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My Night in the Dumpster

by Vicki Panties

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© Copyright 2005 - Vicki Panties - Used by permission

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This story begins a few days ago.  It’s about an ordeal that I went through that I thought you all should know about.  Of course, most of you probably know that I am one of those few out there that call themselves “trash fetishists” or something along those lines. We don’t know where these desires come from, or if they are even real, but it makes us feel good when we think about it. 

Anyway, my newest favorite activity is dumpster diving. I have always, as long as I can remember, been “fascinated” by dumpsters. I don’t know (or care) why. I would always see them in a parking lot or in an alleyway and wonder how it would feel to be inside one with all the trash around me. I never really took part of the activity, I guess I was afraid or something. But, then, I saw a post from someone on the computer about his routine diving. It sounded like something I wanted to do, so I contacted him. He assured me that there really was no danger of being inside one other than of course, being picked up by the truck!  He assured me that there rarely are any dumpster rats, or raccoons living in them. 

So, I decided to check this whole thing out. Turns out, there is the most perfect dumpster behind the place I work part time. It’s a tall one, with flat, black plastic flip doors on the top, and metal sliding doors on the side. It is surrounded by a 3-wall fence, so it really has that “Garbage” look to it.  No cars park back there usually, but there is a dirt path/road that is right there. The dumpster belongs to a health club, that shares the building I work in. So, one night while working, I scoped it out. It holds the perfect kind of trash for dumpster diving. There is no food or anything like that, so for the most part, the trash is “clean” and bagged in these beautiful thick, black bags. On occasion, there may be a few cardboard boxes and stuff.  

I watched this dumpster for a few hours while working. Nobody went to it all in the hours I was there. The next few times I came to work, I checked it to see how much trash was collected over the days, and when it was picked up. After about a week, it still had not been emptied. There was about ¾ of space taken by all of this nice garbage. I was working late one night, and decided that this would be the night to jump. Each hour or so, I went out back to check and see if anything was added. No luck. Then I reached in and re-arranged some of the bags and boxes to give it that perfect look inside. I decided it was perfect now, and I would wait until I was off work to dive in.  

So, a couple hours went by, and I closed up shop. I then hid my car, and walked to the back of the building. I approached my destiny, and peered into the dumpster. It was dark, and that made it even more exciting. I peered my flashlight inside and to my amazement, about 5 more black bags had been added. This was going to be awesome! I reached in again and made the new pile fall into the pile I had created earlier. I then looked around to be sure there was no-one around. There was not. I tucked my shirt tight into my jeans, because I wanted to make sure nothing would get to my skin there. I was still a nervous about dirty garbage water or something. I took me about 5 minutes to convince myself that there was nobody around, and that this would work fine. I would keep walking away from it, contemplate quitting, and then walk back to it. 

Finally, after messing around long enough, I held the light with my teeth and grasped the top of the dumpster in preparation of the climb. I stood there hanging on to the top staring at the trash that would soon be my resting place still contemplating. At one point, I almost gave up after telling myself, “you are jumping into someone’s trash! Why?” 

Well, in fact, this thought made it more exciting.  

The next move I made was I pulled my feet up to the lip of the sliding door opening. Now, there I was, crouched in the opening of the doorway, with all the trash waiting for me at about the same level I was at.  So, I convinced myself this was it, either get the hell in, or turn around and get out. So, I kinda stood up in the position I was in, and then I let myself fall into the pile. It was weird, it felt like it took a long time, but then I knew for sure I was in-fact in there when I felt the soft thud as I landed on the pile. Instantly, I could feel some of the trash move underneath me. As I laid there for a second, just taking in what had happened, the smell of the garbage hit me, and I thought to myself, “oh yeah, trash stinks”. 

Remember what I said about the clean trash though. It did not smell bad really. It reminded me of wet paper towels or something. Oh well, even better. It dawned on me that I really did not need the light I had with me, for, there was a parking lot type light behind me on the wall that was throwing enough light in. The top door was open on one side. The trash below me was still warm from the heat of most of that day. That made it kind of nice because it was a fairly cool night. Mostly after that, I just laid there and looked out the top at the stars. It was quite an interesting view, seeing as how there were four walls and a partial roof that made a dumpster what it was! For a few minutes, I just laid still and quiet. Every moment or so, I could here the bags beneath me moving or crinkling. That was the best part.  

Then I came up with an idea that would allow me to further enjoy this experience. I sat up and looked around at the arrangement of the bags. In an instant, I decided it might be better and more fun to be UNDER most of this garbage, rather than on top of it. So, I re-positioned some of the bags and assessed the situation.  I had moved enough bags to create a “pocket” of trash. I braced myself and sat down right in the middle of it. When I landed, my body sank a little lower down into the bags that I was now sitting on. They must not have been as tight as the others or something. I stretched out my legs, and shoved my feet under some bags that were in front of me. Then I wiggled myself down a little and amazingly and quite quickly, my lower body disappeared underneath a layer of trash bags.  It was at this point, seeing myself covered partially in garbage, that the whole experience got more intense and more fun! 

I smiled, laughed a little, and then laid back into the remaining space in the pocket. I landed so that there was a bag right at the back of my head. I simply reached around and moved it, so it became a pillow. So, now, there I was. I was laying down completely. My head was rested on a nice soft bag, and my lower body was completely gone, covered by the trash that was now right in front of my face. From my chest up, there were a bunch of bags sitting up above me. This was quite a view. But, I wanted more! I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I’m doing this” and I reached my arm up above me, and gave one of the bags a shove toward me. It tumbled down and landed right on my chest. So, I proceeded to do this with a couple of other bags. After I was done, 90 percent of my body was buried in trash! 

There was only one thing left to do. I put my arms down my side and then I simply squirmed around a little bit. By doing this, I sank my body deeper into the pile. I could feel the bags around me getting tighter. Wow. Those of you who have done this before know what I’m talking about, but those who don’t, you can’t imagine how amazing this feeling was, my body slipping deeper into the plastic abyss that was all the trash. The sounds of all the plastic bags moving around, the now stronger smell, wow, it was awesome! By this time, the only thing that wasn’t covered in trash was a part of my face. I had trash all above my body, behind me, and pressing against my head. I  laid there and took all of this in. It was wonderful. I was glad I convinced myself to do this. At the same time, I was still thinking “why am I in here?” I came up with the perfect answer. Simple, to be trash. 

With that, all I had to do was wiggle just a little bit more. There was one bag that was lingering above me. I pretty much shook all the bags that were above me, and that caused this last bag to come tumbling down. It took my breath away as it perfectly landed smack dab on top of my head! Instantly, that dull light, GONE! Now, I was COMPLETELY buried in bags, trash, garbage… In a dumpster! It was a little bit like sensory deprivation. The trash and the bags were the only thing I could feel, see, smell. It was warm, tight and secure under all that trash! Those of you whom have never done this and have read this far, FIND YOURSELF A SAFE DUMPSTER…. SOON!!! It was the most amazing feeling I had ever had (outside of sex!)  

So, there I was, buried in probably 2 or 3 feet of garbage, in my bliss. I stayed there like that for a good hour. During that time, a couple of cars actually passed by. It was amazing knowing that they were there, and that they had no clue I was in there. I was kinda hoping that maybe someone would come along and throw in some more trash, but, I was not that lucky. While I was buried, I shifted myself a few times and that made my body sink lower a couple of times. I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if I could sink ALL the way down to the bottom. That would be perfect! I still can’t  tell how good it felt there. You probably would not know unless you did it, but again, it was so warm, quiet and tight!  

Anyway, an hour or so later, it was time to start thinking about getting out. The only reason I had to get out was because it was getting late, and I did not want anyone at home wondering where I was. If it was not for the fact that I had a girl at home waiting for me, I would have spent the entire night there, climbing out at dawn or something. In fact, I would love to have enough time in there to take a nap, and then wake up buried in trash. That would be cool.  So, I finally decided it was time to go. I figured I could just sit up, and then climb out. Yeah, right. I tried to sit up, but my pile did not give. I had to move each bag that was on top of me out of the way enough to gain leverage. That took a few minutes, but I was finally reunited with my body. I was surprised how bright it was from the lonely light. But, I figured, I was just buried in black trash for an hour! 

I was a little loose in the legs trying to get up. I had been so comfortable in there, it took me a few moments to stand. Plus, all the bags I was trying to climb over were slippery. I did make it to the door. I peered out around to make sure nobody was around. I grabbed the top of the door, and hoisted my legs up over the edge, and slipped out. I walked back to my car with a smile, completely satisfied with what I had just done, and could not wait to do it again!   

Now, I have been back to this dumpster a bunch of times, probably four or five since that night, and most times its been about the same experience, maybe for not as long. Although I have been in there a few times now, I don’t consider myself a Dumpster Diving Expert. But, for any of you who now can’t wait to try this (and I encourage you to!)  I would like to offer some advice about what I have learned. Obviously, the number one piece of advice is to research your dumpster. I checked out about a dozen before I realized that MY dumpster was the best.  Stay away from ones behind a food establishment. I noticed nasty bugs and stuff like that flying around. Plus, they REALLY smell bad. But, the smell thing is up to you. 

I feel I got lucky with mine. I doubt you may be as lucky to find a remote container like I did. But, I guess it might be fun trying to jump in with nobody looking! I found that I had to watch mine for a while, and see how the owners throw trash in. I learned that they heave it over the top, which is perfect. I’m thinking I want to be in there when they do. If the owner uses the side doors, make sure you are covered up enough. I really doubt that anyone would have seen me that night. But, you never know! And how would you explain yourself?  

Of course my biggest fear should be your greatest concern, when does the truck come… Of course, deep down, most of us, including me, would love to tossed into the garbage truck, but that’s not really smart. Other than that, all I would say is be safe, and have fun. Now, I do have some things on my mind that I would love to accomplish as far as dumpster diving.

My internet friend goes to a dumpster that when he’s in there, he gets lots of bags dumped on top of him. I would love to be in there with him for that!  Also, I would  like to jump in with someone who could help me bury myself deeper. I would like to move the bags around so that the floor of the dumpster is clear, then lie down, and be completely buried. Of course, there’s no way to do this solo. Like I said before, I'd like to stay in my dumpster all night, wake up in the morning in the trash. And, finally, my ultimate desire would be to have someone bag me, and THEN bury me. That would be intense. 

Well, I hope you all liked this account of my story. It is all 100% true. If you are in the Boston area or nearby, and you would like to jump with me, my dumpster is safe, and roomy, I would love to have you!!   Take care, be safe, and get in the garbage!!!

Vicki Panties

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