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Out With The Food Waste

by Polythene WrappedMe

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© Copyright 2020 - Polythene WrappedMe - Used by permission

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My girlfriend, Lyn, worked part-time serving meals in a large canteen. Indeed that was where we met. A chance meeting. A conversation struck up. And things progressed from there. I had watched her, for some while, before having the nerve to ask her out. 

Working hard, wearing her tight fitting skirt, that draped over her leggings, and her clean apron, that covered her pretty blouse and skirt, to make sure she never got dirty. I always liked a woman "in uniform" and what she wore showed off her ample breasts and thin legs of her youthful frame well. She was older than me. I was barely out of my teens, and she was in her early thirties. But there was something most alluring and attractive about her.

Afterwards, I would hang around the canteen hoping to have the chance to speak with her, after her shift, and that was when I discovered her trashcan duties. Once the lunch service was over, and the customers had scraped their food waste off their plates and dishes into a large waste bin, her duties included taking the food waste out to the dumpster for collection and disposal.

The waste bin was cylindrical in shape, like a large, tall, oil drum, upended on its base. It was so tall, that the open circular rim of the waste bin, was almost as high as Lyn's chest. The bin itself was made of hard plastic, and Lyn had double lined it with large white polythene bin liners.

The bin was normally placed at the edge of the serving counter, so customers could clear their crockery, before stacking the plates and dishes, ready for being wheeled on a trolley to the dishwasher in the canteen's kitchen.

By the end of lunch, the food bin was usually almost full, of uneaten leftovers, and as the canteen prided itself on homestyle cooking, this usually meant a wet and soggy quagmire of shepherd's pie, beef casserole, fish pie, vegetation hotpot, apple and blackberry crumble, custard, soups, juices, tinned fruit, half eaten sandwiches and cakes. It resembled an edible quicksand! Semi liquid, and squidgy food all mashed together. Almost indistinguishable from slurry, as all the ingredients merged into one.

It was then that Lyn would tie up the inner liner, and wheel the large plastic drum outside to the dumpster, through a rear set of doors from the canteen. It was always a struggle for Lyn to lift the sealed bag out of the bin. It weighed a ton, so to speak, and Lyn always found its heavy weight something that required all of her might. Then there was the size of the bin, and its liner. Because it was so tall, Lyn always had to stretch her arms to pull the sealed bag out of the bin. 

This meant the bag often brushed against her breasts, before she managed to get one hand underneath the bag, whilst still holding the top of the bag with her other hand. Then, almost with a grunt of exertion, she would hurl the heavy bag into the dumpster, which was almost at her shoulder height. The sight of Lyn performing this task, reminded me of a female shot-putter hurling a shot, as she would lob the trash bag into the dumpster, before closing the lid of the dumpster.

I had even enquired of Lyn when the dumpster was emptied, which turned out to be Fridays. Lyn seemed genuinely pleased that her new boyfriend showed an interest in even the dirty parts of her job, and so, she was happy to answer all my trashcan questions.

As I watched her, I became sexually aroused by her performing her duties. I had always rather liked the idea of an unaware giantess disposing of me in her waste. Not because she wanted to harm me, but because she saw me as merely her trash, and disposing of it, is what you do. It is not personal! I also had a polythene fetish, and loved the feel of its smooth texture against my naked skin.

If only I could get inside the food waste bin. If I went in unnoticed, I would love her to bag me up, and treat me as waste. It was then I discovered a magician whilst browsing through the internet. For a large fee, he could teach me a shrinking spell, that would reduce me to one foot tall, and allow me to hold my breath for days. So on Wednesday lunchtime, I planned to become part of the canteen's food waste that Lyn disposed of. This would enable the dumpster to be half full, from the canteen waste from Monday's and Tuesday's lunches and dinners. After all, I would need a soft landing, after being lobbed into a dumpster!

I had planned to lay inside the trash bag, masturbating in the food waste, and reliving in my mind the sight of Lyn sealing me in the bag, wheeling me to the dumpster, and being thrown inside, as nothing more valuable than food waste.

My own white polythene bag being identical to all the rest in the dumpster, and treated no differently. Only I intended that after a day or two of enjoying myself, I would open the bag and crawl out. I would say a reversal spell to regain my normal height, and under the cover of darkness, I would open the lid of the dumpster and make my escape. Simple.

By now, I knew Lyn's routine so well, I even knew it took 75 seconds to wheel the bin to the dumpster and empty it. I also checked with Lyn to make sure she was on the Wednesday lunchtime roster, and she alone would be responsible for taking the trash out. I also made a mental note that there were no security cameras near the dumpster, for I did not want to be caught climbing out naked, and covered in food waste.

The trickiest part, was to hide my clothes in my locker, and sneak into the canteen naked and unobserved. But again, timing is everything. You see after the lunch service was over, the canteen would be empty of customers, and only the staff, Lyn included, would be busy in the kitchen tidying away. Taking out the trash was one of her last duties before she went home.

I had told her that I would be away for a few days, so my absence would not cause alarm. I complimented myself with a smile as I emerged naked from the locker room, and went into the canteen when no one was looking. There next to the counter, was the large food waste bin. I climbed on the counter. It felt so naughty what I was doing. My cock gained a massive erection, from the thought of it. I dangled my legs over the rim of the bin.

Inside was the usual sticky mess of waste food. Partly disgusting to look at, and partly inviting to go skinny-dipping in! I spoke the shrinking spell, that was well rehearsed, and allowed myself to fall into the bin, with the food waste.

Splat! It was colder and slimier than I had imagined. My feet, legs, waist, body and arms disappearing beneath the goo. I almost started sinking. This was like edible quicksand! I heard the noise of Lyn coming back into the canteen, to dispose of the food waste, and to dispose of her boyfriend too! I covered my head and hair in some food waste, for camouflage, and grabbed my cock. With the exception of a very slight up and down motion, that was imperceptible - unless you were deliberately expecting to find a shrunken chap in the food waste - I laid motionless, and vertical in the food waste, feet first.

I looked up, and saw my girlfriend Lyn. All Lyn saw was food waste. Next I watched as Lyn peeled the inner white polythene liner off the rim of the bin. This was it. She was going to seal me up in the bin liner with the food waste. As she brought the polythene liner together to seal the trash bag, so I was able to wank harder without being seen. Then I watched as the bag was tied together and I was sealed inside. I was now officially canteen food waste!

There was a rumble as Lyn wheeled the bin out through the canteen's rear doors, and to the dumpster waiting patiently outside to be fed with Lyn's latest offerings. I suppose at lunchtime, even dumpsters have to be fed. There was a tug and a pull on the knotted liner's top, as Lyn struggled to wiggle the inside liner free from the bin. Inside the sealed bin liner, the food waste ebbed and flowed with the pulling on the bin liner from above.

In my mind, I pictured Lyn's curves, in her pretty clothes, as she wrestled with the trash bag to free it from the bin. Then the trash bag started moving, upwards, quicker and quicker, as resistance was overcome. The trash bag was now free from the bin.

I wondered whether Lyn noticed the extra weight of me inside the trash bag, but she did not. Lyn let go of the top of the trash bag with her left hand, it remaining aloft with the tight grasp of her right hand. Lyn manoeuvred her left hand underneath the trash bag, for the final push of lobbing the heavy trash bag into the waiting dumpster. As she performed this final balancing act, so the trash bag made contact with her ample breasts, and I saw her face come face to face at the same level as mine.

From my perspective, it was as if she was looking directly at me. I half expected her to announce, "What the hell are you doing in there!" But all her staring hazel eyes saw was food waste in a sealed white polythene trash bag.

Lyn seemed to hesitate for a split second. Had she noticed me? But all she was doing was summoning her strength. With one final push, I was airborne. Launched, not into space like an astronaut, but into a dumpster like food waste from a canteen. I landed soon after, on a pile of other trash bags, my own trash bag coming to rest inside the dumpster. Lyn reached up to the lid of the dumpster and closed it, with a slam. The gravity lock, engaging to prevent my escape, not that I knew this.

Inside that trash bag, my naked body, covered in food slime, slippery against the polythene bin liner, now sticky with my cum, as I held my breath, and came long and hard several times. My cum mixed with the food waste. I laid there for hours, later the lid of the dumpster would open, and one of Lyn's colleagues would dump the dinner waste on top of me, sealed in its own white bin liner. 

Later still, the cleaners would dump their bagged trash on top of me too. No one looked inside the dumpster. No one noticed me enjoying the trashing of a lifetime.

Night came, and I had several more hours of enjoyment. There I was inside a large dumpster, as just part of its contents. The next day, Thursday, started as normal. I knew Lyn would be working the lunchtime shift again. She was on the same roster all week. Lyn opened the lid of the dumpster, and right on cue, she dumped that day's lunchtime food waste right on top of me.

I wonder what she would have said, had she known. Would she have been angry, or laughed at me, or just not care about her boyfriend who she had trashed? The dinnertime food waste arrived, followed some hours later by the cleaners again and their waste. 

I was now under several heavy trash bags. I knew Friday was trash collection day, and I did not want to end up inside a front loader garbage truck. Even if I could somehow survive the crushing as the trash is compacted, who knows where those trucks go when they are emptied! A landfill? An incinerator? A waste sorting place? Nope. That would be a one way journey, I dare not risk to take.

I tried to remember the reversal spell. What was it now? I recited several different permutations, but nothing seemed to work. I was stuck, just one foot tall, sealed in a large white trash bag with the canteen food waste, buried under several identical bags. I panicked and tried to push the heavy bags off me, but the gravity lock of the dumpster's lid held firm. No matter what I did, I could not move. The dumpster was full. There was no space left in which to move.

I tried screaming. But "Blub, blub, blub!" was the only muffled sound that escaped, as I almost choked to death. Not that anybody was listening at this time of night. I spat the two day old food slim out my mouth, and decided to hold my breath again, rather than drown.

My predicament got me aroused again, and in the absence of escape, my hand wandered down to my erect cock, and I wanked again knowing it was only a short time before the front loader garbage truck came.

I struggled once more to free myself. But there were only two ways to open the dumpster's lid. From the outside. And when the weight of its inverted contents pressed down, as it was emptied. I had no way of opening the dumpster from the outside, so that left only one option remaining. I was still masturbating, as the arms of the front loader engaged the dumpster and I was lifted high.

The garbage truck driver had been briefed to watch out for homeless people sleeping rough in dumpsters. He was a model employee of the garbage truck company. He shook the dumpster before lifting it. I felt him do so. Satisfied there was no one inside, He emptied the contents into his hungry truck. I fell in with the bagged waste, and he placed the now empty dumpster back on the ground. Something made him look on the CCTV hopper camera in the cab of the garbage truck for signs of life. But all he saw was a pile of trash bags.

He activated the packer; I and the contents were pushed to the back of his truck. The packer squeezed ever tighter. Some trash bags burst. Other contents were broken. He was satisfied there was only trash in his truck, and he drove away, to the next pick up stop.


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