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Noisy Neighbour

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2020 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; group; voy; bagged; balltie; compacted; buried; landfill; death; nc; XXX

Bill and his wife Ruth were retired and living in an apartment complex. They had sold their home but weren't ready for assisted living. "No old folks’ home for me!", said Bill every time Ruth suggested it.

"But Bill, we would have neighbors our age, not all these noisy, disrespectful young people."

Bill just smiled thinking about the 20-something neighbor girl who liked to leave her curtains open while she did her naked yoga. And even when she had parties with more than one guy. Parties that usually turned into gang bangs. Bill and Ruth had separate bedrooms and Bill's faced that girl’s windows, so Ruth only heard her party noise and saw nothing. Bill had been married to Ruth for years – and had suffered through her nagging and complaints for most of them.

As Bill ignored her complaints, Ruth had tried complaining to the apartment manager, and even called the police to complain about the noise. Both had told her that it was within the city ordnance limits. Afterwards, they had laughed about the girl's orgasmic screams being a problem. Or perhaps the old lady was just jealous?

It was Sunday morning, after an especially active and noisy party that involved three men, bondage and some more creative activities, that Ruth decided to do something herself. Bill was sleeping late having exhausted himself watching the BDSM foursome and proving he was still able to get it up repeatedly while watching three men use the girl as a sex toy. Ruth went to the girl's door and knocked and was surprised when it just swung open. The last guy to leave had not even shut it tight. Walking in, she discovered the girl on the couch, naked, ball tied, gagged and sound asleep.

Ruth looked at the mess all around and had an idea. Maybe if she helped by cleaning up, the girl would try to be more considerate. She went to the kitchen and found some plastic trash bags and proceeded to gather up the bottles, snack bags, paper plates. She found some rubber gloves and dropped the used condoms into the sack while grimacing and saying ‘eew’. She filled two bags, and there was a third one with all the rest of the girl's already bagged trash.

Ruth went to the apartment's fenced off garbage room and got the loaner wheelie bin residents could use rather than carry all multiple bags to the compactor unit. She also grabbed a bin liner the apartment provided so the bin stayed clean and headed back to the girl's apartment.

The noise of the bin being dragged in woke the girl and when Ruth noticed her eyes were open, she explained that the door had been left open and she had decided to help clean up as she unbuckled the gag. Instead of the thanks she expected, Ruth was greeted with curses and accused of trespassing.

Ruth just stared at the girl in shock before putting the gag back on her and pulling it tight. Shaking out the bin liner, Ruth fit it inside the bin which she then tipped over next to the couch. She rolled the bound and naked girl off the couch into the bin and then struggled to stand it up.

"There. You have a trash mouth, act like a cheap trash whore, have no respect for others, trash the apartment and don’t even appreciate a kind act. So, since you act like trash, I will just have to treat you like."

With that, Ruth braced the bin with her foot and pulled it upright leaving the bound girl sitting on the bottom in the bin bag. Ruth added the other garbage bags to the bag covering the girl before wheeling the bin around to her own apartment. Once there, Ruth added two more sacks of smelly garbage, mostly expired foods from the freezer. After pressing the bags down on top of the girl, she called out, "Bill. Please help me get this bin to the garbage room, it's too heavy for me."

"Ok, Ruth, I'm coming," he replied and grabbing the bin, tipped it to roll it. "Damn, this is full, must be 150 lbs. in here."

Ruth nodded, "just lots of trash." as Bill wheeled it away.

When he got to the apartment's garbage room, he pulled the bin liner up and tight, cinched it with a large tie wrap and then hooked the bin to the power lift to tip it into the compactor hopper. Detaching the now empty bin, he rolled it to the side, closed the compactor's hopper door and left.

Moments later, the compactor sensed the weight inside the hopper, confirmed the door was closed and activated. The ram pressed the garbage into a sealed disposal dumpster that was getting quite full. The pressure popped the tie wrap off the bin liner allowing the garbage to spill out and mix with the other trash - and give some air to the girl that the sealed bin bag had blocked.

Bill had no idea that he had just disposed of his favorite entertainment. Ruth knew, but thought it a fitting end for such trash. Fortunately for the balled-up bit of garbage that was unable to speak, the dumpster was not full enough for the compactor to crush things. Of course, by Monday when the dumpster was collected, after dozens of additional compactions, it would be full, and the crushed mass would simply be dumped and buried in the landfill.

Two of the girl's boy friends came back to untie her and were surprised to find her gone and all the trash cleared out. Wondering if she had gotten free and gone to take the trash to the compactor, they went to see. Hearing muffled screams from the compactor, they hit the safety lock out and dug her out. Her gag had been knocked loose by a compaction cycle and the ruptured bag allowed her to call for help.

Hearing what had been done to her, they used another bin bag to cover her naked body, put it in the wheelie bin and rolled it back to her apartment. She explained what had happened and how it had been so exciting to be nothing but garbage, the ultimate objectification that she craved. The guys thought it was something the old lady should be punished for and when they saw Ruth in the parking lot, they acted.

They guys rolled the bin up behind her, grabbed her and dumped her headfirst into the bag before pulling it tight. They rolled the bin to the garbage room and dumped her into the compactor. Her bin bag did not split until after she had passed out. By the time she woke, she was well packed in the dumpster and unable to move. Worse yet, all the new garbage muffled her screams as she realized she was destined to experience what she had intended for the girl.

That evening, Bill watched the next installment of his neighbor’s sex show, which should have been titled, ‘treat me like trash’.

The guys had heard how much the girl was turned on by being treated as garbage, so they gagged her and then used her in multiple ways. When done, they bagged her up again and took her back to the compactor with the other trash. They honored her request to really be garbage and left her in the machine, planning to get her out on Monday morning before heading to work.

Unfortunately, the dumpster was exchanged at 7:30 on Monday and they arrived just after it had driven off toward the landfill. As they headed to work, they decided the girl just got what she wanted and wondered which of their other slutty girlfriends they might play with next weekend.

Bill woke even later on that Monday after the second night of pleasuring himself while watching the girl be used. When he discovered Ruth was not home, he reported his wife missing, but by the time he did, there were no clues what had happened, and she was assumed to have left Bill and run away.

Bill never learned what happened to Ruth, but he did not mind the peace and quiet without her bitching about the noisy neighbors. Bill did wonder what had happened to his favorite sex show, but when two new equally exhibitionist girls moved in to the apparently abandoned apartment, he forgot all about the first one. The girls were quiet and preferred each other to guys who tended to be messy and noisy.

Ruth and the girl became a lot closer than they had intended. Being crushed into the same mass of garbage had that effect and it was completed when the landfill tractor compacted the soil on top of their crushed bodies. They were both gone, and no one really missed them. But that’s what happens to garbage.


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