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A Night I Won't Soon Forget 2

by Desolate Mistral

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© Copyright 2016 - Desolate Mistral - Used by permission

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Part Two

----Desolates recollection:

Alyssa looked at me with a wild eyed look.

She was biting her lip as she pulled the black plastic trash bag down around her waist so she could move towards me, meanwhile my wife Jen was staring at her lustfully. I could tell that Jen was in such a state of orgasmic euphoria that she was singularly focused on Alyssa's body, which was glistening with sweat and flushed from her multiple orgasm adventure.

I was still sitting back, following the instruction that Jen gave me not to move, Taking in this picture of my wife's friend whom I had many fantasies about, climbing out of a fetish device, which I had created. Alyssa locked eyes on me and began to crawl towards me. Jen followed her movements and also began to close in on me. I could sense things were about to get out of hand...

If you read, "the unexplored fantasy," and "A night I won't soon forget" you can get caught up to this point, or you can just continue reading about this newest adventure in the trashcan life.

Jen and I still owed Alyssa for helping us live out a most intense adventure several months ago, and it looked to me like this was going to be the night it happened. It was all making sense to me as I watched them approach me with a complete wild look in their eyes. Alyssa had been working for our city for about 3 months and started at the bottom, throwing garbage for the city. It was the fall, and leaf and yard waste collection was in full swing. Saturday is the designated day for yard waste pick up, and the city ordinance stated that all yard waste needed to be in 55 gallon black trash bags in order to be collected.

This was going to be a night and probably a day I would not soon forget. It was all starting to play out in my head.

As Alyssa got to me first, she was the one who pushed me flat on my back and brought my hands up over my head. As soon as she had control Jen produced a scarf and bound my wrists together, then proceeded to wrap the scarf around my hands which essentially destroyed the possibility of using my fingers to undo anything.

Just as quickly as my hands were bound, my ankles were secured together, then my knees. Lastly, a scarf was tied around my mouth to gag me so I was unable to make even the slightest noise. The girls now lowered my arms to my waist, making sure that I could make contact with my now growing hard on. Lastly they tied my arms in place which left me completely immobilized, dick in hands, waiting for whatever was to come next.

I was firmly controlled, unable to move and at the complete mercy of my wife Jen and her counterpart Alyssa. All I could do was watch, and handle my manhood. I looked on as Jen leaned in to Alyssa and kissed her passionately. They were locked together, hands exploring each others bodies, running over the sensitive spots, finding the magic buttons.

I was growing harder by the minute, but I was making an honest attempt to not touch myself. I was oozing pre cum. I murmured as the girls explored each other.

My sounds called attention to me, and they broke their passionate embrace and focused on me, writhing, being tortured by the site of my beautiful wife engaged in sexual activities with her equally sexy friend. They moved towards me. Jen got her lips down near my ear, gave my ear a lick and breathed heavily into my ear. Her warm breath caused me to arch my back. She spoke in a very aroused tone.

"Remember how you and I lived out that little fantasy back a few months ago? Do you remember how I promised Alyssa that we owed her?"

I shook my head enthusiastically.

"Good!" she said forcefully.

"I have taken it upon myself to help Alyssa live out her own fantasy by allowing her to fulfill her desire to be dominated by me, and be used as a fuck toy by you, we are now even with miss Alyssa, so now we are going to have some fun with you. I hope you enjoy what we have planned for you."

I tried to look at her, but she was too close to my ear for me to see her face. Just then I felt Alyssa's tongue running along the bottom of my engorged member. I let out a loud moan. She took that as her cue and wrapped her lips around me, forcing me into the back of her throat. I moaned again.

"I hope you are ready." Jen whispered in my ear, then moved away.

I could feel the saliva from Alyssa running over my tensed balls as she attempted to swallow me whole, the feeling was incredible. Then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Alyssa moved away from my groin, grabbed my legs, then lifted them in the air as Jen slipped the giant garbage bag under my legs and bare bottom. Alyssa dropped my legs and pulled the bag up over my waist. the feeling of cold as the slippery plastic brushed my skin made me shiver.

Jen moved around me and lifted me by my arm pits so that I was sitting as Alyssa lifted the bag up over my head and bunched it together. I was in darkness now. They laid me down on the floor and pushed a breathing apparatus looking like a medical device for emergency situations over my my mouth and nose so I had a method of breathing inside the bag. I then heard the familiar sound of the Vacuum as they switched it on and attached the hose to the one way valve in the bag. Within seconds the bag started to tighten up around me, the feeling of the plastic clamping down on my flesh was electric. The bag sealed tightly to my face, pushing the cup that was over my nose and mouth down tightly. The bag made me close my eyes and my hearing got muffled as the pitch of the vacuum increased as it labored to suck the last remaining atoms of air out from around my body. Then silence. The vacuum was off, the bag was so tight that even if I had not been restrained I would not be able to move. I felt the girls lift my legs again and slide another bag over me, they were double bagging me.

They attached my breathing apparatus to the second bag so I had ample air supply. I was now in complete darkness, the sensory deprivation was staggering. My sight was gone, Hearing was compromised, and my ability to use my fingers or speak was useless.

I was at their complete mercy.

I felt a tongue trace over the underside of my cock, which was clamped down on my stomach by the vacuum seal. I thought I was going to lose it right then and there, but they weren't in any rush to make me cum.

They lifted me up, one under my arms, the other by my feet. I could feel them moving me across the basement, then up the stairs. Once they had me up the stairs, they put me down to rest for a moment, I could hear their muffled moans of pleasure as they were probably rubbing one another looking at me, nothing more than trash.

After a short time they picked me up again. there was a cold blast as they carried my bag outside. There was a chill in the air, and despite the fact that I was sweating It was cold.

They put me down in a soft pile. I had to assume that it was the yard waste from Jen cleaning up yesterday and today and I was left alone. Having no sense of time I just laid there, not moving. There was no light to be seen through my bag cocoon, so I assumed that it was still dark. I tried to rest as I was starting to fatigue from being bound motionless.

At least they had the courtesy to bind me so I was reasonable comfortable I thought. I started to doze off...

----Jen's account:

Alyssa and I had put my husband out with the leaves that I had spent the previous two days cleaning up in the yard. We had been planning this since she helped me and the hubby live out the compactor fantasy back a little while ago. I had paid Alyssa back ten fold with all the activities we had been engaging in.

Alyssa confided in me that she wanted to live the trash fantasy herself, she also confided in me that she was interested in being with a girl. I had helped her spend a night in a dumpster as nothing but trash. I had helped compact her in a residential trash compactor. I had even spent the night with her in a dumpster buried under 4 feet of shiny black trash bags bringing each other to orgasm after orgasm. We fell asleep covered in garbage only to awake to a garbage truck emptying a container containing cardboard beside the one we were in. Thank god that was only a recycling truck or we both would have gotten the ride of our lives.

I was now riding on the rear step of a huge city owned rear loader garbage truck, throwing stuffed, shiny black bags of leaves into the hopper. Alyssa showed me how to operate the controls so I could watch the bags getting crushed by the packing blade. Every stop had at least a dozen bags. Alyssa would get out at every stop and help me load the hopper, then she would let me pull the lever to actuate the blade. Every time it pushed down on the bags in the hopper the bags would pop and whistle. I was dripping wet hearing the bags screaming. I can't even tell you how much of a turn on it was.

I will tell you that on one remote road Alyssa shut the truck off while the packer blade was raised up exposing all the black bags in the hopper as well as the ones that had been crushed into the body. She threw me on top of all the bags, pulled my coveralls open and went down on me. We sunk under the mass of black bags as she brought me to ecstasy, then I returned the favor.

As the truck turned onto our street I could see our house, and I could see Desolates bag on top of the 15 bags I had put out the day before. There were 5 houses before ours. Taking a quick look each house had 20 to 30 bags, and the one house after ours had 15 also. I knew he was going to get the experience of a lifetime.

Alyssa hopped out to help me load each of the houses before ours. There were at least 2 compaction cycles required at each house to handle the number of bags they all had. When we pulled up in front of our house the hopper of the truck was half full of black bags.

Alyssa climbed out of the truck and walked around to the rear and looked at the pile of black bags. She ran her hand over the bag containing Desolate and watched it squirm. I suggested we go quickly as the sun was coming up and we needed to clear this out quickly. We didn't need any of the neighbors seeing what we were doing. She agreed and picked the bag up by the feet, I took the head, and we heaved the bag on top of the rest of the black bags in the hopper. The weight of the bag caused it to sink into the rest of the bags already in the hopper. We then proceeded to throw 10 more of the bags on top of Desolate.

Alyssa came over and put her hand on top of mine as I gripped the actuator for the packer blade. She reached around me with her free hand and slipped it between my legs as she whispered in my ear, "Do it. You are about to live out his fantasy, your fantasy and mine. All with three movements of our hand."

I nodded and pulled the lever.

The engine revved up and the packer plate swung out, up and over all of the bags in the hopper, including my husband, who I had to imagine was furiously masturbating at the thought of what was about to happen. As the blade opened the bags which were already packed into the body of the truck fell out over some of the bags that were in hopper.

The blade stopped at full open. I shuddered as Alyssa's fingers brought me to orgasm, I pulled the lever a second time and the packer blade started to move down onto the bags which were filling the hopper. I could hear some of the bags pop. The blade stopped with a gap of about 4 inches between the blade and the opening of the hopper. There were some bags pinched between the blade and opening. I hoped Desolate would be OK.

I pulled the second lever to complete the cycle and stood there and watched as the blade started to retract into the body. Immediately Alyssa began throwing the rest of the bags into the hopper, but I was focused on the movement of the blade. It seemed to happen in slow motion. As the gap closed it squeezed the bags on the edge causing them to burst. Then it swept down along the bottom of the hopper scooping everything inside up and pushing it into the body. As the blade moved slowly backwards I could hear the tightly closed bags whistling and popping. It was as if they were screaming for help. As the blade reached its resting spot the engine quieted down.

We had done it, we had compacted my husband into the back of a rear loader garbage truck. I looked on as the hopper was filled with 10 more bags and the truck started to pull to the last house on the street. I walked down to the next house, looking at the back of the truck lustfully. I grabbed the next pile of bags and began throwing them in the hopper. Alyssa didn't get out. She later confided in me that she was in the cab furiously rubbing her clit thinking about what it was like for my husband inside the truck.

After I loaded the 15 bags at the last house, I hopped on the step as Alyssa backed the truck down the street, and headed on to the next leg of the route.

As the truck brakes squealed, I hopped off the step and began throwing more bags in the hopper. Alyssa came around and started throwing with me. This was a big house, that had a big yard. There had to be 50 bags on the curb. We filled the hopper as full as we could and Alyssa asked if she could run the controls this time, I shook my head yes. She pulled the lever and the packer plate swung up and over the bags allowing the bags from the last cycle to fall out. She paused for a long moment and we looked to see if desolates bag was visible. There was just a giant pile of black shiny bags crushed together. No one bag was identifiable from another. She pulled the lever again and with brutal efficiency the blade moved down over the bags in the hopper, then stopped. Alyssa pulled the other lever and the cycle began it's completion, scooping the bags our of the hopper.

Above the whir of the engine you could hear the bags whistling and popping from the pressure. I hoped Desolate was OK. We loaded the hopper again with bags.

It was still pretty dark and the road was desolate, the house far off the street, out of view of where we were. As she threw the last bag in she grabbed my wrist and held me tightly. She pulled the lever to begin the packing cycle, when the blade stopped she said, "Don't move!"

She walked around the truck and I heard the hydraulic pump shut off. She walked back around, grabbed me by the waist and threw me into the bags inside the hopper, under the blade and proceeded to ravage me again. I returned the favor. We wound up buried pretty deep in the bags again as we were shuddering with orgasms.

We climbed out and sorted ourselves out and Alyssa turned the hydraulic pump back on. I don't think I've ever been that sexually exhausted before. Alyssa gave me a kiss on the lips as she pulled the lever again and we watched the blade close down again. The third pull retracted the blade back in and again the screaming of the bags was all that could be heard.

----Back to Desolate

I woke at the sound of the truck engine turning onto the street. We have the second to last house on the street, there are five before and one after. Since I got home late last night I have no idea how many bags there are at each house. I listen intently as I hear the engine speed up each time the truck compacts a load. I can differentiate the sound of packing and moving, along with the squealing of the brakes at each stop. Finally after about 5 minutes the truck stops beside my pile.

I could hear the shuffling of feet, then there was a brief pause where nothing was happening. Suddenly I felt a hand graze my swollen member, I started to writhe but was met with no further touching. After another brief pause I felt my feet, and shoulders being picked up, there was a swinging then a weightless feeling as I was tossed into a pile of black bags. There was a flash of lights as the hopper lights penetrated my bag prison and eye lids. Then it was dark again, I could feel myself slipping into the pile. I could also feel more bags landing on top of me.

There was another pause which got electricity flowing through my body. I knew what was to happen next.

Suddenly the engine sped up and there was a tremendous weight as the bags in the body of the truck fell out on top of me and what was in the hopper. The sound stopped. I became acutely aware of the delay in the second lever pull, time strung out to eternity, my mind was racing, I shuddered with a massive orgasm. I could feel my balls unloading. I moaned loudly, I wonder if the girls can hear me?

The engine revs up again, and the force above me multiplies as the blade moves down over the bags in the hopper. Pressing me tightly into the bags below me. I am on my stomach in the hopper, the weight above is incredible. There is another pause. Again time slows down.

The final part of the cycle begins. The pressure from above maintains its intensity, but now a secondary pressure pushes into me from the side. I am being compacted into a garbage truck I think to myself. As the blade sweeps the hopper clear bags start to pop and cry as they are pressed flat. The pressure is incredible, but the load is soft enough that I am unharmed as the blade stops. There is still whistling coming from the surrounding bags. Then just the muffled sound of the diesel engine.

I could feel the shifting of the load as the truck moved forward, stopped for a minute, then backed down the street. There were long minutes of the bags around me moving. Despite being tightly packed there was still a lot of shimmy of the load. The truck stopped again. After a couple minutes I could hear the engine rev up again and the load got loose. I fell out of the body down onto the load in the hopper with a bunch of the other bags around me. There was a long delay before the blade started to descend, the pressure increased, then the blade swung back to collect the contents of the hopper. I was fully encased this time.

There came another pack cycle. As the blade moved out this time I did not fall into the hopper. The blade didn't descend yet. Instead it got markedly quiet inside the body. After a few minutes I could hear the whimpering of Jen and Alyssa as they somehow ravaged each other inside the hopper. I could hear the moans as they reach orgasm.

When they finished with each other the hydraulics roared back to life and I was pressed further into the truck. The bags popping, screaming and whistling was incredible.

I orgasm again and again during the ride.

I have no recollection of time, but it was long, and I was packed repeatedly inside that truck. It was so tight I couldn't move an inch. Somehow though, I was able to breath despite being encased in thousands of shiny black bags.

My relief came when the tailgate of the truck lifted, and the ejection plate pushed me out of the truck and into the pile at the compost heap.

The girls said they fucked one more time while on the pile of shiny black bags that I was part of before they made any attempt to find me.

Once they did uncover me they released me from my binding, handed me some clothes and brought me home. They never once asked me how it was, or what it felt like. They just continued on like it was any other normal day, but I know they were in rapture thinking about what they did.

It was surely A night I won't soon forget.

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