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My Daddy - My Hero

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2015 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

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My Daddy is my hero. But before I explain that, I better tell you about me and how it all happened. I’m 18, but I’m small for my age, and not the smartest tool in the shed as I have overheard people saying about me. It’s related to my size, some kind of medical thing that makes me look and behave like I’m about 13, according to those silly tests they keep making me take.

Anyway, I had some problems in the real school so Mommy and Daddy home school me. Mommy goes off to work, and Daddy is my teacher and I help him cook and clean the house. He does all the heavy stuff, but I don’t mind doing the messy things, so those are my chores. In fact, it’s gathering up all the garbage that led to my Daddy being my hero.

I usually go around and collect all the small bags from the trash bins in each bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen and bring them to the garage. They all go into the big bags in the bins, two for garbage and one for recyclable things like paper and glass. I think it’s really kind of neat how we just set those bins out at the curb and the two trucks come along and the guys dump them in the back, the truck machine pushes it all up inside and off it goes.

I asked the guys on the garbage truck where it goes, and they told me they take it to a big burner that just burns it all up into ashes. The recycling stuff and the really big stuff like our old freezer go over to the recycling factory to have the metal and paper and plastic sorted out and sent to factories to be reused. That’s smart, since it’s not good to waste stuff.

So, anyway, for the last year or so, I would shake out the big plastic bag and fit one into each of the three wheelie bins. Once they were set up, I empty each of the small bags into the right bin and then Daddy rolls them out to the curb. We usually have just two bins, recycles and garbage, the extra old one for garbage is not used much. I do this early in the morning while Mommy’s leaving for work and before Daddy gets up. The trucks come about 8:30 and he gets up around 8:00, just in time to take them out. He’s overslept once or twice which left us with all that stinky garbage for a whole week, yuck.

Well a couple of weeks ago, I was stuffing one of the bags into a bin and sort of fell in. I was stuck in there until Daddy came into the garage and pulled me out. We laughed about how I was right in the bag and I was lucky he didn’t just cover me up with the rest and set it out to be picked up. I know he told me that to get me to be more careful, but, well, I got sort of a strange feeling when he said it. I have learned all about boys and girls and our bodies, and why I have a period each month and all that. But I also read on an internet site, all about how girls would get all wet down there when something excited them. And that’s just what happened to me!

So the next week, I tipped over the empty bin and crawled into the bag before pulling in a couple of the small ones. I sat there surrounded by garbage, in the bag in the bin thinking that now I was really just some more garbage. I started to rub my girly hole and hot spot, yeah, vagina and clitoris, I know, but I still like my own names better. And wow, I started to shake and tremble and breathe really hard. It felt REALLY good. I read about that too, an orgasm, my first! Needless to say, I did it the week after that also.

Then this week, I filled up the recycle bin and the first garbage bin with all the smelly and wet stuff. I left those in the middle of the garage after Mommy backed out. Once she left, I pushed the last garbage bin bin over next to a big crate by the side of the garage, stacked a few of the small bags on the crate and then climbed into the bag in the bin. I reached back and pulled the small bags on top of me and then pulled the bin lid closed. I figured I would pop out like a jack-in-the-box and surprise Daddy when he came to roll the bins to the curb.

All of a sudden, I heard the garage door open. I guess Mommy had forgotten something and come back home to get it. I tried not to giggle and was real quiet, I did not want her to find me. THAT was just for Daddy. But then I heard the other bins being rolled out. I didn’t hear Mommy or Daddy talking, so I figured it was just Mommy rolling them out. I stayed real quiet, but it was hard to do when she tipped the bin I was in and rolled it out and down the driveway. A short while later, I heard her car back out and drive off and the garage door closing. There I was, in the garbage at the curb. Well you can guess just what I was doing. In fact, that big loud garbage truck was pulling up next to me before I heard a thing.

I heard a bin get rolled over to the truck and then a whine and several bangs as it was dumped into the back of the truck. The engine got louder and I heard that stuff being pushed inside and lots of cracking crunches. And then the truck drove off. It had to have been the recycle truck, it only took one bin and there were two garbage bins counting the one I was in. I was so excited by the sounds and being so close to the truck, that I went back to playing with myself again. Just like the first time, my orgasm sort of shut off my hearing and the second truck pulled up with a loud squeal of its brakes without me noticing it coming down the street.

I heard another bin being wheeled to the truck. And then that whine and banging as it was dumped in. The guy banged the empty bin right into mine as he put it back at the curb, and then it was my turn. I felt my bin get tipped and rolled and the guy opened the lid. I was under those small bags and he didn’t see me at all. Then the lifter thingy bumped it and lifted it and flipped it right upside down spilling those other bags and I right into the back of the truck. The guy unhooked the bin and pulled it back to the curb without ever looking inside. He walked up to the step and controls on the side and next thing I know, that big metal thing was moving out right over me and then tucking down. There I was in the dark, being pushed up inside the truck. It was so cool.

I guess I was lucky there wasn’t much garbage in the truck yet, and when I got pushed up to the top of that ramp, I just fell inside on the small pile that was there. You probably wonder why I didn’t yell or wave or anything. Well first of all, I was still breathing hard, exhausted from three orgasms. And then I was really excited that it was happening and curious about what happened to the garbage in the truck, this way I could see what happened. I figured I could just yell or throw something out at one of the next stops.

Only problem was that every time the truck stopped, that metal thing was blocking the way until after the back of the truck was filled up. It moved out and pulled in more and I couldn’t throw anything out. And I tried yelling, than then even screamed, but the noise was too loud, and my scream sounded like those squeaky brakes.

I never counted how many times more garbage was loaded in. I was having more and more trouble climbing on top of the pile, but that stuff fell on me once and it was heavy, so I wanted to stay on top. I got really scared one time, when the whole back wall of the insides pushed out, squeezing all the garbage. It was just like that Star Wars scene, but I didn’t have a big pole or a droid to tell to shut it down. I was lucky I was on top, because all the stuff under me got squished flat before the wall moved away. And then the truck stopped and I didn’t hear any garbage being loaded, just some mechanical noises first on one side of the truck, and then on the other. And then the whole back end of the truck started to lift up!

When it opened up, I saw the two men talking with Daddy, and putting some money in their pockets, before one of them helped Daddy climb into the truck. I smiled real big and said “Thank you Daddy, I knew you would save me and not let me really be garbage. You’re my hero!” After he helped the men put the garbage that had fallen out back into the truck, we got into his car to drive home.

He told me he had heard the garbage truck and come downstairs, afraid he had missed it. He saw all the bins were out of the garage and figured Mommy had put them out. “Sweetie, you are so lucky I remembered we did not have much garbage and wondered why both bins were out. But by the time I went out, the trucks had emptied all the bins. I ran inside and could not find you. I looked in the garage and saw one small bag sitting on the crate and figured out what you did.” He got all grouchy and continued, “I do not want you to ever do that again! You could have been killed. Crushed and burned up like garbage. Do you understand?” I nodded and he said “I can’t hear you, I want you to promise you won’t hide in the garbage again.”

“OK Daddy, I won’t hide in the garbage again, I promise. But maybe I can get you to put me in, cover me up and then just don’t let the truck take me?”

He looked at me, sort of shocked and puzzled. “That’s not what I expected Sweetie. If you feel like playing in the garbage, yes, ask me. I won’t promise to do that, but I want to know if you feel that way.” And I swear he mumbled something like “Trashbagger, just like her Mom. I can bag two next time.”

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