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Not Needed Any More

by TK

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Storycodes: MF+/m; slave; bond; bagged; trashcan; messy; foodstuff; waste; trash; hum; disposal; dumped; garbage truck; compacted; cons/nc; XX

You woke up by the immense lights of the supermarket. You were inside a white plastic wrapper which contained your entire body and there was a transparent part of the plastic in front of your face so you could see a little bit. You were very confused for few minutes but then it all came back to you, how you have ended up in this situation.

It began when one day you were sleeping in your bed at home and someone came, woke you up by a slap and injected something to your neck. Long story short, you were kidnapped by a private company that sold human slaves. After one month of brainwashing you were transported to the supermarket, where you are to be sold to anyone who needed a home slave. They injected you with something that made you immobilized and slowed your metabolism so you could stay alive in that plastic for at least 14 days. You felt humiliated, you were nothing more than a product now.

At first you didn't know what to expect. You saw people with shopping carts passing in front of you, some just passed by and some scanned the shelf including you. Once in a while someone came, looked at your face and at the details labeled on your plastic bag and eventually picked up one of the other bags which contained a home slave. Three days passed like that and you started to wonder what will happen to you. On the fourth day one of the workers came and added a label on your bag. You couldn't see what was written on it but you saw that she did the same to all other bags.

On the fifth day somewhere in the afternoon a brunette lady in her late 40's with a half full shopping cart came by, looked at your bag with the details and your face and decided to buy you. She lifted and put you under the cart lying on your back where you’d place big and heavy products. You looked up at her from below as she continued shopping and adding more products to the cart, generally foods.

When you arrived at her home, she put you in front of the whole family- her husband, two girls and a younger boy. You stood there half naked, only with short plastic trousers and the parents told you that from now on you are in charge of the family house work. You were given a small room, sort of a store room with a small bed and a dresser as your bedroom. You have been told that you will get old clothes from the family members, especially from the mother and the girls to wear.

The time passed by and the family treated you very nicely. You ate three meals a day together with them at the dining table and you could feel like you are almost a full member of the family. Of course, you had to do everything you have been told, including laundry, cleaning, gardening and so on but it felt more like a job than slavery. You felt like a normal human being.

After roughly one year on a Thursday evening the parents came and told you that they have decided they don't need a home slave anymore. You started to get excited- they will set me free and I will start my own life!

"You see, it's too much expensive to keep you here and the house work you do is nothing that we can't do ourselves." The husband said.

"I only bought you because you were on a sale and was quite cheap" the mother continued. "But now we just don't need you anymore."

"So what will happen to me now?" you asked. "Will you let me go free?".

"Hehe, no.." she said.

"So.. you will sell me or something?" you started to panic little bit.

"No silly! What do you do when you have a product which you don't need any more or it's out used?"

"You throw it to the garbage…"

"That’s right!" she said with a little grin, "So technically, you are just trash now, and you will be thrown to the garbage".

"Now if you please, get naked and let me tie you up so we can put you in the big trash can." The husband said.

You were shocked. Your whole life is literally going to be thrown to the garbage, and there nothing effective you could do to change that. Tears started coming out of your eyes as you undressed. Then he tied up your legs down and your arms behind your back with a duct tape and put a gag in your mouth forcing it open. Surprisingly as he did that you were getting erect. When the mother saw it she giggled, and it only made you feel even more humiliated. When he was done, they both lifted you and carried you to the kitchen where there was a big trash can with a freshly opened big black plastic bag. Just as you entered the kitchen you saw the older sister throw in a yogurt cap and went on eating it. The parents threw you in the garbage which was almost empty and you landed on that disgusting yogurt cap and some used tissues.

A few minutes later you felt something cold and wet running on your head and neck. You looked up to see the sister pouring what's left from her yogurt on you and the container itself. The mother started to make dinner and threw scraps into the trash can, and on you, some tomato peals and small plastic wrappers. You heard the family eating dinner as they talked about throwing you to the trash and dividing the home chores between them. When they done eating, one by one they scraped their leftovers from the plates directly on your head and some of it got through your gag and into your mouth. Apparently they ate pasta which was a really disgusting thing to be thrown at you, especially when you hated tomatoes. After that they closed the lid and proceed on to sleep.

Approximately an hour later you heard someone wiping their nose the lid suddenly opened. You instinctively looked up just to find the mother throwing her used tissue wet side directly in your mouth. As much as humiliating, disgusting and stinky this was, every time something was thrown upon you you had a raging boner.

You woke up on Friday morning to the sound of kicking in the can. The lid opened and some vegetables parts and peelings were thrown in. After they finished breakfast the leftovers were thrown on you again- salad, bread crusts, cottage cheese, used tea bags and coffee. The smell inside the can was unbearable but you had no choice but sit there like the garbage you are. In addition, you had to swallow everything you could that was thrown and poured on you in order not to die from hunger and thirst. For now all you could do, and actually should do, was just be the unwanted product- the garbage you were and just be in the trash.

The rest of the day passed by when occasionally someone threw something at you. After lunch time the boy came and opened the lid. "Hey garbage! How is it in there? Do you like it?" you shook your head saying no. "It's a shame, because you're just garbage and this is where you belong! Hey you know what? Let me bring you some more garbage, maybe that will make it feel more natural for you." He went for a moment and came back, "Here, I walked the neighbor's dog earlier and had to collect his shit, and now I will throw it in the garbage as usual." He opened the tie of the small plastic bag and threw it on your face. "Here, You surely want that too-" Then he opened his mouth and spat a gooey wet chewing gum directly in your mouth. If that's not enough, he also coughed his throat and spat that ugly slime in your mouth too. You had no choice but swallow.

To add a little more cruelty and completely break you, he pulled out a bottle of ketchup from the fridge and held it above you. "Remember when you told me that tomatoes and ketchup in particular is what you find the most disgusting? You also said that you think that these things should go right in the garbage. So now that you are garbage, and sitting in a trash can… hahaha!" The taste was so awful it made you puke. Apparently the younger sister was there too and saw it. It made her feel sick too and she rushed to the trash can to throw up right on you. The boy laughed and then closed the lid. At the evening the family ordered pizza so the pizza box, sauce and grease were thrown on you too.

At night you sat there wishing this nightmare to end, although it made you extremely aroused sexually. Meanwhile, the older sister came down for a little midnight snack. "Little".. She ate a bowl of chicken wings with sticky sauce which eventually thrown on you, waking you up in the middle of the night.

Saturday morning began the same as Friday's and continued to be a family house cleaning day. All the small trash cans from around the house were emptied into yours. Those from the toilets contained used toilet papers, used tampons, pads, used toothbrush, floss, ears sticks and other things. The trash cans from the bedrooms contained used tissues, nails clipping, chewing gums, half eaten candies and used condoms. The family continued to clean the rest of the house as dirty rags, dead bugs, dust from a dust pan or vacuum, hairs and food crumbs was thrown on you too. In general, all sorts of possible garbage were thrown on you on that day.

By Sunday's afternoon the garbage level in your trash can came up to your neck, leaving you trapped in it with only your head out. The family had a party this evening and they invited each of the kids boyfriend or girlfriend and also the aunt (mother's sister) with her baby. As the baby needed a diaper change, the old one full of shit, piss and baby powder smell was thrown right behind your head. When the party dinner was over one by one, again, everybody came and emptied their plates and drinks on you. The meal was vast and rich and plenty sorts of food were thrown on you, filling the space- chicken bones, mushed potatoes, spaghetti, beef parts, different kinds of salad, baked vegetables, all kinds of sauces, gravy and of course- different forms of tomatoes.

This made the garbage level reaching above your head, leaving you almost no room to breathe. The mother then came and tied up the big black plastic garbage bag. You felt yourself lifted up as they lifted the garbage bag. They took it to the street's big central dumpster, and you felt being thrown and landed on something soft, probably other garbage bags. During the rest of the evening some more big garbage bags from the neighbors were thrown on yours and eventually you fell asleep.

You woke up to the sound of a tremendous engine roar. That must be the garbage truck of early Monday morning you thought. You felt your weight shifting as you fell along with all the other garbage bags into the truck. The weight you felt now on top of you now was heavier than before and your breathe was almost cut out. You were surrounded by all the sorts of nasty garbage you could think of, some of it was in your mouth as it was forced open. You felt the taste, smell, touch and weight of all that garbage. No, you weren't drenched in it- you were part of it.

Your previous owners didn't want to abuse you, they hadn't done it deliberately to humiliate you. You were just their property, you belonged to them and they owned all of you. They decided that they just don’t need you anymore and therefore you are a garbage, and needed to be thrown out with the rest of the trash.

As you thought about that, the garbage truck compactor started to work. You felt yourself being crushed with all that garbage. After all, you were just part of it, nothing special.

The End -

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