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My Garbage Contents: Me

by trashisme

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© Copyright 2013 - trashisme - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; voy; capture; force; tape; wrap; bagged; trashcan; truck; transported; compacted; dump; femdom; reluct/cons; X

A possible sequel to My Garbage Contents: You by Emma

I was sitting in a outdoor cafe, sipping my coffee when I spotted this women sitting across from me in business attire, her strawberry blond hair with brown roots was very attractive.... so I was wondering if I should approach you or not. So I walked over and asked you if you were alone, and if I could sit down.

"If you wish to sit with me I do not mind" you said with a smile.

We started chatting about what we did and our conversation took a turn to what was interesting for I did not know that you like having the power and control in a relationship, so I asked just what kind of thing you liked... to my surprise it was similar to my interests...
How this happened so fast I did not know but we seemed to hit it off. or so I thought. I followed you to your place and looked for a way in to find out more about you....

My curiosity gets the best of me sometimes. I also knew where you worked and knew your schedule so I would have time to investigate you in my own way. I did not plan to break in, it just seemed like I needed to find out more so I could carry on a conversation with this new intellectual beauty I found. I am not as smart in the business world and needed some stuff that I could find to talk to you about.
This is where the story begins
I was in your bedroom looking through your personal stuff when I heard the door of your car and it startled me because you were home early. I was looking for a place to hide when I ducked under your desk and pulled the chair in front of me. I should have looked for an exit but did not have time. I knew that if I was discovered I would be in trouble, my heart was racing and I felt that maybe I would get lucky and you would not find me so I could make my escape.

I heard you come up the stairs and I was staring at this tall half naked woman in just her underwear, I was hoping that you would not see me and I could enjoy the view. I was wrong this is when I was staring at you down as you bent over to grab your skirt...

The next few minutes were a blur as it happened so fast we struggled and then I was holding and cupping my balls from being hit more.... the insults were flying and I found myself falling down some stairs.

I awoke to lying on your couch, my wrists were taped and my ankles were taped, I was unable to move. You were atop of me and were talking all I could think about was the pain in my sides where you kicked me. I could hear you saying that I was trash and that you were thinking of disposing of me, which oddly enough turned me on so much my dick grew in my pants.

You were not impressed with my getting hard and let me know, but I saw something different you were enjoying yourself.

You were looking to get me into a fetal position and tape the rest of me up so you decided to kick me again and I obliged, next thing I knew I was secured in tape and then you had bigger plans for me....

I was now being put into your trash which made me so hot I was creaming myself which you called "trash juice" and I was excited when you were double bagging me and tying me up into your trash. The bin that you lifted me into and stuffed me in was big enough to stuff more trash in, you placed the bag in on top of me which sealed me in to the can and you placed a bag on top of the lid to stop me from pushing out.

The fact that you stuck around to witness me being picked up by the trash truck was cool as the arm grabbed the bin all I could think about was you sitting in your red coupe watching me get dumped! I was not even think that I was about to be compacted into the truck, then I felt the compacting start which was exciting you to no end as you were thinking about me the whole time as you were driving to work. You thought about me at work and even coming home from work you were very much enjoying being my captor.... I was enjoying being your trash.

The truck rumbled on picking up bin after bin dumping more waste on top of me and packing it all around me. The "trash juice" squishing all around me. I could not move as I was your trash becoming "a statistic of municipal waste".

When I was being dumped out of the truck something unusual happened you were there to pull me out of the waste for you wanted more....... you were thinking of me more than you let on!


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