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One Damp Night

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2007 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bagged; breathplay, vacuum, dumped, nc, XX

So, one damp night I had my share of what, right?

Well, that is what I thought, as I lay in this black plastic bag, sealed at the top with a twist tie, then knotted above that. What the hell was I thinking, knowing I had to get up so early. (Thinking to myself), if I ever get out of this, alive, I will never take another drink, as long as I live.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I was sitting at the bar minding my own business, eating some bar nuts in between beers. There were some people on stage using vacuums with regular black plastic bags, suffocating guys that anted up the $120. What a waste of money... that could go for some nice shoes, or a nice dinner with a babe. No, they wasted it by being semi-suffocated, although some of the girls really looked as if they were taking it to the final level. A few of the guys were thrashing inside their deflated bags, enough to where you could see their eye profiles, and teeth. The bags were so tight, they were literally sucking bag in instead of air, and it looked they were really struggling because the bags were holding their limbs so tight.

And the girls just went on laughing, and taunting their subjects, without shutting the vacuums off... man this was hot. But I had to work tomorrow, so I looked at my watch. 10:30pm... hmm... enough time for one try? Nope, I thought, I had a long drive to an interview, and I needed the sleep. As I was leaving, one of the girls noticed me leaving, and motioned to one of the waiting girls with her plastic bags and vacuum.

Just as I was opening the door one of the girls turned off her vacuum, declaring, "There goes another one!" The guy in her bag struggled no more. "Anybody else got $120 to blow tonight?"

I didn't notice the girl with her bags/vacuum follow me out the door.

I arrived home a little past 11:15pm. The walk to my apartment was like all the others... staggering, and alone. I felt myself falling, when she caught me. Man was she beautiful... but then, when you are this drunk, I guess everyone would look great. She fumbled around in my pockets looking for the key to my room, finding it in my right front pocket. Did she grab my dick, I wondered, as I passed out in her arms.

I woke up dazed, and with the traditional headache from the hangover. I don't know how long I was out, but it was dark, so I assumed it was night. Oh my God! I missed my interview!!! I tried to sit up, but couldn't. Still kind of dazed, I shook my head trying to get the effects of this stupid hangover out of my head. My eyes readjusted and I stared out and it looked as if a haze was everywhere. I looked down at my legs, and they were covered in this black shiny material.

"What the hell is this", I wondered aloud.

Then it hit me, remembering the girls up on stage, with their plastic death. Could it be? No, I thought, I am at home, as I scanned my apartment through the black haze. As I was scanning my apartment, I came across this tall floor mirror that had been put in front of me. I am not sure what I was staring at... this thing was in the mirror, and it had been tied and knotted at the top.

WAIT! Did it move?! Yes, there it goes again!! What the fuck??!!

I tried to move to get away from whatever this thing was, but my legs had been tied, it seemed. I lifted the material, which by now I had discovered, was a black plastic bag, trying to see why my legs wouldn't move. There was a black plastic bag tying my legs together. I was at this moment still a little confused when she entered the room.

"I see you are finally awake", she said, as she noticed me move. " Now we can start."

What did she mean, and who was this girl, and how the fuck did she get into my apartment!?

All these questions were going through my head, when I heard a sucking noise. Then the plastic started to deflate, and I used my arms and hands to keep the bag away from my face. OH MY GOD!! Wh-what the fuck!! As the bag sealed itself to my body, I then fully realized what was happening to me. I was being suffocated in this black plastic bag by this woman. Still trying to keep the bag away from my face, I noticed the bag molding around my hands and arms, while still contaracting towards my head/face.

"Why are you doing this?!! I exclaimed just before taking a deep breath.

As the plastic bag sealed up against my legs, torso, on up to my neck. I could make her out, kneeling next to the vacuum, still smiling with her finger pushing the "on" button of the vacuum. Just before the bag sealed to my face, the vacuum stopped!

"Thank god", I prayed, out loud.

"Oh, don't thank him, for he can no longer help you", she said calmly, as she walked out of the room.

So, I sit here wondering about the events that have happened to put me into this predicament tonight... How the fuck am I going to get out of this? Before you even ask, yes, I tried tearing a hole in the bag, but this bag must be made of a little stronger plastic than what I have seen before. The only air I have been able to get is when I push my bag away from my face. The air is sucked in through the vacuum hose. Even as I do this, I have to wonder if I can somehow escape from here before she returns.

She walks back into the room, looking at me, sitting there sealed up in the black plastic bag. It seemed as if she was admiring me, all shiny and semi-deflated.

"What the fuck, bitch!" I yelled. "Get me THE FUCK OUTTA HERE...NOW!!!!!!!!"

She knelt down again, and I pleaded with her, saying I didn't mean it, praying that she would let me out of this bag.

"Forget it, tomorrow is your garbage day, right?" she asked. "Well, I will be throwing out some garbage tomorrow then. You see, NO ONE leaves our shop without at least trying our asphyxia store."

With that she pressed the button again, and the bag started to deflate.

"P-p-please lady, let me out", I pleaded! As the bag deflated, I saw the mirror again. I did look quite hot, and I couldn't believe it... I was getting aroused as I thought I would die soon!

Just as this thought crossed my mind, the bag touched my face through my outstretched arms. I pulled my right hand in some to try and gather the bag away from my face, but the bag continued to deflate, quicker now, as there was less air.

She was still there kneeling, and smiling. "Isn't this fun", she screached!!

"LET ME OU-...was all I could get out of my mouth when the bag sealed over my face and mouth. It became very tight, as it stretched over my face. I could feel it sucking into my eye, and mouth, curling any air between my lips, as it sucked the last of the air out of the bag. I tried to use my arms and legs to move the bag, but they were hopelessly locked in the airtight bag.

Well, this must be it... not even enough room to jerk-off... I still had my deep breath I had taken from before, but after 30 seconds, I was beginning to feel the pressure.

"Go ahead, honey, let it out... I dare you!", she yelled, slapping me on my stomach. "You cannot hold it in forever! I can't wait to see you thrown into that garbage truck."

As I lay there trying to conserve what little air I had left, I noticed her stand up and get another bag out of her purse. She unreaveled it, shook it open, and said, "This is for you when you are finished suffocating. I wouldn't want anyone to find out I suffocated someone as garbage."

I let out a little breath through my nose, which was immediately sucked out by the vacuum.

"Good, very good", she said.

"Now just a little more", she said, as she started putting the new bag over my head. Pulling it down to my feet, she knelt there, waiting for me to expire so she could unhook the vacuum to finish the new bag seal. God, this felt so good as I let out a little more air! I let out a much bigger breath, and tried to suck in some air, but only got plastic. I opened my mouth as wide as it would open, trying to reach the life-giving air on the other side of the bag.

"There you go, that's what I wanted to see", she exclaimed happily. "Suck bag, fucker"!

All I got was more bag, which was sucked in almost to my tonsils now. I started thrashing trying to rip the bag somehow, knowing my end was near now. I was trying to yell through my nose, not realizing I was using my precious air in the process... I just wanted out of this bag!!! I couldn't hold the breath in any longer, and let it out with one big exhale. That was quickly removed by the ongoing vacuum.

"Thank you for this opportunity dude", she said, as I suffocated.

As I was fading away, I could feel her sealing up the outer bag, and lifting me up... presumably to throw me into the garbage.

And I didn't even get the chance to have one last orgasm!  :((

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