into her gag, an attempt to tell him she wanted out. Still he just stood there. Her patience was wearing thin, she scowled at him and grunted indignantly into her gag.

“What you gonna do, looking cross and grunting at me isn’t gonna get you out now is it” Mike laughed as he lowered the bin lid slowly closing her inside.

Michelle sat inside the dark bin, covered and smeared in garbage. She was furious and wondered what the fuck he thought he was doing, how dare he do this to her. She did her best to struggle and squirm her way out of her bonds, but she was far too efficient at her game and without her key to the cuffs, found herself to be quite helpless. She gave up on her escape attempt as it quickly proved futile. She would simply have to wait for Mike to finish playing his little trick and let her out. She sat there for hours, so angry at Mike. The lid was flung open and she blinked a few times as she was bathed in light.

“I’d like to introduce you to someone” Mike announced as he peered in at her grimy face.

“This is Thomas… My brother” He sneered as another man loomed into view and peered at her in the bin. Michelle knew Mike had a brother, but she’d never met him and Mike didn’t talk about him either. They didn‘t really have anything to do with each other. However she had met him before. She recognised his face as soon as he had appeared.

“What’s wrong Michelle, got nothing to say… Don’t you want to tell me that you fucked my brother and that you’re sorry” Mike lashed viciously.

She was at a total loss, she didn’t know where to look or what to do. She had met Thomas before and yes she did have sex with him. She had been trying to secure a lucrative deal, to supply the firm Thomas worked for with some high end office equipment. She had no idea he was Mike’s brother when she used herself to sweeten the deal.

Needless to say Michelle’s anger had rapidly become fear, she had been caught out and she wondered if Mike knew about the other times she sweetened a deal at work. She was desperately afraid of what he was going to do now. He had obviously known about her secret game for awhile and how long had he know about her and his brother. He had concealed his knowledge from her expertly, she had no clue that he had known anything.

“Bitch” He spat and she was plunged back into darkness as the lid slammed down again.

She could only wonder what was to happen next.

It didn’t take long for the answer rain down on her. The bin lid quickly flicking open and before she could adjust to the sudden light, she was showered in garbage. Mike and Thomas were filling the bin with trash, emptying garbage bags all over her. She was drenched in rancid garbage as it was relentlessly poured into the bin with her. She tried to beg and plead to Mike, but she could only manage feeble murmurs and grunts from behind her gag.

Mike simply ignored her, not even making eye contact. She was just a piece of trash to him now. They quickly had her buried up to her chin. She was helplessly packed tight amongst the garbage, she could hardly even move at this point. She was at Mike’s mercy now. She was crying helplessly, tears streaming down her cheeks and sobbing into her gag, but neither of them even glanced at her. Mike merely closed the lid and she was left in the dark, amongst the trash they had packed in with her. The rancid odour assaulting her senses, making her feel nauseous.

She was tired and exhausted from her ordeal. She must have passed out. She was woken abruptly by a sudden bang from outside her bin, then sudden movement. She tried to call out and struggle, but her cries were feeble behind her gag and her limbs were numb from her extended period of bondage and the tightly packed trash around her. Either Mike or Thomas, or even both of them were dragging the bin she was trapped in somewhere. She was utterly helpless to do anything about it. She couldn’t hear them talking, if they were talking and if they could hear her, they were ignoring her, treating her as if she was just another piece of garbage in the bin.

The movement stopped as suddenly as it started and she heard the trunk of Mike’s car popped open. She only saw Mike for a brief moment as he opened the bin and within a second he had tied off the bag inside. The big black garbage bag she was sat in, now tied closed, sealing her inside like the rest of the trash she sat amongst. She felt the bag shift and wiggle as it was pried out of the bin and felt the thump as it was flung into the boot of the car. She whimpered and sobbed as the trunk of the car was slammed down. She was a piece of garbage, bagged up, thrown in the trunk of Mike’s car and she could only presume she was to be taken away somewhere to be discarded.

She could feel the car moving and turning as she undertook her journey in the trunk of the car. She had no idea how long Mike had been driving, she lost all sense of time inside her black garbage bag. She just sobbed and cried, hoping Mike would extend her some mercy. She barely even noticed the car had stopped until the trunk popped open again. She felt her bag shift and lurch as it was grabbed and yanked from the trunk of the car, landing hard on the floor with a jolt that knocked the wind out of her.

She was stunned for a moment, but then her bag was being hoisted up from the floor and carried. She was frantic with terror, she didn’t know where Mike had taken her or what he intended to do with her next. Michelle felt the bag sway slightly with each step he took as he carried her to his intended destination. Then came a big swing, a sensation of weightlessness and a soft thump. She could only guess what had happened or where she was.

She assumed he had launched her bag of garbage and she had landed amongst other bags of trash somewhere. A dumpster maybe, a trash compactor her panic stricken mind raced trying to make sense of her predicament. The fact of the matter, Mike had driven to the dump with his bag of trash, dragged it from the trunk of his car and hurled it deep onto a conveyor belt loaded with other bags full of garbage. When that conveyor belt is set into motion, all those bags of trash, including his own would be fed into the open mouth of the waiting incinerator.

Mike looked back for just a brief moment, surveying the bags of garbage. They all look the same he thought to himself, unable to even identify the bag of garbage he had just moments ago thrown amongst the others. He lingered for just a moment longer before walking back to his car, leaving Michelle oblivious to her peril. Maybe if she’s lucky and wiggles and squirms at just the right moment. A keen observer might she the slight movement of her bag.

But then again maybe not.


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