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Nina's First Time

by Polythene WrappedMe

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© Copyright 2020 - Polythene WrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; dumpster; M/f; sex; oral; caught; compacted; stuck; orgasm; reluct; X

Nina believed in getting stuff for nothing. Freeganism, some people called it. A lifestyle where people make use of discarded stuff, that other people threw away. She was far too squeamish to eat food that had been thrown away, but unwanted laptops, and computers were fair game.

Where was the harm? She was simply recycling what someone else did not want. It was not stealing... really. But in some places, it was considered a crime, and also trespassing. So Nina was careful not to get caught. However, one day, she was caught, but not in the way she expected.

It was a hot summer's day. Nina always wore less clothes dumpster diving anyway, so as not to spoil the good clothes she was wearing. But on hot days like these, a t-shirt and short skirt was ample to wear. It was too hot for even a bra and panties!

Nina leaned further and further into the hopper - of what she had wrongly assumed was just a new sort of weirdly shaped dumpster - to reach something that caught her eye. Some discarded treasure that lured her in deeper and deeper. She was now at full stretch, yet only her finger tips could reach it. It was just beyond what she could touch. It was so frustrating. So close, yet so far. She had to have it.

As Nina bent across the opening of the compactor trying to free the item she wanted, a gust of wind caught her short skirt, and flashed her naked and bare bum to any passers-by that happened to be watching her.

It was no good. If she wanted her prize, she had to be prepared to go far deeper! Nina backed out of the compactor's hopper, and looked up and down the parking lot, at the back of the row of shops in the high street, where the compactor was located. She saw no-one. To her field of vision, the place appeared to be deserted. Only it was not. She had attracted admiring glances of a shy lad, who remained well-hidden and out of sight. He had been watching her for some time, and the tantalising flashes of her pert bum and legs, had aroused him, no end. Indeed in his trousers, he was nursing quite a hard boner for her.

Thinking that the coast was clear, and there did not seem to be any CCTV cameras about, Nina took off her t-shirt, revealing her tennis ball sized firm breasts in all their glory. David, the lad who had been watching her, almost came at the sight. Wow! She is gorgeous.

Nina, now topless, leant back into the compactor's hopper to reach the discarded item that she so desperately wanted. David desperately wanted something too. He was far too shy to ask her out directly, but he wanted her more than his next breath, and he was panting, rubbing his cock through his underpants and blue jeans that could not conceal how large and rock hard his member was.

Nina pushed her hands in amongst the shiny smooth black polythene garbage bags, but all she managed to achieve was to knock her prize deeper inside the container of the trash compactor. She muttered a curse under her breath. Luck was not with her today.

She stretched even further, until both her arms were wedged amongst the shiny smooth black polythene, and going in 'head first' meant that her hands and arms were completely trapped up to her shoulders, and her head was now resting against a large trash bag.

Almost falling into the hopper, her right leg brushed against the controls of the trash compactor, and by accident activated the ram. Nina panicked, knowing if she did not stop the ram, she would be sliced in half! The bags underneath her naked breasts moved too, and carried her towards the container. This damn compactor was not going to give up its contents. It wanted more trash, and it clearly thought she was just more trash.

Then the ram stopped, halfway through its cycle and retreated back, causing Nina to completely fall into the hopper, with the rest of the trash bags. But not before her hands, arms, head, shoulders, back and chest were squashed into the trash, all the way up to her waist.

Her nice firm breasts lay flattened against the trash bags beneath her. Her naked top half, was now sandwiched between the shiny smooth black polythene bags, and she was now held as firmly as if she was stuck in a vice.

Nina tried to call for help, but the trash bag against her face silenced her screams. She tried to wriggle herself back out, but it was not easy.

Then she felt David's hand caress her legs.

Oh my God, I am not alone! Nina thought. Is this a rescuer? Was this the answer to all her prayers?

But instead of pulling her out by her legs, Nina felt David gently stroke her legs, as if he was adoring her. Nina froze in fear and excitement. Half trapped inside a trash compactor, she knew that she was at his total mercy. 

Nina had thought that just as she had accidentally activated the compactor's ram; in all her struggles, she had managed to find the stop button too. But what if this was not the case? What if this person had saved her life?

Then she felt him apply gentle kisses to her bare legs; so softly, yet passionately, she could feel them almost as if he were eating her, like he had a hunger that only she could satisfy. Nina never dreamed that a man would find her this attractive inside the garbage!

The tight enclosure felt like bondage play. It was clear this man wanted her, and he was not going to stop, until she was his. Feelings of arousal took over from her feelings of fear. His touch was so gentle, yet so electrifying, it sent shivers down her spine, making her breasts stick proudly out.

Nina was already getting wet. It was hot and sweaty amongst all the shiny smooth black polythene garbage bags, and what this guy was doing to her mind, was getting her most excited. David teased and caressed her for some while, seeking to reassure her, and to savour his pleasure as long as he could. Then Nina felt him reach in and remove her soaking wet panties. She was now naked in a trash compactor, half compacted with the trash.

She felt him kiss the inside of her thighs, and his hot tongue wet her. She could not believe it, as he placed his head beneath her and gave her the most mind-blowing oral of her entire life. He knew just how and where she liked to be touched, as if he could read her mind. He was able to find her clit in seconds and spent time licking her in soft figures of eight.

OMG. This feels so good!

David reached inside her love tunnel with his middle finger of his right hand, and to her amazement he continued giving oral to her clit, as his inserted finger made rhythmic come-hither movements against the front wall of her vagina, and gently massaged her g-spot in the process. Nina knew it would not take her long to come, with such powerful and skilful foreplay. 

Her mind was spinning. It was wrong to come inside a trash compactor, at the hands of this stranger who had taken advantage of her. But she could not hold back any longer, the waves of pleasure across her body were just too much for her mind to deal with rationally. She wanted this, so badly. Then she felt David's large and throbbing manhood enter her. Perhaps she was garbage being fucked in a trash compactor, but all she knew was this is what she wanted! It was as if she had been thrown away, and someone was 'recycling her' having found a use for her to satisfy all his pent up energy.

All too soon it was over. Wow! That had been the best shag of her life. David climbed out of the compactor, and moving some bags from underneath her, Nina thought her lover was setting her free.

But all he was doing was making sure Nina fitted beneath the height of the compactor ram, before he switched it on again. This time Nina felt herself being pushed, rammed, squeezed, with the black shiny smooth polythene bags that now engulf her entire naked body. By the time the ram retreated, all that was visible was her pair of feet sticking out. She could reach her prize now, but she no longer wanted to.

David tickled her feet, and she squirmed. He would free her, eventually... maybe… He had yet to decide whether she would love him or report him first. He did not want any trouble with the Law. 

Perhaps you could write and tell him...


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