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Now That's Just Cold

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2016 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; waste; clothing; accident; fall; naked; garbagebins; bagged; toys; insert; stuck; kerbside; collection; truck; compactor; crush; cons/nc; XX

Bill was a kinky fellow, willing to try most anything. Unfortunately, he was also not very kind and considerate. So when he met Betty, a cute girl, who had a thing for being treated like a worthless sex toy, it was a match made in, well, not heaven, but they both liked it.

They experimented with bondage, but Bill tended to enjoy his beer and was incapable of tying a decent knot to save his life. That was probably why Betty was still alive since he kept looping the ropes around her neck. But since all she had to do was pull his poor knots apart, she always got free. It was fun, but not quite the thrill she sought.

The two of them had met working for a small company that did industrial cleaning. House flooded by an overflowing toilet? Bill and Betty would mop and scrub and haul out all the ruined carpets. Have a grease fire in the kitchen? B&B as they got to be known, would clear out the smokey things.

Of course they would get filthy themselves and since the job sites were empty, showering together became a standard end of the work day thing. Bill would soap her up and then drop the soap, needless to say, when she bent over..
Well that usually led to Betty kneeling to make sure all of Bill got nice and clean.

And then there was the day Betty had an accident. They had been sent to a house that morning, to deal with water damage. They had brought in a few big wheelie bins, lined them with contractor bags and were filling them with soaking wet clothing and carpet from a closet under a broken and burst water heater. The heater was in the attic and had burst through the ceiling into an upstairs closet and then soaked straight through to another closet by the master bedroom on the ground floor.

Bill was sorting through the downstairs one, tossing the ruined things in a bin, and piling the salvageable ones in the master bedroom. Betty was upstairs where the collapsed ceiling and insulation had ruined everything. The flood had happened almost a week before, while the homeowners were away and between the constant water and the heat being on, the house really stunk of mildew and mold was showing up here and there.

What they did not know was that the upper bedroom closet floor was just particle board under the soggy carpet. So as Betty stood in the closet tossing wet stinky things into the bin, she was adding more and more weight on a very weak floor.

I think I mentioned that B&B were lucky with Bill's rope play. Well they were lucky again when the floor collapsed. The heavy bin of wet things went first, straight down, just missing Bill. The sagging floor tipped Betty over and she went head first, right into Bill's half full bin of not as wet clothes. A nice soft landing. She had bent her legs, trying to balance before she fell, and landed neatly curled up with her ass above the top of the bin and the rest of her stuffed into the bin.

Bill just stood there in shock, starting at her rounded bottom. Oh, I think I mentioned, they both liked to strip and work naked so their own clothes stayed clean. So there was Betty's naked ass, with the rest of her stuffed into the trash. It was just like something they had talked about but not tried yet! Betty had told Bill how she loved to be treated like trash, even literally getting tossed in a bag into a dumpster and left overnight.

Bill laughed, and thanked Betty for making it so easy for him to throw her away with the rest of the garbage. Betty, realizing where she was, thought it was a dream come true. She had been dumped in the useless garbage, right where she belonged!

When Bill stroked her pussy, he could easily tell that she was getting wetter. He decided to finish the job. He stuffed a dildo that the homeowner's wife had hidden in the closet, into her wet pussy. After turning on its vibrator, he tossed a few more ruined clothes over her and laughed at her moans of pleasure. Pulling up on the sides of the heavy contractor bag, he twisted it closed and added two heavy ties around the top. Betty was now just a bag of garbage in a bin to be set out at the curb.

Just in time he remembered to poke a couple of holes in the bag so she could breath. Bill wasn't the sharpest tool, so Betty was lucky he thought of that. Once that was done, he rolled her bin into the garage and went back to work.

Three hours later, five bins sat in the garage. Five identical bins, each with a tied off bag of garbage. He pulled on his clothes, no chance for a shower on this job, with no hot water, but he had not gotten too dirty anyway. Grabbing Betty's clothes, he went back to the garage. He wondered if he should try to figure out which bin and bag held Betty, but decided he was tired and would come back later to sort the garbage. So he tossed Betty's clothes in a bin and off he went to grab lunch.

Meanwhile, Betty was really enjoying being in the garbage, not realizing that her head down, balled up position was making it progressively harder to breath. In fact, she passed out, but her luck held. As she passed out, she relaxed and shifted a bit to one side lessening the pressure of her knees on her breasts and opening a wider passage for air to get to her from the holes. But it did mean that she was not awake when their supervisor came by the job site. He was pleased to see the closets cleared and the bins neatly lined up in the garage.

He pulled out his cell phone and told Bill that he could take the rest of the day off and to let Betty know they would both get paid for the 6 hours job even though they had finished in four. Bill replied with a thank you, but said he had not seen Betty since they finished bundling up the trash. Bill was smiling, knowing what he said was quite true, but not the whole story.

After his call to Bill, the supervisor made a call to Betty and left her a message, assuming she had gone shopping before the weather turned bad. His last call was to tell the local trash collection company to come pick up the debris and then he rolled all five bins out to the end of the driveway.

Unfortunately for Bill and Betty, it had never occurred to them to check the weather forecast. A strong cold front blew in while Bill was at lunch, and although it started as rain, it soon froze and coated everything with a layer of ice. So when Betty woke up, shivering from the cold, her efforts to kick open the bin lid were blocked by the ice. Bill was only a mile away, but could not get up the hill in his old car with its almost bald tires.

The garbage truck, however, had no difficulty making its way up the grade as it was almost full by that time of day. In fact, it passed Bill as he was sitting at the side of the road hoping his phone's map app could find a route with less of a grade. By the time he found one and got to the job site, the garbage truck was using its side gripper to lift and tip the last bin into its compaction chamber.

Betty, curled up in a bag in one of the iced over bins, continued to be lucky. She did not die by asphyxia inverted in the bag. She did not die from hypothermia in the rapidly cooling wet trash. She even survived the way her bin had been flipped and slammed upside-down to break the ice that had shot her into the hard steel box of the truck's hopper. Her bin was the last of the five to be loaded and her bagged body landed on the other four bags full of soggy clothes and rugs. In fact, if Bill hit his horn or shouted, it was likely she would be rescued. After all Betty was the lucky one.

Bill, unfortunately, was not. He didn't blow the horn, well he tried, but his old car's wiring was wet and it made a barely audible squawk. He started to jump out and run to the truck, but slipped on the ice and fell. Stunned, he could only listen as the truck's engine revved up and the hydraulics crushed all the garbage flat against the full load.

Numbed by the prolonged inversion, limited air supply and chilling cold, Betty never even screamed as the steel wall pushed her against the already compacted trash. The driver let the pressure gauge run right up to the red line so there would be no loose trash to blow out on his way to his next stop at the landfill.

Bill watched as the truck drove off to the landfill, shrugged and climbed into his car. Betty's luck had run out and she was just a flattened smear of crushed waste squeezed into the rest of the discarded debris. The falling rain and sleet washed away any trace of pink in the water leaking from the load. It was all pushed out at the landfill and quickly covered over as the crew wanted to get out before the weather got any worse.

Bill, even though he realized what had happened, shrugged it off, that was her fantasy after all, and he was already wondering if his next cleanup partner would be another kinky girl.

Now that was just cold.

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