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Not Quite as I Planned

by Desolate Mistral

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This was a container I knew intimately. One I had spent many, many an hour in, enjoying my quiet time. It was not far from my home. I had studied the schedule at this location for years. The container was in the back parking lot of an apartment building I used to live in, which is how I came to know about it so well. During dark hours it was shrouded in darkness. Moving into and out of it was easy. Generally, by Tuesday this container was already overflowing with all manner of residential waste. It was always a hodgepodge of white and black bags, stuffed with the flotsam and jetsam of things no longer wanted by the residents of the building.

The container had a familiar scent, one that I had grown to find intoxicating. It made me feel alive. Supercharged with endorphins as I got near it. Tonight was no different.

As I approached the container, it was again full, but not stuffed. There was room for me to easily gain entry, set up shop and relax. But as usual, the residents of the building didn’t like to open the side opening to throw their trash away, so there was a pretty large pile of discarded trash bags sitting all around the container. It was the status quo. If the side door was not open, they wouldn’t touch it to toss their trash. Fortunately, the approach to the side opening was clear so if people did come out they would throw their trash inside as opposed to on the ground. I could take my time as I generally did, but tonight was going to be distinctly different.

I slid open the side access cover to find the container about three quarters full. Mostly it was shiny black trash bags. There were some white household bags, as well as some boxes and random trash that had made its way in. I liked the cold winter months as they provided me darkness to climb in and get comfortable, plus it got me in early enough that I could be comfortable by the time the heavy dumping cycle began, when everyone was making their way out and disposing of their latest waste.

As I looked over the contents and reached in to move some things around I found there was a box in the middle of the container near the side opening. “this will never work” I thought to myself. I reached in and started to pull the box up and out of the way. It was a smallish looking box, but when I pulled it up I realized that it was quite deep in the pile. As I fought with it to remove it the void that was left behind was amazing. I looked into the vacant space and thought this was going to be perfect.

After I got the box out I placed it into the recycling container. “If only these people used the containers as they were intended to be used this would be the perfect dumpster!” I thought. Maybe someday.

I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was approaching, the coast was clear. I produced from my pocket a 55-gallon black trash bag. I proceeded to billow it out so it was fully open, then moved it into the void left by the box. The bag was easily placed part way into the hole. I stepped up onto the runner for the garbage truck fork to lift the container, and quickly swung one, then both legs into the dumpster. As I started to drop into the bag in the hole I was enveloped by the warmth of the surrounding garbage. It immediately took away the frigid bite in the air and made me feel welcomed. As I stood inside the bag, I pulled out another one, this time however, I just pulled it from its folded state over my head.

I then knelt down inside of the bottom bag, and pulled the top bag down tightly. I immediately grew aroused as the soft plastic surrounded me. This was going to be a good session. I thrashed around a little to get the bags around me to settle a little bit, and they did. I soon found myself in the familiar cocoon of trash. It always kept me warm, and welcomed me. Tonight was no different. I settled down for what was to come.

The sound of footsteps moving across the parking lot echoed, announcing the first arrival of the night. My heart started to race. I looked through the air hole in my top bag. I could see the stars above through the opening on the side of the dumpster. I heard the footsteps get closer, then stop. I hear the person grumble something about the garbage bags on the ground. Then there was the crumpling of plastic and a small groan as the person heaved their bag into the container. I saw it briefly, Black bag. It quickly landed in the pile above me, closer to the middle of the dumpster, but did not fall on me. I stayed still, barely breathing. I never want to be discovered in this position. After a short pause I hear the individual outside turn and begin to walk away. After a minute, there is silence again. Only the soft sound of the bags settling around me.

Footsteps ring out again. “this is going to be a busy night.” I think to myself. Hopefully everyone has trash to go out. This time I can identify the sound of ladies heels approaching by the familiar hard sound of the footsteps. There is another pause as the passer by looks at the surrounding piles of waste. She groans, and I heard the bag drop onto the pile outside.

“Fuck!” I think, “I hope not everyone just drops their garbage outside.” As I hear the footsteps move away I shake my head. That is not what I want. I want to feel the bags falling in above me. I want to be surrounded. I find my hand instinctively moves down towards my still growing groin. As I gently touch myself I jump a little. “This will all work out.” I tell myself and relax.

Soon again, footsteps ring out. Quickly they make their way over to the dumpster. Without a pause A black bag gets tossed into the container, this one bounces off the last bag thrown in and rolls down on top of me. MY view of the outside world is obscured now. I dare not move as the resident moves away. As the individual moves away I hear him say,

“Hey James, how are you?”

“I’m fine Zach, what about you?” comes the reply.

The two engage in small talk about their normal family life. Meanwhile I’m in a dumpster, rubbing my cock under a pile of garbage bags. Whom has the better life I wonder?

Another bag is tossed into the dumpster. I feel this one weigh down on me. I like the feeling of weight, and being surrounded. I start to stroke a little faster.

I hear one of the people outside finish the conversation with, “I already spoke with the maintenance department, they are going to come out and get all these garbage bags inside the dumpster where they belong. They said they were already aware of it. Have a good night!”

My heart raced a little. There must have been 30, maybe more bags on the ground out there. This was going to be a far, far better night than I had imagined.

The pace of footsteps to my dumpster hastened, I had about 12 visitors to my location over the next hour or two. Most of them managed to get their unwanted garbage into the dumpster, a few just threw it on the ground. I was feeling amazing. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t tell how many bags were now on top of me. And the sounds were getting slightly muffled as the insulation layer was getting thicker. My hard on was getting thicker as well.

Things had quieted down a little further into the night and my pace of stroking had mellowed. I was keeping everything near the edge as I slowly built up, then came down from my impending orgasm. I felt amazing. My whole body was charged. The warmth and closeness of the discarded waste around me felt amazing. More people should experience this I thought.

My hearing picked up the sound of footsteps again. This time it sounded like more than one person walking. I then picked up the Spanish that was being spoken. I knew from my time living here that most of the staff that worked in the building were from central America. I felt deep down that these were the previously mentioned maintenance crew here to clean up the mess.

Suddenly I heard bags above me moving as the workers tried to push around the bags inside the container to make room for what was out. They began to swiftly pile the bags into the dumpster. The weight above me grew quite a bit. They labored for about 30 minutes picking up and piling every last bag into the container. I was firmly buried inside now. I could not move at all, except for my hand, still walking up and down my oozing hard on.

They had stuffed the dumpster. I could not hear anything now. There was such a volume of garbage on top of, and around me that it muffled all of the sounds outside. At this point, I am hopelessly stuck. Imprisoned inside this dumpster. Nobody knows I’m here. As far as the passing world knows this is just a container full of unwanted waste. Little does the world know that I am in here. Spending time with this garbage, which treats me fairly. Makes me feel warm and loved. It calls to me; it wants nothing more than for me to spend time with it.

After a while I hear a sound outside. It builds in intensity and moves closer, the sound is muffled so much by the garbage around me it’s almost indistinguishable, after a moment though, I realize that it’s the collection company truck. I am thoroughly trapped. More so than I hoped I would be. This is going to be amazing.

I hear the truck get closer, then feel the rough handling as the forks on the truck find their way into the runners on the side of the container. I can hear and feel them sliding by me on the outside. then the dumpster is jarred backwards as the container is seated. As the container jolts back, the bags settle a little bit around me. As firmly as I was stuck, it makes me realize that the contents of the container are still not settled.

I suddenly feel the force as the forks lift the dumpster up. It’s impossible to tell how far off the ground we are when the lifting sensation ends. There is a momentary pause as the driver of the truck takes his hand off the control that lifts the bin. He then grabs the control again and cycles it a few times to bounce the container to get the overflowing pile of bags settled down in the dumpster before it is lifted overhead.

The bouncing firmly encases me in the surrounding garbage bags. The darkness and weight above and around me is great. Not as great as it’s going to get though. I begin to sweat and stroke faster as the container moves up again.

I feel everything shift as the container is tilted towards the enormous mouth of the front end loader garbage truck. It’s empty hopper eagerly awaiting the contents of this container so it can crush everything inside it’s body. I am just a bag of garbage, discarded among hundreds of others, waiting to be hauled away.

I begin to feel the weightlessness as everything starts to fall. Fortunately, since I’m near the bottom of the dumpster I don’t hit the hard floor of the hopper first. Instead I fall into a waiting pile of garbage bags, and am quickly over run by what was up till this point below me. I am on my stomach now surrounded by all my garbage which has shown me love and warmth for the last 4 hours. I am grinding my groin into the bag below me. The feeling of the soft slippery plastic below me is amazing.

The container above me bangs several times loudly as the driver tries to dislodge anything that may be stuck in the dumpster which is suspended above. The truck shifts as the container is tilted back up, then lowered to the ground with a loud thud.

As the truck reverses the bags around me shift and wriggle. There is no movement from the packer blade yet. I have no idea which direction I am facing. I guess I will find out when I get compacted. However, there is no compacting. Only the sliding and settling further into the bags as the truck drives on. I continue to grind into what is below me. I am on the verge of exploding when the truck stops again. I hear the hydraulics wake up, and can feel the truck move as it struggles to pick up another container.

It takes an excruciatingly long moment for the container to tip over the precipice as the hydraulic lifter struggles with this next container. I feel the first of the bags from this next dumpster fall down onto me and my friends. Then suddenly there is a massive weight as the friction of the bags in the next container is overcome by gravity and they tumble out onto what is already in the hopper. The weight is incredible as it fills the hopper. I can’t move an inch. My grinding has stopped and I can hardly breath as I am pressed into the garbage below me.

Then it happens. The packer plate begins to move. It seems like it’s moving so slowly to begin with, maybe time has slowed down. The pressure builds immediately, I am pressed sideways into the garbage beside me. The force of the packer is also pushing me up into the body of the truck. As the bags below me slide past they trigger a massive involuntary orgasm. I start to spasm as the slippery plastic glides over my engorged manhood. As the packer continues moving it causes the bags around to vibrate slightly which strengthens the pulses as my balls are emptied into the bag below me.

As quickly as the pressure built, it stops. The packer retreats forward so that the hungry truck can take another dumpster filled with unwanted garbage.

As the truck drives on, the bags in the body move quite a bit. I feel the grip of the surrounding bags loosen, and I am able to move. I thrash about to free myself, then I am able to get out of my own garbage bags. I start to dig for what I think is the top of the pile, but I’m in vertigo with all the tossing and moving.

I manage to get one of my arms above the pile, and pull myself up. I look around and find that the body of the truck is mostly empty. I can look forward and see the packer blade. It has a giant wedge shape with the bottom foot being flat. I got pressed up and back because I was on top of the wedge. Had I been on the very bottom that would have probably been trouble.

Here I was sitting in the body of a front end loader garbage truck. Looking forward to the hopper. Waiting for another dumpster to get thrown in and compacted. I was going to have a front row seat for something I have dreamed about. Fuck, I’ve survived being buried, then dumped and compacted. I think I’m going to spend a little while in here, until it gets too dangerous. Then I’ll work on getting out.

It takes a couple minutes for the truck to get to its next stop. I look intently, waiting to see the lip of the dumpster come over the edge of the packer blade so I can see it dump. I slowly move forward to be close to the avalanche of garbage.

I see the shiny black bags in the streetlights. The dumpster is huge. It must be ten cubic yards, and it’s stuffed. As the container comes more fully into view the bags start to cascade out, landing roughly in the hopper. The pile builds until I can't see the packer plate anymore. The driver slams the container a couple times to knock anything else out. Then I see the container start to move out of the way.

Almost simultaneously the packer plate begins is travel towards me. I fight to try and climb onto the incoming pile, but as the pile moves towards me it is shifting making it hard for me to get a hand or foot hold. I am slowly sinking into the pile as it is forced back and up.

When I was packed in with my load I was close to the hopper side of the pile so I believed that the truck was a model that only packs just past the opening of the hopper. I’m struggling now to stay on top as I watch the smooth sides of the hopper fall out of sight. The packer blade does not stop its rearward movement and the bags below me start to press into the rounded tailgate of the truck and curl up and fall over me. I can hear the bags on the very bottom of the truck starting to whistle and pop. The revving of the engine is strained as the packer plate reaches the end of its travel path. It begins to retract, leaving me firmly trapped near the tailgate of the truck. Things have just taken a serious turn.

As the truck starts to drive again the load shifts which allows me a little room to move. I make a hard effort to get unstuck from my position. Before I can get too far I hear the truck begin to lift another container. I manage to get a view as the hopper is again filled with a full dumpster of garbage bags. I cannot see where the dumpster is this time, but I see the bags in the hopper starting to move towards me again.

I scramble as the bags in the hopper begin to inflate as the force increases with each bit of forward movement of the blade. I am trying as hard as possible to move forward, but my momentum is thwarted by the relentless pile of bags. I am again swallowed as the bags are pushed rearward and up. This time however the blade doesn’t move fully back. It begins to retract and I have a pocket that I am stuck in. I dig furiously. The pile of bags in front of me goes almost to the top of the body. I can see a sliver of light shining through the top of the pile.

As I make my way up and forward I see more bags falling into the hopper. I can make out that the hopper is half full this time. The container strikes the ground loudly as the truck begins to back up. This rearward force causes the wall in front of me to tumble partly into the hopper, making my escape route a little easier to access. The truck pulls forward again and all the bags below me shift slightly and I sink in. I fight to get back on top as I hear the forks push into another dumpster. This is getting serious now.

I can see the dumpster moving above the packer blade as one or two bags tumble into the half full hopper. Then the truck tips the container and the full contents spill out. The hopper is almost completely full as the dumpster is tipped and slammed to free any stubborn trash. I am in a full panic trying to swim my way to the hopper opening so that I can get on top of the garbage as it slips back into the body. I am hoping that I can use the upward force of the bags to get on top, then climb out onto the roof of the truck.

The Packer begins to move forward and I quickly realize that my plan is not going to work. As the blade moves forward I am quickly pushed rearward and deeper into the body of the truck. The opening of the hopper is quickly blotted out by the mass of black bags being pushed into the body of the truck. I am fighting to not succumb to the rearward forces, but my fight is in vain.

As the packer moves past the hopper opening and into the body I can hear bags bursting and popping. Screaming for me to help them, but I have to help myself. The wall of garbage bags is unending. I am pressed back into the bags behind me. The bags sliding up the curved tailgate are now cascading over the front of me and joining what is fast approaching. As the packer reaches the end of its movement the air in the bags billows, trapping me in a prison of semi inflated trash which is now covering my face. I am momentarily unable to breath and begin to panic.

The packer releases its hold and moves back to its resting place. I can’t move. The pressure wasn’t painful; in fact, it was satisfying being packed so firmly. However not being able to breath was terrifying. I have to get out of here. I resume my fight forward. As the truck brakes again the wall of bags in front of me falls forward into the hopper, I again have a clear view of my escape. If only it was as easily reached as it is seen.

I hear again the hydraulics rev up and feel the weight of another dumpster beginning to lift. I look up in despair as another overflowing ten cubic yard dumpster makes its way over the packer plate and begins to tilt towards the open hopper. The bags tumble into the hopper nearly filling it again. The dumpster quickly disappears out of view as the wall of black and white residential garbage is pushed toward me.

The packer only comes forward about half way this time then quickly retreats. When it moves forward I am sucked down into the garbage below me. I am firmly stuck up to my shoulders this time. I can see the opening at the top of the body again as yet another overfilled dumpster is levitating overhead. It tips and the hopper is loaded. I’m in trouble now.

The packer again begins its cycle. It feels like it moves about half way through the hopper clearing room, then retracts back to the front, it quickly commences its movement back into the body again. Once again it only packs about half way across the hopper. The hopper must be so full that the bags are threatening to fall over the packer plate with each compaction cycle. As the packer moves back to its starting position I am again pulled deeper into the mass of bags around me. Only my head is above the level of the garbage bags.

There is a brief pause between pack cycles this time. I try to think of a way to get un-stuck. My thought process is interrupted by the movement of the mass of garbage bags surrounding me. As the packer slides rearward I feel the pressure around my feet begin to build. I must be in the zone where the blade is flat and it just pushes the bags to the rear. As the pressure around my feet builds, the upward motion of the rest of the bags begins to envelope me. I am slowly dragged feet first under the load, as the packer plate relentlessly moves into the body. It will complete full pack cycle I realize, then I will be thoroughly trapped. As I am pulled further under the pile by the movement. The upward movement of the bags on top of the wedge surrounds me fully.

I become aware of the building pressure as the bags under me scream for help, then pop and explode under the pressure. The bags again billow as the residual air inside of all of the trash bags is squeezed. I find myself again in complete darkness as the bags surround my face, mouth and nose. I can’t breathe again. This time the packer plate presses a little further into the body and holds for ten seconds, making sure the load is tight. As the plate is pulled back into its’ starting position I take solid notice that the load has not shifted. I cannot move, I am thoroughly stuck now and will have to think very fast. For it will not be long before another dumpster makes its way into the hopper, then back towards me. I thought all these bags loved me for spending time with them and making them feel like they were appreciated.

I feel now like they were just using me, luring me in with their warmth and softness. Their plan all along was to exact their revenge on me. They were just planning on trapping me so that they could have one human know exactly how they felt. Used!

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