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Newspaper Boy 2

by Paul Jones

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© Copyright 2011 - Paul Jones - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; kidnap; captive; bond; tape; gag; transported; breathplay; bagged; nc; XX

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Newspaper Boy – Part 2
You will remember that I had been tied up by the school caretaker, wrapped in plastic bags; gagged with a rubbish bag and had newspaper taped around my head as a blindfold. I had been dumped into the large metal bins outside the school and left – unable to do anything but wait until the rubbish trucks arrived to take away the rubbish.

Part 2

I had lost track of time and had no idea of how long I had been tied in the bin. All I knew was that the more I struggled the hotter and sweatier I got, the pressure from the rubbish above made movement difficult and I knew that I couldn’t get out on my own. Unexpectedly I felt the pressure above me ease and I heard 2 voices – but I couldn’t recognise them.

‘Lift out the bags, he’s under here.’ After a few minutes, I heard ‘this is him – lift him carefully’.

Suddenly I felt myself lifted; I struggled a little but after being tied up the struggles were not really noticeable. I felt me in my bags dropped onto a trolley and then had a sense of movement as the trolley was wheeled away from the bins. I tried to make a noise to get the attention of my rescuers, but all that happened was something hit me in the side of my head – a clear indication that I was to be quiet. I had no idea of what was happening and suddenly I was thinking that being in the bin might have been better!

The trolley was wheeled into the back of a transit van and I was lifted off, I heard the van door shut and the engine start – I was really worried. ‘I decided I couldn’t leave you in the bin; I have other plans for you’ It was the caretaker again, but this time with friends. ‘We are going to untie you, but if you struggle or scream then we will retie and dump you – no second chances do you understand?’ I tried to nod my head, but with the newspaper and tape there was very little movement – however it must have been enough as they started to untie me.

First they removed the bag from my body and then untied the tape that was holding me in a ball; finally cutting free the tape and plastic bags that were around my legs and arms – I had finally regained movement in my arms and legs for the first time in what felt like days. I lifted my arms to try and remove the tape from my head, but was stopped and my hands were pulled behind my back and handcuffed tightly together. ‘We will decide what you can see or even what you will use your hands for’

The tape was cut from around my head – allowing me to see the inside of the van and my captors for the first time; although they wore black balaclavas so I had no idea of who they were – but I was worried as there were 3 of them! 4 if you include the driver of the van. Finally the black plastic bags were removed from my mouth and mindful of the warning I didn’t speak. I was given water to drink, and then finally I was spoken to:

‘We have decided to take you back to our cabin, you will not be the first – we are sure that you recognise the names Scott, Daniel and Jake?’ I did – they were all people from my year group at school and they had all gone missing recently. ‘They are our guests and are spending time at our cabin – tied in various positions. You have the same opportunity as they do; you will be tied in either newspaper, rubbish bags or both – if you escape you are free, if you don’t then every few days you will be retied and the process starts again. Daniel and Jake almost made it, but all 3 of them are still there, bound and gagged and waiting to try and escape.’

I started to shout that they were weirdos, but I was slapped and told ‘you were warned’.

My head was pulled back which pulled my mouth open and a rubbish bag was stuffed in, tape wrapped around my head holding it in place and then a second – much smaller bag pulled over my head. This was then taped around my neck and straight away I couldn’t draw breath properly – every attempt pulled the plastic against my face and nose – after a minute or so I was getting no oxygen whatsoever and felt myself starting to passout. When I awoke the bag had been removed from my head, and my mouth: ‘next time, we won’t remove the bag!’

I realised that I was in even more danger then I thought and also that the van had stopped. I was half-carried, half dragged from the van and quickly taken into a log cabin, I had a fleeting glimpse of woods but had no idea where I was. As we went into the cabin I was dragged through a large living area and then down some wooden steps into a basement area; where I noticed 3 large plastic bags filled with rubbish that took up one end of the room. The bags appeared to be moving slightly. ‘That’s right, those bags contain your friends and soon you will be joining them!’

The next 30 minutes passed with little or no communication from my captors – they obviously knew what they had to do and got on with it. I was pushed onto a large straight backed wooden chair and my cuffed hands were attached to cuffs at the back of the chair. Leather straps were put around my legs, holding them to each chair leg and a large leather strap wrapped around my waist holding me to the chair. A small bowl of food was brought out and 1 of the men fed it to me followed by some water; this was the first thing that I had eaten for hours and I still had no idea of how long I had been held captive.

Whilst I eat – the caretaker spoke: ‘You are probably wondering what is going on, well we work for clients who have specific interests. Specifically they want to see young men tightly bound and treated as garbage; occasionally they ask for something special and we see what we can do. As I said early you will be bound in different ways, photographed for our clients. You will be fed and will not be harmed – at all times, if you escape you are free to go. Once outside the cabin we will not try to recapture you! Now its time for you to begin!’

At this I started to struggle, but it was no use.

A small black bag was pulled down over my head, it was slightly transparent so I could make out vague shadows through the material. I was told to open my mouth and a ball with a leather strap was pulled in over the top of the bag – instantly cutting off my air supply and making speech impossible – I struggled for a few seconds until the bag was torn around my nose and I could breath again. The ball gag and plastic in my mouth made speech inpossible. Next my captors picked up a roll of duct tape and began wrapping my head in duct tape – leaving just the nose free.

My legs were released from the chair and then swiftly tied together with tape, both at the ankles and around the knees. The remaining straps were removed from chair and I was lifted then made to kneel on the floor – my handcuffs were removed and replaced with what felt like rope before being covered with duct tape. My hands were then attached to my ankles which held me in a kneeling position. I was lifted and placed down into what felt like a plastic bag – a fact that was confirmed as the bag was lifted around me – and tied around my neck.

I heard just a few words as this happened: ‘Now we have 4 of them – the fun can begin; we begin tomorrow’

I struggled and could feel other struggles nearby – I think from the sounds being made that everyone else was in the same position as me. As my struggles subsided with futility, I realised that I had no chance of escape and that this was my life for now – all I could do was wait and see what would happen next……..

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