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My New Trashy Slave

by Master Panthros

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© Copyright 2009 - Master Panthros - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; bagged; messy; trash; toys; cons; XX

Well, I have to admit. Watching my new sex toy struggle against the bondage tape and trash filled bags that surround her as a vibrating dildo and butt plug cause her so much torment, made me think of the day we started to chat on that phone line:

Part 1

“Good day to all you gentlemen. My name is Susan and I have a dark fantasy I want to live out with the right gentleman. I am 5 foot 9 inches tall with dirty brown hair and blue-green eyes and I weigh about 135 pounds. I am originally from Germany, but moved when I was an infant. Give me a guess at what my fantasy is and you might find yourself talking to me more and more.”

It was an ad on a telephone chat line, and it caught my attention. My own fantasies came to the front and made me decide to send her a message back.

“Hello there, my dear. I am a 6 foot 4 inch gentleman with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes who weigh about 200 pounds. I am a single, white male and my guess at what you fantasy is? You want to become someone’s personal sex toy, where you are called any name other than your real name. You want to be forced to do whatever your Master or Mistress wants to do you. If that is your fantasy, then give me a call back.”

After a while, I thought she wasn’t interested in what my message back to her had in it. I started to go through the other voice ads, thinking what an idiot I was for sending that type of….

“You have a message from Susan,” the automated system suddenly said over the phone.

“Sir, you have read my mind. I am calling from the west end of the city and would like to know what you have planned for a slutty sex toy like me.”

Well now, I decided to hook up live and talk to her like she needed to be talked to. “Susan, connect live with me now. You will know what I have planned for you when I have you with me. You will also listen very carefully to me from this moment on. Is that understood?”

Part 2

Two months later, I had her coming to my home for her first lesson on being my slave. We had talked and met, getting to know each other on a personal level before we took that step. I also made sure she had told everyone she knew that she was leaving town for good and no one was going to hear from her again. Every time we met I wanted to take her, but being a gentleman first, I made sure that this is what she wanted, not what I wanted.

I started going through the checklist of what I had laid out and ready for her. “Hmmmmmm. Bondage tape, check. Silk ropes, check. Diaper, check. Clothespins, check. Needle and thread, check,” I thought to myself. Once I was done, the doorbell rang. Susan was here to become my slave toy.

I head downstairs and open the front door. There she stood, blindfolded like I told her to be, holding a small suitcase and wearing just a trench coat. “Good afternoon, Sir. May I come in?”

I don’t answer her, just take her by her hand and lead her into the house. Once the front door is locked, I take her coat off, revealing her beautiful, firm 36D breasts and her panties that I knew would soon be used for my purpose. I suddenly grab a ring gag I had on a hallway stand, force it into her mouth and strap it tight so there was no hope of moving it. I then lead her upstairs to my bedroom, making sure she didn’t trip on the stairs.

As soon as we get into the bedroom, I take her suitcase from her, force her on her stomach onto the bed, then wrap bondage tape over her arms and hands, forcing her elbows to touch. Three layers later, she is somewhat helpless to stop me. She moans in a little pain as I stand her up and start to wrap her from the waist up to her shoulders, pinning her arms to her back, but leaving her luscious tits exposed for my pleasure. With four layers of tape soon squeezing her body into an hourglass figure, I cut her panties off of her, then place the diaper on her with her now destroyed panties inside. I reach down to make sure the panties are balled up against her wet, shaven pussy. She starts to struggle a little, the pain of being squeezed so tightly by her constraints starting to show. I force her to her knees and my hard 9 inch cock is soon thrusted into her mouth, making her gag. “You know that as of this moment, you are my slut, my slave, my fuck toy. You are nothing but trash to me. Understood, slut?”

She moans in pain and pleasure as she nods while she is forced to suck on my cock. “That’s good to know, slut. Now do you have an idea why you are wearing the diaper, whore?” I ask, knowing she can’t see my smile. She hesitates for a couple of seconds before she slowly nods.

“Good. Then dirty them for me, now!” I order. She really starts to struggle as she shakes her head, realizing I want to humiliate her just as bad as treating her as my sex toy. I pull her up to her feet and grab the silk rope, as I chuckle, “Is that what a slut says to her Master now? Tsk, tsk. Now you are going to feel a mild punishment.” I tie the silk rope around both her firm tits tightly, making them turn a bright red. She screams through her ring gag as I place the clothespins on her swollen breast, making sure they pinch as much as they could.

“Pee yourself, slut, if you want the pain to end!” I order, as the 30th clothespin is added to her right nipple, making her scream and moan louder. She begins to nod her head hard, letting me know that she wet herself. I rub her gently, as I whisper, “Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it, slave?”

She whimpers in pain, her tits looking very red and tormented, as I take the diaper off of her. I take her very wet panties and shove them into her open mouth, while saying, “Oh, I have heard enough of you making noise.” She tries to turn her head, but soon her panties fill her mouth.

“Now, if you don’t want more pain, you will close your mouth as soon as I take the ring gag out of your mouth. Understood?”

She nods slowly, so I unstrap the ring gag and take it out of her mouth. She closes her mouth as tight as she can, then feels the bondage tape wrap around her head tightly, forcing her mouth completely shut. I can barely hear her moan as I clean her wet pussy, rubbing her clit hard. I push her backwards, making her fall onto the bed. She struggles against the bondage tape already on her as I make her left leg bend at the knee, then wrap bondage tape over her leg. I do the same to her right leg and soon both her legs are covered in four layers of tape, making her completely helpless.

“Now then, slut, I am going to leave you enjoy your new home for a while, as I get some things done. Be a good girl and try not to run away.” I chuckle as I leave the room, her struggles and muffled moans filling the room.

Part 3

I watch her for a few minutes when I come back to the room. She had somehow got herself centered on the bed, but was laying still. I can tell by her breathing that she was still awake and wanting to be pleasure. I quietly walk towards the bed, then climb between her bound legs and start to lick her swollen clit. She moans in shock, but starts to grind and buck against my mouth as her pleasure slowly starts to build up. “Ah, ah. You aren’t allowed to cum yet, whore,” I say, firmly, as 3 of my fingers slide into her dripping wet and tight pussy, making her moan into her gag as loud as she could.

I begin to finger fuck her hard and deep, as I start to take the clothespins off her breasts, her moans and screams muffled by her panties. She bucks and thrashes, her pain and passion causing her to climb slowly towards her first orgasm. Once I take the last clothespin off of her, I go back to sucking and biting her clit. I can tell from the muffled sounds that she wants to cum for me, so I force 3 fingers into her tight asshole, knowing that she was a anal virgin. She tries to stop me, but soon relaxes and allows my fingers to invade her ass. I finger fuck her harder and faster while I order, “Now, you can cum, slut. Cum as many times as you want!!!”

She starts thrashing around hard as her first orgasm takes over her body, her cum soaking my fingers deep in her pussy. I lick her juices as it pours out of her while I continue to finger fuck her hard and fast. Her muffled screams of pleasure fill the bedroom as orgasm after orgasm rack her body. After her fourth orgasm finishes, I pull my fingers out of both her holes, climb on top of her and slam my hard cock deep into her pussy, making her scream into her panties. I fuck her hard and deep as I untie the ropes around her tits, then begin to wrap bondage tape around them until they are two very firm mounds with only the nipple showing.

My slave continued to thrash and buck underneath me, as her pussy tries to milk my cock of its cum. I fuck her and suck on her hard nipples, giving her more pleasure than she ever had in her life. I suddenly climb off of her, letting her catch her breath. I get the needle, thread and a thick 10 inch vibrator that has a remote control. I force the quiet vibrator into her very wet pussy, making her moan with pleasure, then before she could react to the vibrator, I begin to sew her pussy shut.

Her muffled screams of pain replace the moans of pleasure as her pussy lips slowly closes shut. She keeps her legs open as wide as she can, knowing that she would get punished more, even though I didn’t tell her to. Thirty minutes later, her pussy is sewn completely shut, the vibrator stuck deep inside her. I roll her onto her stomach, spread her ass cheeks wide open and force my still hard cock into her tight asshole. She moans and lifts her hips up as best as she can, allowing me to go deeper into her ass.

“Good little slut. You are mine to use, and you will make sure I get the best of your body, correct?” I ask, my hard cock going as deep as I can into her ass. She moans and nods, to which I turn the vibrator in her sealed pussy on at a random setting, making her thrash and buck even harder than before. I fuck her tight ass hard, fast and deep, enjoying her as my own orgasm coming quickly. I can tell that her own orgasms were still flowing through her as I suddenly fill her ass with my hot cum.

I pull out of her once my orgasm was finished and replace it with a large vibrating butt plug, making her moan and scream more and more. A diaper is then placed back on her, then more bondage tape over the diaper and around both her legs, forcing her to sit on her ankles. She struggled in pleasure as I opened three very large garbage bags. I place her inside the garbage bags, then fill the bags up with rotten food, paper products and used tampons and pads from her place. I smiled, knowing I had gone to her place and grabbed all her garbage so I could use it to torment her even more.

Soon, she is buried up to her neck in trash, her struggles making the garbage pack around her tighter and tighter. I tie the bags around her neck, sealing her inside, then I uncover her head. “Now, my slut,” I say, as I ungag her and take the blindfold off of her, “are you enjoying being my toy?”

“Yes, Master,” she pants. “Oh God, yes.” I feed her some food I had blended up earlier for her, then gave her some water mixed with my own pee from a bottle for her to drink.

“Good, my piece of trash. Now, did you do everything that I told you to so no one knows you are here?” I ask, as I kiss her forehead.

“Yes, I did, Master. I did everything you asked.”

“Good slut.” I grab her panties and start walking to her when she suddenly gasped out loud.

“Master! I just realized something! My friend, Charlise, knows about my conversation with you over the phone. She was at my place one day, but I thought she was asleep when I talked to you. I don’t think she believed me when I told her I was going on a very long vacation. She may come looking for me! I’m so sorry, Master,” she said, as tears fall down her cheeks.

“Now, now. You tried to convince her about you leaving, so if she comes looking for you, she will suffer under my hand,” I tell her softly as I re-gag her. “She will become a sex slave like you.” I wrap her head back up, untie the garbage bag and force her head into the bag. “But, since you weren’t convincing enough, you will stay inside the bag for longer than I had planned.”

The bags are zip tied shut, then a few holes are poked into the bag so she can breathe. I turn the remote back on, giving her pleasure as she is treated like trash. I put her bag in the corner of my living room, then pile a few bags around her. I sit down and quietly watch and listen to her as her pleasure flows over her again and again. I smile and wait for time to pass, hoping her friend does come looking for her.


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